Hedonism at the Shore Ch. 01


We headed out around 9 on Friday morning, which was extremely early for us, except that if we hadn’t been blowing off work, we’d be getting up much earlier than that anyway. That was basically how we’d rationalized it to ourselves, in any case. Plus we were pretty excited. We’d been invited to spend the weekend at a shore house rented by a group of girls we’d gone to high school with. Of course we realized the invite wasn’t because we were legendary studs or anything like that. A big part of the reason we had been invited was because none of us were yet 21, having graduated high school just over a year ago, but Jim and I had fake ID’s. We didn’t care if we were being used to supply alcohol to the party as long as we were also invited to the party.

The house had been rented by seven girls we knew: Linda, Katy, Carolyn, Carol, Amy, Lisa and Ellen. Rob, Jim and I had been invited down for the first weekend, along with Jim’s brother, Buck, who was driving down separately. We assumed it would take us at least three hours to get down to Wildwood, but were surprised when it only took 2 ½. We located the house but, since the girls weren’t picking up the keys until noon, didn’t bother stopping. We cruised the neighborhood, locating the liquor and food stores and determining how far it was to the beach. Not wanting to arrive on their rented doorstep right at noon, we stopped at a diner for lunch. Since we didn’t know when we’d have another decent meal, we figured we’d better consume something substantial while we had the opportunity.

With a good lunch behind us, we rolled on over to the rental. The girls were not only already there, but already moved in as well. It turns out they had the second floor of the house, but the first floor was currently vacant. Stairs led up to a huge porch on the front of the second level that also wrapped around one side. The front door opened into a large living room, but the rest of the rooms, other than the kitchen and bathroom, were all bedrooms. There were five bedrooms total – one large double with two full-size beds, one large single with a queen-size bed and three small singles, each with a full-size bed. The girls had already figured out who was staying where, with Linda and Katy sharing the double and Carol and Amy agreeing to share the large single. Jim, Rob & I tossed what little we had brought along into the corner of the living room, hoping we’d each be assigned somewhere later that night.

The girls proved to be more than prepared. They had a pretty comprehensive list of what they felt they would need from the liquor store and how much would take them through the week. We added on enough beer to get through the weekend, took the cash they had pooled together and headed for the liquor store in Rob’s truck. The guy at the liquor store didn’t even bat an eye at our large purchase; he was probably too busy counting his profits.

We loaded up the truck and headed back. Lugging the keg up the stairs was the only drawback to that second floor rental. Luckily, Buck had arrived by that time and was there to help us. We set up the keg in a tub full of ice just inside the front door – deciding against leaving on the porch where it might be stolen or in the kitchen, which we agreed was too far away from the front porch. After the trip from the store and up the stairs, the keg needed to sit for a bit before we tapped it, so we all decided to take a walk up to the beach for a little while.

The nice thing about the 11 of us hanging out together was that everyone got along; we were like one big happy family. Not that there wasn’t any history among us. I had a drunken one-nighter with Carol some time back that fortunately had never impacted our friendship and about a year ago, Amy and I had been “fuck buddies” for a while. The chemistry between Buck and Ellen had been evident ever since they’d first met, but they’d never quite been able to get anything together. Jim and Carolyn had a casual thing the previous summer that had tapered off when she’d left for college. There wasn’t a whole lot of history, but given what there was, we still all had fun being together.

After a couple of hours goofing around on the beach, with Buck and Ellen pretty quickly wandering off on their own and Jim obviously paying extra attention to Carolyn, we headed back to the house for some serious drinking. While the guys were content to sit with our feet up on the railing, drinking and watching the people pass by below, the girls got right into some drinking games. It’s a good thing the downstairs apartment was empty, because these girls were really into “Thumper.” We enjoyed the game, as well, because they had ruled that everyone’s hand signal had to be rude. Watching a bunch of young women pounding on the porch, flashing rude gestures and drinking was highly entertaining. We ended up ordering pizza for dinner and continuing to drink through the evening and into the night.

