Grading Curve


Alexandra was too young for Daniel. Not in the chronological sense, as the years between the two were scant, but in the psychological. Daniel, the rather involved teaching assistant and dedicated graduate student, had troubles in the past in his two gap years before graduate school with keeping business and pleasure separate. In his time as a server, he readily dove into the incestuous orgy of partnering that took place between the front-of-house staff. However, Daniel always knew that it would end poorly, and it always did; he was determined to make things different this time. Although there was nothing legally wrong with sleeping with students, there was a tug at an ethical dilemma he felt regarding the potential for coercion or manipulation from either side. His own adviser would joke about the various students he slept with back in the 80’s and 70’s, but that his body was now well past it’s prime, and the laws were a bit different. The running joke was he would have left the job if it wasn’t for his already having tenure now that the prime perk was gone.

The young woman was a student with promise – she was intelligent and curious, the best attributes for a budding scientist. Her time was nearly consistently spent in the library running through various journal articles and study reports, leaving very little time for romance or partying. Daniel respected that kind of passion to her future and goals, so much that it bordered on romanticizing. What hadn’t helped the unfortunate TA was how Alexandra looked; she was petite with a rather curvaceous frame, a large bust with a narrow waist and exaggerated hips. Her large eyes had the color of dull jade, but constantly narrowed in interested fixation. The only detraction from Alexandra could be blamed on the permanently unkempt state of her very pale blonde hair, unwashed or uncombed depending on the time she woke from bed. All in all, she was Daniel’s personal fantasy made real.

Being a man who required a great deal of distraction from an anxious mind, Daniel frequently could be found in the gym, glued to a cycle machine while he read over notes. While it wasn’t his objective, it did have the benefit of keeping his body slim and fit. He did his best to not skip ‘torso day,’ afraid he would look like some distorted figurine if he had only stuck to the bike. Not only did this constant activity prevent Daniel from drifting too much to his own personal anxieties, it helped him distract himself from the nymph that would sit in the front of his study group lectures, eyes so narrowed and severe. Some time had passed since Daniel had fulfilled his more primal urges, and his third year bombshell had done little to help him forget that fact.

Lately, after returning from the gym, Daniel found his shower-time fantasies quickly slipping into visions of bobcut blondes with narrow gazes as he spent himself on the tiled floor. Alexandra seemed to be the summation of distraction, but something he had to avoid. But the looks she gave him, the intensity of her eyes, the furious mind behind them – it proved impossible to ignore. Anxious Daniel could only toss around in bed before finally finding sleep, with two jade eyes watching in his dreams.

Things moved at a pitch when Alexandra managed to score a ‘B’ on the midterms. Emails poured in after the exam scores were posted, but Alexandra’s stood out from the moment Daniel had seen it. The subject simply read “Confusion on my Recent Score”, followed by a short message that she would be attending the upcoming office hours later on when she could escape from her work study program. The TA felt apprehension, but a bit of excitement. He didn’t feel a response was necessary, but hotly anticipated the following date.

The result was much less pleasing than the actual idea. Alexandra appeared in his cramped, closet-like office as the very tail end of Daniel’s posted hours.

“Mr. Rett, I did my best on this. I promise you, I studied for hours for it.” Alexandra stood in the typical coed garb of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, hair freshly cleaned and makeup absent. Daniel was strangely disappointed.

“Alexandra, no one did great on the midterm. The grade that was posted was before the curve. Dr. Vanland and I are still working on the numbers. You’ve got nothing to worry about, it’ll probably come out around a mid or high A.”

Alexandra quickly pivoted and left the room, leaving Daniel unsure if the answer satisfied or upset her further. Her elfin face betrayed no notion of her feelings, but for a moment there seemed to be an element of displeasure. All Daniel could do is lose himself staring at the well-shaped thighs and ass of his student as she rapidly made her way down the hall from his doorway. Daniel felt himself thicken at the sight of her storming away, knowing that he would quickly need to flee to the gym and the traditional shower afterwards.

