You let go a sigh of relief as you watch your mom pull away. You thought she’d never leave. You finally have a moment to yourself. Your son Adam had left early to hang out with his friends and with Mark not back from work till tomorrow, the house is yours. You turn from the window and look around at the living room. You might as well do a bit of dusting before starting the laundry. Your day alone is probably going to be mostly housework but it won’t get done on its own.

You change into comfortable sweats and a t-shirt and start dusting.

“Man, it sure collects fast”, you think to yourself as you pick up the funky blue lamp you’d bought at a yard sale instead of dusting around it like usual.

You wedge the lamp in your armpit as you try to stop a sneeze.


The sneeze, brought on by all the dust, is so strong it bends you over at the waist and you feel a tingle on your breast as the lamp is rubbed against you. Shaking your head you take the lamp and hold it out in front of you. You notice the lamp had started to turn a bit red from where it was pressed up against you. You toss your swiffer on the shelf and rub the lamp in the same spot. The red slowly starts to fade back to blue as you watch.

Perplexed you watch as the lamp becomes a solid blue again. You grab the swiffer and start to dust again and the phone rings. You run to the kitchen to grab it and realize your hands are full and shove the lamp under your arm again.

“Hello?” you say into the phone.

“Hello, can I speak to Samantha Strong please?”

“Sorry, wrong number” you say hanging up the phone as you feel the tingle again.

You take the lamp and look at – it’s tinged red again, from where it was pressed against you. You rub it against your arm as it starts to fade to blue. Nothing. You look at the lamp, then at your arm.

“Hmm… it can’t be … well… maybe.” you think to yourself.

Looking around embarrassed, you hold the lamp to your chest. You feel the now familiar tingle, in both breasts this time and pull the lamp away. It’s now red on the side you pressed to you and blue on the other.

You walk back to the living room looking and wondering at the lamp, tossing the swiffer on the counter. You sit down on the couch set the lamp on the coffee table and contemplate your discovery.

“Wonder what happens if it turns all red?” you wonder… thinking about the tingle you’d felt.

With a shrug, you pick the lamp up and start to rub it across your chest, the tingle teasing your nipples and you feel your heart beat speed up. You run the lamp between your breasts and squeeze it between them. The lamp is getting warm in your hands and it’s almost entirely red as the tingle starts to spread through your body.

You cup your breast in 1 hand as your tease the lamp down your body, between your legs and down your thighs, a moan stealing its way between your lips.

You watch the final tip of blue change to red and your eyes widen as you feel a vibration in your hand. The color flows from the lamp in a cloud of red that grows as it floats before you. It slowly spreads to human shape and you can’t believe what you’re seeing as a man starts to form in front of you.

Seconds later he stands before you, about 6 feet tall, dark curly hair over piercing blue eyes. Naked to the waist, his body tapers from well formed shoulders to a narrow waist over loose fitting pants. He is the most handsome man you’ve ever seen in your life and your breath catches as he smiles at you and bows.

“You have woken me mistress, I am yours to command” he says in lightly accented English, “What is your wish”

You feel a little thrill at his statement.

“Who… what are you?” you ask, trying to keep control of yourself.

“You have heard tuzla escort of Genies I assume?” he asks, then grumbles, “After that cursed Disney movie, EVERYONE has heard of us.”

“Yes I’ve heard of Genies and magic lamps… though never that you had to rub them against yourself!” you say, flushing slightly.

“Ah… that’s because I’m an Eros Genie.” he says with a grin, “I’m a genie of the art of Love”.

“Love?” you ask.

“Well… sex really.” he says, grinning even wider.

“Just sex? What about the 3 wishes?” you reply with a smile.

“Not just sex no, and there are no wishes.” he says, “I’m yours until you are satisfied and release me and send the lamp on”.

“Really?” you say, “so if I said clean my house?”

“Done.” he says and claps his hands.

You jump and then look around amazement. Not a spec of dust, everything put away, the glance toward the kitchen shows the table clean from the breakfast dishes and the carpet looks freshly vacuumed.

“Wow. Impressive” you said with a laugh. “What else can you do?”

“Me? You’re asking what else can the Genie of Love do besides housework?” he said putting his hands to his hips.