When things began to calm down, it was apparent that Buck and Ellen were on track and Jim and Carolyn were finding escort their way there as well. That left five women, Rob and me and I liked those odds! Though I was flirting with everyone, I was getting the strongest vibes from both Linda and Katy. Linda was thin, with shoulder length dark blonde hair and small boobs while Katy was a bit more curvy with bigger boobs and longer reddish hair. I would have been happy with whomever I ended up with, assuming I ended up with anyone.

It was much later that night when I exited the bathroom to find Katy waiting for me in the hall.

“I hoped that was you in there,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I brought my lips down to meet hers, tasting the alcohol on her breath, and we were soon making out. I allowed my hands to slide down and grab her ass, pulling her against the growing bulge in my shorts.

“Mmm, you’re making me so wet,” she moaned. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to be tasting her flowing juices, so I told her as much. She suggested we go to her room and, taking me by the hand, led me there. I pushed the door closed once we were inside, not latching it, and we began to make out again. I reached between us to unfasten her shorts as I slowly lowered myself to my knees. Her shorts dropped to her ankles, revealing a bright green and black bikini bottom. She looked down at me while holding her shirt just above her belly button. I took the sides of the bikini bottom and slowly began to pull them downward.

As more and more of her lower abdomen came into view, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be seeing anything but smooth skin between her thighs. I muttered something like “oh yeah” as I exposed her clean-shaven slit, dying to feel its smoothness on my face and tongue. Once her bikini bottom joined her shorts, I helped her step out of them and nudged her backward toward the bed. She sat on the edge of it and lay back, propping herself up on her elbows, while I pushed her knees apart and brought my face between her thighs.

I immediately began running my left hand over her pussy and lower abdomen, determining she must have shaved just this morning. Opening her lips with my fingers, I revealed the moisture within and extended my tongue to lap it up. Katy moaned, closing her eyes and letting her head drop back, while tightening up her thighs and abdomen. The more I lapped at her pussy, the more relaxed Katy became, eventually flopping completely backward on the bed and raising her hips toward my face. I had slipped a finger into her, feeling how slick she was, and had just begun to focus my tonguing on her clit when I felt a sudden weight shift on the bed.

Glancing up from the task at hand, without pausing, I was surprised to see Linda now sitting on the bed. She caught my eye and winked at me before turning her attention back to my tongue work. I slipped another finger into Katy, eliciting a lusty moan, and varied my tonguing – from licking to sucking to flicking – working on bringing her to an intense orgasm.

Katy’s hands were in my hair, holding me against her pussy, while her hips pumped up and down with increasing speed the closer she got to cumming. Having Linda sitting right there wasn’t the least bit of a distraction as I focused completely on Katy’s pleasure. Katy started to get a little more noisy as she got closer to orgasm, moaning and grunting with increased frequency. Finally, she clamped her thighs around my head, pulling my face against her pussy while simultaneously pushing it toward me. She completely tensed up for a second or two, then shuddered a few times as she relaxed until she finally went limp, releasing my head in the process.

I slipped my fingers free and licked them clean as I raised my head. Linda watched me, then we both turned our attention to Katy. As she caught her breath, Katy opened her eyes and noticed Linda sitting there.

“Hey, Lin,” she said, calmly, clearly not put off by Linda’s presence.

“That looked like fun,” Linda responded.

“Oh God,” Katy replied, “fucking incredible. The ONLY way to start a vacation.” Linda looked back at me.

“My turn now?” she asked, looking at me imploringly, batting her eyelashes. How could I resist? I nodded slowly, giving her a devilish look, then asked her to stand on the bed. I stood up beside the bed, stepping in front of her.

I ran my hands up her smooth, thin legs and up under her shorts, grabbing hold of her ass. Linda seemed to be wearing panties under her shorts, which I soon confirmed by slipping my hands free and unfastening her shorts. She stepped out of her shorts and kicked them aside when they hit the bed while I was already starting to slide her panties down.

Linda wasn’t shaved like Katy, but had a finely groomed patch of dark blond hair topping and surrounding her pussy. I ran my hands lightly over it and around her ass before having her sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt on the floor again, lowering my face between her already spread legs. With one hand on each inner thigh, I spread her lips apart, exposing the nectar I sought.

