Harassment Ch. 02


I was at home on a Saturday doing not much. I’d spent the morning tidying up the garden and I intended to sit back and watch the game that afternoon. I might even ask a couple of mates around to watch the game with me and share a beer or two. That was my plan.

This plan came to an abrupt halt with a knock on the door.

Answering the knock I found a couple of pretty young things standing there, Amber and Tiffany. These two young ladies were in my senior English class and would be graduating this year. I’d had a small contretemps with them the previous day, resulting in them copping a detention while they wrote out a missing assignment.

I’ll be honest with you. Subsequent to that detention I’d also had a very pointed discussion with Amber about her behaviour. Tiffany, not being there at the time, had avoided the latter confrontation. Amber had mentioned something about coming around to see me but I hadn’t seriously expected it.

I invited the girls in and we went into the front room, where I very politely switched off the TV so I could listen to what they wanted. Tiffany seemed rather nervous but Amber gave her a nudge and a get-on-with-it look.

“Ah, Mr Delaney, we’re here to talk about your dastardly behaviour the other day,” Tiffany announced, flashing a glance to Amber for approval.

I didn’t say anything right away. Instead I also looked at Amber and snapped my fingers, holding my hand out. She blushed and her hand dipped into her purse and withdrew her phone. I ensured that it was off and turned to Tiffany, silently requesting hers. She looked puzzled as she passed it over and I switched it off before handing it back.

“Just making sure we don’t get interrupted,” I murmured. “Now, you were saying, Tiffany?”

“Ah, um, we wanted to talk about what happened the other day,” she mumbled.

“Oh, that’s right. You said dastardly behaviour. I assume you told her to phrase it that way?” I suggested, looking at Amber. “I thought so,” I continued, as she blushed slightly. “Ah, what is so dastardly about giving you a detention when you deserved it?”

“Not that,” Tiffany said, looking at Amber for help and just getting an approving smile. “I meant when you did what you did to Amber.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not with you?” I demurred.

“You groped her,” Tiffany burst out. “You know you did. I saw you.”

“Ah, yes, that sexual harassment ploy. I thought you might have been referring to what occurred later.”

“What do you mean, later?” she asked, looking confused.

“Amber didn’t mention it to you? I had a further discussion about her general behaviour when she came back to pick up your phone. You remember you left your phone in the detention room.”

She nodded. “Amber had to get it because I had a date,” she said.

“Right. That discussion on her appalling behaviour led on to a discussion of permitted punishments.”

“Groping isn’t one of them, I’m pretty sure,” muttered Tiffany.

“True. However one that is permitted, but disapproved of, is general corporal punishment. I demonstrated to Amber that it does have its uses. Isn’t that why you’re really here?”

Tiffany now looked totally confused and out of her depth.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she admitted.

“It’s no big deal. I provided some corporal punishment to Amber. It just consisted of me putting her across my knee, pulling down her panties, and spanking her pretty little bottom. I would have thought she’d have told you and shown you her little red tush.”

Tiffany was looking quite shocked.

“You didn’t,” she said. “Tell me he didn’t,” she appealed to Amber.

“Um, well, yes, something like that might have happened,” kartal escort admitted Amber.

“You mean that’s the behaviour we’re supposed to be objecting to?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said slowly. “I suspect that Amber might have got you here under false pretences.”

“What do you mean?” Tiffany was now sounding suspicious, for which I don’t blame her.

“I pointed out to Amber that your behaviour had been just as bad as Amber’s and that you were damn lucky not to be there getting your bottom warmed. She agreed and offered to bring you here so I could attend to this.”


Tiffany glared at me and then turned to look at Amber, who just spread her hands and shrugged.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said, turning back to me.

“Um, Tiff, that’s what I said and he proved me wrong.”

Tiffany now gave me a really appalled look.

“You wouldn’t,” she whispered.

“Actually I will,” I told her, “but there is one proviso. You have to agree.”

“What on earth makes you think I’ll agree to something like that?”

“I have no idea. I have never figured out how a female mind works. You will notice that Amber got spanked.”

Tiffany took a moment to work that out and then looked at Amber.

“You agreed to him spanking you?” she asked incredulously.

“Sort of,” admitted Tiffany. “I didn’t really think he’d do it, but he did. So you’ve got to agree.”

