First time cheating


We’d been married a while. Well, 26 years is a while, I guess. Like every other couple out there we were on fire at first, then the sex life started to wind down a bit as we settled into our lives.

Karen’s older than I am, by about 10 years. It was never a problem until she was in her 50’s. Then she became less and less interested in sex. By the time I was 50, it had been 5 years since we were intimate.

I still wanted sex; seems like every relationship has one parter who wants sex more than the other. Finally, she told me that sex had become painful, physically painful for her and she just didn’t want to try anymore.

I love my wife; as much as I want sex, I don’t want to hurt her. I made do with masturbating and fantasizing for as long as I could. That’s fine, but what I was really missing was pleasing another person; it’s in the shared experience that we really are satisfied.

There’s no way I could approach a woman I knew to try to start something. I’d be worried it would get back to Karen. I didn’t hang out in bars or laundromats or any of the other normal ‘pick up’ places, so I decided to try finding someone online.

I created a separate email account. Hell, almost an entire identity. I answered ads. I placed ads. I watched the messages fly by, trying to find someone.

There were some false starts. Replies that led to ongoing email conversations where we never met. Or we met, but I found out it was another man instead of a woman.

Eventually, I ended up communicating with one woman for some time. We had common interests. We enjoyed our emails instant messages together. I asked her to meet somewhere public so we could see each other in real life, but she demurred. Her name was Katie; I was halfway obsessed with her and I didn’t really even know her.

After another month I asked her again to meet. She didn’t respond and after a few days I began to worry.

Finally, she got back to me; just about when I’d given up. “Do you know the coffee shop on 3rd and Washington? Can you meet there at 11:00 on Wednesday?” That’s all she wrote. My mind was spinning; it was Tuesday morning. Did she really mean tomorrow morning?

I replied right back. “Yes, it’s close to work. I’d have no problems meeting you there tomorrow at 11:00” . Was I being too eager replying within a minute of getting her email?

About 5 minutes later she replied “Perfect. I’ll see you there :*” I resisted the urge to keep emailing her back. I tried to focus on my work to take my mind off of her, but it wasn’t working.

When I got home Karen was already there. She must’ve noticed that something was up, because she asked if I was OK. I said something about not feeling great and headed to the bathroom. Honestly, I just needed to masturbate. The thought of meeting Katie was so strong on my mind all day that my balls were aching and needed some relief. I’d never masturbated during the day when Karen was just in the next room like that, but I couldn’t hold out any longer.

After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen, watched some TV, and then went to bed. The usual Tuesday night routine.

Wednesday morning I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I woke up hard, thinking about what today might hold. I told myself that we were just meeting “in real life”, and in the middle of the day at that. Nothing was going to happen.

Even still, I spent extra time in the shower. I made sure I was squeaky clean. I shaved close, trimmed my nails and nose hair. I spent more time that usual picking out clothes; trying to find just the right thing to wear.

Karen didn’t notice anything was up this morning, she must’ve been wrapped up in her own thoughts.

I left a bit early for work, just to get a change in scenery and to try to calm my nerves. When I got there, I sent Katie a quick email from the parking lot. “I’m wearing black pants and a blue shirt today. Blue to pick up the color of my eyes ;)”

It’s strange, after so long emailing that we never sent pictures of ourselves to each other. For me, it was a matter of discretion – I did everything to try to make sure my desires were kept secret from Karen. Katie was OK with no pics, too. After the first few emails it never came up again.

She replied back, “LOL, I’m wearing a blue dress. Blue must be our color, haha. See you in a few hours!”

The last sentence hit me in the gut. Holy shit, I was going to meet her, for real, in just a few hours! My heart was pounding, my stomach was in knots. I asked myself, how old am I? Acting like I’m 15 instead of 55!

10:30 rolled around and I told my coworkers I had an appointment to go to. I calmly walked to my car and got in, closed my eyes, and just shook for a minute. Really? Am I really doing this?

I arrived at the coffee shop a few minutes before 11. I grabbed a cup of mint tea – no coffee breath for me! The place was fairly empty, but I noticed two women sitting at a table near the back. One had a blue dress on and was pendik escort looking my way with a little smile. If that’s Katie, who’s the other woman?

