Hidden Desires


Hidden Desires:

Swan Song

There is something strangely alluring about a “brainy chick.” You know the type, a girl who looks attractive if she would dress like less of a “geek” and more like the sensual woman she could be.

Picture in your mind if you will the character “Velma” from Scooby-Doo and we are talking about the live action film made in 2004 and not the old 1970s cartoon. Now put her character in a white lab coat that a computer geek or someone who was locked in a windowless room(i.e. lab) would wear and you will have a vision of what I am talking about. Either way you look at it, this woman could be very attractive and quite sensual if the was to dress less like a geek and more like the sensual woman she could be.

The main female character in this story, Ginny, is this type of woman. On the outside she is a “brainy,” “nerdy,” and “geeky” computer geek. When it comes to her work, she is brilliant. Ginny graduated at the top of her class from her school MIT(yes the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and if you were to ask her any questions about how to fix a computer, she could tell you but she would leave you scratching your head wondering “huh?”

On her job, Ginny is very efficient and a hard worker. If you were to have a computer problem, she is the one you would want to see because she would fix it right away and not put you off like a bunch of the other I.T. people would.

Her personal life however is quite the opposite. When it comes to socializing, this is where she lacks the “social graces” to make and keep friends. Ginny is quiet, soft spoken, shy and sort of “mousey” when she interacts with people and does not come out of her “cave” as some people call it unless she really has to.

This story will be written from my point of view as the main male character of the story. Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Johnson and I am the one who would bring Ginny out of her shell but it would take about six months for me to get her comfortable enough for her to just have coffee with me in the break room and another three months for her to agree to go out on a date with me.

Like I said earlier, Ginny could be attractive if she would have taken off the “nerd” glasses she wore and would wear more attractive and flattering clothes. I am not saying she had to dress like a “slut” or “whore” for me to like her, but get away from the turtle neck sweaters and over large clothes that hid her sweet womanly figure.

Even though Ginny was quiet and shy, I could tell that below the “mousey” and strictly business exterior was a smoldering cauldron of desire ready to be released. I envisioned a long dormant volcano of carnal lusts and desire just waiting for the right conditions to erupt, sending hot lava of untamed sensual passions rushing to the surface and then “watch out men” because you probably couldn’t contain her. Even so, that was a risk I was willing to take.

Before I go any further, I need to tell you that I am the kind of guy that is turned on by “brainy chicks.” I really dig them, don’t know why, it’s just something about them that fascinates me.

In my “quest” I will call it to Get Ginny to go out with me, it is done in an honest effort to develop a meaningful and loving relationship with her, further than the “working” one I already have with her in through everyday contact. I want to get to know her better and actually have a deeper relationship with her and not just some one night stand.

I felt kind of like the Professor Higgins in the movie “My Fair Lady” who tried to make a lady out of a common British “flower girl.” My friends at work found out what I was doing because I went out of my way to talk to Ginny. “Man give it up,” was what my best bud Ralph said. “She’s out of you league.” He meant in the way that she would never come out her shell, and not in the way that she was “too good for me.” Either way, I refused to give up.

I began my “quest” in January. You could say I made it my “New Years Resolution” and my goal was to have her comfortable enough with me to accompany me to the company Christmas party.”

It took about three months just to get Ginny comfortable enough to say hello to me. When I saw her in the hall I would speak and when she came up to our floor where I worked as Vice President of Finance and Accounting, I would engage her in small talk. I could tell she was nervous so I was gentle and like I said about three months but she would eventually speak to me, but not to too many others.

I could tell she liked me because when she was around me and didn’t know I was observing, I noticed her looking at me with the look a young school girl would have on a popular boy she would have a crush on but thought she couldn’t talk to.

Finally in June, she agreed to have coffee with me in the cafeteria and within a couple of weeks we would begin eating lunch together. When we ate lunch she would take off her lab jacket but she still had on clothes that hid her body.

Physically speaking, Ginny was almost my height maybe gaziantep escortları a couple of inches shorter(around 5’11” tall). I could tell she had a good figure average build. I figured she was around 135-140 pounds and she looked like she measured 38-26-37.

