Frozen Friends


Jim walked out the front door of the restaurant and headed toward the parking lot. He pulled the hood of his coat up over his head to protect himself from the blistering cold. During his shift the temperature had drastically plummeted to twelve below zero, with a foot of increasing snow. As James walked toward his car he saw Samantha standing at her car with the hood up.

“Having trouble?” Jim asked.

Samantha looked up at Jim, “My car won’t start. I think its on its last legs.”

“It’s probably the cold weather. A lot of older cars have problems starting in weather like this,” replied Jim.

“I hope its just the weather. I can’t afford to have it fixed right now,” Samantha said.

Jim pushed the hood down on the car. “Come on, I’ll give you a lift home.”

Shivering Samantha said, “I’ll just call one of my friends, its too far too drive”

“Don’t worry about it. The restaurants already closed up and if you don’t let me I’ll just stay here till someone shows up,” Jim told her.

Samantha smiled at Jim and said, “Ok. Thanks”

Samantha and Jim walked over to his car and got in. The snow was starting to come down harder as Jim pulled out of the parking lot.

“I’ll need directions to your house,” Jim said as he looked over at Samantha.

“Go down to blocks and make a right. Take the on ramp to I-49 then go to exit 52. My house is about 15 minutes from the exit,” Samantha told him.

As they drove along Samantha and Jim made light conversation. Jim was a little distracted having Samantha in the car with him. She was the most attractive woman that worked at the restaurant. Her blond hair, large breast and perfect butt made her stand out from the rest of the waitresses. Her appearance and the tight black pants and white button up, that clung to her body, she wore to work every day caused every guy to leave her larger than normal tips.

As Jim turned onto Samantha’s street his car slid a little bit. It wasn’t the first time his car had slid on the way to her house. The snow and ice was building up on the streets and the road crew was unable to keep up with the pace.

“This is it on the right,” Samantha said.

Jim pulled over at the curb.

Samantha looked over at Jim and hugged him, “Thank you so much for bringing me home.”

“It was no problem,” he replied.

“The roads are getting really bad. I think you should stay here tonight. I have an extra bedroom you can stay in,” she told him.

“No I think I can make it” Jim replied.

“No I insist. Its late, the snow is piling up and you’ve already slid too many times. I would be uncomfortable letting you drive in this weather,” she told him.

“Are you sure?” Jim asked.

“Yes, I would worry all night” she replied.

Jim turned off the car and they got out. There were several ice covered steps on the way up to Samantha’s house, both of them almost fell several times. When escort bayan they reached the door Samantha fumbled for her keys in the cold and they went inside.

Samantha’s house was small but nice. The rent was cheap and was actually in a price range lower than she had expected to find something in this condition. Working as a waitress limited her options on what she could afford but the low rent had enabled her to live comfortably.

“You can hang your coat here. I’ll find you some clothes to change into that are more comfortable,” Samantha said as she took off her jacket.

Samantha walked to her bedroom and found a pair of sweatpants and and old sweatshirt one of her ex boyfriends had left behind. They looked like they would fit Jim perfectly. Samantha changed into a pair of sweats and old t-shirt. She then walked out into the living room and found Jim standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“You can change in the bathroom, its down the hall to the right,” she told him.

Jim walked went into the bathroom and changed his clothes. He folded his clothes up neatly and returned to the leaving room.

“Where can I put these,” Jim asked.

“You’ll be staying over here,” Samantha said pointing to the guest room. “Just put them on the dresser.”

Jim put away his clothes and returned to find Samantha sitting on the couch watching television. He sat down next to her as she flipped through the channels.

“Theres never anything good on tv anymore,” she said as she stopped on a local weather report.

The forecast was not good. It was a blizzard outside and they were projecting 3-4 feet of snow. Road crews were having no luck in clearing the streets.

“Looks like you may stuck here,” Samantha said.

“Yeah. Probably a good thing I’m not out driving in this. I may have wound up stranded beside the road.” he replied as the power went out.

“This is not good,” Samantha said with a little panic in her voice.

“Why?” asked Jim.

“If the electric is out, my heat is out,” she told him.

“Do you have extra blankets,” he asked.

“Only whats on the beds,” she told him.

“Sounds like its gonna be a cold night,” he replied.

“Maybe we should take the blankets off of the guest bed and sleep in mine. That way we can both be a little warmer,” she told him.

Jim didn’t know what to say. He had somehow wound up in the home of his most attractive coworker and she wanted him to sleep in her bed…with her in it.

“Come on and help me get them,” she told him.

They got up and walked through the dark to the guest room. They pulled all of the sheets, blankets and the comforter off the bed and she led him to her room. They put everything on the bed.

“This should keep both of us warm tonight. We might as well go on to bed, since its too dark to see and nothing to do” Samantha told him.

Jim still tuzla genç escort had not spoken his mind was racing. He was going to be in bed with her. As she got in bed he still just stood there.

