Fictional Fantasies Ch. 02.5


This is an additional chapter of the original ‘Fictional Fantasies’ series, which sits chronologically between Chapters 2 and 3. The chapter continues to build on the previous scenario but doesn’t include sexual intercourse, so if that’s what you’re wishing for, you might want to look elsewhere…


The following morning, instead of the physical wreck she’d expected to be, Meg was amazed to find herself feeling invigorated and energised. After a gloriously long, hot shower, she consumed a massive breakfast to replace her depleted energy reserves. Practically skipping to the first lecture, she happily participated in the writing class and took an active role in the class discussions.

‘You’re very bubbly today,’ observed Richard, one of her classmates she had met at a number of previous events.

‘Yeah,’ agreed Meg. ‘I slept really well.’ As their steps fell into synch, Meg cast a sideways glance at him. Could Richard be the man who had driven her body to such astonishing heights of pleasure the night before? Richard glanced back at her and smiled.

‘Well, I’m heading this way,’ stuttered Meg, embarrassed to think that Richard probably thought she’d been checking him out. ‘Maybe see you later.’


After an enjoyable lunch and an afternoon of workshops, Meg made her way back to her cottage. The events she’d attended had been stimulating but mentally exhausting and all she really wanted to do was completely unwind with a swim in the pool, followed by a quiet, relaxing evening. Unfortunately, they’d all been set homework, so at some point before the following morning, she knew she had to get her head down and concentrate once more.

Meandering back through the gardens after a luxurious swim and jacuzzi, Meg felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Flicking open the screen, she saw she’d received a text from an unknown number.

“Hey. I’d love to spend some more time with you again tonight. You free?”

Coming to an abrupt halt, Meg gasped and stared down at her phone in amazement. Slowly raising her eyes, she looked around but nobody was in the vicinity. After only a moment’s delay, her focus returned to the screen and she typed out a reply.

“How did you get this number?”

“Surely, you’ve worked out I’m pretty resourceful by now, Megan?” came the almost immediate response. Meg dropped down onto a nearby bench, her mind whirring furiously.

‘Prove you’re who I think you are.”

“One day, your favourite number will be five. So, did I pass?”

Meg’s hand flew up to her mouth in shock, although behind her fingers, she couldn’t help but grin at his message. Her stomach had already started to flutter and her nipples were tightening rapidly beneath her thin blouse.

“Yeah. You passed. But I’ve got homework to do tonight.”

“Perhaps I can assist? What’s the assignment?”

“To write a short story of one thousand words entitled ‘Pleasure’.” Meg grinned. Practically his specialist subject.

“Only one thousand? I reckon I can help but I’ve always preferred practical to theory. Let’s meet at 9pm. I’ll send you further instructions later.”


By ten minutes to nine that evening, Meg was sitting nervously on the edge of her bed, staring at her phone. She’d bolted down her dinner, had a long shower and then taken some time over her appearance. Although this wasn’t a date, in the traditional sense, it was the first time she’d known in advance that they were meeting and she wanted to make some effort. A little make up and a floaty dress didn’t seem like she was trying too hard. All of a sudden, her phone lit up to show a new message had been received. With an element of trepidation, Meg scrolled through to her inbox and began to read.

“Pleasure. Theirs wasn’t a traditional relationship. She knew neither his name, any personal details, or even what he looked like. But there was one thing she knew for certain; he was capable of giving her body intense pleasure. It was this fact alone which enabled her to find the strength to leave her warm, safe cottage that evening and venture out into the darkness. Her destination? An isolated lodge on the southernmost edge of the complex where the waves of the sea practically lapped the front doorstep. Standing up, she inhaled a deep calming breath and headed for cottage number fifty-three.”

Trembling from a mixture of anticipation and sexual tension, Meg carefully read through the text once more before gathering herself together and doing just as the text had instructed. Walking purposefully through the dimly lit gardens, Meg strode towards the gentle, rhythmical sound of the sea’s waves breaking on the shore. Using the moonlight to scan the beach, she noticed a cottage a short distance away, with a dim light glowing behind drawn curtains. That had to be her destination. As she neared it, her phone buzzed a second time as he continued to provide a running commentary of their unfolding story.

“As she approached the cottage, Alanya Yabancı Escort her heart was beating wildly. Cautiously, she pushed open the front door and stepped inside. The room she found herself in was much like her own, save for the sex toys on the bedside table and the faint smell of vanilla drifting through the air. If she was going to run, this would be the moment. But instead of fleeing (as all sensible people would advise her to do, by the way), she closed the door behind her. The key made a satisfying click as she turned it in the heavy lock and she knew that for the next few hours, she was his. And her pleasure was his priority. Killing the lights, she stood facing the back of the door and waited, her body already starting to prepare itself for what she knew was to follow.”

