Halloween Party at Bennett’s


Note: This story is actually Chapter two of the “Whores and Pimps” story in the Loving Wives section so please read that one first to get some background on the characters. This story is not really that scary except maybe for the Yankee and Boston jerseys. Enjoy…

Randy O’Bannon had just started with Bennett and James when he found the invitation on his desk. As a new lawyer in the firm you had to start on the second floor which normally meant he had to try the cases no other lawyers in the well established firm wanted. His new wife Amanda had moved with him to the big city and was finishing her MBA via the internet. She was typing away when he threw his briefcase on the bed in their two room efficiency apartment.

“Guess what?” He asked as he moved over and kissed her on her long delicious neck.

“Huh?” She said upset that he was home already. It seemed every time she sat down to work on her thesis Randy would interrupt her.

“We’ve been invited to the big man’s Halloween party.” He said overly excited.

“Who’s the big man?” She asked, still typing.

“Bennett, you remember you met him at the office last week.”

“Oh yeah, do we have to go?” Most of the ones she met were a lot older than they were.

“Yes, it will be good for my career.” He noticed she was only wearing a tight tee shirt with no bra and a pair of tiny pink bikini panties. His hands moved down over her soft shoulders to gently cup both of her small but firm breasts.

“Stop. I have to finish this section.” She said pulling his hands off of her.

Randy smiled and moved away and as he walked from the room he said, “The good news is that we don’t have to buy a costume. Bennett is providing them.”

“What?” Amanda asked as his words sank in. “He’s selecting our costumes?”

“Yes.” He yelled back.

“What if I don’t like it?” She was too late because Randy was gone.


Bill Bennett laughed as he opened the boxes of costumes he had ordered almost two months ago. The costumes were ordered as pairs. There was a cow and a bull, Mickey and Minnie, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and a priest and a nun. He had ordered extra sizes of each costume so he would be sure to have the right fit.

He called Dr. Lawrence to make sure the video tapes were ready to go with the costumes. *****

Jake and Dan were standing by the coffee pot in the seventh floor break room laughing at the Halloween Party invitations they had received from Mr. Bennett.

“Looks like Bennett is at it again.” Dan chuckled. “I wonder who the new victims are going to be this time.” He quickly thought back remembering how his wife Ellen and he were the new victims of the “Whores and Pimps” party Bennett had thrown last year. At that party the men were all dressed up as pimps and the women as whores. They used phony money to purchase the sexual favors during the night and the men who had the most money were promoted. Although, Dan and Ellen had intercourse with others they had not done anything more than oral sex with their best friends Jake and Marty.

“It’s been kind of boring lately and I’m looking forward to it.’ Jake laughed. “I wonder how the girls will take it.”


Sally had dinner ready when her husband Paul walked into the kitchen smiling. “Looks like we’ve been invited to a Halloween party.”

“Really? I love Halloween parties.” She said smiling. “Who’s giving it?”

“Can you believe Bill Bennett?”

“Bennett as in Bennett and James?”

“Yep. Randy said he and Amanda were invited as well.”

“Good. At least I’ll know somebody at the party.” Sally said. They, like Randy and Amanda, had recently moved to the city and were living in the same apartment complex. Since Randy and Paul were both new they had attended all the orientation meetings and had gotten to know each other pretty well. It was natural for the two couples to bond together.

“I’ll call Amanda and see what costume she will wear.”

“Don’t bother. Bennett is sending out the costumes.”

“What if I don’t like it?” She said upset.

“Tough. I’ve heard you don’t say no to Bennett.”


It was two day’s later when Sally returned with her groceries when she discovered a large box on her front door step. She quickly put away the frozen food and ripped open the box. Inside the large box she found two more boxes. One addressed to Paul and the other one with her name on it. The box had the words ‘to be opened privately by addressee only”. It had to be the costumes she thought as she quickly opened her box. Inside the box were a video tape and a plastic bag containing the costume. She held up the costume and grinned. She was going to be Minnie Mouse. Her face dropped when she picked up the last two articles of clothing. NO WAY! She thought.


Two apartment buildings over Amanda also opened her box and discovered a video tape and her costume. She giggled as she held up the Wilma Flintstone costume. This was going to be a fun kartal escort party she thought.