Ginny also looked like she had slender but well toned legs, the kind of legs like you would find on a dancer. When she finally came out her shell I would find out she would have D-cups, killer curves, hot sexy legs and in private would be an insatiable hot little minx and a naughty little whore.

Finally on a Thursday in September, I would make the breakthrough I was after. There was a new club that had been open for a while and I suggested we go to dinner and maybe dancing, somewhere where we could talk and get better acquainted.

At first she hemmed and hawed around than said “I don’t think so not now,” then suddenly she did an “about face” and said something which surprised me.

“You know I have been a frightened little rabbit much too long now and I think it’s time I came out of my shell and began to live a little. What time do you want to pick me up at my place?”

“I had to do a “double take” to make sure I heard right and then I said “Well how does 7:30 sound to you?”

“Perfect,” Ginny replied then she did something else that took me by surprise, but what a pleasant one it was, she leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips. It was more of a soft gentle “peck on the lips” but still a kiss, and coming from a girl most guys would never have on their radar.

Ginny wrote down her address her phone number and since she lived in a “gated community” she gave me the pass code to get in.

“Call me when you get to the gate hun and I will tell you how to get to my house,” Ginny said smiling. “See ya tonight hun and I promise you won’t be disappointed”

I arrived at the gate, put in the pass code then as entered, I called her on my cell phone.

“Hello,” Ginny said.

“Hey Ginny, it’s Peter I am just inside the gate. How do I get to your house?”

Ginny told me to drive to the first street, turn left and follow it around to the back of the neighborhood and I would see a road called “Bradford Place.” I was to turn right on it and follow it around to number 16 and that would be her house.

It took me about five minutes but I finally found it pulled up into the circular drive and went up to the house and rang the door bell.

It was about 30 minutes before nightfall and the weather was still in the lower 70’s. I was dressed nicely in a pair of dark charcoal gray slacks pair of black casual dress shoes, a long sleeve button down French Blue dress shirt with a white color and cuffs and a red tie. When the door opened, I would feel incredibly over dressed.

The door opened and I was not ready for what I saw on the other side. A sumptuous raven haired lady dressed in a loosely tied waist length black robe opened the door.

At first I thought it might have been Ginny’s roommate so I politely said “My name is Phillip Johnson and I am here to pick up Ginny Anderson.”

The lady just smiled and with a giggle said “Silly boy, it’s me, Ginny.”

My mouth gaped open and I said “Ginny is that really you?”

“Its me in the flesh baby,” Ginny said proudly holding up her arms as to say “ta-da”.

I could not believe this was Ginny because first of all she wasn’t wearing her glasses but could see quiet well enough. Also her hair wasn’t up in a bun like she normally wore it at work. It was down, soft and it was the first time I really noticed just how long her hair was, it came down to her back. In short she was looking SMOKING HOT!!!.

“Oh My God,” I exclaimed as I took it all in. “Ginny, you look absolutely…” I was intending on saying something nice and “genteel” such as lovely or even go as far as “ravishing,” but instead of those two complementary terms coming out, I found myself blurting out “SMOKING HOT!!!”

I was mortified as I realized what I said and the first thing I wanted to do was to find the nearest rock and crawl under it. I was so embarrassed. Much to my surprise however, Ginny was not taken aback from what I said, but actually was quite pleased with herself.

“Momma was right,” Ginny said proudly as she took me by the hand and led me into her den “I had it in me all the time and all I had to do was to come out of my shell.”

Just then, Ginny would do something which took me totally off guard although I didn’t mind. She threw her arms around me and planted a long, deep, wet, tongue probing, tonsil swabbing, French kiss on me and pressed her body firmly into mine.

I was at a lost of what to do with my hands and Ginny realized it so as she continued to kiss me, she took one of her hands and guided my hands under her robe which was now untied in the front and had me place them around her waist.

I let my hands roam Ginny’s body and she just purred with delight. I responded to her kisses and met them with deep ones of my own and I pulled her close to me and soon we were locked in a hot loving embraced.

I couldn’t help but get a woody as my cock got rigid and soon was bulging in my pants. I am sure Ginny must have felt it to because she just purred like a kitten.

Ginny slipped her hand inside my pants and found my cock and grabbed it with her hand and then softly whispered in my ear “My, my we are a big boy aren’t we!!!”

