Hard Script Ch. 1


One day the story was this. She was a prostitute, and he had given her $200. She was anxious to show him a good time, so that he would come back and recommend her to his friends.

He was a tired businessman. His day had not gone well. His stock portfolio was down. He sat in the easy chair with a drink on the table beside him. He had taken off his suit jacket and pulled his tie down.

She had put on lipstick and eyeliner. She wore a short black dress and spiky high heels. Underneath she wore a garter belt and stockings with panties, but no bra. She put on a black beret and stood in front of him about three feet away.

“What a day,” he said, glancing at her crotch, and taking a drink.

“I’m very good at this,” she said licking her lips and letting her left hand touch her left breast. bursa escort But she could see that he was not responding. In her eagerness to please and impress him, she said “How would you like to fuck my butt?”

He glanced up at her again, with a tired sigh. “Let’s see it,” he said.

She turned around and leaned over, hiking her skirt up and pulling down her panties to reveal her buttocks and vagina. She put her finger on her anus, reaching through her legs, and smiled at him.

He shook his head. “You’re going to have to work me up,” he said. “I’ve had a long day.” Now in her pretend character she was becoming very anxious. Business was slow. She stood up and turned around, stepping out of her panties. She approached the chair more closely, and took çanakkale escort down the straps holding up the top of her dress to reveal her breasts. Then she knelt in front of him, unzipped his fly, and took his penis out of his briefs. It was only partly erect. He looked down at her breasts and face as she took his penis in the front of her mouth and began tonguing him. She felt a small hardening and enlarging of penis in her mouth, and continued to stroke him with her tongue. She held his penis in her left hand, and reached down with her right hand to pull her skirt up and begin masturbating her clitoris.

She knew that she could arouse him by exciting herself towards an orgasm. As she began to breath more heavily, she could feel his penis becoming rize escort more erect in her mouth, and began to relax with the feeling that she would give him a good time, and he would tell his friends about her.

“In the story you’re a prostitute, so you shouldn’t be aroused, you should just be working hard,” he said. “Prostitutes don’t get off with their customers.”

She allowed his penis, now quite erect, to enter further into her mouth, and moved her whole mouth up and down more rapidly as she masturbated toward a climax. Then she removed her mouth from his penis, looking at him with her lips parted.

“I was just pretending to be aroused,” she said.

He looked at her erect nipples, and ejaculated in three spasms. The first splashed on her forehead, the second beside her nose, and the third on her chin.

“I’ll tell my friends about you. I’ll tell them you offer anal intercourse,” he said.

She stood up, pulled her skirt down and started to pull up the straps on her dress. She licked a bit of the semen that was sliding down her face. Her beret was askew.

“Thanks,” she said.

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