Helper Hannah


When Jeannette Miller got the diagnosis, she knew two things. One, she needed a nanny for their young son, because, Two, the diagnosis was terminal. Also, she feared, time was short.

Her husband James was several years older and successful, which allowed her plenty of time to play golf and tennis at their local country club. But she spent most of her time taking care of their 7 year old son, Cameron, and her husband. Jean was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth- the daughter of a single mom who coped with drugs and alcohol, plus the string of her mom’s loser boyfriends had caused Jean to run away from home at 16. Jean eventually found a church’s homeless shelter which helped her get her high school diploma, and Jean became Jeannette and a college graduate. And eventually the better half of Dr. and Mrs. Miller.

She loved her husband unconditionally. She didn’t care if he was worth millions or broke and homeless. She had experienced both extremes, and although “rich” was generally easier than “broke and homeless”, what she really craved and enjoyed and tried to give was “love”. Love was better than all else. Her wretched mother had not loved her, but her church shelter had loved her, and she learned to love herself. And Jim and Cameron loved her. And how she loved them in return.

She knew just what she would do. Hannah, one of the janitors at the country club, was the current version of a younger Jeannette when she was that age. Hannah lived in a trailer park with her mom who was a cook at the country club during the week and they both worked at a small diner on Sunday mornings. Both mom and daughter worked hard, always had a smile, and were genuinely likeable. And Hannah seemed smart, but college was out of her reach. So Jeannette Miller knew what she had to do. And Dr. Miller may not agree at first, but he would come to see her wisdom. Some day…

“Hannah, how are you today?”

“I’m fine Mrs. Miller. How are you doing today?” Hannah asked, always polite and sweet.

“I’ve been better, but the sun is out, it’s not raining, and I want to play tennis. Have you ever played tennis, Hannah?”

Hannah looked nervous, glanced around, and admitted, “I have messed around after work when no one else was here. But don’t tell anyone, please,” she begged.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already talked to your boss, and tomorrow at 2:30 you are going to join me for tennis. And the best part is, you don’t even have to clock out.” Mrs. Miller saw the look on her face, and Mrs. Miller cut her off, “Trust me, it’s okay, and I insist.”

“What do I need to do in return, Mrs. Miller?”

“Just hear me out.”


At 2:15 Hannah arrived for tennis with Mrs. Miller. She looked cute and all made up for the college tennis team, or Wimbledon- short skirt, sleeveless tank top, and new shoes. Brown hair done up in a ponytail and a radiant smile shading her bewilderment. “Why would Mrs. Miller want to play tennis with ME?” she asked herself over and over gain.

“Hello, Hannah. My, you look like Maria Sharapova. I hope you don’t play as well as her,” Mrs. Miller teased. The court is empty, shall we begin?”

The ladies played hard and made small talk but the level of competition dissuaded most conversation. Hannah was in control but threw the first game. Mrs. Miller made her play tough and Hannah won the final two games, winning the match. Mrs. Miller could have blamed the illness slowly destroying her, but that would have not been fair. Hannah was a natural athlete.

“Hannah, now comes the best part. We sit down a have a drink and talk.”

“Mrs. Miller, I don’t know if I can or should. I’m only 18, but I really…”

Mrs. Miller cut her off. “Hannah, 3 things. One, it’s lemonade. Two, I need to discuss something with you, so three, for this conversation please call me Jeannette.”

“Okay, thanks Misses, I mean, Jeannette, and lemonade sounds great! I am thirsty after playing so hard. You are really good for someone who, I mean…”

“For an old lady, dear? Hmm, say it,” Jeannette teased. “It’s okay. I never played sports growing up, but have enjoyed them in my adulthood. I just wish I had more time,” she finished, sniffling a tear away. “What sports do you play, Hannah?”

“I don’t have much time. I did gymnastics when I was 6 and 7. I loved P.E. class and playing games. Volleyball, I LOVED volleyball. Thought about joining a circus as an acrobat when I turned 18, but I couldn’t.”

“Why not? It would be a great way to see the world.”

“I couldn’t leave Mom. She has given so much, and to leave her was too hard to actually go through with.”

“Ever think about college?”

“It would be nice, but I need to work and help mom.”

