Girls Suck

Anna Bell

I knew something was wrong the moment I walked through the door. My son had been acting very strange for months now, avoiding me and ignoring me, shutting himself up in his room, going out with friends I’d never met. I was worried. Losing his mother had hurt him as much as it had wounded me. We should have been drawn closer. Instead, there was a canyon between us that I thought we could never bridge.

There were two boys I’d never met standing in my living room when I walked in. The look of shock on their faces alarmed me. The fact that they both had their dicks out and were masturbating was worse. “Shit!” one of them yelled. I barely heard him over the loud music coming from upstairs, from Sean’s room. The two boys scrambled for the exit without me having to say a word.

That was it, I thought. Sean had to talk to me. This couldn’t go on. A buzzing sound caught my attention. It was Sean’s phone, sitting on the table next to the sofa. For the first time, I found it unlocked. “Dude ur dads home abort abort” read the message from a guy named James. I checked other messages while I was standing there. To my surprise, Sean’s contacts were full of girl’s names. Here I was worried that he was acting too effeminate lately, that maybe I’d have to talk to him about coming out of the closet or something. There were only a few text messages there. An exchange between Sean and a girl named Heather about going shopping. And one between Sean and a girl named Jean that was an exchange of photos.

The first photo had to be Jean. She was skinny and looked very young for a college girl, but she was adorable. Silky black stockings held by a garters that vanished beneath an indecently short skirt, a see-through black top with long sleeves and tiny black patches strategically over her tiny breasts. Her makeup was perfect if she was posing for a men’s magazine, I thought. It drew attention to her full lips. God help me, just looking at her made me hard.

I flipped to the next photo. A blonde girl this time, hair down past her shoulders, her makeup subtler but somehow sexier. She wore lingerie, a sheer robe or something over a lacy bra and lacy panties, a white garter belt and opaque white stockings completing the set. She had tiny breasts, too, I noted. Then I took a closer look. That was my son’s room. This girl had snapped a selfie in Sean’s dresser mirror. Then I looked even closer.

“No,” I hissed through my teeth. That was no girl. That was my son, Sean. I was staring at a sexy beauty who made my cock throb, and it was my son in drag. I felt sick.

“Hey! I’m ready!” Sean called down the stairs. Ready? For what? Clenching the phone, I headed upstairs, trying to sort through my feelings. I wasn’t angry. It made me sad that Sean thought he had to hide this from me. Was he just a cross-dresser? Was he transgender? Whatever it was, I was going to support him. He wasn’t the only one who had changed in the year that his mother had been gone.

His bedroom door was open, so I just walked in. I didn’t see him. The music had been turned down, the bed was neatly made, there were no clothes to be seen anywhere. Sean had become religiously neat after his mother passed. Then I noticed the closet. The door was open, but the doorway was blocked by a wall of cardboard. “Glory Hole” had been written neatly near the top, sparkling with red glitter. An arrow pointed down. The message, “Insert Cock Here” was inscribed just above a fist-sized hole. My chest tightened.

So. That’s what those boys had been doing downstairs. They were going to come up here, put their dicks through that hole, and my son was going to suck them off. Now I felt a little angry. Why would Sean do that? Was it desperation or low self-esteem? Did he want to be a slut, or was he desperate for validation?

Either way, I was so hard it hurt. I looked at the phone in my hand, at the picture of Sean in the lingerie. I flipped to the next. The same dark-haired girl, this time wearing a leotard, white tights, and ballet slippers. I could see the outline of her erection plainly. Another boy dressed as a girl. I almost groaned out loud. One more flip. Sean again, this time dressed as a schoolgirl, white blouse and pleated plaid skirt, knee socks and Mary Janes, holding up the skirt to show tight, black lace panties and a straining erection. My cock drooled in my pants.

“Henry? Or is it Jake? Come on, I need to suck!” Sean said from inside the closet. Something came over me. Sean didn’t know who was out here. He still thought it was one of the boys I’d run off. He hadn’t gotten their warning because he’d left his phone downstairs. Would he know the difference? Would he know that it wasn’t a boy’s cock that jutted through that hole?

What was I thinking? No! That was beyond wrong. ümraniye escort I was his father. Even though he was eighteen now, it was still child abuse, sexual molestation, borderline rape. “Hello?” Sean called again. Why didn’t he just look through the hole? He’d see me, know it wasn’t one of his guy friends, and then what? What could I say? What would he think of me?

