He Said, She Said

Big Tits

Part 1. His story

Mike and I worked together for 5 years and had talked about everything from sports to our wild days in college and of course sex with our wives. We had them over for dinner and they would have us over the years. Always casual and fun. Nothing sexual though.

So we planned it out to get our wives in Mikes hot tub on New Years Eve out in the snow. Try and get the wives naked and see what would happen.

Maria and I met Mike and Sara for dinner and drinks at a nice steak house and everyone was dressed up for the night and celebrating New Years Eve. As we were finishing up our meal I ordered another round of drinks before we left. Sara said she was getting a little sleepy and wasn’t used to staying up this late. This made me wonder because some of Mikes stories.So Mike invited us over for some midnight champagne. Sara was already tired but agreed to it anyway.

It was 10 and everyone was sitting around the table near the back door when I pointed out to Maria that they had a hot tub and a discussion was had about how much use it got. Mike then asked if we wanted to try it out in the cold weather. Maria wasn’t sure, she didn’t have a suit, which led to many skinny dipping comments from us guys. Sara offered her something to wear but would have to try it on first. “Come on up and you can try one of my suits on.”

Sara threw some towels at the us and said they’d be out in a bit. I stepped in the bathroom and undressed and wrapped my towel around me and stepped out. Mike had done the same but in their office. We both went outside in the frigid air. We got in the hot water naked and quickly trying not to look at each other’s naked bodies.

A couple minutes went by and no wives then a few more. Mike then sat up on the edge of the hot tub to get out as his cock just laid there right above the water. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and said, “I bet that keeps Sara happy.”

“It gets the job done. I’m sure you have what it takes to make Maria happy too.”

“Maria would be so jealous right now that I’m the one who gets to see your cock.”

“What? She only wants to see it? Nothing else?” Mike joked.

“Probably more if she had the chance and Sara wouldn’t mind.” I responded.

“Speaking of our wives, where are they? Our plan won’t work if they don’t come back.” Mike commented with a sly grin.

I asked if we should go look and stood up out of the water and was sporting a huge erection. “Sorry about that. The sight of your cock made mine grow” I sheepishly laughed.

Mike sank back in the water told me not to worry about the wives and floated towards my hard cock. He put his mouth around it an slid it in his mouth. I jumped at first but then realized how good it felt. Mikes mouth around my cock was very comparable to the ones Maria had given me kartal escort and a few other girls in college too. I was surprised a guy could feel this good. Mike pushed me against the edge of the hot tub and sucked faster and then deep throated me. He knew what he was doing and did it well. He licked my balls and ran his tongue across the top of my cock making it jump. The water was starting to splash we were really getting into it. I felt so good and very curious now so I asked if I could try as I had never sucked a cock before.

Mike sat on the edge and without missing a beat I grabbed his cock in my hands and guided it towards my mouth. I began to suck. I licked his balls, I knew what I liked done so I just tried to do that to Mike. I was really getting into it. His cock didn’t taste weird or anything. It felt natural to suck his cock and try and take all in my mouth. After a few minutes Mike pulled out of my mouth and guided me to the edge of the hot tub. He started stroking my wet cock. I reached over and did the same to Mike. We both were nearing climax and stroked the other cock faster and harder. I couldn’t believe I was getting another guy off and enjoying it so much. We both shot our loads all over the hot tub while letting out loud grunts.

Spurt after spurt we we kept hitting the hot water with our hot cum. We both sat back in the water.

“Won’t you have to drain the tub now?” I asked as I took a deep breath.

“No. That’s why there’s chlorine in the water.” Then Mike looked over at me and said, “Wonder if Maria got the same treatment from Sara?”

“What?” I replied.

“Maria and I had both wanted to turn you guys bi and have been waiting for this for awhile. Hope you don’t mind. I sure liked it.”

I smiled and shook my head knowing I was the one who got played. “No worries. It was a good time. Can’t wait for the next time.”

We grabbed our towels and headed inside to ring in the new year.

Part 2. Her story

When we arrived at Mike and Sara’s house after dinner it didn’t take long for my husband Jake to point out their hot tub that was sitting in the back yard surrounded by a dusting of snow.

When Mike asked if we wanted to try it out I was reluctant knowing Sara was tired, that and I didn’t have anything to wear in the water. The guys like most guys have no modesty and would skinny dip and made many comments that I could do the same.

That’s when Sara said I could borrow one of her suits but that I’d have to try one on first and to follow her up stairs. Sara threw the guys some towels and they went out and got in the tub.

At the top of the stairs Sara looked at me and asked, “Are you a 34C?”

“No I’m a D cup.” I answered.

“Really? They don’t look that big, you hide them well. What about bottoms? Want to cover your cumhuriyet mahallesi escort cheeks or a thong?” Sara responded quickly.

