Family Favourites Pt. 02


See, the thing about Grace Landers is that… She is my step sister. Growing up, our parents were friends, but we never really talked. Now I know, I know, a step sister isn’t really family, but its still kinda sick. In my defense, we both grew up in different places, and after we reached our early twenties, it was then that our parents hit it off. My mom, her dad, banging like a drum set at a death metal concert. Golly. Screaming like it too. Am I right?

Would you believe that they broke my bed once. I mean, I broke it first, during the most manic experience of savagery and wild, sexual fuckery I have ever lived through. Whilst making love to my hand. Hands. Plural. How’d I manage that? We won’t get into it; thats a story for a different time. You might agree thats quite enough madness for an introductory paragraph.

You know something? She has never really been my particular kind of woman. Granted, she is a solid nine, but she ain’t exactly the most beautiful out there and I didn’t really like her personality so much. Bet you think this story is starting off pretty odd – you got no freaking idea.

Seemed to me like she was either a good actor or she really was your typical airhead dummy with bleach blonde hair and like, a thousand guys crawling around after her. Growing up, I was always determined not to be one of those guys. Show no interest, she will come to you, or something stupid and illogical like that.

Hang on, look at me, I’m bein’ rude. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Randy, I’m twenty three. I’m from Brooklyn. I work in a big, fancy hotel in New York City, you might’a heard of it; the Big, Fancy Hotel. Now, let me say this right off the bat, I’m not the best looking guy but I like to think I get by. I am one hell of an elevator boy though, that’s gotta count for something.

So anyways, the first time I really ever came into contact with Grace was about two years ago, on the day I was going for a job interview in the hotel. Now growing up, I really just saw her around school, never really got to know her. Not like I wanted to. Though the odd encounter did involve spotting her through crowds of students as her millionth boyfriend hauled me upside down to the womens toilets and dunked my head in that bowl that was always rank, for the millionth time. So, as I was saying, I’m walkin’ through the lobby of the hotel with my best three piece suit, dressin’ for impressin’, you know. I’m gettin’ looks of lust and “How you doin’?”s from women I don’t even know, and I just own that shit. In response to the looks of primal, sexual need, I simply walked and ignored. I liked it; being the object of female desire, as opposed to them being the object of mine. Which, might I add, was far more common place.

I’m shooting the smoothest “Hey”s and winks and waving at strangers like they’re my best friends. Tryna seem like a great guy for my new potential employers. I slide up to the reception desk with a click and a spin, and low and behold. What do my eyes meet at the smooth end of my on the spot spin, but the biggest pair of tatas that I have ever had the pleasure of greeting, and of course, they belonged to Grace.

I mean these things were massive, not the biggest ever, but bigger than a double d, thats for sure. See, back then there was no real strict dress code in the hotel, so long as we all had black shirts, trousers or skirts, and shoes, everything was hunky freakin’ dory. Now I could tell by the way these things strained to get out of the tightly bursting, black shirt that this woman was a danger to the general public. I mean, good God, one inhale, the slightest bit too deep, and the tension alone on that shirt would send a button flying. It would shoot that projectile button so fast and far that it would hit the old woman in the fur coat, hat, scarf, fuckin’ glasses – who was easily fifty feet to my six – straight between the eyes. That woulda been one hell of a knock out. A clean TKO. Goodness. Down she goes. The thunk would have been heard on the other side of city.

Now Grace, Christ, had at least the top seven buttons open, and it was apparent to me that this was either to ensure the safety of the poor shirt that had to be parting at the seams, or that this was on purpose. Now this was before we became a happy family. Let me tell you, I could have gotten lost in that cleavage. The line was at least twelve inches long between that rack. So, through my dumfounded musings and furious arousal because of this woman for whom I had never had the slightest interest, I hear this oddly irritating voice coming from just above this glorious pair of breasts.

“Hey! Can I help you?” At this point I was staring into the biggest, deepest brownest, doest doe eyes and I was just not responding. All my blood was somewhere else if you know what I mean. The low down part of me, that thinks far more than the high up part of me. I could sell it as a circus act!