We broke the kiss and embrace and Ginny led me to her bedroom. She lazily tossed her robe on the bed and was totally naked like it was no big deal.

“Have a seat on the bed hun while I get dressed,” Ginny said nonchalantly and proceeded to rummage for lingerie and stockings.

I got a full glimpse of her sumptuous 5’11” what looked like a 38D-26-36, 135 pound body. Her breasts were firm yet soft and supple and hung gently down They were “the original factory equipment” as the saying would go and no implants there.

Ginny’s sweet pink pussy was nicely trimmed with just a ¼ inch strip of hair on each side and I got a good view of her pink slit.

Ginny sat on the bed and seductively lifted her leg and very playfully pulled on her black thigh highs. She then put on her garters and started fasten them as she stood up

Just then Ginny got a devilish grin and said “Hey Phillip, wanna fasten them for me.”

My momma didn’t raise no dummy and no one had to tell me twice so I reached around then knelt down in front of Ginny’s moist soft inviting pussy as I felt my way to fasten her garter.

As I got them both fastened, Ginny decided to have some more fun and took her leg placed it over my neck and pulled me into her pussy and then took her hand and put it on my head and held my head to her cunt.

Ginny then rubbed her pussy up against my mouth and I used my tongue like a little cock and begin to eat her out.

Ginny lied back on the bed and pulled my head to her pussy and had me lick her out until she creamed in my mouth. It took about five minutes but what a five minutes it was.

Ginny would buck her hips up to fuck my face and then she pulled me up and kissed me so she could taste her juices on her lips.

“I would love to do more hon, ” Ginny said with a sigh “but I made 8:30 reservations to Gino and Sal’s Italian Bistro and besides, we have all weekend.”

Ginny had me help her put on her bra and then fasten her “little black dress,” and the operative word being “little.” It looked more like a “nighty” then a dress. The neck line showed off ample cleavage and the skirt barely covered her butt. It was a good thing that Ginny had a Leather Jacket she wore over it plus a “sash” that could be fastened around the bottom to make it look more like a formal gown for the restaurant.

Just as we left, Ginny would grab a back pack and hang-up bag. “This is for the weekend and for going to work on Monday I don’t plan on coming back here do you?”

“Nah, my place will be great,” I replied and with that we got in my Barrel Green Nissan X-terra and drove to the restaurant.

At the restaurant, we ate laughed talked and shared cigarettes for about 90 or so minutes then left for the new club that had just opened up.

Before we left my car Ginny unfastened the sash and took off the jacket so that she was in her hot little dress

“Got connections,” Ginny said as she held up two of the hardest to get tickets in town.

As we entered the club Ginny held up the tickets plus a “C-Note” and the Doorman let us pass on through ahead of the others who were waiting anxiously to get in.

We found a table in quiet corner and got a drink. The club wasn’t “hoppling” yet, but it would. We ordered two “white Russians ” and drank them. I drank mine slowly so as not to get drunk since I was driving. Then Ginny heard the music begin to pump so she took me by the hand and led me onto the dance floor.

Ginny untied my tie and unfastened the top two buttons on my shirt so I would “loosen up” and we had a blast. Ginny’s hot little body could move to the music and bump and grind in ways that would make a go-go girl jealous.

I had imagined that underneath her “plain nerdish exterior’ laid the heart of a sensual tigress longing to get out, but I would have never imagined in a million years that Ginny would have a wild side this extreme. Even so, it was good to see her enjoying herself.

After about fifteen or so minutes of dancing we went back to our tables to get another drink. I got a beer(Foster’s) and she got a “Sloe Comfortable Screw” plus a shot of Jack.

“Can’t wait to get you alone so I can give you a slow comfortable screw of my own,” Ginny said whispering softly into my ear “

Ginny and I talked for a few minutes then we decided to go back onto the dance floor and have some more fun. The music was pumping for about fifteen minutes then the DJ slowed it down and Ginny and I slowed danced.

As we danced, our lips met, our bodies pressed in together and our hands explored each other’s bodies. By now, it was almost 11:30 and Ginny whispered in my ear. “Let’s blow this joint hun and continue this party in private.”

