Good Sex is Like Chinese Food


It was 8:30am and already it had been a long day. The alarm didn’t go off due to the storm last night, the kids woke up fighting and then missed the bus. I was late for work because I had to get them to school and fight mid-morning rush hour traffic. As I rushed into my office to start the day, I saw my new boss standing at the window, his back to my door.

His broad, muscular shoulders heaved a heavy sigh as he spoke to me without turning around. “A little late this morning, aren’t we?”

He was condescending and arrogant. I couldn’t bring myself to like him. He was the type of man who was always on an ego trip, power excited him, he thrived on making others feel small in his presence.

“Well sir, I …”

“Save the excuses Lierin, I have heard them all before from other employees and frankly, they are growing tiresome.”

My face turned beet-red. How dare he! Who the hell does he think he is talking to me like that? My children come first in my life damnit and anyone who takes even one millisecond to get to know me realizes that. He was such an ass…

Oh that ass, he had the most exquisitely shaped ass and it was looking so hot in his finely tailored Armani suit. NO WAIT! I can’t stand him, what am I doing? He is rude, his attitude and arrogance repulses me and here I am staring at his ass and I so badly want to just grab those tight cheeks and squeeze them, just once.

He turned from the window and his emerald green eyes bore holes straight through to my soul. I just knew he could see everything I had just been fantasizing about. I was flushed from the rush of the morning and now my face burned even hotter with the thoughts I was entertaining of him. I had yet to see the man smile, but I just knew that he would melt my heart. STOP IT LIERIN, HE’S A TOTAL ASSHOLE!!!

“I expect your reports on my desk this afternoon and also the revisions that I gave you yesterday.”

“But sir, you didn’t give them to me until the end of the day yesterday and I haven’t started.”

“Guess you shouldn’t have been late then huh? I suggest you work hard and don’t plan to take a lunch today. Your job is hanging in the balance. I am sure you have heard about the corporate downsizing that will be taking effect. Try not to screw your career up.”

I opened my mouth to tell him that he could shove his precious reports up that tight ass of his when I caught a hint of a smile. Those amazingly white teeth, they were perfect! He was mocking me, I am sure of it, but I was melting from his gaze. I needed to pull myself together and answer him as professionally as possible.

“YYes sssir”, I stammered, flushed again from my insecurities and the betrayal of my voice in his presence.

I wanted to wrap my long fingers in his dark golden curls and pull his head toward mine. I wanted those sparkling emerald eyes to catch a glimpse of my young cleavage. I may have had 2 children already but my tits were still hot like an 18 year old’s. I knew I looked good for 30 and I also knew that I could turn a lot of heads. I was 5’6″ and weighed 130 pounds. My tits were perfect DD globes with nipples that strained against all of my outfits. They were perpetually hard and that turned a lot of men on. My natural tan offset my deep blue eyes and my shoulder length blonde hair cascaded in rivulets around my face. I had never had a problem making someone want me, so why did this arrogant asshole make me so nervous? Why couldn’t I permeate his gruff exterior? Maybe at 30 I was losing my touch.

He nodded at me as if to say “get to work” and promptly left my office, slamming my door behind him. My Lord, it was hard to concentrate on getting down to business as I watched him disappear down the hall. What was wrong with me? I had never entertained sexual fantasies about a co-worker, let alone my boss before. But I couldn’t help but be breathless whenever he was around. At first I tried to tell myself that he just made me mad to the point of being speechless, but soon had to admit that all of my dreams were incorporating bits and pieces of him into them.

The day seemed to go so slowly, I kept watching the clock to see if it was time to go. The kids were staying at their dad’s house for the weekend so I knew that if I had to stay and work late, they were taken care of. Our divorce was devastating to me. I don’t know what went wrong. We were so perfect for each other. We had started dating in high school and were coming up on our 10th anniversary when he called from work one day and told me he was moving out. He said it wasn’t me and it wasn’t the kids, he just missed his dating years and felt it was time to move on. If it weren’t for my precious children, I don’t know that I would have had the strength to go on.

“Aren’t you done yet?” His voice cut into my memories and I felt intruded upon.

“Don’t you knock?” I shot back before I could stop myself.