“Hey! Randy, right? Can I help you?!” The sexual irritation in this womans voice was almost the reason for my end. It wasn’t, however. Combine the gigantic tits, bursting from both that struggling bra sakarya escort and that screaming shirt, with her huge, doe eyes and how painfully tight her thin body was and you will understand the death that I died when I saw those crooked ass teeth. Good heavens.

So she is chewin’ on a piece of gum like nobody gives a shit, and staring up at me and I am staring down at her, thinking about how perfectly positioned she is to be giving me head and blowing gum bubbles and cum bubbles at the same time. Crooked ass teeth or no crooked ass teeth, I still would. Although, I could tell that she probably had at least a thousand guys after her and I was determined to not be one of those guys. Like I said earlier on in this mad recounting of a far more mad situation. The fact that the speed and velocity of my erection growing could have knocked Graces lights out had the reception desk not been there between us was not helping my case, however. Ding ding, another TKO. Christ, the way those tits spilled out of her bra inside her shirt made me tremble like a freakin’ cartoon character. I swear you could have seen those two shaky cartoony lines that you always see in cartoons, around my shoulders as I trembled and choked on my saliva. I nearly whimpered when she blew a bubble with her gum and it popped with a loud… Pop.

So eventually I managed to tell her that I had a job interview and she called the manager out. Now let me just say that this guy was the biggest, fanciest asshole piece of rat bastard ever. Anyways, he and I got on like two old friends, I get the job and everything is history. Though it was a wonder to me, because I couldn’t think of anything else other than beatin’ off all over Graces chest the whole time. The whole time! Thats a lot of beating. Now, as I said, I hope you understand, just for context, that she didn’t exactly hit the spot with me, but Christ.

It’s been about two years as I said, and I have become quite good at asking people what floor they would like to be on and pressing the button for them. I have had to learn the vast complexities of other things too, like helping old women carry their bags and whatnot. The thing I was best at though, was checking out the thousands of fine women who happened to get into the elevator with me; it bein’ a freakin’ hotel and all. I can proudly say that I am the one guy out of all my personalities that has been in such close proximity with the most badonk and chonk and other sexy woman like creatures. My charm and charisma has become second to none, if I may humbly say so. The amount of ladies who pretend to be cheesed off and absolutely repulsed, just to hide the fact that they were all, every single one of them, wet for the elevator boy was astounding. Some few didn’t hide it though. I’ve been given numbers. Yeah, baby. Black eyes too. This one time, a sweet redhead with these tiny tits got so hot for me that she could barely contain herself as her body went into involuntary muscle contractions with the want for a piece of Randy, that she kneed me straight in the testicles. She wanted me so hard that she couldn’t control the speed, and force, with which she needed to touch my junk.

So, time has passed and I had rarely spoken to Grace, the odd time. She is actually a complete idiot, thankfully, because otherwise I would have been obsessed with her long ago, and clearly, I’m not. Now, certain changes came and went, like the fact that Miss Gracie got braces for those crooked ass teeth, and she looks quite attractive now. More or less. She has also turned twenty, about six months back. Oh yeah, anyways, one day, you know where this is goin’, my life changed forever. Her dad boinked my mom and now they’re freakin’ married! Now, Grace and I are siblings. WTF?! Livin’ in the same house?! Seeing that body and those jugs everywhere I went would do serious damage to any other guy. Thankfully, I’m impervious. Pervious. Pervy. Yeah, some damage has been done. Help me.

Now Grace has just dyed her hair from bleach blonde, to this beautiful, rich brown. Just last week. Combine her huge tits that could keep her afloat in a flood, her big, brown doe eyes, the round shape of her sometimes apparently noseless face, her perpetual red lipstick and now this new hair colour, as well as the tightness of her body, and this pretty, little thing looked like a real life Jessica Rabbit. Now I know, I know, Jessica Rabbit is a redhead but who gives a shit? The woman looks like her. I’m tryna paint a god damned picture.

So about four days ago, I had about fifteen or so minutes to the end of my delightful evening shift and through the hustle and bustle of hotel madness, I saw that woman who is now my step sister, living in the same house as me for the past six months. She was looking over at me with a grin and leaning her chin on her hand with her elbow on the reception desk that has saved her from being knocked out by a flying boner numerous times over the past couple of years. I saw her and obviously, I thought nothing of it. I thought that she was just being friendly, trying to be sisterly and whatnot. We haven’t exactly been samsun escort getting on since she moved in. Nothing at all to do with the fact that the only place now in which she is safe from instant erection sucker punches, is behind that desk.