“Hannah, I have a proposition I want you to listen to.” Jeannette Miller proceeded to lay out her plan. Hannah would move into their house and become Cameron’s nanny. In 3 months when she was settled in, the Millers would pay her local community college tuition and she could attend college while Cameron was in 2nd Grade. Of Ankara travesti course she would also get a salary from them. Light housework was all that would be required since they had a housekeeper come in 2 or 3 times a week for big stuff and laundry. Not much for cooking since they ordered out a lot.

Hannah had one question, “Why me?”

“Because you remind me of me when I was 18. I had a troubled upbringing, but your mom loves you. I did some things I am not proud of, but when I got a chance to succeed, I did. I worked hard before I married into money, but I love my family more than my life itself. The fact that cancer is killing me sucks, but the fact my husband and my son won’t have me there to take care of them is killing me more than cancer ever can. I have watched you and your mom. Known her for a few years. And you are good people who need a break like I got. It’s not ‘charity’, it won’t be easy, but the reward may be what you need to get ahead. Of course I want you to do it for me, or my family, but do it for you and your mom. But see the opportunity and take it. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but this will help. You have great potential, Hannah, and even if I am not around to see you achieve it, I want to help. Maybe you will someday come up with a cure for the disease that will kill me, or maybe you will become a teacher who instills a love of learning in only one kid who goes on to do great things. Hannah, my time is short, but you have your whole life in front of you. DRIVE it, Hannah, don’t just be a passenger.”

With tears in her eyes, she got up, spilled her lemonade, and hugged Jeannette. “I am so sorry for your loss. You are a wonderful person and I would love to help, but I need to talk it over with my mom, first. Is that okay?”

“I would expect no less. Here’s my number and our address. Feel free to call or come by. I hope you decide to help us out quickly, but make sure it’s right for you.”


Jeannette left the club feeling tired. Tired from getting beat at tennis, but emotionally drained as well. No one else at the club knew her cancer secret yet, and this first move to get a nanny was good, but started to make death seem quickly inevitable. She was prepared to allow Hannah’s mom to move in as fulltime housekeeper and cook if that sealed the deal. Hannah’s mom was average looking, late 30’s probably, so still a few years younger than James. Maybe marrying her and adopting Hannah would be an option? No, she was getting way ahead of herself. Just get Hannah in as the nanny and hopefully James would find someone else to love him almost as much as Jeannette did.


Dr. Miller was not too sure about the plan, but he went along with his wife’s wishes, and Hannah moved into their house as the live-in nanny. The house was plenty big, and she had a huge closet and private bathroom. Jeannette took her to buy new clothes for her new job and fall classes. Jeannette and James Miller kept their end of the bargain, but Hannah went above her end while Jeannette was still alive. Hannah was a fantastic hospice nurse and with Jim and Cameron by her side for her final moments, she told them that Hannah was the daughter she never had and she loved Jim and Cam, and not to mourn for her. Move on and do great things. Then she was gone.


Life was tough in the Miller house. It felt empty, and three people were mourning. Temporarily, Hannah’s mom Hillary moved in to cook for them. They needed to eat. Eventually Hillary was able to leave, but life was still hard. Hannah hadn’t know that it would be THIS tough, otherwise she might have said no. Taken the easy way out. Jeannette and Jim treated her so well and took care of her, and gave her this opportunity…and she was wasting it, mourning for her friend. She was not living up to her potential. She owed it to Jeannette’s kindness and love to do her best. She marched out of her room and grabbed Cam and hugged him and twirled him around, and gave him a sloppy kiss on his forehead. He pretended to hate it, but she knew he loved it when she did that. “Eewwww, gross, now I hafta shower coz I have GIRL cooties!” But he smiled for the first time in weeks.

“Oh, Cam, you will always be my favorite little man. I love you, and I loved your mom. And I miss her, but we need live our best for her memory. Can you help me do that, please?”

With tears in his eyes, he nodded. “Do I get another kiss if I do? Mommy always kissed THIS cheek,” and pointed at the other one. Hannah kissed it. “No, wait, it was the other one!”

She kissed it and said, “Cameron Douglas Miller! YOU are incorrigible!” But it was the first time they felt happy since Jeannette left them.

Next she found Dr. Miller sitting in his study. She sat down in the guest chair and told him she kind of understood how he felt. She had lost her dad when she was 7, same age as Cam was now, and knew it was tough. But she loved Jeannette too, and Jeannette made it plain that they couldn’t mope around Konya travesti forever. So how were they going to move forward?

“I don’t know if I can, Hannah? I am so lost without her. She was my everything.”