‘Right,’ sighed Meg as she walked slowly towards the front door, gathered together all of her courage and entered the cottage. Finding it exactly as had been described, she relaxed slightly and followed the instructions to a tee. Just before she turned off the lights and plunged the room into darkness, she was unable to prevent her gaze from resting momentarily on the bedside table, upon which was laid out a wide range of vibrators, handcuffs and various other paraphernalia. Refusing to worry about what on earth he had planned, Meg waited. In that dark, silent room, she was very aware of her rapidly beating pulse which seemed to be beating most strongly between her quivering legs. Suddenly, through the silent darkness came a set of slow, methodical footsteps. They stopped right behind her and Meg was unable to prevent her body’s fight or flight mechanism from kicking in, as her spine tensed and her hands clenched into tight fists.

‘I very much enjoyed reading the revisions you made to the story we played out the first time we met,’ said Jack softly in her ear. Meg shook with intense longing and anticipation at his proximity.

‘They were inspired by you,’ she stuttered.

‘I thought they might be,’ he replied. ‘I hope I can inspire you further tonight. Are you ready for us to write the rest of your homework?’

‘Yes,’ gasped Meg as she felt a blindfold being tied firmly around her eyes.

‘Good,’ smiled Jack, turning a light back on. ‘And what do you think of the story so far?’

‘It’s…very promising,’ croaked Meg, her throat dry. ‘I can’t wait to find out what happens next.’

‘Me neither. And with that in mind,’ added Jack, placing a rectangular object into Meg’s hand. ‘This is a Dictaphone. It felt like the best way for you to capture the details. Record is here,’ he explained, placing Meg’s index finger onto a raised button. ‘And press the same button to stop. Okay?’

‘Okay,’ shuddered Meg, as Jack’s fingers slowly pulled down the zip of her dress and the cool air caressed her naked back. ‘Are you planning on using any of my submission payments tonight?’

‘Let’s just see, shall we.’ As he slowly eased her dress away from her shoulders and it fell onto the floor, Meg heard him exhale deeply. ‘Do you have any idea how very desirable you are?’

‘Is that a line for the story because I’m not recording yet?’ smiled Meg, as his fingers circled tantalisingly across her shoulders, before unclasping her bra and sliding it gently away from her body.

‘It’s not a line,’ he replied. ‘Come over to the bed.’ Leading her carefully across the room, Jack halted, dropped to his knees and pulled her knickers slowly to the floor. Meg couldn’t help but pant with anticipation as she felt his warm, moist breath gliding softly across her exposed thighs. As he eased her down onto the bed, Meg was aware of being deliciously wet. What was it about this man which turned her on so immediately; so completely?

‘Lay on your stomach,’ he ordered. ‘I need you to be totally relaxed in order to maximise your pleasure.’ As soon as Meg had done as he requested, she felt the gush of copious amounts of massage oil streaming across her skin, immediately followed by the frightening capable hands of her companion. As his nimble fingers ground into her tight muscles, forcing them into submission, Meg groaned loudly.

‘Oh fuck!’

‘You’re supposed to be writing a story,’ smiled Jack. ‘You need to provide a better description than random profanities. Give me an adjective.’

‘Mmmm, heavenly.’

‘You can do better than that.’

‘Bliss personified?’ she smiled, as her body sank down down into the mattress when he began to manipulate the deep muscles of her buttocks. Over time, his rhythmic massage had the effect of relaxing Meg completely and she found her thighs naturally falling open.

‘And how about now?’ he murmured, running an oily finger straight down her spine, through the valley of her buttocks where he pressed gently against her tightly puckered ass.

‘You can’t do that!’ screeched Meg, her body starting to rise up from the bed. Jack immediately lay his body down against hers, trapping her against the bed.

‘Calm down,’ Alanya Yaşlı Escort he murmured softly, his coarse shirt the only barrier between their bodies. Meg immediately fell silent at the overwhelmingly sensuous, wholly unexpected feeling of having his weight trapping her for the very first time. The sensation made her imagination immediately start to wander into the realms of what it would be like to make love to this man; to have his cock slide deep inside her from behind. Phenomenal was the only answer that filled her brain.

‘Nobody’s ever touched me there,’ said Meg at length.