The following day, Alexandra sat in the front row once again. She appeared more manicured than tuzla escort the previous days Daniel had seen her. There was ample care taken in the highlights of her eyes through nothing more than a simple line of black penciling. Her casual tank top plunged downwards between two swollen breasts, pale and firm. Daniel found himself awkwardly caught in her gaze on more than one occasion during his lecture. While he was no giant of size, his above average girth kept jutting against his thigh as he spoke, prompting him to turn to the board or clumsily place his hand into his pocket to mask the display. Fidgeting with his dark hair, Daniel stood flustered in a room full of students, captured by those jade eyes.

It had been two days since the first office hours meeting. Again, Daniel’s nymph appeared as he sat in his closeted office. This time Alexandra wore a somewhat loose shirt and tight jeans. Through a struggling endeavor, Daniel tried to listen to the student. She teased at the neckline of her shirt, fidgeting with idle fingers. On occasion, she would bite her pen in an attempt to either look seductive, or cliché. The air in the confined space was filled with the rich aroma of lavender and juniper, pouring in waves off of the coed. Those jade eyes continued to drive at Daniel to his very core, and he found himself drifting as he looked at her. Her nipples burst through the sheer fabric of her top, thick and radiantly pink through the clothing.

“…So, if there are any extra credit routes, I’d like to take them. That midterm was bullshit, Mr. Rett. Oh, shit! Sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.”

Daniel pulled himself from his reverie. “It’s fine,” he said with a laugh. “I curse like a sailor, doesn’t bother me a bit. And just call me a Daniel.” For a moment, he could have sworn there was a blush.

“Okay, well, the last test was bullshit. The curve was only 7 points. Just let me know if there’s any extra credit. Please?”

Once again, Daniel had to focus his attention, “of course, Alexandra. I don’t think there will be any, but you’re not in any danger. Your marks still sit at a comfortable high A. I do appreciate that you care so much, but it’s really not needed.”

“Just call me Allie, okay?” And, as before, Alexandra stormed out of the office. And, as before, Daniel could only sigh as he watched her stray away.

The greater surprise was the next Monday. Alexandra sat near the middle of the small lecture hall. Her eyes were narrowed not in interest, but annoyance. Her full, rogue painted lips turned into a sneer. She looked impatient, and kept looking at her phone for the time. At this point, Daniel was more concerned about the possibility of a negative report from a student. As soon as the class let out, Daniel sent an email to Alexandra with as professional a wording as possible, asking to see her at his office to discuss her grade dissatisfaction. There was no response.

An unexpected event arrived when Alexandra appeared in the doorway later that evening. It was a known habit that Daniel would be in his offices until the early evening nearly every day, well past when the custodial staff had cleared away, but no student was ever so bold as to actually show up for those moments.

Alexendra stood in the same outfit she wore earlier, a pencil skirt that fell just above knee length and a rather elaborate tank top. She cocked her hip to the side, with one hand resting against her waist, the other lazily swaying at her side. Those narrow eyes bore down on Daniel, who shifted in his chair, visibly disconcerted.

“So what are we doing about this, Daniel?”

“The grades? I already told you, the curve is as the curve is. There isn’t extra credit I can offer you.” He stood up and moved around his desk, “I think it’s great that you care about your grade so much, but this is bordering on-“

The student pushed into the office, bringing the door behind her to a crack, the hallway still in sight through a sliver. “No, about how you’ve been acting.”

“Look, Alexandra-“


“Okay, Allie. I’m sorry if you think that I’ve stepped out of line, but any speculation on your part is deeply inappropriate.”

“Then I’ve been imagining things?” Her look was almost at a level of disappointment, her jade eyes widening a fraction.

Daniel sense the shift in the air. Leaning against his desk with one hand, he decided to pursue the offering, “Imagining what?”

“You know, the looks. You were definitely looking down my top, twice.” Her tone wasn’t annoyed, more bemused. Alexandra’s smirk only bolstered the heady atmosphere.

“I’m not sure if that’s true, Allie.”

“In the past week, Mr. Rett.”


“Okay, Daniel,” she said with those narrowing jade eyes. “So, then, what do you want from me? Are we going to chase that played-out extra credit line?”

“The door is open, Allie.” He moved his eyes deliberately across her hips and to the crack in the frame.

Alexandra pendik escort strutted towards the desk, confident and elegant. “You can fix that.” She effortlessly sat on the edge of the desk, facing away from Daniel.

“Yeah, I’d have to be an idiot to play that game, Allie.” But Daniel kept up his advance, slowly circling around the desk, standing within arms reach.

