Filipinas: Zena

Big Dicks

Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

There were a lot of stories that didn’t end up with a girl losing her virginity. When I told girls that if they said, “Stop,” or “No,” I would stop, I meant it. There were many girls who stopped me before (or even long before) I got near their hymen with my cock. You won’t read about those here because they didn’t make a good story and there was no “first time.”

Nobody in this story was underage.

Hi. I’m Pete. I knew that I probably had four or five more nights at Angeles City before my flight out to Thailand, so I decided to look for girls along Fields Avenue. There was a small café close to my hotel where I often had dinner, and there was a pretty girl working there named Zena. She was new, so she hadn’t seen me with other girls, and I flirted with her every chance I got. I soon knew her entire story.

Zena was a farm girl from northern Luzon. Her father was a poor farmer, and he didn’t earn much money, but he was prolific at growing her mother’s tummy. They had twelve children together, and Zena was the oldest. She was bored with village life and helping her mother with the younger children, so she came south the Angeles City looking for work. At least that way, she could send money home for the family. She wasn’t qualified for much, but she did know how to cook and wash dishes, so she was able to get a job in this café.

I asked Zena what time she got off from work, and she said, “I get off at ten tonight.”

I asked if she had any plans after work, and she said that she would probably just go to her small room, just like every other night. She said, “You probably think I am pretty boring.”

“Not at all,” I replied. “In fact, I would like to get to know you a lot better. You are a pretty girl, and I suspect that you are one of the few good girls working in this part of town.”

She blushed and answered, “I am a good girl. I wouldn’t know how else to be.”

I suggested that I would meet her after she got off work, and we could go someplace to talk more. She said that she wouldn’t go to a bar with me. “That’s OK,” I replied. “I was thinking about someplace quieter anyway.”

Just before ten, I went back to the café and waited for Zena’s shift to end. When she was finished, she locked the place up, and we walked back to the hotel where I was staying. I first took her to the little bar downstairs, but she said it was still a bar (and I was really only there to get ice), so I took her up to my room. She was hesitant to enter my room, but in the end her curiosity won out and we went in.

I gave her the very short tour. She was impressed that I had my very own CR (comfort room), or what we call a bathroom, and she was also impressed that there was a real enclosed shower in the CR. She had grown up with squat toilets and bathing using a tabo outside of her parents’ house, so she thought that this was the height of luxury.

I had stopped at the bar on the way up to get a bucket of ice, and while she sat on the edge of my bed, I poured orange juice for both of us and added a little bit of Everclear to hers. She took a sip and said, “This has a different taste than orange juice I have had before, but I like it.”

It turned out that she really did like it because, while we talked, she drank four glasses of the juice. She said she was tired and that maybe she should go. I didn’t want her to leave, so I suggested that she lay down to rest, and I would give her a good back rub.

I said, “Your back has to be hurting after working all day.”

She replied, “Yes, and my feet hurt too.”

That opened the entire playing field to me. She lay down face down on my bed, and I started massaging her back over her blouse. It got in my way, of course, so I pulled it out of her skirt and slid my hands up under it. I loved how smooth her skin was. She was enjoying the massage, and commented, “I didn’t realize how sore my back was.”

“I could give you an even better massage if I use lotion on you,” I said.

After hesitating, she replied, “OK.”

I will have to unbutton the back of your blouse and unhook your bra so I don’t get lotion on them. Is that OK?” I asked.

Again, there was hesitation, but then she said, “OK, but be good.”

“I’m always good,” I replied.

I got the lotion and unbuttoned and unhooked her back. Then, I started slowly massaging her back with the lotion. She was practically humming, and I could tell that she was really enjoying the massage. Lotion was getting close to her skirt, so I unzipped it and pulled it down a bit. I said, “I don’t want to get lotion on your clothes.”

“Thank you for your kindness,” she replied and then smiled.

I continued the massage, exploring her sides and all the way down to her butt cheeks. I was getting a lot of response from her, and it was all favorable. Sincan Escort “Mmmm…” she hummed as I massaged her butt cheeks. “That feels so good.”