“Lierin, I do believe that this is my company now and you work for me, a little professionalism would do you some good.”

I so badly tuzla escort wanted to tell him to fuck off, but the rest of me so badly wanted to say “fuck me”. I bet that would surprise the son-of-a-bitch. I wondered if he was so rude because of some type of sexual tension. Was he married? Did he have a girlfriend? Certainly he wasn’t gay was he? I had so many questions and knew that I couldn’t just come out and ask him.

“I am working late tonight. The revisions are not done, but my earlier reports are on your desk.”

“Yeah, I found them.”

“Well, were they to your satisfaction?”

“I didn’t have time to read through them, I am sure they will be fine and if not, it’s too late for more revisions. You have been a bit of a disappointment to me, I thought you cared more about your work.”

“I do care about my work, I am sorry I have been preoccupied lately, things will get better, I promise.”

“How late are you planning to be here then tonight?”

“Well, I am almost finished with the last brief you gave me, so maybe another hour or so.”

His features softened as he came further into my office. He asked if I minded if he closed the door and had a private word with me. I just shrugged my shoulders wondering if this was the “We are downsizing, it’s time to clean out your desk” speech. He turned to close the door and then turned those gorgeous emerald pools on me and asked if I was hungry.

I was famished, but he was the one who denied me my lunch hour. What was he getting at?

“I know I was harsh with you this morning and I thought that since we both had to be here late, I could order in some Chinese?”

I couldn’t close my mouth, it felt like my jaw had dropped into my lap. Was this an apology? He must have read my mind because without waiting for me to reply, he turned on his heel and told me he would have it delivered and would buzz me when it came.

The thoughts that started going through my head were making me shiver. Were we going to eat separately or in one of our offices together? Would he loosen up his tie, maybe take his jacket off? I had been wondering over the last week if he had a hairy chest and if he did, was the hair there just like the dark golden locks on his head? What would he look like with his shirt off? I knew from his shoulders and the way his suit jacket tightened over his arms that he was muscular. I had heard that he was into weighlifting and it made me wonder what it would be like to run my fingers over his sweaty body after a good hard workout.

All of these thoughts came flooding through me and I felt a longing between my legs. I was starting to get wet and I was ashamed of myself for having these feelings about my boss. The one person I despised most in my life was quickly becoming the center of my fantasies.

“Lierin, the food’s here, why don’t you wrap things up for the night and head to my office so we can eat.”

His deep, rich voice broke through my reverie as it came across my office intercom. A thrill went down my spine. How did I look? Was my hair still in place? Should I put on some more makeup, freshen up my perfume, undo a few buttons on my blouse? Holy shit Lierin, you are worse than a teenager going on her first date! Get a grip woman and make yourself act like the professional you are.

I smoothed my hair with my hands and started toward his office. His door was open just a crack and I stood outside taking deep gulps of air. How could I sit through a meal with this man that I had spent all day fantasizing about? What if he could see right through me?

I knocked timidly at first and then a little bolder. His voice sounded muffled as he invited me in. I didn’t see him anywhere and wondered what was going on. He emerged from a side door wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white fitted t-shirt. My oh my, he was hot. I felt my cheeks begin to burn as my pussy contracted in appreciation of this Adonis standing in front of me.

“I hope you don’t mind my casual attire. I keep a change of clothes in my personal bathroom for nights when I have to work late. I think better when I am comfortable.”

“You’re the boss”, I flippantly replied.

I was afraid to say more for fear that my wanton lust would show through in my voice inflections. I didn’t want him to know how deeply he affected me.

“Lierin, I think we got off on the wrong foot and I would like to start over if we can?”

I was silent, thinking of a way to respond. His eyes were so beautiful, I felt myself getting lost in them. The subtle lamplight of his office cast a fiery glow on everything and it was erotic. My nipples strained even harder against my silk blouse and again I felt a drip from between my pussy lips. If only he knew, what would he do about it?

“I would like that sir”, I replied.

“First things first then, you need to stop calling me sir and call me Mark.”

“Yes sir, I mean Mark. Thank you.”

“Well, now that we have the formalities out of the way…let’s eat!”