Ginny and I got into my SUV and we drove the 30 minutes to my house over looking the river. As we drove, it was dark and there weren’t to many people on the road and Ginny decided she wanted to give me a blow job. It was hard to keep focused on driving, but I managed and soon we were back at my place and we went inside locked the door and had our own little party.

Ginny wasted no time in going at it. Once the door was closed and locked Ginny sat me down on my two seated overstuffed dark charcoal gray leather love seat that reclined back. She then took a CD she had brought from home and placed it in the player and proceeded to do a strip tease for me.

The music was sort of hypnotic trance like music from the group “Enigma” and it had a very hypnotic effect not only on Ginny but me as well. I found myself being mesmerized and soon succumbed to the music and the carnal pleasures that would follow.

What happens next is sort of like a “waking dream” and like being outside of your body watching yourself doing things you never thought you would do but with much pondering I am able to reconstruct and retell some of what happened although I am sure much more occurred than what has been recalled.

Any how, back to the story. Ginny was soon wearing nothing but her thigh high stockings and garters and I was soon out of my clothes and sitting on the love seat in nothing but a big ole “shit-eating” grin, kind of like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Ginny was sitting on my lap facing me and she had lowered her sweet pussy onto my cock. She was virgin tight seeing that I was her “first time.” She was slowly riding me I could feel her sweet sugar walls gripping the sides of my cock and milk it for all it was worth.

As Ginny was fucking me, we are embraced and passionately kissing as our tongues probe each other’s mouths and our warm naked bodies are pressed hard together and we are moving together like one flesh.

I can feel Ginny’s pussy quiver and I felt her hymen break and as it did she cried out “Oh God yes I am a complete woman now!!”

Just then her pussy flooded my cock with her sweet sticky cream. I felt my cock swell with cum and let Ginny know I was on the verge of cumming.

“Gimme all of you baby,” Ginny lustfully moaned “I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside of me.”

The risk of getting pregnant had crossed my mind but I figured “What the hell” and threw caution to the wind and spunked my load deep into Ginny’s eagerly waiting pussy.

I then stood Ginny up and she was still on my body and her legs were wrapped around my back. I walked us both to my bedroom and laid her out on the bed. Ginny and I laid side by side as we lovingly embraced and passionately kissed, our bodies moving together as one.

After fifteen minutes of kissing and caressing Ginny would roll me over on my back and ride me cowgirl style. Ginny would gradually build up speed until she was riding me hot and heavy.

“Oh God yes baby, I feel so alive,” Ginny crooned as she continued to ride me.

Ginny would pull me upright so that we were both embraced and rocking back and forth as we continued to fuck and soon as the next wave of orgasm hit her she lowered me back down on my back.

I put my hands on her hips to guide her motions and soon I felt her pussy quiver and at the same time I felt my cock swell with cum. We both blew our load at the same time, me shooting my hot manhood deep into her love canyon and Ginny flooding my cock with her sweet cream.

Ginny would want it doggie style next so I did her that way. I pounded her hard and fast and she grabbed the sheets, dropped to her elbows then arched her back as she cried out wailing like the banshee.

I would then pull Ginny upright so that she was on her knees and my arm was around her neck holding her close to me. I continued to hammer her from behind and it was all she could do to keep from cumming.

To make the passion even that much hotter, I whispered erotic sayings into her ear and nibbled and even bit her neck, making her that much hotter.

“Oh yes baby bite me,” Ginny lustfully moaned “Drink my blood and partake of my life force I want to become a part of you.”

I continued to nibble and bite harder until I got the area good and wet with slobber then in one fail swoop, I clamped down on her neck as hard as I could and took a bite out of Ginny’s neck.

“Oh God yes,” Ginny screamed as I drew blood. I know it had to hurt but at the same time it was a great source of carnal pleasure.

I drunk in Ginny’s salty-sweet life force for about a minute and had some on my lips. She turned her head back and kissed me so she could savor her essence and just crooned with delight.

I let Ginny back down and with in a minute she flooded my cock with her sweet cream.

Ginny laid down so she was on her back and had her legs spread wide, inviting me to fuck her missionary style. I sunk my cum soaked slippery cock into her cum soaked cunt and the juices squished against the sides of my cock as I went in but it was all good, and delightfully “nasty.” Good hot pig sex!!!

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