What would he think of me if stuck my cock through that hole and let him suck me off? I groaned, but thankfully the music drowned it. I stumbled forward. I told myself I was going to announce myself. Sean would be mortified, embarrassed, maybe ashamed, but we’d work through it together. I would be an open, understanding father. I would help him with whatever it was he wanted. I’d do anything for my boy.

“Come on! I want cock!” Sean said. He spoke like a girl, his voice light and airy. He wanted cock. I wanted to help him, give him anything he wanted.

My hands tugged at my belt. I told myself this couldn’t happen. I did it anyway. I shoved my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I stepped up to the glory hole my son had made in his bedroom. There was a moment when I hesitated, when sanity almost returned. Could I blame it on loneliness? Carol and I had been more friends than in love, but I still missed her terribly. There was a hole in my life made wider by my son’s apparent rejection of me. Would this bring us together? No. It would destroy everything. But I told myself, I’d already lost him anyway.

I stuck my cock through the hole.

I’d never experienced a glory hole before that day. They were the stuff of myth, I always thought. Or maybe I never went to the right clubs. I felt a baby soft hand grasp my cock. “Damn, you’re bigger than I thought,” Sean said on the other side of the cardboard wall. “Who are you? Henry or Jake? No, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. Okay. Here goes.”

Hot breath on my cock. Something wet touched the tip. I grasped the doorframe for balance. A mouth, my son’s mouth, closed around the head of my dick. He took it in, licked it, sucked, let it go. His tongue traveled down the length of my shaft. He licked my balls, suckled them, licked back to the tip of my cock and allowed two inches past his lips. My mind wasn’t working anymore. Logic didn’t exist. There were no consequences to anything. Only this moment existed, my cock inside the sweetest, hottest little mouth in the world. Carol hadn’t liked oral sex, giving or receiving. I’d gotten a blowjob in high school. It had been mostly teeth and pain, but I told her she did great. I’d gotten two blowjobs in college. The first was perfect, wonderful, amazing, and she loved it when I came in her mouth. She second was good, performed while we sixty-nined, so I was distracted a little because I was giving while receiving.

Sean’s blowjob was far and away the best ever. He knew exactly what to lick and touch. Of course, he did. He had a dick of his own. He understood. His mouth was hot and wet, and I never once felt teeth. His hand glided along my shaft, lubricated by his saliva, while he slurped and sucked me. It felt like a pussy jumping back and forth on my cock. I lasted three minutes.

“Cumming!” I yelled out, just habit from Carol. Her blowjobs had been mechanical, intended to get the job done as fast as possible, and she hated cum in her mouth. Sean didn’t. I yelled, “Cumming!” again. I felt a slight hesitation, but then the sucking and slurping and stroking resumed, and I exploded. I sounded like a strangling dog, I think. I gurgled, I groaned and grunted. My sphincter clenched hard, my balls ached, and I shot more into my son’s mouth than I think I’d ever ejaculated at one time in my life.

Then it was over.

There is a moment after an orgasm when a man’s mind becomes coldly clear. It’s the one moment when sex is not at the edge of our thoughts. I realized clearly what I’d done. I had destroyed everything. Sean would never forgive me. I could run from the room, but he’d know in the end. His friends would tell him I’d come home and run them off, and he’d know that the cock he’d sucked belonged to his own father. I began to cry.

“Damn,” Sean said beyond the wall. “You came a lot! It tasted really good, too. What have you been eating?”

“Sean,” I said weakly.

Silence. “You mean Shauna,” he said.

“No, Sean,” I said.

“Ohmygod,” Sean gasped. “D-d-d-daddy?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” Sean burst out. “Daddy, I’m so sorry! I can explain! I… I… damn it!” He was sobbing now. I tugged at the cardboard wall between us, tore it down. Sean was sitting on a small stool just inside. He was wearing thigh-high woolen stockings, like really tall socks, gray in color. He wore a loose shirt, a women’s pendik escort shirt, that left his flat tummy bare. He wore earrings and makeup and his long hair was teased out almost 80’s style. He was beautiful.

“Wow,” I said, staring. “Sean, you’re…gorgeous. My god, you’re stunning.”