So she was bending over and I could see that perfect ass exposed under the tight mini dress that she was wearing. Receptionists got a uniform change over the past couple of years. Her succulent cheeks were on display and her tight body was arched, and she was telling me, with a finger, an eye, and a grin, to go over to her. It being relatively quiet, and me not giving a shit that I wasn’t actually supposed to leave the elevator, especially after being in that stupid box for the past eight hours, I decided to saunter over to her. Once again, like the numerous times in the past couple years, and also over the past six months of sibling rivalry, those amazing jugs were staring right at me. I should know; I was staring right at them. Now, bear in mind that I have seen this woman in her underwear around the house. Lets just say my bed has no hope of being fixed. Still not interested in her though.

Her grin widened when I tripped iver my foot as I got up to her, and she made it obvious that she could tell that I was rock solid. My goodness, if I could have just reached out, I would have been touching those massive tits that were being squeezed together between her arms. I have always loved the way those things and other big breasts have those deep blue veins that you can just about see through the light and supple flesh. Now despite my determination to not crawl after her, I am surprised by how quickly I got to that desk. No joke. Stumbling or no stumbling.

“Hey Randy,” she said in her raspy, usually annoying and perpetually giggling voice. Now already, I was in a bad situation.

“What’s up Grace, everything good?” I managed to say between looking up from her tits and down from her eyes which happened to be watching my gaze from the moment she saw me come to her and purposely dive headlong at the reception desk. As you can probably tell, my expertise with matters of impressing the ladies has drastically improved.

“So I am going to be finished with my shift soon, like you, how’s about we go for a drink before heading home? I know a friend whose apartment is empty for the weekend. I got asked to watch her pet tarantula while she is away. The fridge has got all the slam you could want.” Now I made an attempt to be sure that I heard that right, because there is no way I could be making this up. My sexy step sister, inviting me to an empty apartment, for drinks, alone, before going home?

Inside it was like my brains had been mashed up like mash filled with sausages and pussy, and outside I was standing there, gobbling like a turkey chowing down on some grain.

“Uh… Sure…” All I was thinking was that this has gotta be some kinda joke. Obviously. Right? Where’d it come from, know what I’m sayin’? Surely we could just go home and drink? Ah, shit. My mom and her dad don’t allow us to drink at home Though they could bang like hammers at home all they wanted! Simply not fair if you ask me. I am still surprised that I managed to achieve such a basic level of cognition when all I was thinking about was getting behind that ass.

“Great, meet me outside after your shift. Don’t keep me waiting.” She stopped giggling to give me this order, now I don’t know like taking orders, but she had me wrapped around every finger and toe from the moment she confirmed that I was not, in fact, imagining things.

So, after punching a hole through the reception desk with the tip of my projectile dick, I floated back to the elevator on the tips of my toes in a daze of confusion and raging arousal. I looked back to make sure that I was still awake and that this was happening, and she nodded and giggled with a light wave of her fingers. Needless to say, I have never had to fight so hard not to jizz in my pants, especially in front of the old woman who always wore fur that had just hobbled into my elevator. Didn’t want to give her any ideas, if you know what I mean. Christ, she should have been KOd by Graces buttons two years ago.

At the end of my shift, I was trying not to run too fast out the main doors of the Central Hotel when I found Grace, standing on the side walk and wearing a thick, red coat, and holding an umbrella over her head to stop the rain from making her wet. That was my job, am I right? In her black heels and tight black dress that exposed most of her legs, this woman was just as tall as I am, and half as sexy, and she had the tightest body and ass. Oddly so, given that her tits are fucking huge. I couldn’t help but noticing that her uncovered cleavage had water droplets sitting on the pale flesh of her chest and she saw me, once again, staring at her tits. With a wide smile she greeted me and hailed a taxi. I tripped off the side walk and nearly fell into a drain as I lunged at the door, and slammed into it, in a failed suave attempt to open it for her. Smooth, right?