He began to open the Chinese tuzla escort bayan boxes of fried rice, Kung Pao chicken, General Tso’s Chicken and Cantonese Pan-Fried noodles. Another container held crab rangoons and egg rolls. I hadn’t thought I was going to be able to eat for fear that my horniness toward him would make me want to vomit if I touched the food. But it was so scrumptious. I made a point to lick my lips repeatedly, especially when Mark was watching me. He seemed to relax in my presence and we had a human conversation. He talked of his childhood and I learned that his wife had died of cancer just 3 years ago and he had not had a relationship since.

No wonder he was such a hard ass, I thought to myself. He has had it rough since his wife’s diagnosis. I was starting to feel sorry for him. He got up from the floor where we were having our little carpet picnic and asked if I would like a glass of wine. I knew that he had a bar in his office and asked if I could please have a Martini instead. I needed something to take this nervous edge off.

He got out 2 Martini glasses and began to mix the drinks. Suddenly I thought that if I didn’t get into the bathroom soon I would explode.

Every fluid move of his lean muscled body was making my thermostat rise and I so badly wanted to undress him and fuck him madly. I asked politely if I could use his restroom and locked the door behind me. My breath was ragged and shallow as I leaned against the door. My fingers quickly slid under my skirt and found my hot, wet pussy. It was pulsating already in anticipation and yearning. I started to apply pressure to my engorged clit and slipped a few fingers into my waiting pussy. I finger fucked myself hard just to take the edge off. I was moaning and gasping as my orgasm came quick and hard. My hot juices were dripping off my fingers and I crossed the room on shaky legs to wash my hands before returning to Mark’s office and having our after dinner drink and then thought better of it, let him smell my scent.

I glanced up into the mirror above the sink and saw a twinkle in my eyes that hadn’t been there in a long time. Oh sure, since the divorce I had used my collection of vibrators and almost exhausted the lifetime of my XXX movies, but since James left, no one had made me this hot. In fact, as much as I had loved my husband, I am not sure that he had ever turned me on so much as Mark had tonight.

I walked out of the bathroom to find Mark lounging on his leather couch. He had kicked off his shoes and a small grin was playing across his gorgeous face. I could see the sparkling white of his teeth between his slightly parted lips and slowly his tongue flicked out to lick them. I wasn’t sure if it really happened or if I was just dreaming, but as I leaned over him to take my drink he had made, he grabbed my hand and plunged my fingers into his mouth.

“MMMMMMMM, you taste so good. I heard you in there and wanted to come in and watch but you had the door locked. Do you always fuck your cunt in public bathrooms?”

I was astonished. I had no idea I had been that loud and could not believe that he was being so bold. This had to be a dream, a continuation of my fantasies.

” I asked you a question Lierin, do you always fuck your cunt with your fingers in public restrooms?”

“Nnno,” I stammered, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks again.

“Do I turn you on?”

“Yyes, oh yes! More than you can imagine”, I whispered. I still felt like I was in a dream, his mouth was still suckling my fingers. I had goosebumps running down my spine and I could feel my pussy walls contracting again as the after effects of my orgasm in the bathroom came flooding through me.

He pulled me onto his lap and his hand came to the back of my head. His fingers entwined in my hair, he pulled me forward toward his waiting lips. His soft, supple lips caressed mine ever so tenderly at first and then just a little bit stronger. His tongue flicked into my mouth and touched mine for the briefest of seconds and pulled away. A small moan of ecstasy escaped my parted lips and I actually felt a tingling in my ass. His other hand roamed my back feeling for entry through my silk blouse. I leaned into him a little bit to help him find the waistband of my skirt and pull my blouse free. His touch was electrifying on my bare skin. I could feel the current from the top of my head flood through the tips of my toes.

I began to get a little bit braver and touched my tongue to his lips in a silent plea to let me into the warmth of his mouth. At the same time, I repositioned myself on his lap so that I was facing him and straddling him at the same time. As I leaned forward he caught site of my cleavage peeking out of the top of my blouse and his breath caught in his throat. I wrapped my long, manicured fingers in the curls that I had been longing to touch and brought his mouth from mine and toward my breasts. His sharp intake of breath cheered me on and I knew that he would fuck me tonight.