I lost track of Katy while I lapped at Linda’s pussy but felt the bed shift as she got off of it. Almost immediately I felt her arms around me, feeling my chest and slipping between my legs, while she kissed the back of my neck. Katy was gently gripping and stroking the bulge in my shorts while I was slipping a finger in and out of Linda’s pussy, licking her clit at the same time.

After a few minutes, Katy suggested a position change that would be more comfortable for all of us. She had me lie on the bed with Linda straddling my head, which was much more comfortable so I went right back to eating Linda’s pussy. I could feel Katy on the end of the bed as well, and soon felt her hands unfastening my shorts. I slipped a second finger into Linda and concentrated on her clit while Katy slid my shorts and underwear down and off. While I was licking and sucking Linda’s clit and pumping my fingers in and out of her, I felt Katy shifting around on the bed. I felt her hand grip my rigid member and pump a few times before I felt the warm moisture of her mouth wrapping around it. It briefly occurred to me that I was officially experiencing my very first ménage a trois.

I really wanted Linda to climax so I could lay back and enjoy Katy’s blowjob, so I went to town on her pussy. I was licking and sucking her clit, pumping my fingers in and out, doing everything I could in my position to make her cum. I could tell she was getting closer by the way she was moving, pushing her pussy against my face and holding my head against it. I was feeling Katy’s hot mouth sliding up and down my cock, but not really getting as much pleasure out of it as I wanted to because my attention was elsewhere. I just kept working on Linda, aware that Katy was licking my balls and my cock before it was suddenly standing on its own again.

I wondered what was going on as I felt Katy shifting around again, but never let up on my pursuit of Linda’s orgasm. Linda was clearly very close when I felt Katy back on the bed again. She grasped my cock and I felt something cool sliding over it. It took me a minute to realize that it was a condom. By then, I could feel Katy’s knees on either side of me and a hand guiding my rigid, protected tool to its destination.

I don’t know if Linda had any idea what was going on behind her, but I’m willing to bet she didn’t care. As I was feeling the warmth of Katy’s snug pussy engulfing my tool, Linda was pumping her pussy against my face and down on my fingers at the same time. Her movements were getting quite frantic, so I was anxiously awaiting a flood of fresh, pungent juices. Finally, she froze up and I could feel the tremors in her pussy as it suddenly became a lot more slippery around my fingers.

I pulled my fingers free and lapped at her slit, slurping up her excretions. When she’d had enough, she pulled away and dismounted my face, sitting next to me on the bed. We both looked at Katy, who was riding me hard, up and down on my latex-encased cock. She had taken off her shirt, and whatever else she’d been wearing on top, and was now completely naked. Her tits were average size, bouncing up and down, and her aureoles were small and dark but topped with big, hard nipples. I couldn’t wait to suck on them.

Katy had her eyes closed as she rode up and down and I’m not sure she was aware that we were watching her. I had started to raise my hips in rhythm with her, my hands resting on her thighs. Her movements were increasing in pace and she was starting to let out little grunts or cries every so often. I was pushing up hard into her each time she came down and she finally slammed down one final time, a moan escaping her while she shuddered through another orgasm.

She opened her eyes and smiled down at us, starting to ride again more slowly. Linda started to get up and Katy caught on to her intentions right away. Katy dismounted me and Linda quickly took her place. Katy lay on my right side and we both watched as Linda straddled me and guided my cock into her slick, snug pussy. I glanced up to see her eyes at half-mast as she impaled herself fully on my cock, pausing once I was fully embedded. She started to ride up and down, slowly at first as Katy and I looked on.

After a few minutes, Katy turned to me and we began to make out. My hands went right to her tits and began to caress them, my palms brushing over her hard nipples. Linda’s pussy felt fantastic sliding up and down my shaft. I was still in awe over what I was currently in the middle of.

I was pushing my hips upward, penetrating Linda as deeply as I could, thinking it was about time I had an orgasm as well. I suppose wearing a condom and having consumed a few beers helped my staying power throughout this whole escapade, but I wasn’t missing out one bit on the pleasurable feelings. I knew there was one hell of an orgasm inside me just waiting for the right moment to escape. Linda must have still been pretty worked up from her first orgasm, because it only took a few minutes before she was moaning loudly again. As she increased her pace, I was thrusting right back hoping to cum simultaneously, while still making out passionately with Katy. Finally, too soon for me, I felt Linda slow down and start to quiver on top of me as she experienced her second orgasm.

