Fun With Sex


The most erotic thing that can happen to me is to wake up while someone is sucking on my cock. It starts as a dream, a velvety mouth sliding up-and-down my erect prick while a tongue gently caresses the knob at the end. A soft hand massaging and fondling my balls while a finger carefully outlines and probes at my ass hole. I usually wake up just moments before I climax and spew great wads of my cum everywhere, but mostly in her mouth.

My wife laughs at this and says it is great fun to suck on my soft cock while I am sleeping. She enjoys feeling it grow until she can only get about half of it in her mouth. She gets a big kick out of this because I moan and thrash wildly just before I wake up and cum. This usually happens two or three times a month.

Because of our increased sexual activity in recent years we have both taken to sleeping in the nude. Even around the house we wear a minimum of clothes.

I like to get even with her but she is such a light sleeper I must plot it with a shrewdness of a bank robber planning a heist. I usually start by taking a nap the day before kaynarca escort so I can wake up before her early in the morning. I must stealthily creep out of bed and go for my shower and shave. Shaving is an absolute must because her skin is very tender and I cause whisker burn between her thighs if I have any stubble at all. Even the aroma of my after shave will waken her.

When I return to the bedroom, very carefully, without touching the bed, I wet my finger and gently caresses the lips of her pussy. If I do it just right, she will open her legs without awakening. Without touching her I put my face as close to her pussy as I can. I must be careful not to let my lips brush her as my tongue caresses her, probes in and out, licks her most delicate parts. She almost always awakes about the same time as I detect her delicate moisture. Very often she will capture my head with her thighs. This is usually the signal that I can now put my lips hard against her pussy and suckle on her clitoris. Once I am able to lick her and slide my tongue in and out of her pussy I am almost orhanlı escort always rewarded with sweet taste of her cum.

The next phase, and one which I thoroughly enjoy, is when she plays “ride em cowboy.” With me flat on my back she lowers her very wet pussy onto my erect, throbbing cock. The ride gets wild but I have never been able to throw her when she was riding this horse.

We both work at home. I am an architect and have converted an unused bedroom into a studio while she caters small parties and makes birthday/special occasion/wedding cakes in the large kitchen of our country home.

Her favorite game is to catch me on the telephone with a long winded client. She will slip into the studio and start playing with me. It’s almost impossible to keep my mind on the conversation while she is kneeling in front of my chair and sucking my dick. When a silken mouth is sliding up and down your cock you just can’t think of anything else but the feeling of rapture. There have certainly been a couple of design flaws that were caused when I came during a tepeören escort telephone conversation. Very often a client will pick up on the fact that something is going on. I usually tell them that I have a cold and was coughing or blowing my nose.

I play the same game. If I catch her on the telephone planning a party, or best of all, with her sister, I retaliate.

I can slip up behind her and start kissing and nibbling on her neck while my hands slide around and start fondling her breasts. It only takes a few seconds for her nipples to become hard little grapes. Without moving I can slide her shorts down and caress her pussy with my hands. She almost always gets wet. If it looks like the conversation is going to be a long one, I then move between her and the kitchen cabinets and sit down on the floor.

This puts her pussy right at nose level, very handy for tongue insertion. Once, when she was talking to her sister, I leaned her over the chopping block and fucked her from behind. Her sister heard every grunt, groan, moan and wail. Later, she said she was trying to take a very heavy turkey out of the oven and the loud cry she heard was when she burned herself, but I don’t think her sister believed her.

I hope this fun with sex lasts forever. It’s been going on over 12 years now, every since our 23 year old daughter got married and left home.

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