“Uh huh.” Alexandra shrugged coolly, crossing her legs and delicately playing with the hem of her shirt. “You’re going to ignore this opportunity? It’s not like I’d tell, I’m not about to lose my scholarship or place here over some ethics bullshit. Call it post midterm relief?”

Pacing to the door, Daniel slouched against the door frame. He was so close, he could feel the warmth of her body, her breath on his collar bone through the light linen buttondown. His heart was pounding, a sense of euphoric anxiety, and of absolute lust. He could see the raised skin of the woman standing in front of him, the imperceptible hairs on her skin taught. Her breathing was slow, heavy, and her lips already flushing. Daniel could only marvel at their fullness, outlined in faint hints of crimson. Those jade eyes, nearly closed in a curious gaze.

Silence made Alexandra impatient, “so what will it be, Mr. Rett? I’ve always found you to be more than devastatingly handsome. Those cold blue eyes, that gangling scholar’s build. Yeah, I like it.” Her smirk continued to grow, “and there’s always been that hint of muscle.”

Daniel shivered for a moment as her hands split away the first few buttons of his shirt, pouring into the opening. The gentle movements of her fingers halting his breathing immediately. He hadn’t realized, but he had closed the door and deftly closed the lock. “A-a-allie, if we do this, let’s get a condom.”

The was a short burst of laughter, “IUD, Mr. Rett. I’d hate to admit how long it’s been since I was last tested, but I haven’t had a partner since. One-hundred percent clean.”

“Hah, I’d hate to admit the timeline myself,” he gasped as her hands finished the work of removing his shirt. “But I’m just as clean.”

“Well, then,” she muttered, pulling him closer as she began to kiss the joinder of his shoulder and neck. “Sounds like we’re being mature about this, yeah?” Those jade eyes opened wide with a smirk.

“Well, as long as we’re being safe.” Daniel pushed her back down to the edge of the desk and tore off her top unceremoniously. A moment of confusion passed over his face as he noticed the lack of a bra, but instead was framed in a pentagram-styled harness.

“A girl has to plan, Daniel. I didn’t think you’d decline.” Her voice was coy, yet she pushed her nails into the small of his back. Alexandra’s lustful, cocked grin was iridescent. Her naked breasts were pale from months of study indoors, with large areola and heavy nipples. The very skin of her body had the phantom lines of blue veins that crept across the base of her sizable bust. In classic fashion, the words ‘Always Striving’ ran in cursive down the underside of one of her tits, partially obscured by the black ribbon of the harness. Her body was firm, but by no means toned.

Every bit of the woman he fantasized about in his lectures.

Magnetically, the two embraced in synchronicity, pulled to one another in a fit of need. Daniel lunged for her tit and took a nipple in his mouth, noisily sucking at the hardening, warm skin. He took the nipple gently between his teeth, slowly circling his tongue around the edges. Her moan was a little childish, her inexperience becoming apparent. With a free hand, he massaged her mons through the taught black skirt. The moans turned to a throaty giggle as Alexandra ran her fingers through his hair and nibbled on his ear.

Alexandra pushed Daniel backwards, were he oafishly stumbled with his back into the door. The loud thud made him say a silent prayer that the custodial staff had already left his floor. The woman continued to move her hands delicately down his body, caressing each portion of his toned physique. She drifted her fingertips across his stomach, tracing the outer edge of his abdominals and down to the subtle arch of his hip protruding from his jeans. Daniel was slightly embarrassed regarding the sparse, but unkempt, body hair on his chest and the thin line down to his stomach, but Alexandra didn’t seem to mind in the least. The two of them, pale skin and thin, seemingly mirrored one another in physique.

As the young student’s mouth reached his beltline, she began to vigorously hike up her pencil skirt up to her hips and position herself into a crouch. With only one hand, she managed to unbutton his jeans and pull down both his boxers and pants with one movement. He assisted in kicking the clothing aside along with his slip-on shoes, standing awkwardly naked in his socks. Again, Alexandra paid little attention as she revealed her undergarmentless self while she spread her legs and began to toy with her clit. aydınlı escort Daniel could see a strip of honey-blonde hair, carefully maintained and proud; this stirred his already swelling cock even more so, leaving Alexandra very little work to do as she gripped the base of him.