She quickly called Sally. “I received my costume!”

“Me too.” Sally replied.

“Did you look at the video tape yet?” Amanda asked.

“No. The instructions said I have to view it by myself. Do you have any idea why?” Sally asked.

“I read that too. Who knows?” Amanda answered. “I’m going to look at it now.”

“Me too. Bye.” Sally said as she hung up the phone and clicked on the VCR.

“Hello Sally, in case you do not remember me I’m Bill Bennett. I am so happy Randy has joined my company and to celebrate I’m inviting you and Randy to a special Halloween party to be held on Saturday October 30th at my home. This will give me a better chance to get to know the two of you. Please try on the costume and let my secretary know as soon as possible if it does not fit you properly. Please keep the identity of your costume a secret, even from your husband, until the night of the party.

As you will find out at the party I love to have fun so come prepared to really enjoy yourself. Take care.”

Suddenly the screen went blank.

She still couldn’t figure out why there was separate video tapes except for the directed message to her. That must be it she thought. She grabbed the box and ran up the stairs to try it on. The plastic bag had more inside than Minnie Mouse’s costume. Sally picked up the skimpy pair of panties which had Minnie Mouse’s head on the front of them. The semi-bra was also very small. Why did he send underwear? There was no way anyone but Paul was going to see them. She pulled off her sweat shirt and bra and snapped the half-bra around her firm mounds. She gasped when she looked in the mirror to see her small but rock hard nipples bare above the bra cups. The sweat pants and panties dropped to the floor and she pulled the white thongs up her tanned thighs and over her full bush. Again she took a deep breath when she saw only her pubic mound covered by the silky undies. Minnie Mouse was smiling up at her and was surrounded on the sides by some curly dark pubic hairs that had escaped. If she was going to wear these panties she would need a good trim job. Sally forgot that no one but Paul was going to see them.


Amanda stared at Wilma Flintstone’s face resting at the junction of her thighs. She too had looked at the video but had stripped in the den to try on her costume. Amanda found the panties but couldn’t find a bra. Surely, he didn’t expect her to go braless she thought. She looked again but the bag was empty. She turned and looked in the mirror over the fireplace to see her bare ass cheeks with the small thong strap cutting down the center of her soft buttocks.

She slipped the tight leather top over her mounds and realized why there was no bra. The top cut across her chest with only one strap so if she was wearing a bra it could be seen. Luckily the leather was thick enough that her hard nipples could not poke out the material. She slid the short leather skirt up her legs. God. The skirt barely covered her panties. There was no way she was going to wear this costume in public. She picked up the phone to call Randy and stopped. Bennett had said she could not tell her husband what she was wearing until the night of the party. She put down the phone and called Sally.

“I can’t tell you what my costume is but I can tell you it is very reveling.” Amanda whispered.

“Mine too.” Sally giggled. “Do you think the other women’s costumes will be the same?”

“Probably.” Amanda said. “Randy heard that Bennett throws some wild parties.”

“I’m only wearing it because it will help my husband.” Sally said with her excited voice.

“Me too I guess.” Amanda replied. “Maybe we can stick together to help each other if need be?”

“Good idea.” Sally said.


As soon as Randy entered the house Amanda was standing there with his box in her hand. “Here this is your costume. You have to open it in private and watch the video tape alone.”

“What is your costume?” Randy asked as he carried the box into the den.

“I can’t tell you….until you see me wearing it before we leave for the party.”

That afternoon Dan, one of the higher up lawyers had walked into Randy’s office to introduce himself. Dan asked if he was going to a Halloween party at Bennett’s and he said yes. Dan laughed and moved over to his bookcase to look at his wife Amanda’s photo. After Dan glared at the picture for over a minute he turned and left.

There was something about this party that scared Randy as he watched the video.

Amanda’s curiosity got the best of her as she stood near the door to the den. She listened as Mr. Bennett’s voice echoed through the closed door.

“Hello Randy. I am so happy that you have joined my company and to celebrate I’m inviting you and your wife to a special Halloween party to be held on Saturday October 30th at my home. This will give me a better chance to get to know kartal otele gelen escort the two of you. Please try on the costume and let my secretary know as soon as possible if it does not fit you properly. Please keep the identity of your costume a secret, even from your wife, until the night of the party.