“I know, and my dad was my mom’s everything. When he died, she got down and then she lost her job, we had to move, and life got tough. Jeannette would not want that for you. She told me her biggest regret was not dying herself but not being here with you. She was afraid of this despair, and said I needed to push you through it. I am not just Cam’s nanny, I am here for you, too, Dr. Miller. People rely on you. You fix broken hearts all day long. You save lives. People need you. You need to clear your schedule, and you and Cam are going to go on vacation. Take him to Disney World. Be his dad. Be his hero. And when you come back, heal people again. You are a heart doctor, not a cancer doctor. There was nothing you could do to save your wife, so stop feeling guilty. But there are things you can do for you and your son. And if you are not in your best frame of mind and you mess up, or miss something, and someone else’s mom and wife dies, do you want that on your head?” Hannah was tough, but it needed said. She was right, and this is why Jeannette hired her.

“You are right, Hannah. I will take Cam on one condition, and that’s only if YOU come along with us.”



They went to Disney, spent a week. Hannah had her own room so it didn’t feel creepy or weird. Then they spent a week in a beach rental where she had her own room. She wore a modest one piece swimsuit, but she noticed Dr. Miller was in good shape. Then it was time to get back to life, all refreshed.

In the fall, Hannah was a walk-on for the community college volleyball team. She had Dr. Miller’s and Cam’s blessing, which she needed since she would be gone more. It technically wasn’t part of the arrangement with Jeannette, but her current “family” and bosses supported it. Dr. Miller and Cam came to a couple of games and liked what they saw- a confident, hard working lady who did the most with the opportunity she was given. And she got a 4.0 GPA her first semester. And she made the tennis team, was given a scholarship and all of a sudden Jeannette’s gamble came to fruition. Hannah had been given a chance and was able to succeed.

Able to move into the dorms and not have to work for the Millers, he allowed her the opportunity to terminate their agreement. “If it’s all the same to you, sir, I’d like to stay. We can figure out an arrangement for room and board and pay because I love looking after you two. But frankly it’s to my benefit to use your computer lab and study here, so you would be doing me a favor to let me stay.”

She did. She studied hard and competed hard at school, nannied, nurtured, and fell in love. And on the one year anniversary of their last Disney trip to Florida, they took another vacation, this time to Disneyland in California.

But this time, they only had a small rental bungalow. Two bedrooms.

“Hannah, you take one, and Cam take the other. I will sleep on the pullout.”

“No you won’t, I will,” Hannah insisted. “I am not much of a nanny anymore, and I will not have my two men sleeping uncomfortably. I will take the foldout.”

Cam piped up, “I want the couch! I want the couch! It has a good TV and I can watch cartoons!”

The two adults looked at other, shrugged, and said, “Problem solved.”

The only other problem was that the tiny bungalow’s two bedrooms had to share a bathroom. A few months ago, for her birthday, Doctor Miller bought Hannah a smartphone, because she needed a good one, just in case he needed her or she needed him, for Cam’s sake. A top of the line model- much better than her flip phone and it had Bluetooth earbuds. So, after she showered and was getting ready, listening to her earbuds, she turned wrong and entered Dr. Miller’s room.

“Ohmigod, I’m so sorry! I took the wrong door!”

Quickly covering up, he said, “It’s fine, I’m not looking.” He did take a quick peek. He couldn’t see much beneath the towel, but she did appear to have fantastic legs and toned arms.

And Hannah did her own quick peek. Here was this man, old enough to be her dad, muscular chest, and despite the last year and a half of stress and loss, no gray hair. Strong, muscular. Her towel “accidentally” dropped to the floor.

“Oops, I’m sorry as she spun and knelt down to pick it up. The move appeared to hide her front from him, but revealed her perfect butt and the little diamond between her legs and below her butt showed her lips.

Dr. Miller had been thinking of Hannah before this happened. He had imagined her in the shower, washing her hair, or taking a washcloth and slowly rubbing the spot between her legs, and he had been semi-hard for the first time in a long time. Now he was hard. And he was smart enough to know the towel drop had been no accident.

“Hannah,” he said, voice stronger than she had heard it, “you are beautiful. İzmir travesti You are going to make some young man very happy. And you have been a godsend for my family. I am going to miss you when you graduate and leave me.”