His crying was making his makeup run. He looked up at me and burst into heavy sobs. I dropped to my knees. He resisted my embrace at first but then let me fold him into my arms. I’d forgotten how sleight of stature he was. Like a young teenage girl. Soft, fragrant, delicate. I stroked his long blond hair and kissed his head. “It’s okay,” I told him. “You’ve done nothing wrong. I’m the criminal. What I did, it’s unforgiveable.”

“You don’t hate me?” he asked.

“Of course not!” I said. “I’d never hate you. No matter what. Even if you hate me forever after this, I’ll never stop loving you.”

“I love you so much, Daddy,” he said, clinging harder to me.

“We need to talk, though,” I said. “How long have you been this way? A girl, I mean? Or do you just like dressing up?”

He shook his head against my chest. “Since before Mom…” he said and faltered, remembering. “She knew. She said she was going to talk to you, but then…you know.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’m sorry you couldn’t come to me. I’m sorry you thought that I’d stop loving you. For what it’s worth, you’re a beautiful girl.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” he said. He never called me Daddy before. It had always just been Dad. I liked the change. I stroked his soft back. My cock twitched. I hadn’t gone all the way soft, and now it wanted to rise again. I felt suddenly embarrassed. I was kneeling there holding him with my pants and underwear around my damn ankles.

My cock must have touched his leg. He leaned sideways and looked down. He gasped. “Please don’t hate me,” I begged. Now I was the one spilling tears. “I don’t know what came over me. I saw the pictures on your phone. You, that other…girl. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe what a beautiful girl you are.”

Sean’s hands clutched at me. I’d called him a girl. Her. I had called HER a girl. “My beautiful, baby girl,” I said. I kissed her head. I petted her back. My cock throbbed. Sean…no, Shauna, leaned back in my arms so she could see my face.

“I… I sucked you off,” she said in a thin voice.

“Yes, you did,” I replied.

“Why did you…” she asked and stopped. I knew what she meant.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I can’t explain it. The pictures, maybe. I missed you. I miss your mother. You look a lot like her, you know.”

Shauna giggled. “I do?”

“Yeah. Like she did when was younger. But…”



She smiled. And there she was. Carol when I first met her. Her first day in a new school, lost and alone and scared. And there was me, a social misfit, strangely brave in the moment I walked up to her and introduced myself. I brushed blonde hair from Shauna’s face. Sean, my son. Shauna, my daughter. My child. My beautiful child.

“I love you so much,” I told her.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she said.

“I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have…the hole…”

“It’s okay, Daddy,” she said, blushing. “I… I’m glad it happened.”

“Why? How?”

“Because I love you, Daddy,” she said. “I’ve loved you for a long time.”

That didn’t make sense. Unless she was adding an extra meaning to the word “love.” Slowly, she leaned in. She was going to kiss me. I knew it. I did nothing to avoid it. Her soft lips touched mine and my world changed forever. I pulled her to me, I returned her kiss. Our tongues touched and a feeling like a small orgasm ran through me. My son’s mouth. I was kissing a boy. No, I was kissing a beautiful woman. My daughter. My child.

Somehow, we got to our feet. Shauna was five inches shorter than me. She was delicate and slender, a perfect little woman. I lifted her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I held her up with my hands cupping her ass. I felt ashamed, touching my offspring this way. Kissing her this way. Wanting her. I turned to her bed and put her down with me atop her. She did not loosen her hold around my body with her legs. We kissed slowly but with passion.

“Make love to me, Daddy,” she told me softly. “Please. Make me your girl.”

“No. My woman,” I said. She pulled up her skirt. I pulled down her panties. I hadn’t seen Sean’s cock since he was very young. We had gone camping and we bathed in a mountain stream together. My memory was tainted, now, because I remembered a beautiful naked child, pale and girlish, laughing and splashing and calling me Daddy, a joy in my arms.

I looked at my daughter now. She spread her legs for me to see. Pale skin above the bostancı escort gray leggings. Her makeup a little streaked by tears. Breasts. Where had she gotten breasts? Her crotch was shaved. She had a proud little cock, firmly erect, no more than four inches long, and a small scrotum. Her pink asshole winked at me. Tentatively, I took her tiny cock in my hand.