My tea was ready, so I walked over to the table and asked, “Katie…?” She stood up a little and said, “Yup! Steve I presume?” with a wry little smile. “This is Melissa. She’s my coworker; she convinced me that we should meet, and she wanted to come along to make sure I was OK.”

I was a little taken aback. Early in our emailing we both talked about discretion, and not wanting our spouses to find out. How many other people had she told about us?

I smiled back, “Yup. You look amazing!” She did; she was just the kind of woman I would’ve wanted to meet. On the larger side; just what I like. Long dark hair. Dark eyes that twinkled when she smiled; surrounded by the kind of lines that only come from a lot laughing and smiling. Her dress was a deep blue, but lightweight. Just a little cleavage showing, she had nice full breasts.

The dress was sleeveless, showing the skin of her shoulders and arms. It gathered just a bit at her waist, hinting at the curve of her hips and fell just below the knee. She had short little boots on. She wore just a bit of makeup, enough to accent the fullness of her lips and darkness of her eyes.

I wanted her in that moment. I was starting to get hard sitting across the table from her. She obviously noticed the way I was checking her out and I suddenly felt awkward. “…and….” she said. A little pause from me, “… and you’re more gorgeous than I’ve been imagining all this time” was my reply.

That must’ve been good enough because she broke into the most natural smile I’d seen yet. “I like the way you look, too. More handsome than I imagined. You’ll do.”

“I’ll do? I’d like to show you what I’d do…” with a smile from me. I reached a hand across the table to hers and squeezed. I felt the warmth of her skin as she brought her other hand down on top of mine.

“Ok kids, are you just going to hold hands?” It was the first time I heard Melissa speak. I had kind of forgotten she was there – my mind was in such a whirl thinking that here I was actually with Katie in person.

We both looked over at her, “Yes, I’m still right here. I can’t stand watching you two give each other the goo-goo eyes. Are you going to get a room or what?” I looked back at Katie and saw her eyes about as wide as mine.

“Um, I didn’t think we’d actually… Today… Um, right away…” I stammered. Katie must’ve thought that was cute because she started giggling a bit.

Melissa stood up. “Ok, let’s go. I’m driving.” I wasn’t sure what to think; again looking at Katie. I really only wanted Katie. Melissa was cute and forward, but Katie and I had been emailing so much. Sharing our desires, our dreams, our daily in and out. I could see the same in Katie’s eyes. “No, don’t get any idea. I’m just going to take you two somewhere private. You’re like teenagers, I can’t stand it. You just need to get it out of the way!” Melissa smiled as she headed towards the door, not looking back.

I smiled at Katie and stood up. She got up and came around the table. I took her hand in mine again, pulled her close for a half hug as we started following Melissa. God, her scent… I realized just how badly I wanted her. She looked down at the bulge in my crotch and gave my hand a squeeze and nodded. “Me too…”

Melissa had parked out front. We got in the car, Katie in the front passenger seat and me in back. Melissa started driving. Katie kept looking back at me as we made some small talk with Melissa. I don’t even know what I was saying, but it must’ve met the standards of civilized conversation because neither of them seemed to mind.

“Where are we going?” Katie asked.

“My place,” said Melissa. My husband is gone and I’ve got a spare room. You two can have some privacy.

My heart was pounding. I honestly didn’t think this would happen today. I fantasized about it, sure; but didn’t think it was really about to go down. Melissa lived just 10 minutes or so from the coffee shop. We pulled into her garage and she closed the garage door.

I jumped out of the car and opened Katie’s door for her. As she stood up I took her into my arms and held her tight to me. I said into her ear, “I’ve been dreaming about holding you this way..”

“Really, I’ve been dreaming about a bit more than that,” she responded as she reached down and gave the head of my cock a squeeze through my pants. She followed Melissa into the house. I was right behind, admiring her walk in that dress. Just a bit of swish from the hips, her calves nicely shaped. She looked back to see me watching her ass and smiled.

Melissa pointed down the hall. “Last room is the spare. I’m going to do some work in the living room. Forget I’m even here.”

Work? Oh shit, I didn’t think about that. I told my coworkers I had an appointment and would be back later. Oh well, there’s no way pendik escort in hell I’d be going back now!