As you will find out at the party I love to have fun so come prepared to really enjoy yourself. Take care.”

Amanda tiptoed away from the door puzzled. The video had basically the same words. She guessed Bennett wanted the video to be personal.

Randy opened the box and pulled out his costume. Shit. It was a… He laughed out loud when he saw the picture of a ball bat across the front of the boxers.


Paul watched the video twice to make sure he didn’t miss anything. No big deal he thought as he opened the costume to find a set of plastic bull horns for his head and a long brown gown with a tail for his body. Lastly he pulled out a pair of boxers with the words “COW LICK” written on the front of them. At least I’m not wearing leotards. Paul thought. He put the costume back into the box and carried it up to his room. What all the secrecy was about he didn’t know.

“You still want to go to this party?” Paul asked his wife who was unusually quiet during their dinner.

“Yes………..I mean only if you do.” Sally said. Her mind kept drifting back to the skimpy panties and bra. Never in her life had she worn such sexy clothing. Just the thought was making her excited. Her mind moved to the possibility of being alone with Randy who she thought was a real hunk. Paul was the only man she had been intimate with and now after three years of marriage she had wondered if she should have done some experimenting before the wedding.

“Sure let’s go. It should be fun.” Paul said.


Randy was reading the newspaper when he heard Amanda walk into the den. He figured she would turn on the TV like normal but was surprised when she stood directly in front of him. He glanced over the paper to see her face smiling. He slowly lowered the newspaper to see her bare neck, upper chest and finally her naked breasts.

“Damn.” He said, visibly shocked. Amanda never was naked outside their bedroom and bathroom.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come upstairs with me.” She asked in her best little girl’s voice.

Randy noticed she still had her panties on. “What did you have in mind?” His heart pounded in his chest.

“This.” She giggled as her fingers pinched the tight elastic of her bikini panties and pushed downward.

The newspaper fell to the floor as Randy watched and waited for her thick pubic mound to appear. Shit. The pink panties moved down showing a thin strip of curly hair leading downward to her………..shaved pussy lips. God. He had never seen a pussy shaved before.

“You like?” She giggled as she slowly spread her legs to give him a peek at her pink folds.

“Ahh…………..” He grunted. “YES! Why?”

Amanda thought about the new panties but knew she had to keep them a secret. “I read that it’s better for……….you know….”

Randy gave her a puzzled look.

“Oral sex.” She blushed.

Dan was really shocked now because normally she did not like oral sex. He had done it to her a few times but she would not go down on him at all. Sometimes she would kiss up and down the sides of his shaft.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I’m not complaining.” He said as he stood and followed her cute little behind up the stairs.

Amanda turned off the table lamp next to the bed and moved over to lie on her back. She grinned at her husband’s silhouette in the doorway light as he undressed. When he turned she saw the shape of his long seven inch hard-on. He moved to the bed to position himself in the normal missionary position but she grabbed him arm and push his head downward which brought his feet to her head.

Holy shit, Randy thought as they moved their bodies into the normally taboo sixty-nine position. He glanced back in the dim light to make sure it was truly his conservative wife who had her fingers wrapped around his prick and saw pulling to towards her opened lips.

“OH FUCK!” Randy cried out when her lips moved over and around the swollen crown of his prick. He quickly moved his own lips to the bare pussy lips next to his face. Her pussy juices met with the ones on his tongue as it plunged deeply into her moist depths.

Amanda realized it didn’t taste that bad as her lips sucked off the spitting juices of his pre-cum. Her own pussy was throbbing while his tongue danced over her hard clitoris and around and down her dripping slit.

“OHHH!” She screamed when his lips sucked in her hard knob and his tongue flicked rapidly across it. Her mouth opened wide and moved over the now familiar crown and down, down and down as far as her throat clearance would allow. Her lips against tightened and slowly moved back off. Again kartal eve gelen escort she did it and again. She heard his warning but didn’t flinch as she held her lips tight feeling the pressure flying up the middle of his pole. The hot juices splattered against her throat and she quickly swallowed to keep breathing.