“I don’t know never wore a thong before. Not sure Jake could handle it.” I replied with a grin and a wink.

“OK why don’t you go in to the bathroom and get undressed, grab a robe and come out I’ll have some suits laid out on the bed for you to decide on.” Explained Sara as she pointed to their large King sized bed.

I went in and undressed and could hear some drawers open and closing on the other side of the door. I got undressed and out on a big fluffy robe. When I walked out I saw Sara standing there in a thong and no top on yet.

“Sorry I didn’t know you were changing too.” I said nervously.

Sara turned around and put her hands on her hips, her breast staring me right in the face with erect nipples. “Do you like the way the thong looks? I bet it would fit you perfect. I have a pink one on the bed for you to wear.” Sara replied like it was no big deal. I couldn’t stop staring at her tits, they were more firm than mine, maybe a little smaller.

“Jesus”, I said under my breath as I walked towards the bed. I grabbed the pink thong and went to put it on under my robe when Sara stopped me with her words, “I don’t have a robe now so if you want to try it on, you have to not wear one either.”

“I thought you were tired?” I asked as I was feeling a little uncomfortable and not knowing what else to do.

“That was so the guys would leave us alone for a few minutes.”

“Won’t they start looking for us?” I asked again still holding onto the robe.

“Those boys will be just fine in the hot tub. It has a way of keeping people busy.” Sara continued, “and about that robe, please let me see you wonderful body. Mike is always talking about it.”

“Mike talks about my body?” I shrieked.


“That’s funny cause Jake has mentioned yours too when he’s been drinking.”

Sara walked over and slid her hand inside the robe and gently caressed my breast. With her other hand she untied the robe and started to pull it off my shoulders.

I looked her in the eyes, “I” was all I got out before she put her finger on my lips. Then she slid it in my mouth and I let my tongue wrap around it.

Before I could gather what was going on the robe was at my feet and Sara nudged closer. She started kissing my neck and caressing both my breast. My hands were by my side and I felt awkward. Sara noticed I was hesitant and spun me around and pushed me on the bed. I laid there completely naked as she crawled on top of me putting her mouth on my left nipple.

I let out a sigh and started caressing her back and the grabbing her ass. Sara looked up at me and smiled, “I want to taste you yunus escort beautiful pussy.” Sara whispered as she began to slide down my body.

At first I could feel her fingers on my clit and then I could feel the pressure of her finger as it slid inside my now soaking wet pussy. I let out a moan which was like a started gun for Sara as she dove in and began to lick my pussy. Jake had ate me out many times and along with a few other guys but never a woman. This was the best oral that I had ever had. My back arched my hips thrusted towards her face. My breathing got faster the moans became screams of pleasure. “Oh god I’m going to cum! Oh go God I’m cumming!” I screamed. I had never cummed from oral before. Sara kept going deeper with her tongue and what felt like three fingers gliding in and out of my gushing pussy.

“F-Fuck I’m cumming again!!” I screamed as Sara finished me off for the second time in just minutes.

She stood up as I lay there shivering from the orgasms. She ran her fingers over my hardened nipples and leaned in and kissed me. Yes I had tasted my pussy before on Jake’s cock but never had it been this juicy.

“Won’t you lick my tits now?” Sara asked.

She rolled over on her back and I went with her. First I kept kissing her. Her lips soft and no stubble like Jake always had and her tongue was even magic in my mouth. I licked her neck and went for her nipple. I was so excited that I didn’t spend any time on it and went straight for her pussy. I wanted to taste hers now after what she had done to me. Sara had already taken off her thong and had a small patch of hair above her clit. I wasn’t sure what to do. So I just started licking her clit. She raised her hips a little. I took that as a good sign.

I ran my fingers down and tried to slide them in. I kept licking and finally got comfortable enough to slide my finger in her pussy. She became wetter and wetter and it tasted so good and sweet I pushed my face in harder and slide a second finger inside her. Sara began to moan a little and I started thrusting my fingers inside her fastest and harder. Her juices flowing I kept lapping them up like a young animal.

All of a sudden Sara’s body tightened up and she grabbed my hair, “Oh god I’m gonna squirt all over you!”

Before I could register what she had said her pussy was like a geyser. Her juices shooting out in large streams all over my face. Some landed in my mouth and it tasted so good that I kept my fingers inside her and opened up. She squirted again and let out a squeal.

I fell back over on their bed in exhaustion. Sara laid next to me in the same state.

Sara looked at me, ” So sorry I don’t squirt very often. You will have some explaining to Jake now.” She said with a little gleam in her eyes.

“What about the guys?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. Mike and I have always wanted to get you guys over here and turn you both bi. It’s been fun hasn’t it?”

“Yes it has. I had no idea. Can’t wait for the next time.” I replied.

We both got dressed and cleaned up and headed down stairs to ring in the new year.

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