She moaned. I couldn’t remember ever having a sexual thought about another male in my life, but I bent over at the sound of her voice, compelled as if she was a siren calling me to the rocks, and I took her cock into my mouth. I took it all, felt it tickle the opening of my throat, rubbed my tongue against the shaft, pursed my lips, sucked as I withdrew. She scrunched up, moaning loudly. I sucked her down again, then again, and began to fondle her balls. “Daddy! Oh! Daddy!” she kept groaning. My cock was drooling onto the carpet. Then, “My ass,” she said. “Daddy, my ass, please.”

I wet a finger and put it against her sphincter. She held her breath. I pushed into her slowly and easily. She was accustomed to something larger. I felt a stab of jealousy for whatever, or whoever, it was. I pushed my finger up her ass to the last knuckle as I sucked her cock. Suddenly, I felt her cock swelling. I felt her asshole clenching, her balls tightening. She was about to cum. I had a decision to make.

I did not pull away. “Daddy!” she screamed loudly as she convulsed. Her cock jerked in my mouth. Hot fluid splashed over my tongue. I just kept working her, not thinking about what it was, not worried about taste or texture. It was over in a few seconds and she relaxed, panting for breath. I let her cock slide from my lips. I tasted her then. It was slimy, it was hot, it was almost flavorless except for being a little salty. I swallowed it and I was fine with it.

We kissed again. I passed the cum that remained in my mouth into Shauna’s. She seemed to relish the taste of her own spunk. She lifted her legs, pulled back her knees, and reached between us. “Please,” she said. “Make love to me now.”

Nothing could have stopped me from the attempt. I felt her put my cock to her asshole. It was still moist from my finger, and my precum was dribbling out of me. I pressed. She opened to me, allowed me in. She gasped as the head of my cock filled her. “Sorry,” I said to the look on her face. “Bigger than you’re used to?

“It’s the first,” she said. “You’re my first, Daddy.” Her eyes shone, her smile was beautiful. We kissed and I slowly worked my cock into her. Her asshole was moist. I didn’t care from what. She was tight. She reminded me of the first few times I had made love to her mother. She had been very tight as well. Then we broke up, she went through a dozen boyfriends, and returned to me with little interest in sex. She allowed me to fuck her, but our love was built on something else. It was very different from the love I felt for Shauna as my balls came to rest against her asscheeks, every one of my five inches embedded inside her.

I fucked her slowly. I fucked my daughter. My child. Long, sensuous strokes. We had both cum once already. The edge was gone. The passion remained. We kissed, her stocking feet dug into my hips and then my ass, urging me on. I felt her little cock rubbing my belly as I stroked in and out of her. “I love you so much, Daddy,” she would moan.

“Daddy loves you, too,” I’d reply. “Are you happy? Does Daddy’s cock make you happy?”

She squealed and clutched at me. “Fuck me,” she hissed. I’d never heard Sean use language like that. Shauna was braver. Naughtier. “Fuck my pussy, Daddy,” she said.

Her pussy. Yes, this was her pussy. Her lovely pussy, and I was fucking her. Fucking my beautiful daughter. “I’m going to cum,” I told her.

“Cum inside me,” she begged.

“You want me to cum in your pussy?”

“Yes! Cum in my pussy, Daddy!”

“But what if I make your pregnant?” I asked, caught in the fantasy.

“Make me pregnant, Daddy!” she yelled. “Fuck! Yes! Oh, God, Daddy! Cum in my pussy, put a baby in me!”

I felt wetness between us. Shauna was cumming again, squirting her second load against her belly, against mine. I groaned very loudly, shoved into her, and exploded. I rocked back and forth as the orgasm consumed me. I had never cum so hard before. When it was done, I sagged over her. Over the top of my beautiful, sexy little daughter.

We kissed languidly. I shrank and fell from inside her. More wetness soaked the bed as my load dribbled out of her. She tangled our bodies together. I held her close, cradled her, we stroked and petted one another.

“You made my bed wet,” she commented.

“Then you’ll just have to sleep with me in my bed,” I replied, which was what she’d hoped to hear. I added, “And maybe every night after that.”

She looked up. “You mean it, Daddy?” she asked.

My heart swelled. “Yes. Absolutely. On one condition.”


“No more glory holes.”

She laughed. “Only for you, Daddy. Only for you.”

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