‘Never?’ replied an astounded Jack. Meg shook her head in embarrassment at the tone of his voice. ‘But you’ve written about it in your stories.’

‘That’s just my imagination. I’m sorry,’ she continued, shaking her head. ‘I’m not what you think I am.’

‘You are exactly what I think you are, Megan,’ smiled Jack, removing his weight from her body. ‘Please don’t ever apologise. Is there anything else you’ve imagined and want to try?’

‘Plenty,’ admitted Meg.

‘I look forward to assisting you in discovering more,’ he grinned. ‘Now, open your legs and let me continue.’

‘I can’t.’

‘How can you accurately write about something you’ve never experienced?’ asked Jack astutely. ‘Open your legs for me,’ he repeated in a low, encouraging voice. ‘And I give you my word that you’ll feel only intense pleasure.’

‘Is this a submission payment?’ croaked Meg.

‘No,’ smiled Jack. ‘Because I don’t need to force you to do this for me…do I?’

Barely believing she was obeying his request, Meg cautiously opened her legs as instructed. His hand immediately returned to the centre of her shoulders and he ran a single finger all the way down her spine, traversing the rise and fall of each individual vertebra. When his finger reached her ass once again, it slipped down into the deep cleft and travelled along to that illicit location. This time, although Meg’s hips twitched and shook, she didn’t fight him.

‘Oh my God!’ she moaned, as Jack began to circle his oily fingertip around the tightly clenched ring of muscle.

‘Mmmm,’ he sighed. ‘That’s better. Now, adjectives please.’

‘I can’t think,’ gasped Meg as the sensations in her body became overwhelming.

‘Try,’ he replied, slightly increasing the pressure.

‘Forbidden, shocking, wicked, wrong,’ she groaned.

‘And yet?’ he chuckled.

‘Erotic, decadent, sexy and seriously arousing,’ she replied.

‘And yet you can still hold a conversation, so not that arousing?’ teased Jack. ‘Make sure you’re recording this.’

‘I already am. But why?’ asked Meg uncertainly.

‘Because you’re about to lose control for a little while.’ As if to prove his point, leaving his gently circling finger in place, he slipped two fingers into her sticky, liquid mess and allowed his thumb to migrate further forwards to slide against her rigid clit.

‘Oh Fuck!’ cried out Meg, bucking against him, as the sensations overwhelmed her and Jack’s gently rocking hand sent extreme shock waves of pleasure coursing through her body. He continued to drive her towards the very peak of pleasure until it became clear that her climax was mere seconds away and all Meg was capable of voicing were wild, guttural groans.

‘You’re not going to orgasm yet,’ whispered Jack in her ear, as he retracted his hand.

‘Noooo!’ cried out Meg, her body, tightly coiled like a spring, silently screaming for its release. ‘Please. I’m so, so close.’

‘I know you are, Sweetheart,’ smiled Jack. ‘Roll over.’ Feeling lightheaded, edgy and seriously frustrated, Meg shuffled herself over, her body continuing to suffer pre-orgasm after-shocks. Aware of her hands being raised, she suddenly realised she was being bound together at the wrists, whilst her fingers still held the Dictaphone.

‘Why are you restraining me?’ asked Meg.

‘You ask way too many questions, young lady,’ smiled Jack. Having ensured her bindings were secure, he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it onto a nearby chair. ‘I’m tying up your hands because I believe they might otherwise try and wander, and I need you to concentrate on your writing.’

‘What about my ankles?’

‘No. You’re going to willingly submit to me this time.’

‘I am?’ queried Meg, wanting to test this man, to see if he suffered any insecurities. ‘You’re sure about that?’

‘Oh yeah,’ he chuckled. Clearly no insecurities present, acknowledged Meg smiling. ‘Now I’m going to lie on the bed and I want you to ride my face.’

‘I can’t do that!’ gasped Meg.

‘You can’t sit on the face of a nameless stranger and orgasm into his mouth?’ queried Jack. ‘I can assure you, you can. Here, let me assist.’ Having laid down on the bed himself, Jack helped position Meg so that she was facing towards his feet, her knees resting on either side of his head. ‘The floor’s all yours,’ he grinned.

‘Seriously, I…’ Meg’s complaints were immediately interrupted Alanya Yeni Escort when Jack blew against her swollen pussy.

‘I can’t reach you from there,’ he teased. ‘You’re gonna have to drop down lower to reach my level.’

‘Oh God,’ murmured Meg, as she slowly began to shuffle her knees apart and reduce the short distance between his impatient tongue and her pleasure.