Hannah stood up with her towel wrapped around her again. Her back was to Dr. Miller, and she paused. Had she been facing him, he would have seen her mind working. Finally, she let the towel drop, she slowly turned around, and said, “Who says I want to make some college boy happy or go anywhere,” as she moved towards the bed.

She climbed on and took his erect manhood, hidden underneath his sleep pants. It was hard- fully hard for the first time in almost 18 months. It was so hard, it was painful. Hannah was wet and aroused, for the first time in a long time for her as well. She had always looked at Dr. Miller as a father figure or her boss, but now he was a man who would satisfy her needs. And she knew Jeannette would approve.

She took his cock, stroked it up and down, and started licking it. She didn’t have a lot of experience, but figured at this point it wouldn’t matter.

“Mmm, this looks so good. I want to taste it. I’ve never had one in my mouth before. Then I want to feel it inside. I bet it will feel soooooo good filling me up.”

Jeannette had ways been as quiet as a mouse, so Hannah’s talking was arousing. And if she was correct in saying she had never sucked one before, she was doing pretty good. “Oh God, Hannah, I’m gonna cum! If you don’t want to swallow it…”

“I need to taste it! Cum for me, Jim!” She picked up the pace of her stroking and then swallowed his whole cock, and he flooded her mouth. She never missed a drop of cum.

No way in hell this was her first blowjob!

After some heavy breathing on his part, she licked her lips and snuggled up next to him. “Mmm, I liked that, Jim.”

Not that he thought he “owed” her because of some unspoken sexual reciprocity, but because he wanted nothing more he said, “See how you like this, then.” One thing was for sure, Jim loved to eat pussy.

Hannah settled in, propping herself up on some pillows and spread her legs. If this was going to continue she figured maybe she would have to start shaving down there, but Jim didn’t seem to mind. He started with a finger, then two. He licked her outer lips, working his way inside. He would occasionally suck on her clit, eliciting the desired response, and then go back to that delicate flavor. “Oh, Jim, oh Jim, I…I…OHHHHH GODDDDD!”

Her entire body convulsed. A white lightning started in her eyes and shot through her toes. Goosebumpa covered her body and every muscle was tense. Her body bucked and Jim licked the cum dripping from her freshly served hole. Then she twisted her shoulders right, left and right again, in a failed effort to get away- but not really. She didn’t want to go anywhere other than to the next level. She wanted him inside her, to fill her void and make a woman out of her. She wasn’t a virgin, but her only other time she never classified as “good”. She usually said it was “disappointing” or “unfulfilling” at best.

“Jim, enter me. I need you inside me. PLEASE tell me you are ready!”

He climbed her ladder until their midsections were lined up. She scoocthed her butt and shoulders down, lying flat on the bed, and opened wide. He lined up, entered her about 2 inches, and she squirmed. He could feel her trying to suck him the rest of the way in with her muscles. She wrapped her legs around his hips and back and tried to make him drive fully into her.

He did, and she let out a loud moan. He continued to thrust into her womanhood, driving them both crazy. He felt her tense up and say, “Give it to me, Jim. Fuck me and fill me up! Oh God, Jim! Fuck me!”

He did, and he spurted 18 months worth of stored up sexual drought into her waiting oasis. Rope after rope of cum entered her pussy, warming her, with a glow that radiated outward from her midsection.

Jim, finally feeling something akin to lust or sexual desire once again, smiled. Smiled deeply and pushed himself up, still connected to Hannah. He smiled at her, looked down at his cock inside her, and loving the sight of where they connected. Then he looked at her pubic hair- sweaty, messed up, and beautiful. And then at her chest- flushed with arousal. Still perky breasts, hard nipples, and beautiful. Life giving even. Someday they would nourish a baby. Babies. Their babies?

It was too early to think THAT, but hopefully Hannah would not regret what they had just done. Surprisingly, he didn’t. He felt no guilt over making love to this woman his deceased wife had introduced to their family at a terrible time in their lives. His life went from bad dream to nightmare, but now maybe his life would be shiny and new.

At the same time, Hannah feared what they had done and how it would change things. But she didn’t regret it. She had enjoyed it. Her other time had barely been sex. It hurt, was uncomfortable and he had no idea what he was doing. 6 pumps, “ugh, I’m done. Thanks babe,” had been the extent of it. She had bled because it had been her first time. She thought it was the perfect 18th birthday present, but was not good. But this on the other hand was magical. This wasn’t just sex. It wasn’t “fucking”. It had been special to her.

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