I slid her skirt and panties down onto her legs as I continued the massage down her thighs and calves. Finally, they were down around her feet, and I slipped them off as I concentrated on massaging her feet. Zena loved the feelings the massage was giving her, and hadn’t really noticed that she was practically naked now.

I rubbed her feet for a while, and then I massaged my way back up her legs. I knelt between her feet, and as I worked my way up her body, I scooted up between her legs, spreading them wider as I went. I massaged her butt cheeks again and then moved back to her back. By now, I was kneeling right next to her butt. I had been applying lotion all over her body, which was now glistening.

When I got to her upper back, I dropped my hands to her sides and massaged her side boobs. She was really tired, and had fallen asleep while I massaged her. I’m not sure exactly when she fell asleep, but she never noticed when I slid her arms out of her blouse and her bra or when I slid them out from under her.

I got myself undressed without moving from my position between her legs. Her pussy was right there and already wet, so I slid forward a little until my cockhead was resting against her vaginal entrance. I rubbed it around a bit to get it nice and wet, and then a short thrust was all it took to break her hymen.

She woke to the feeling of my cock sliding up into her pussy. I guess it didn’t hurt her much because of the way she reacted. “Oh. What are you doing?” she asked.

“I am making love to you. You loved everything else I did, so I thought you might love this too,” I replied.

“Mmmm,” she moaned.

“Are you falling in love with me?” I asked.

This time, there was no hesitation. “Yes,” she replied. “I do love you.” With that, she pushed back at me and I was fully seated in her pussy. I pulled back a little and pushed back in. “Oooo,” she said. That feels good. You feel really big inside of me.”

I set up a rhythm for a while, and then I pulled her up, so she was on her knees and elbows. We fucked doggie-style for a few more minutes, and I had her lay on her side. Then, it was easy to swing her leg over, so she was flat on her back with her legs spread wide. I noticed there was some blood and was glad that I had put a towel on the bed before I started the massage.

After several more minutes of fucking her hard, I felt my climax coming. I pressed as deeply into her as I could, my cockhead tight against her cervix, and let loose with several long ropes of sperm through her cervix and deeper into her womb. How do I know that?

There are only two alternatives as to where sperm can go when released into a woman’s pussy. It either runs back out of her body (past the man’s cock or after he withdraws), or it goes deeper into her body. Sperm shot into the womb doesn’t run back out through a woman’s pussy, so if very little comes out of her pussy when several large loads were shot into her, then it must have entered her womb (especially if the cock is tight up against her cervix during orgasm). Sperm that makes it to the woman’s womb either fertilizes an egg or is absorbed into the woman’s body through her uterus.

I was in paradise during and after my orgasm. I collapsed on top of her, but she couldn’t take my weight, so I rolled to the side. She put her head on my shoulder and tucked in next to me. We fell asleep like that.

I woke in the middle of the night to realize that the bathroom light was on and she wasn’t in the bed with me. I got up and went into the bathroom to find her squatting in the shower, trying to clean her bottom with the faucet below the showerhead and a cup. I stopped to pee. Then, I got into the shower with her and adjusted the water temperature to warm and turned on the shower.

She had never used a real shower before, and she was a bit stunned as to how much water there was. I thoroughly soaped up her body, not wanting to miss any place, and then asked her to soap me up as well. You would think she was the most ticklish person on Earth the way she giggled and squirmed as I washed her, and she was very hesitant to touch me when I asked. She finally overcame her instilled Catholic morals, and scrubbed me thoroughly as well.

We rinsed off and got out of the shower to dry each other. When we were dry, we went back to the bed. I removed the towel with the blood spot, so we could lay between the clean sheets. She was acting very thoughtful and said, “Did you know that was my first time with a man?”

“I didn’t know when I first started, but I quickly realized it when I felt your cherry break,” I said.

“Cherry?” she asked.

“Your hymen,” I replied.

“Oh,” she said as she settled her head back on my shoulder. We quickly fell back asleep and didn’t wake again until my alarm went off in the morning. I turned Etlik Escort off the alarm and turned to her. Her eyes were still closed, but she was smiling, so I knew that she was awake. I gently kissed her. She practically hummed into my mouth, she was enjoying it so much.