You eyes are drawn to his hands as he flexes his muscles in front of you. You gasp as you can’t help but notice the bulge in the front of his pants. You flush and pull your eyes to his face. His knowing grin and sparkle in his eyes makes your flush and look away.

“Don’t be shy, mistress. I’m yours to command, I’m here for you in anyway you need.” he says coming around the table and kneeling before you.

“If you want only a housekeeper then look no further. But I can be so much more for you” he says, resting his hand on your knee.

The heat from his touch ignites a glow in you that you thought was long past. It’s been years since Marks touch had that effect on you and your will only stood for moments against it.

“I want… need so much more” you whisper gazing into his eyes.

“Then come love, let me show you the way” he whispers touching your cheek as he stands.

Your eyes fasten to the bulge in his pants as he rises before and you can’t help yourself as you reach out your hand and softly caress him. With a moan he pulls your up and you slide into his arms as your mouths meet. His kiss is gentle at first and you moan as you feel his thickness against your leg as he pulls you hard against him. His tongue darts against your lips, teasing, caressing you, he tastes faintly of strawberries and champagne as his tongue slips into your mouth.

You pull him hard against you and hear him moan as you grind his thickening cock against you.

“Oh!” you exclaim, opening your eyes as he suddenly pulls away.

“Upstairs love, let us go upstairs” he says holding out his hand.

You smile and taking his hand you take the first step on an erotic journey that you never imagined.

You find yourself standing in the doorway of your bedroom as he steps in and turns to you.

“Come love, let me show you the gifts that every woman deserves” he says, holding out his hand.

With a shy smile, you step into the room and into his arms. Your lips meet as he pulls you toward the bed. You can’t help the moan that escapes as his hand start to wander, literally caressing the clothes from you. His hands cup your ass and he pulls you hard into his erection with a moan.

You shyly cover yourself with your hands as he steps away and gazes at you.

“Oh love, don’t cover yourself. You are unique in you; your heart shines through adding to your beauty. Be proud of the beauty you possess.” he says looking at you.

You look him in the eyes, watching for… you know not what, as you hesitantly drop your hands to your side and stand naked before him. You can tuzla escort bayan feel your cheeks redden standing naked in front of him, his eyes wandering across your body.

“Beautiful, you are beautiful, and not knowing that adds to it.” He says looking you in the eye. “Let me teach you”

He steps in and kisses you; he pulls you to him with 1 hand as he caresses your hip with the other. You shiver as his hands trails across your back and he starts to kiss your neck, his tongue teasing across your skin. You run a hand through his hair as his head drops and he flicks his tongue across your nipple before sucking one and then the other into his mouth.

He lays you back on the bed and stand before you. His eyes wander your body and your lick your lips as his hands reach for his pants. They drop to the floor and he stands before you, his hard cock jutting out before you, softly twitching to his heart beat. You glance up at him and he smiles at the desire kindled in their depths.

You sit up and reach out to gently cup his heavy balls as you wrap your fingers around him. At least 8 inches long and thick, you can barely wrap you fingers around him. He moans as you slowly stroke him, caressing his balls with your other hand. You dip your head and lick a drop of precum from him before taking him in your mouth. Your lips close around him as your slide your mouth down, taking as much of in as your can. His hand curls into your hair as he holds you around him before sliding away.

“Not yet my dear, I have much to show you first” he says with a smile, his voice thick with desire and need.

“Has it been long for you?” you ask pulling him back closer.

“Yes, it has been decades of your time since last I was summoned” he says, breathing heavy.

“Then this is your mistress’s command” you say with a smile as you take him back into your mouth.

You caress his ass with one hand, stroking his cock with the other as you lick and suck his hard cock. He throws his head back and moans when you deep throat him, his cock deep in your throat.

“Oh mistress! I will cum soon” he groans, his knees shaking.

His words ignite a fire in you as you start stroking faster, sucking the head of him in your mouth, your tongue swirling and teasing. His hips start to pump against you as your bobbing head and flicking tongue bring him closer and closer to the edge.

“OH!!” he groans deep in his throat and his hands grab your shoulders.

You moan as the first shot of cum spurts into your mouth, hot and tasting of chocolate. He floods your mouth with cum and you swallow with a shiver. His knees shake as he continues to cum, your hand stroking him as your flick your tongue across him. The last spurts land on your lips and cheek as you look up at him with a smile.