With great intent, Alexandra began to lick along Daniel’s cock. Her jade eyes never left his length, studying him. Daniel could only stare in return, jaw barely slack, eyes wide, noiseless. She continued to stroke him as she suck the underside of his member, moving towards his reddened and dripping head. Eyes closed, she took him in her mouth, hand moving in rhythm with her oral efforts. Her balance in her plain flats was astounding, she never stopped exciting herself as she pleased him, and he still couldn’t find the strength to make a noise midst his throes of ecstasy.

There was a faint welling of pressure building inside Daniel. He didn’t want to come too quickly for the nubile nymph, so he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her upwards. Not once did her hand move from her clit and she acquiesced and pulled herself towards him. They kissed, her massive, pouting lips managing to cover even Daniel’s sizable lips. His tongue cautiously searched into her own mouth, which she accepted with her own. The two stood, half naked and pulsing, refusing to part from that kiss as Alexandra began to tremble with an incipient orgasm. Daniel moved two fingers inside of her, while she continued to please her exterior. The moan that was muffled in their kiss grew louder, and Daniel could feel her legs begin to buckle and quiver. A single stream of warm fluid ran down his palm.

Seizing the moment, Daniel placed her once more back on the table and swatted her hands away as the braced herself in a backwards lean. The juices from her cunt poured now that their hands and unsealed the passage, and Daniel quickly licked up what was presented. The taste was somehow sweet, with an edge of bitterness that made her taste like an exotic candy. She continued with her throaty giggle, punctuated by heavy moans, as she moved her ass to the edge of the desk and push his face deeper between her thighs. He applied the same techniques to her clit, gently nibbling it as she massaged the tip of the engorged flesh with his tongue, pressing one finger to the walls inside of her. Her body temperature began to rise, her cunt feeling hot. Her back began to arch, her hips began to rock. The giggle was now gone, replaced by a heavy-breathed gasp that repeated in rhythm with her jostling hips. Daniel looked up to see those jade eyes, narrowed and longing, staring back.

Alexandra’s orgasm was intense. Her hand slipped away from the table as she roughly fell across the desk, scattering papers and knocking a keyboard to the floor. Her back arched tremendously, her chest rising. The hand on Daniel’s head pulled at his hair, pushing him deeper, her thighs tightening around him. The now free hand went to her chest, pulling a heavy nipple in a twist, lifting the breast high as she shivered throughout her body.

“Daniel, Daniel, I -” and then a sighing, relieved moan.

The nectar the fell from her trickled down Daniel’s wrist and to his elbow, the rest was hungrily devoured from that sweet, savory cunt.

Daniel began to stroke himself back to firmness with his coated hand, barely tonguing Alexandra’s clit as she began to ask him to let her relax for just a moment. Impatiently, Daniel spread her legs and pushed himself inside of her. The smile and giggle from Alexandra only made him buck harder.

The very noise of the two in their passions built to a cacophony. Two bodies striking together, pulling away, and striking again. Alexandra remained prone on the desk, watching him fuck her as she played with a nipple, chewing on the edge of a nail. Daniel pressed himself atop of her, kissing her as he fucked her. Moans broke out between the pair, and Daniel pressed one foot back to the nearby door to ensure they wouldn’t be interrupted, even if they had been heard.

He needed her in this moment.

“Allie, it won’t be long now,” he gasped with a smile. “Tell me how you need it, right now.”

Alexandra stood up, pushing her partner back. She quickly pirouetted and placed him onto the desk, and then mounted him, lifting her skirt higher. Her endowed bust hung low, aroused nipples brushing him across the chest as she rode him. Her lips were so close to his, but she kept them parted, gazing at him with those jade eyes, dreamy with the lust of their entwined natures.

Her body expertly writhed across his, her upper torso only quaking with movement in response to the wild and reckless thrusting of her hips. She rolled her pelvis across his, powerfully. There was nothing he could do but hold on to her waist and twist his face in pleasure.

With the pressure in his body building once more, Daniel kissed Alexandra deeply, lifting them both. He hooked an arm beneath each leg and pressed her against the cinderblock wall as he lowered her onto his cock. Her toes pointed outwards and fanned as she sucked on his neck, holding him by the shoulders. Daniel pressed his assault, shifting his hips as he moved inside of her.

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