“What do we do now?” she asked.

“We have time to make love once before I have to go to the base,” I replied.

She kissed me again, and I rolled her onto her back. She automatically spread her legs wide to give me access. Instead of diving right in, though, I slid down to suck her nipples. Then, I slid down even further until I was facing her pussy.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I leaned forward and licked her vulva. “This,” I replied.

“That’s dirty. It’s where I pee,” she said.

“This is called oral sex, and it is what a man does if he really likes the woman he is with,” I replied. Then, I licked her again and started working on her labia. I tongued her vaginal entrance and sucked in her little clit. My tongue wandered all over her pussy, getting her hotter and hotter.

“Oh my God. That feels so good,” she squealed. “I love you.” With that, her body went into convulsions from the huge orgasm that swept over her. When it waned, she said, “Wow. You can do that any time you want to.”

I slid back up over her, and she again spread her legs as wide as possible to receive me. My cockhead slid right into her pussy without even having to line it up. When I bottomed out, I started thrusting in and out of her at a rapid pace. I didn’t have much time before I had to leave for the base, and I still had to shower, so I had to accelerate this.

At the pace I had set, I knew that I would only last a few minutes, but I was surprised when she climaxed and she went into meltdown around my cock. Her cervix was contracting and her vagina was trying to milk me dry. It didn’t take much before I was emptying my seed deep into her womb again. She leaned up and kissed me.

I rolled off and then sat up on the edge of the bed. “Let’s get another shower, and then I need to go to the base.”

She slid to the edge, and holding her bottom with her hand, raced into the bathroom to sit on the toilet. “That was a lot of sperm you pumped into me. I could feel it. I thought it would run out, but it didn’t.”

I waited for her to wipe, and then I took my turn at the toilet. She had already entered the shower, and was adjusting the water temperature. “I like having warm water to shower in,” she said. “Thank you for sharing this with me.”

I got into the shower with her, and we quickly got wet and soaped each other’s body. Then it was time to rinse and dry off. “Will I see you again?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “I have duties on base, but I will be back later this afternoon. I will come to the café and we can talk more.”

We got dressed and then headed for the door. When we got outside the hotel, she turned and quickly kissed my cheek. Then, she went one direction and I went the other.

When I got to the base, I went to the gym and changed into my running clothes. Then, I took a route that weaved through the base until I had run five miles. When I got back to the gym, I showered again and headed for the mess hall for breakfast. Once I was satisfied, I picked up my weapons at the armory and headed for the range.

When I was done at the range, I took my weapons back to the armory and then walked to the base gym. I changed back into my running clothes and settled into my exercise routine. It was important to keep my body in prime condition at all times because I never knew when I would need to perform at my peak fitness when on a mission. Since I never got enough to eat on missions, and since my only real exercise was when I was sneaking to and from my AO, I had to keep in shape when I wasn’t actually on a mission.

When I finished my exercise routine, I showered again and headed for the mess hall for lunch. I tried to bulk up on my trips through the Philippines and Thailand, knowing that I would likely lose a lot of weight while in Laos. For that reason. I really piled on the food when I had breakfast and lunch at the mess hall.

After my second trip through the chow line and feeling full, I caught a shuttle back to the front gate. From there, I walked back to my hotel. I caught a nap before heading over to the café where Zena worked. She was happy to see me, and brought a cold drink over when she came. Then, she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. “Hello my love. Can I get you something to eat?”

I realized that we must have been the only ones in the café or she would never have been so bold. PDA is highly frowned on in the Philippines, and even just holding hands can raise eyebrows. Nevertheless, here she was standing right in front of me offering me something to eat. “Maybe later,” I said. “What I really want to eat will have to wait until we are in my room.” She blushed, but didn’t move away.

I sat her on my lap, knowing that Çankaya Escort nobody else would see, and kissed her deeply. She liked it, but then she became afraid that somebody would see and jumped up, straightening her skirt as she went. “I have things cooking, so I have to get back to the kitchen. Call to me if you need anything.”