Once inside the car, I realised, urfa escort as she was leaning toward the driver to tell him the address of this, up till now, undisclosed location, that I had never been in such close proximity to this fine woman, who was sitting right beside me with a hand on my thigh and a pair of spilling breasts. It was obvious from the rear view mirror that the googly eyed, cross eyed driver with three teeth and more than likely no understanding of a word that Grace was saying, was looking down her blouse. Just like I was through the rear view mirror. It was nearly too much, I shit you not. I could feel her body, the shape of it, I could nearly feel how that tight waist flared out into slightly wider hips. I am almost certain that I could feel the weight of her tits alone weighing the car down. It was either that, or my cock, or probably even Pedros cock. Our delighted driver. Anyways, we took off like we were in the Formula fucking One, and she sat back, and with a big grin she adjusted her position beside me so she was sorta laying back against the car door. Needless to say, with her bare legs slightly parted I could see things I have never seen before.

In the silence of the tension that I could feel rising between us, or maybe that was my cock that I felt rising, the taxi flew around a corner, rolling head over wheels and crashing upright, to swerve and screech to a halt, up in front of a shady, tall apartment block. I swear I saw a rat dragging a homeless guy down the gutter.

“This is it.” Grace grinned. It was just about the only thing that Grace had said to me since we got into the car. My boy Pedro was stealing all my thunder as he hollered at Grace, and only Grace, might I add, in an odd blend of mexican and alcoholism. That being said, the communication and body language screamed between us, as we both ate each other up, all the way through the drive. I knew, she knew, that at the end of the day, when all was said and done, and the rush of daily life went still for just a few moments, we were both on the same path to eternal enlightenment. We were gonna fuck. Ah, the musings of a horny man.

Once inside the building, after me helping Grace out of the car, and getting into a life threating scrap to the death with that same rat who dragged a homeless man into its nefarious lair, we got to this tiny elevator. You’ll find, it is I, who am still standing. Glorious and manly, despite screaming like a sissy when the rat walked within ten feet from me. I was surprised to find myself judging the elevators looks and the way it felt. I mean what the heck is wrong with me? That job, I swear. Now I was judging the quality of elevators? I held out an arm, inviting this cock throbbing embodiment of lust in before me, to show a bit of respect, you know. Once I got in, out of pure habit I asked where she was going and I pressed the button. Now this elevator was certainly no Central Hotel elevator. That much was clear to me. It was smaller, more confined and the mirror was broken, and there was rubbish in the corner. There was also a total knock out broad standing right beside me, gagging to get her hands on me, which I still can’t wrap my head around. That was something I was used to however, the only difference is that it was real.

With a ding, the elevator door opened and I got a screaming creature in the face out of nowhere. I elbowed it off me and once again motioned this beautiful woman, with whom I wanted to get sweaty, out. To show respect and also to watch her tight, little ass. We stepped out into a narrow, dingy hallway and about two and a half doors down to the right, I saw this unattractive, chubby, middle aged man in a dirty, white vest, a pair of blue boxers and a filthy, pink, satin dress robe, just standing and smoking on a cigar. He tipped over and landed face first in the wall on the opposite side of the narrow corridor and I heard a furious scream from some poor, angry soul from the other side if the wall. The kind of angry scream that you hear in movies. After rolling over and standing back up with surprising agility, on seeing Grace he gave the slimiest grin with a nod. Thankfully we turned left, I didn’t wanna be bustin’ any heads at that particular moment. That guy got away lucky. I did want to be bustin’ on Graces head though. There, I said it. I’m sick. Its a problem.

So, we walked all the way down this corridor and the carpet, which was probably once a nice, bright red, was now a faded, dirty brown. The whole time, all I wanted to do is put my hand on this tasty womans ass. This time, I saw that screeching creature coming, and ducked as it flew at me, only I ducked right into its line of airborn attack. It latched onto my face and I had to turn into something more, in order to vanquish this thing. I punted it uo the corridor at the man who had fallen over again and I grinned at Grace who had turned around just in time to see me smoothly slide up beside her. We walked on as I heard the man and that creature locked in a screaming bout of fisticuffs to the death. At the end of the line of doors, my guess is the seventh one, Grace stopped and fumbled with her keys to open it. With a firm shoulder that wobbled her bazongas, the door squeaked open and I was momentarily blinded by her braces glinting in the full hallway light as she grinned at me and floated in. Oh boy, I knew I was gonna have fun.

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