“Oh mistress, I am blessed by you” he says looking at you.

His cock bounces in time to his heart beat as you gather the cum off your cheeks and lick it off your finger. You look at it and then up at him.

“Oh, I will stay erect until you no longer require my services,” he said with a smile,” and I could only cum because you wanted me to”

“Oh… this could be a fun journey” you say lying back on the bed, reaching for him.

He lies down beside you, his mouth meeting yours as his hands caress your body.

“Lay back mistress” he whispers in your ear and gently flicks his tongue across your ear lobe sending shivers down your spine.

You close your eyes as his hands and mouth start to wander across your body. His hands cup and lift your breast to his mouth and he gently sucks your hard erect nipples, his tongue flicking across them. Shivers arch your back and you thrust your breasts into him with a moan. He glides his tongue across the sensitive under-side of escort tuzla your breasts and gently rolls your nipples.

His mouth drops lower following the teasing path of his hand trailing across your feverish skin. He cups your breast in his hand, your nipple hard against his palm as his other hand slides over your hip and down your thigh. Your legs open as his hand trails back up the inside of your thigh, you moan when his tongue flicks in your belly button before slipping lower.

His fingers gently pull on your nipple as his tongue slides over the sensitive skin of your inner thigh. You can’t help but spread your legs as he settles between them, his mouth and tongue teasing your skin as his hand wanders across the top of your mound. Your back arches and you groan as his fingers slide lower, teasing but not quite touching where you so desperately need him to.

His fingers tease and caress, his lips leaving little kisses as he moves in circles, getting closer and closer to your molten center.

“OH!!!” you cry softly as first 1 hand slides across you and you feel his breath for a moment before his tongue slides across your pussy.

His probing tongue slips between the lips of your pussy as he gently licks you, his moan vibrating against you as he sucks your pussy into his mouth. He parts your lips with 1 hand and teasingly flicked your clit with his tongue before wrapping his mouth around it.

You convulse in please as your feel his lips fasten around your clit, his gentle suction and flicking tongue catapulting you into heights of pleasure you haven’t known for years.

“Oh yes!” you cry out in pleasure sucks and licks your pussy, shocks of pleasure running through your body.

With one hand your pull his head against you as you caress your breasts with the other, teasing your nipples as he sucks your engorged clit.

“Oh! Oh! OH!!!” you cry out as your orgasm sneaks up on you; your toes curling in pleasure as it rocks your body.

His fastens his mouth to you and rides your rocking body as your ride the cresting wave of your orgasm, his flicking tongue sending thrills of pleasure through you. Your ears are ringing when you finally start to come down, shocks of pleasure spasming through your body as he rises to his knees.

Your body rocks from a bolt of pleasure when he slides his hard cock across your clit and with a moan slides inside you. You feel his length fill you and you wrap your legs around his waist as he lifts your hips from the bed. His hands hold you against him as he starts to slowly move. You can feel the head of his cock move in you, teasing you toward another orgasm. You moan as he leans down and flicks his tongue across your nipple.

You meet him thrust for thrust, pushing hard against the bed as he fills you, his body teasing your clit at each thrust. You moan and shiver as he reaches down and starts to rub your clit with his hand.

“YES!!” you cry out with shock.

He holds your shaking body, thrusting still as your ride your orgasm.

“Oh love! Cum! I want to feel you cum in me!!” You cry out, lost in the waves of pleasure rocking your body.

With that, you hear him moan and he holds you hard against him. You feel his cock pulse as the first spurt of cum shoots from him and you’re lost to another orgasm. Your toes curl in pleasure as your body shakes, riding his spurting cock through another orgasm. You grab the bed and buck hard against him, out of control from pleasure.

Spots are flying across your eyes as you look up at him, pleasure filling his eyes as you rock together.

“Oh mistress” he cries out, “You are truly a blessing”

You body shivers as he releases you and slides to lie beside you.

“Well well, I guess you are good for a lot more than just a housekeeper” you say with a smile.

“Oh mistress, this was just a start” he says leaning on one elbow, his hand trailing circles across your sweat-slick skin.

“There is much much more for me to show you.” he whispers leaning down and kissing you.

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