I led the way down the hall. Melissa kept a nice house, but all I could think about was Katie. When we got to the bedroom I closed the door firmly, turned to her and pulled her to me.

The first kiss was long. It was gentle at first, a little hesitant from both of us and then quickly became more intense. She took a deep inhale, pulled back a little and looked into my eyes. “Are we really going to do this?” There was a question in her voice. In response I pulled her to me again, kissing her hard. My hand was on her lower back pulling her hips to my groin while my other hand reached up to her breast. My fingers found her hard nipple through bra and dress and pinched. She moaned deliciously!

She stepped back and pulled her dress over her head. Just like that, so naturally. She faced me in bra and panties. Her breasts were stuffed into the bra. I wanted them out, I wanted to hold them, taste them. She took off each shoe while looking at me.

I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I undid my belt pulled my pants down, stepped out of my shoes. Pulled my socks off. All the time keeping my eyes on hers. She watched as I undressed, smiling. I faced her with just my boxer-briefs on, the bulge of my cock very obvious through the thin fabric.

We kissed some more. The feel of her skin on mine was electric. My heart raced and my breath got faster. The kissing was more passionate. I would pull her lower lip between mine to suck. She put her tongue in my ear. I traced the line of her jaw with my kisses, nibbled on her earlobes. Her wide hips, her thick thighs; feeling her flesh against mine.

“Mmm…..” She stepped back and pulled off her bra, slipped her panties down and stepped out of them. Pulling me to her, she reached into my underwear to pull my cock out. She gripped it tightly; her eyes were closed as I caressed her breasts. So full, nipples so darkly defined and hard…

She stepped to the bed and pulled to covers off. Pulled the top sheet back and lay down on her back looking at me. I must’ve stood there frozen for a second. Again, for the hundredth time today I couldn’t believe…

I pulled my underwear off threw them to the side and joined her in bed. She pulled me on top of her right away. My cock was right against her pussy as we kissed. “Yes. Yes, this is what I want…” She moaned. She reached down for my cock.

“Not yet…” I said. I pulled back a bit. I kissed her mouth, her jaw, and then started moving down. I ran my hands down her sides and cupped her breasts, squeezing them together. I took her right nipple into my mouth, biting on her nipple while my hand squeezed her other breast. Her hands were in my hair as she moaned and wiggled her hips under me.

After a few minutes of exploring her breasts I started kissing down along her tummy. The curve of her belly was inviting and enticing as my tongue circled her belly button. Finally, I started heading down to her pussy.

I could smell her musk and feel her wetness before I was all the way down. I was so turned on by this I was starting to shake a bit as she kept moaning. She tipped her hips up to my lips, her unshaven mound so warm on my face. I licked between her wet lips, slowly from back to front, avoiding her clit at the end. I circled around the hood with my tongue and went back to her lips. Inner, outer, around. Her juices tasted like honey as I lapped them up.

Katie’s ample hips were bucking already, her hands gripping my hair, pulling me face tighter against her. I spent more time circling her clit, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. More focus on her clit as her moaning intensified. I slipped a finger inside her, so wet, so snug. She gasped and moaned even louder. I pushed my tongue more firmly on her clit as she began to orgasm. Her beautifully heavy legs started twitching as she kicked her feet on my back as her orgasm intensified. She went from moaning to all out screaming, swearing, saying my name. “Lick my. Lick my fucking pussy, Steve. Oh fuck, Steve, I love this, I’m fucking cumming! Ohhhhhhh…..”

As she finished cumming she relaxed her grip on my head. I licked my lips one last time to get her flavor then wiped my mouth and crawled up next to her on the bed. Her skin was flushed and sweaty, her breathing ragged. She looked at me, her eyes wide as she pulled me to her for a kiss. I tasted the sweat on her chest; salty, but with her scent. Delicious.

I laid back and this time pulled her on to of me. She pulled her knees up and hugged my hips with her legs, rubbing her still sloppy wet pussy on my cock. All of her skin on me, surrounded by her; it was heaven. Her breasts were pushed against my chest as she kissed me more. Her hair framed her face as she pulled back, looking into my eyes. She reached between her legs to my cock and guided me right inside of her.