‘Lower,’ he encouraged, trailing his fingertips up the sensitive backs of her thighs. ‘Come on, Megan. I’m not coercing you tonight. This is all on you.’ Shaking from his teasing touch and the overwhelming anticipation building between them, unable to see to judge the distance, she opened her legs a little further.

‘Mmmm, nearly there,’ smiled Jack, running his tongue up the inside of her thigh and causing her to cry out with desire. ‘And when you finally reach my mouth, I wonder where you plan to position me? Against your swollen, aching clit, or your tight, impatient pussy?’ Gasping, Meg realised she’d unknowingly selected the second option as his tongue made contact with her swollen, sodden lips and slipped easily through her velvet folds. A deep groan reverberated in his throat as his hands grasped Meg around her hips and pulled her weight down firmly against him, rocking her gently.

‘Jee-zus!’ she screeched, her body collapsing forwards as the intensity of pleasure overwhelmed all rational thought. Throwing her bound hands forwards to catch herself, Meg realised her hands and mouth were now resting against the jean-clad muscled thighs of the man himself whilst the naked skin of their torsos glided against one another.

As he continued to propel her towards her ultimate climax, Meg moved her face towards his groin, her cheek immediately making contact with a sizeable, solid erection, straining to escape its denim prison. Smiling to herself, she gently nuzzled him with her cheek, thrilled to realise that he was as turned on as she. The reason for her hands being bound suddenly become crystal clear. Aware of her actions, Jack immediately upped the ante, wrapping his lips around her clit, slipping two fingers into her tight pussy and driving her quickly and proficiently through her long overdue orgasm.

As a shuddering Meg tried to recover, Jack wriggled out from underneath her.

‘My turn now, I think,’ he announced, quickly flipping Meg over onto her back and fixing her bound hands to the headboard above her head. ‘I reckon you’ll collapse during this, so you might as well start off laying down.’

‘Are we going to have sex?’ breathed Meg. She had no idea what was coming next but guessed it might be him.

‘No,’ smiled Jack. ‘I think, for our first time at least, you should be able to escape, don’t you? I just need you to willingly submit to what I’m about to do to your body.’

‘What’s that?’ asked Meg, hardly wanting to know the answer.

‘If you open your legs wide for me and obey my instructions, you’ll find out,’ replied Jack.

‘Is this one of my submission payments?’

‘No,’ sighed Jack. ‘You seem very interested in those. Are you that keen for me to take even more control of you than I already have?’

‘No,’ gasped Meg.

‘Maybe next time, then?’ chuckled Jack. He then commenced a total onslaught of Meg’s body which left her a groaning, pleading, gibbering, shaking wreck. Having spent what felt like an eternity encouraging her to orgasm through the teasing, torturous use of his tongue, fingers and teeth, Jack finally sat up. Reaching across to the bedside table for the rabbit vibrator, Meg heard it buzz as he switched it on.

‘No,’ she gasped, pulling down hopelessly on her restraints. ‘I can’t possibly orgasm again.’

‘Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?’ queried Jack. ‘By the way, for the purposes of the next hour or so, I’m assuming “no” doesn’t equate to stop. If you really want me to stop, close your legs.’

‘The next hour?’ exclaimed an exhausted Meg.

‘Yeah, or however long it takes.’

‘Until what?’ asked Meg quietly.

‘Until I’m confident that you’re totally and utterly satisfied.’

‘And what if I’m already there?’

‘You’re not,’ he smiled. ‘Trust me.’ Running his finger slowly between her legs, Jack groaned in synchronisation with Meg. ‘Mmm, how turned on are you.’ It was a statement rather than a question. Gently, he inserted the vibrator into Meg and her internal muscles grasped the object tightly, preparing her for what was to follow. ‘See, plenty of fight left in you yet,’ he observed.

‘I’ll always put up a good fight,’ moaned Meg. ‘If you want someone who’s submissive, then you’ve got the wrong girl.’

‘Mmm, I’m aware of that. It’s one of the reasons I’m here, Megan. And don’t you worry,’ he added, inserting the rabbit further into her body until the vibrating ears began to push down between her sensitive outer lips. ‘I’ve definitely got the right girl. I adore a woman with spirit. Just so long as she accepts that I’ll win in the end.’

‘You may not always,’ countered Meg.

‘Oh, but I will,’ he said softly. ‘Tell me if this gets unbearable, Sweetheart. Otherwise I’m not going to stop until I break you’. Snaking the torturous device slightly deeper, Jack then allowed the vibrations to commence a relentless stimulation of Meg’s rigid and now protruding clit.

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