“Why do I have to agree just because you got spanked?”

“Because we were in it together and it wouldn’t be fair if I was the only one to get spanked. I’ll be here. Haven’t you ever been spanked before?”

“Not recently.”

“Well, you may find it a little different this time. It will be a man spanking you and you’ll have a bare bottom. Or you could be naked if you like. Some girls would find that more exciting.”

“You’re not helping, Mr Delaney,” snapped Amber. “Are you trying to scare her away?”

“To be frank, yes. You have to admit that Tiffany is a bit of a wuss, always walking in your shadow. She’s probably choking on the idea of losing her panties. As to being naked, even with you here as a chaperone, forget it.”

“I am not,” snapped Tiffany. “If Amber can take a little spanking I’m damn sure I can. But I’ll bet Amber wasn’t naked when you spanked her, was she?”

“You are correct. She wasn’t naked when I spanked her,” I said, tongue very much in cheek. “So you’re saying you will allow me to spank you?”

“I guess,” she grumbled, giving both me and Amber nasty looks.

“Come along then,” I said gently, guiding her towards the couch. “You’ll find it doesn’t take long.”

I was seated on the couch with Tiffany draped across my lap before she had time to organise any resistance. I flicked up her dress and lowered her panties, moving quickly while seeming not to hurry. I wanted the spanking under way before she changed her mind.

Tiffany gave a small gasp when her panties went down.

“Ah, listen,” she mumbled. “I’m not at all sure about this.”

“What, about this,” I asked, dropping a firm spank on one firm cheek. “It will be over before you know it.”

She yelped, and yelped again when the next spank landed.

“You will excuse me for not giving you the approved lecture while I do this,” I said, supplying a few more decent spanks, “but I’ve already given that to Amber. I’m sure she’ll be able to pass on all the salient points.”

Apart from a bit of feeble kicking of her legs Tiffany didn’t resist the spanking. Wailed a little, yes, but there was no active rebellion. I was actually drawing towards the end of the spanking when I found that she had something else on her mind.

“Wait a minute,” kartal otele gelen escort she gasped. “Will you just wait a minute?”

Seeing that I was about to call it a day and leave her bottom alone to glow unaided I decided that yes, I could wait a minute. I gave her one last spank and started rubbing her soothingly.

“Was there something you wanted to say?” I asked.

“Um, yes. What did you mean when you said she wasn’t naked when you spanked her? Why the qualification? Will you stop doing that?”

“In answer to your first two questions it was quite possible that Amber lost some additional clothing after the spanking,” I admitted. “Amber asked me not to do this, also.”

‘This’ was the fact that the soothing rubbing I was doing wasn’t exactly on her bottom. Fairly close, though.

“Oh my god. Amber, what is going on?”

“Don’t worry. He’s just stirring you up a little. Um, you know, helping you get ready for him to fuck you.”

“What? He can’t do that. Are you saying he fucked you? He’s not fucking me, I can tell you that.”

“Stop panicking. It’ll be fun. It’s not as though he’s going to hurt you.”

“I don’t give a shit. He’s not fucking me. FULL! STOP!”

“Why the fuss. Anyone would think you were still a blushing virgin. Get with it. Teachers fuck students all the time.”

“Ah, excuse me for breaking in to your little discourse, Amber, but we do have a small problem,” I said, withdrawing my hand from where it had wandered and swinging Tiffany back onto her feet. “It appears that you have made a slight error in your assessment of Tiffany.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that she’s not as experienced as you think. She’s a virgin.”

“Yeah, virgin,” snapped Tiffany.

Oh my god. If she was going to start that yeah business again I would do something drastic. To her.

“You’re kidding me,” Amber said, sounding appalled.

“Ah, no, I’m afraid not,” I said. “I, ah, detected the evidence.” I held up a couple of fingers that had gone exploring.

“Yeah, evidence,” said Tiffany. “Not that he had any right to do that,” she added.

Amber started giggling. “Oh, dear. It looks as though you’re going to miss out today.”

“What makes you say that?” I asked, getting up off the couch myself.

“You just said you weren’t going to take her because she’s a virgin.”

“True, but you’re not,” I pointed out, reaching out and catching her arm. “Tiffany, you don’t mind if I fuck Amber, seeing as you’re off the menu?”