My eyes closed and my back arched pendik escort with pleasure. Katie sat straight upright on me, my cock buried completely deeply inside of her. She looked down at me for a moment, and then started rocking her hips on me. It was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had inside someone. The muscles of her pussy, the wetness and heat, the feel of her grinding herself on me.

I reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as her back arched and her chin pointed to the ceiling. Her hands reached back and rested on my thighs as she arched herself to grind harder. Looking up at her was the most beautiful sight.

Her breathing became faster and the flush on her chest deepened. Her breasts were bouncing in my grip as she ground harder, moaning louder. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, it was by far the most intense sexual experience of my life. Katie’s pace quickened as she bent back forward, her hands on my chest as she pushed her clit against the base of my cock, moaning loudly. I could feel her wetness and cream as she started to cum again.

I knew I was about to cum too. I pulled her down to me, bent my knees for leverage and drove myself in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could. She buried her face in my chest screaming as I joined her with my moans. With one last deep thrust I came inside her. I shot once, twice, three times into her; all the while pulling her body onto mine and moaning loudly.

I slid slowly in and out of her as I started to lose my hardness. After I slid out she rolled to the side and lay against me, her head and hand on my chest.

I realized I just came inside of another woman for the first time in over 20 years. I came inside of another man’s wife. Holy shit, I came in her; I realized we hadn’t talked about that. In our naughty emails she always described me cumming inside of her, but in real life?

She made a soft moan of pleasure. As if reading my mind she said, “That was nice. I’m glad you came in me, I’ve been dreaming of that.” She slowly stroked my chest; my skin was tingling and her hand felt so good. I buried my nose in her hair to get more of her scent. I could not get enough of her.

We made some small talk. About nothing, about how good it felt to be finally holding each other. Avoiding anything about our lives away from each other.

After a bit we started kissing again. I was hard again, already. She rolled onto her back as I got on top of her. This time I slid myself right into her. She was still so wet and hot. I was up on my arms looking down at her, fucking her slowly. Her legs wrapped around my hips and I felt her heels cross behind my ass. Her hand were on me, on my chest and sides as I sped up. We kept our eyes on each other’s eyes as I started moaning first.

She pulled me down on her; I rested my weight on my elbows and forearms as I kept stroking deeper and faster. Her thighs tightened around my hips as her arms gripped my back. Katie’s moans and mine were getting louder. I knew I was close again and started fucking her even faster. Her hips bucked as our sweat mingled between us. Soon I was cumming inside of her again, my cock rammed balls deep into her as her pussy clenched me. I felt her whole body tense as she moaned loudly. She jerked and quivered under me as she came after me.

My cock eventually softened again and I slid out of her. I rolled off of her and we lay on our sides facing each other, bodies pressed against each other. She rested her head on my arm as I leaned my face into her hair again.

We just held each other for some time. No words, just the feeling of each other’s skin.

I spoke first. “I’ve never been fucked like that. No woman has ever ridden my cock so well. My wife rarely ever took the top when we fucked. You’re amazing.”

“My husband has never gone down on me. Ever. He just won’t. No one has eaten my pussy since my roommate in college.” She looked up at me with a devious grin. “She didn’t lick me as good as you did.” She kissed me, “You’re going to have to do that every time we’re together, you know.” One more kiss and she got up, grabbed her clothes and headed for the door.

I noticed the door was cracked, open just a bit. I thought I closed that.

I heard Katie head into the the bathroom and the shower start. I lay there, lazy. Thinking about what she said; the “every time we’re together” part. Liking the sound of that very much.

I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye. Melissa was standing in the doorway with a glass of wine. “Jesus, you two. Fuck.”

I pulled the sheet over myself, embarrassed by how much of our cum was all over.

“Were you watching the whole time?”

“Only when she was on you. I didn’t think she had that in her – she’s so quiet at work. Who knew?” She took a good slug of wine. Anyway, I couldn’t watch for long; it was hot, but weird watching my friend fuck the shit out of a guy she met online.”

I didn’t have an answer for that right away. I think my brain was still soaked in those happy endorphins.

“Her husband is kind of a dud. Don’t get me wrong. He’s not a bad guy or anything, but I’m sure he never made her cum the way I heard her cum today. Are you going to see her again?”

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