Happy Birthday, Lover


“Hello?” I call softly as I drop my keys in the basket in the hallway.

“Hey.” I hear your low reply from the living room over the low sounds of the TV. “How was the show?”

“It was good. I was thinking of you,” I tell you as I shrug out of my jacket. You raise your eyebrows at me as I walk closer to you. “In fact, I was thinking of you the whole ride home too,” I say as I straddle you, slowly sliding closer to your lap. My long black skirt – the one with the buttons – rides high on my thighs, exposing the black boots and pantyhose I’m wearing.

You start to ask me what I was thinking, but my mouth on yours silences the question. I wrap my arms around you tight, pulling you closer to me and you slide your hands into my hair. Softly, we kiss for several minutes, enjoying the feel of each other. Our lips part, our tongues touching, exploring, tasting.

I shift closer to you and you place your hands on my thighs. I can barely feel your touch on the fabric covering my legs, but I can sense it. Your hands slide further up and your thumbs brush against my lips. You groan against kartal escort my lips.

I break the kiss and look at you. “You are so wet,” you growl at me, leaning forward to kiss me again. I grin and turn my head, capturing your earlobe with my lips.

“I told you I was thinking of you,” I murmur into your ear. You growl again, pressing your fingers to my clit. I let go of your ear and lean back away from you. I pull your shirt up over your head. When your hands are free, you guide my hands to your shaft, feeling how hard you are through your pants. You continue stroking me as I tease you through the fabric straining against your cock.

Again, I lean back away from you and slowly pull my shirt up over my head. Keeping my eyes locked with yours, I reach behind me and unhook my bra. Your hands meet mine as I slide it off me, cupping my breasts. My nipples harden beneath your touch, aching for more. I arch my back toward you, and you bury your face between my breasts. Your hands still cupping me, your lips and tongue tease one nipple as your fingers tease the other. I hold your cumhuriyet mahallesi escort head closer to me, moaning.

I slide my hands down your chest and unbutton your pants. Putting my weight on my knees, I lift myself slightly off you to unzip them and pull them down. The head of your cock pokes out through the opening of those dark blue boxer-briefs I like. But as much as I like them on you, I like them even better off you. I quickly slide them down as well and settle myself back on your lap.

Your lips are now on my ear, teasing me. “I want to feel how wet you are,” you murmur as you pull me closer to you. Even through the wet fabric of my pantyhose, you can feel my lips against the shaft of your cock. I run my fingertips across its tip, swirling the wetness into your head. “Can you feel how hard you make me?” you ask. I nod, stroking my fingertips and my lips against your shaft.

Your hands are back on my thighs, sliding up and down. Your fingertip brushes across my skin and you stop. “What’s this?”

“Hmmm.” I frown. “It yunus escort would appear I have ruined yet another pair of pantyhose by putting my ring through them.”

“Good,” you reply. “Then you won’t mind if I do this.” Sliding your finger into the hole, you rip the pantyhose, tearing a huge hole in the fabric that was pressed against your cock. I look at you in surprise and you again raise your eyebrows at me. I kiss you again, more passionately than before, but you quickly break the kiss. “Do you want me inside you?” I nod and you let me kiss you this time. Your hands slide underneath me to lift up onto the head of your cock. I groan against your lips and in one quick motion, slide myself all the way down to the hilt. This time, we both groan.

After only a few strokes, my body explodes around you, pulling you further inside me. You groan against me … I know you love the feeling when I cum on your cock. After a few more strokes, I feel your body tense up as you climax deep inside me.

Breathing hard, we break the kiss, but you don’t loosen your arms around me. “Happy Birthday,” I murmur in your ear, lightly flicking my tongue around your ear. A shiver runs through your body.

“Thank you. Thank you for my birthday present.” You lightly brush your lips against my forehead.

I lean back to look into your eyes. “Oh, I’m not done yet.”

You smile.

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