“Oh, no, Mr Delaney,” Tiffany said, practically glowing with glee. “I don’t mind at all. Whatever you think is a fair thing. After all, if you were expecting to get laid and Amber knew it then she can’t really complain, can she?”

I will say this, for someone who couldn’t really complain she was having a good go at it. She’d come along to see Tiffany get screwed, not herself. Ignoring her complaints I had her flat on her back on the couch, hands at her waist.

Sometimes you can be lucky. Amber was wearing yoga pants and they come off so very easily. I peeled them and her panties down, lifting her legs high into the air as I did so, effectively leaving her bent in two, looking at her own slit.

“Tiffany, could you be a real sweetheart and drop my trousers and things for me. I don’t want to let go of Amber at this point.”

Tiffany was quite happy to do so, pulling down my trousers and jocks, not above taking a quick feel of the goodies while she was at it. Now I was poised above Amber, leaning over her, my cock inches away from her.

“It seems to me that, as you came here to witness a screwing, you’re in an excellent position to kartal eve gelen escort watch it,” I told her. She was, too, able to see her own pussy and my cock coming closer.

“Now I know you consider Tiffany to be your best friend so I’m sure you won’t mind if she gives us a slight hand,” I said softly. “Tiffany, can you spread Amber’s lips a little and guide me into place?”

It seemed that Tiffany didn’t mind doing that little thing. Ignoring some shocking language from Amber she carefully took hold of me and guided me into position, not releasing me until the head of my cock was firmly docked.

I held it there for a moment, Amber’s eyes looking from where I was just starting to enter her to my face and back again. Suddenly she laughed.

“Bastard,” she said. “Go on. Do it.”

So I did it. I pressed firmly forward, feeling Amber pushing up to meet me. I slithered in, cock sinking in fully at quite a rapid rate. Apparently watching someone else get spanked was as much a turn on to Amber as getting her own bottom paddled.

I let her legs go and they drifted down and wrapped themselves around my waist. While they were doing that I was taking her top and pushing it up, freeing her breasts for my delectation.

Satisfied that all conditions were met I started to work, although perhaps work isn’t quite the right adjective to describe what I was doing.

Hands cradling Amber’s breasts I drove happily into her. She, having decided to cooperate, was pushing up hard against me, taking me deep, her legs encircling me and helping to pull me in. She was making happy little sounds as I took her, all enthusiasm now that she was over the surprise of finding herself in the position where she’d mentally placed Tiffany.

While I was concentrating on Amber and the pleasure I was finding in her body I did find time to check up on Tiffany. She was watching the pair of us, fascinated at the way we were behaving. I idly wondered what she’d do if I demanded an essay on the subject. Putting such silly thoughts aside I returned to giving Amber all that I had and a little bit more, if that was possible.

She was happily giving voice to what was happening, pleased little gasps and sighs and words of encouragement escaping her lips every few moments. I took her hard and fast, seeing the excitement rising within her. She was clinging tightly, trying to pull me even deeper, wanting me, and it’s a grand feeling to be wanted like that.

I was almost sorry when the time came to finish it. I hiked up the tempo, hearing Amber give a happy squeal of anticipation, and then she was climaxing and I was joining in, spreading my seed in what I truly hoped was a barren field. At least for this instance.

I came off Amber, replete. She lay on the couch smiling happily. She suddenly swung to her feet, grabbing her cast off clothes.

“Just using your bathroom,” she said, and vanished.

I didn’t think she’d get lost. The bathroom was easy enough to find. I turned to regard Tiffany.

“So, are you prepared to write me an essay on what you did this weekend?” I asked.

She blushed and looked elsewhere, shaking her head.

“Come back tomorrow by yourself,” I said softly, “and I will help you get past that virginity problem. I will undress you and take you nice and slow, teaching you what it’s all about.”

She blushed even harder and didn’t answer.

“Of course,” I said musingly, “you need to remember one thing. Being a teacher I’ll probably make you do it a second time, and maybe even a third. I’ll want to make sure you get it right.”

She still didn’t answer, although I did see her lips twitch as she suppressed a smile. I let her alone at that point. No good comes from pushing too hard.

Amber came trotting back, scooping up Tiffany and heading for the door. I saw them out. Amber didn’t mention anything about a return bout but I suspected that it might happen. As for Tiffany? I’d wait and see. One never knows what a woman will decide.

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