Samantha pulled back the covers and claimed in. “Come on before you freeze to death,” she said.

Jim got in and just lay there. He had one of the most attractive women he had ever seen laying in bed next to him. Nothing was going to happen he knew that, but all he could think about was having sex with her. As his mind raced he felt a twitch in his pants. He tried to think about baseball but all he could think about was her. He was standing at full attention.

“Oh god, oh god,” he thought. What if she notices, she’ll kick me out. I’ll freeze to death out in this weather. “No good deed goes unpunished,” ran through his mind. He decided to just lay as still as possible. If he didn’t move, she wouldn’t notice and he would be able to make it until he fell asleep. If she noticed then he could just play it off as an involuntary reaction.

As he lay there in the bed it kept getting colder and colder. The temperature was dropping fast. He wondered what it was down to and how far it could drop. He just knew someone would find their frozen bodies in the house, his with a frozen boner.

“Its getting colder. Were going to have lay closer for warmth,” Samantha.

Jim just lay there frozen in fear. He was not going to move. He was not going to have her telling their coworkers he was a creep. At that moment Samantha rolled over in the bed an scooted closer to Jim. She put her arm across his chest and snuggled in closer him.

“Ok,” he thought. “I can handle this. Her arms ups up here, my boys are down there.”

Jim knew he was not going to get any sleep tonight. He nerves were on edge. He was going to lay there all night day dreaming about her. Worrying that she would notice his erection. Jim didn’t move to scratch an itch on his nose. Then the inevitable happened. She moved her arm trying to get more comfortable. When she did her arm grazed his cock, standing at full attention.

“Oh god oh god. Let the drama begin,” he thought.

She didn’t say anything. Maybe she hadn’t noticed. Maybe she was too tired to have noticed it. Jim then felt something on his stomach. It was moving toward his pants. It was on top of his pants. It was on his cock. No it was rubbing his cock. He still just lay there unsure what to do.

It was moving again. This time up his pants. Now it was at his waistband. Then inside his waistband. No it was in his pants and wrapped tightly around his cock stroking it. Samantha was giving Jim a hand job. He could not believe it. Was she just bored? Was this really happening?

Samantha started stroking his cock harder and faster. After a few minutes she started to move around and disappeared under the sheets. Jim pants were then suddenly yanked tuzla kendi evi olan escort down, he felt something moist and warm around his cock. Samantha was now sucking his cock. He could see the sheets bobbing up and down. Jim wanted to draw the covers back so he could see but was afraid that she would stop if she did.

After a few minutes Samantha stopped. Jim felt her moving around under the sheets and then she was back at it. He could feel her mouth bobbing up and down on his cock. He could feel the tip of his cock on the back of her throat as she was going the full length up and down on his shaft.

Samantha stopped again. Then the covers came flying off of Jim. She was completely naked. That’s what she had been doing earlier. Samantha then straddled over him and slid down on his cock. It was hot and extremely wet inside of her and felt amazing.

Samantha would rise up to tip, almost to the point that he would slip out then slam back down on him. After that she was bouncing rapidly up and down on Jim’s shaft. Samantha reached down and wrapped Jim’s hands and placed them over her breast. They felt amazing.

Samantha kept riding him like a rented mule. She seemed like a woman on a mission and her mission was nearing its end. Jim could feel the muscles begin convulsing around his cock. All he heard from her was small whimper as juices flowed out of her onto him. She sat on his cock not moving.

Jim then grabbed Samantha and rolled her over on her back and started thrusting hard. His face was lined up perfectly with hers. Samantha leaned in and started kissing him passionately. As he kissed her he slowed for a moment, but then felt both her hands grab his ass and push him deeper inside of her.

Jim started thrusting as hard as he could not breaking the kiss. He knew he wasn’t going to last long. The harder he thrusted the harder she kissed him. He felt her muscles contracting again and it was too much for him. As he unloaded inside of her, her heard the whimpers coming from her again. It felt like he would never stop. Jim had never had an orgasm like that. He had never had sex where no one spoke. This had been a night of many strange things for him.

Jim rolled back over to his side of the bed and pulled his pants back on. Samantha searched the bed and found her clothes and put them back on. As he laid down Samantha snuggled up to him and then they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Jim woke up alone in Samantha’s bed. The electric and heat had come back on sometime during the night. Jim could hear the water shut off in the bathroom and Samantha moving around. Jim got up and looked out the window. The snow was several feet high, he knew he was going anywhere for a while. As he walked out of the bedroom he wondered if he had dreamed the events of last night.

“I don’t think either of us are going anywhere for a while,” Jim said loud enough hoping to find where Samantha was.

“Come into the kitchen. I’ve got something for you to eat,” Samantha yelled out.

When he walked into the kitchen Jim’s jaw dropped. He now knew that the events of last night had not been a dream. Samantha sat on the kitchen wearing only smile with two fingers deep inside of her.

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