His tongue began tracing lazy escort tuzla lines back and forth between my tits. I could feel his rapid breathing and knew he wanted to see more of me. I released my hold on his hair and began to slowly unbutton my blouse. His eyes widened in amazement as my tanned flesh slowly came into view and he could most definitely see my hard nipples straining to break free of my lace bra. I pushed his hands away as he tried to cup my tits and unhook my bra. I wanted him to wait in anguish as I had been all day. I wanted to look into his eyes and see the burning desire he had for me. As I traced one erect nipple with my thumb I felt his cock jump against my thigh and knew that things would never be the same between us again. Would this jeopardize my job? At this point, I didn’t much care.

He was still completely clothed and as my blouse slid from my shoulders, I knew that I wanted to feel his flesh against mine. I leaned closer and began to tug at the hem of his t-shirt. He moaned as my fingers brushed across his hardened nipples as I pulled the t-shirt from his masculine chest. The hair on his chest was sparse, but it was the same golden yellow as that of his head. That made me wonder…how golden was the hair on his balls and cock? And was it as gloriously soft as the rest of the hair on his body?

Once I threw his shirt aside, I reached up and unhooked my bra and let my large, perfectly pert tits spring free. They strained toward him, not sure if it was the warmth of his chest or the hot breath from his waiting mouth that made my nipples harden even more than I thought was possible. They began to ache for his touch but he just sat there staring at me. I wondered if I had done something wrong. It would be a shame to have to stop now and I would never make it home to finish myself off. Good thing I kept an emergency vibe in my purse.

“Mark, are you ok? Have you changed your mind? Don’t you want me?”

Without a word, he leaned forward and sucked my right nipple into his mouth. His tongue was drawing circles around it and his teeth were gently nipping it every now and again. While one hand cupped the tit he was paying attention to with his mouth, the other hand was sliding up under my skirt. I felt myself shiver in response and as much as I live for foreplay, I wanted to feel him fucking every part of me so badly that I could hardly contain myself.

Slowly, he traced a line up one thigh and down the other. I was almost sure he could feel my dripping juices, they must have been running down my legs by now. He opened his eyes and grinned at me as he slid his tongue over to pay the same attention to my other nipple and tit.

“You are so sweet and voluptuous, why did we wait so long to do this?”

That took my by surprise and all I could do is look into his eyes and tilt my hips toward his fingers that were exploring every part of me except my pussy under my skirt. He wasn’t prepared for my sudden shift in position and his thumb brushed against my hardened clit. I squealed in delight…it felt so good. It had been such a long time since anyone had paid this much attention to me. The feeling was amazing. He kept his thumb there circling my pulsating clit and I could feel his hard cock dancing in his jeans, just begging to be freed. I had never in my life been able to suck a man off to the point of orgasm. Pre-cum didn’t bother me, it was the actual cum that made me gag. But tonight, I wanted his large shaft deep in my throat and for him to cum violently down my throat. I wanted him to experience total abandonment, to be free and wild and uninhibited. I wanted to feel that myself.

His finger slowly slid past the lips of my pussy and I knew it wouldn’t be long and I would feel him inside of me. I was trembling with anticipation and then it happened. His finger slipped into my pussy and slowly at first, he plunged in and out, in and out.

When I bent forward to offer a better licking vantage of my tits, I whispered in his ear, “More baby, I want to feel more of you.”

With that invitation, he slipped 3 more fingers into my dripping wet pussy and began to ferociously finger fuck me. I could feel the slapping of his palm against my clit and also hear the wet sucking of his fingers moving in and out of me. The sweet smell of my orgasm was making me wild. I reached toward his jeans button and frantically pulled it loose from the button hole. He raised his hips from the leather and I moved off of him to pull his jeans down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his large, dancing cock sprang forth and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“You planned this didn’t you?” I asked slyly.

“Maybe,” he replied. “Is that ok with you?” he asked as he helped kick his jeans past his feet.

I could only nod in agreement as I saw his huge cock in full view. I had never in my life seen one so big in length and girth. I thought he was sexy, but that was in clothes. Now, as he sat before me completely naked, I not only just thought he was sexy, but I knew. I leaned over his lap, letting my hair cascade down toward his shaft and carefully lowered my salivating mouth toward his large member. As I slowly took the head of his cock into my mouth, I heard another sharp intake of breath.

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