Randy felt his explosion and raced with his own tongue to get her off as well. COME BABY COME! His mind screamed as he concentrated on her clit. She did.

“OH GOD RANDY!” She cried as her mouth popped off of his shaft. Her hands held his face tightly against her lower stomach as she climaxed for the first time because of oral sex. Her ass moved up and suddenly fell. They were both spent.

Randy didn’t ask what had caused this suddenly escape from her conservative sexual practices. He didn’t want to ruin it.


“What now?” Ellen asked her husband Dan when he tossed the invitation on the table. After their four people orgy in the gazebo with Tommy and Barbara the two of them had promised to not sway away again.

“Bennett is having a Halloween Party and guess who is invited?”

“Ah..could it be US?” Ellen said expanding on the ‘US’.

“I think once is enough.” Ellen continued. “It was fun but not really good for our marriage and my job.” She added thinking of having sex with one of her high school students.

“I think I am firmly planted enough in the company for us to say no to anyone’s advances. I know I’ll be able to.” Dan said without smiling.

“Hey, you were the first one to fuck someone else not me.” Ellen quickly added.

“I know. Bennett tricked us and put the pressure on us to do what we did. It won’t happen again.” Dan thought about the new lawyer’s cute wife and wondered if he did have enough reserve to turn down someone like her.

“I figured you would bring home the invitation because the costume boxes came today.” Ellen said smiling. “I’ve already opened up my costume and saw my video.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Sorry. I can’t tell you.” She laughed. “Your box is in the den.”

Dan quickly walked in and opened his box. What a stupid costume he said as he held it up. He put on the video tape and listened to his bosses instructions. He played it again trying to figure out Bennett’s angle. Somehow he would arrange it for everyone to fuck. He played the video again and still couldn’t come up with it with the angle.

Although neither said it they were both going to the party.


Jake and Marty too were wondering just how Bennett would twist things around to get everyone to mess around with the other’s spouses. The last time he dangled the promotion carrot to get them to cross over the line. How would he use costumes and a Halloween party to do the same?

They put their costumes away and tried to forget about the party.

Maybe this time I’ll get a chance to fuck my best friend’s wife? Jake wondered as he watched the video. To see that high school kid’s smile when they came out of the gazebo was too much. He knew she had to be good in bed or anywhere else for that matter.


It was the day of the party when Bennett’s door bell rang. He answered it to see Dr. Lawrence smiling.

“Hello Bill. The cute blonde doctor said as she walked past him into the house.

“Gina. Thanks for coming over.” Bill said. “I just want to go over what I need to do tonight to get everything to work properly.”

“Actually I was hoping you would ask me to stay and take part.” She grinned. “You do still have that Nun costume right?” He had invited her to come and be a nun but at first she had refused.

Bill grinned. “Sure honey. I have all the costumes you want to wear.” He had drooled thinking about how she looked under those clinging dresses and how her lips would look locked around his thick cock.

They walked into the house and over to the boxes of costumes. “Just my size.” She giggled as she picked out the Nun bag.

“Where can I put it on to see if it fits?” She asked looking around.

“Right here. I won’t look.” Bennett laughed.

“Yeah right.” She giggled. She took the plastic bag marked “Nun Size 6” and headed into the bathroom.

Gina took her time removing her dress, slip, bra and panties. She looked at her naked body in the large mirror and smiled. Not bad for a forty year old mother of two she said to herself. When Bennett first came to her with his idea she almost ran him out of her office. But, after a few days thinking about it she knew she had to try it out in the interest of science and for her own pleasure. Her shaven pussy was moist as she pulled the jet black panties up against it. The half-bra quickly snapped around her slightly sagging 36b boobs and the long black habit fell over her head. She tied the black belt around her waist and laughed at the long slit up the side almost to her hip. She took a deep breath and walked out to show the rich man.

Bill was smoking a cigar when he heard the bathroom door open. He turned and almost dropped the smoking stick. “Shit.” He said amazed at the site in front of him. Sister Gina Lawrence stood erect like his penis was soon to be.

“You like?” She asked as she turned quickly. The side slit opened showing him her bare leg and lower hip.

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