I drank the coke she had brought over to me and then grabbed a menu. It had been a while since I had eaten, so I was getting hungry again. I asked her to come over, and then I ordered some pork adobo over rice with water spinach. I also asked for a couple of more cokes and a flan for dessert. She smiled, knowing that she would be showing off her cooking skills, and walked back to the kitchen.

First, she brought out the cokes, and then she went back into the kitchen to cook. It took her about twenty minutes, and she brought out plates of food for me. I think the portions were a bit bigger than normal, but I wasn’t complaining. I picked up my spoon and dug into the food. It was delicious, and I told her so. That earned me the biggest smile I had ever seen.

She said, “I’m glad you like my cooking. I hope that I will be cooking for you a lot more in the future.”

I could tell that she was making plans for a future with me, hoping that I would marry her. That certainly wasn’t going to happen in the near future, but there was no need to tell her that. If she wanted to stick with me for multiple trips, then maybe we could talk about marriage.

I ate my dinner, and then I sat around drinking coke for the remainder of the evening until she got off work. We sat and talked whenever there weren’t other customers in the café (and she didn’t have something to do). Then, we walked back to my room. When we entered the room, she immediately went to the bed and lay down. She looked up at me and asked, “What are your plans for me Pete?”

“I’m planning to eat you and then make love to you,” I answered.

“No. I mean what are your long-term plans?” she asked.

“Oh. That,” I replied. “I have a very dangerous job that could easily get me killed every time I go in-country. I try not to make too many long-term plans. However, I will stay with you when I am here at Clark as long as you want me to.”

“You aren’t stationed at Clark?” she asked, doubt creeping into her expression.

“No,” I said. “I stay at Clark whenever I am on my way in or out of Indochina. I will be here probably two weeks out of every three- or four-month period.”

That certainly wasn’t what she was expecting to hear, and I think it crushed her dreams a bit. “This is a surprise to me. Do we have a future?”

“That depends on how patient you can be.” I replied. “I can’t get married right now. That is for sure.”

She thought about that for a bit and then replied, “I will wait for you Pete, and I will be with you every time you come here.”

“Then I will be there for you too whenever I can be,” I said. I leaned in to kiss her, and she pulled me down on top of her.

When we came up for air she asked, “How long will you be here with me this time?”

“Two or three more nights, I think,” I replied.

“Then we shouldn’t waste time, Zena said. I want you to be thinking of me and wishing you were between my legs whenever we are apart.”

“If I do that,” I said, “I will get killed.”

“OK,” she replied, “then just think of me whenever you aren’t in danger. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes,” I said. Zena leaned in for another kiss and started pulling my tee shirt up. When it came up to my armpits, I raised my arms to allow her to remove it over my head. Then, I went to work on her buttons and hooks. Pretty soon, her bare nipples were boring into my chest, and I was getting harder by the minute. She noticed, and went for my belt and zipper.

It wasn’t long before both of us were naked with her legs wrapped around my waist. My cock was rubbing against her pussy. “Is this what you want right now?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I want you deep inside of me. I want to feel the warmth when you fill me with your seed.”

With that, I reached down to place the tip of my cock at her vaginal entrance and pushed into her. “Oh,” she said, “That still hurts a bit. Please go slow.”

I let my cock slowly sink fully into her pussy until it was pressing against her cervix, and then I started a rhythm of thrusting in and out of her. It must not have hurt too bad because she was soon pushing back at me every time I thrust into her. Could there be a better feeling? I didn’t think so. This had to be paradise.

Her enthusiasm quickly pushed me over the edge, and soon I was again shooting load after load of sperm deep into her womb. She, in turn, was spasming around my cock, holding me tight as if she wanted to pull me completely into her body. When our orgasms finally ended, her body was still shaking.

“You know, Pete,” she said, “now that you have taken my virginity, I belong to you. I will give myself to you and no other. I will wait for you as long as it takes. I hope that you will be there for me when I need you.”

“I understand Zena,” I replied.

We stayed together for the next two sex-filled nights after this, and then I was off to Thailand and Laos. When I returned to Clark from Laos and Thailand early the next month, Zena wasn’t at the café, so I asked about her.

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