When she’d settled down, I was momentarily disappointed when she suddenly dismounted me. I couldn’t see what she was up to as I was still making out with Katy, but when she pulled off the condom and replaced it with her mouth, I groaned with relief. Katy raised her head to see what Linda had gotten up to and, seeing her with a mouthful of my cock, moved down the bed herself to join her.

I was afraid I’d wake up alone in bed with wet sheets at any moment. I had two beautiful women taking turns sliding their hot mouths up and down my tool and tonguing my balls and was well on my way to a huge orgasm. Both Katy and Linda were very enthusiastic in their oral attentions to my manhood. I couldn’t even just close my eyes and enjoy the sensation; I had to watch as these two beauties sucked my cock. They took turns, each sliding their lips up and down half a dozen times or so before the other took over, with Katy gently pumping her hand at the base the entire time.

As my own orgasm finally approached, my cock began to swell and I was tensing up considerably in anticipation. The only question now was whose mouth I would be cumming in, though I certainly didn’t have a preference. I was so close that I knew it could happen at any second. First, I was sure Linda was in position to receive my bounty, but just as I was about to unload, Katy took over. By the second pass of her lips, I was spewing down her throat and groaning with relief. After a couple of shots, Katy quickly slipped me free from her mouth and shared me with Linda, who sucked what was left out of me. I went limp on the bed and, as my member began to go limp as well, the two girls crawled up next to me. Linda had shed the rest of her clothes at some point, so the two of them lay naked against me while I still wore just a shirt.

As we lay catching our breath and reveling in what we had just experienced together, the atmosphere seemed to be somewhat tainted by the glare of the overhead light. Since I was feeling the urge to pee anyway, I got up and turned on a small lamp. Pulling my shorts back on, I hit the overhead light switch on the way out the door and headed for the bathroom. The house was pretty quiet, but not completely silent, as I passed through; I could hear muffled moans and stifled cries behind each bedroom door. It sounded like everyone was active.

I took care of my business and, as I left the bathroom, noticed that one of the bedroom doors was ajar. Curiosity got the best of me, so I took a quick peek in before passing and was startled by what I saw. This was the large single with the queen size bed and in the middle of the bed, engaged in a 69, was Carol and Amy. Amy was on top and I could see her head bobbing up and down slightly, though her hair blocked my view of the details of what she was doing. I had a pretty good idea, though. The top of Carol’s head was visible below Amy’s substantial ass, but I wasn’t in a position to make out the details of her activities either. I didn’t realize that either of them swung that way and quickly felt the blood returning to below my waist. I stood there and watched for a few minutes before heading back to Katy and Linda, my shorts tented out in front of me.

Entering the bedroom, I was surprised again to see in the dim light that Katy and Linda were now making out, their hands exploring each other’s bodies. They paused and turned to look at me as I muttered, “What was in that beer…or was it the pizza?” Seeing their eyes upon me, I asked if I should just go ahead and sleep in the other bed. They laughed, telling me no, that I needed to get undressed and rejoin them. I was relieved and immediately began to pull my shirt off.

As I dropped my shorts, my cock sprung out, completely rigid from the displays I’d seen. Katy commented that it looked like I was ready to go again and asked how I thought we should go about it. Grabbing a condom from the pack Katy had left sitting out, I climbed onto the bed with them. I had Linda lay on her back with a couple of pillows under her ass, then had Katy lay on top of her. They were face-to-face, so they could continue to make out, and their pussies were touching, so I had easy access to both of them simultaneously.

I rolled the condom down my cock, lined up with Linda’s waiting pussy, and pushed forward. I heard Linda’s moan, muffled by Katy’s mouth, and proceeded to pump in and out of her pussy about a dozen times, with my hands resting on Katy’s ass cheeks. Grabbing the base of my cock, I pulled out of Linda and immediately plunged into Katy. I fucked Katy for a while, then switched back to Linda again, going on like this for a bit. I could have gone on like that for the rest of the night, but Katy and Linda started murmuring to each other about eating each other’s pussies and suggested a change of position.

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