Exploring Our Fantasies Pt. 01


I’m a lucky guy. I’ve been with my girlfriend, Stephanie, for two years. She’s a beautiful woman, a year younger than me at 28, fairly busty with firm 34 C size breasts, shapely tan, legs and a great ass. Although our sex life was good, in the coming months it was going from good to mind-blowing.

Like most men when they’re single, I watched my share of porn, but not after Stephanie. She was against it, though she said she hadn’t watched any. She never wanted me to ogle any other women, even on screen. I could understand. Admittedly, I occasionally missed the porn, but I was okay giving it up given the amazing girlfriend I had.

One evening at home, we finished watching a movie on Cinemax, and left the TV on while we got ready for bed. When we came back into the living room, the next movie was on, and it showed a couple kissing in a sensual setting; I could tell immediately that it was one of their soft-porn movies. I expected Steph to immediately turn it off, but she asked, “would you like to watch some more?” Always one to appreciate the rare nudity on my TV, I said, “sure”.

The movie had all the sensual soft focus lighting and nice scenes, which drew Steph in; soon the action got hotter and the couple on screen dropped their clothes and made love. Steph always loved romance and sensual movies, but I was surprised when the action got hotter, and the nudity became more prevalent, she stuck with it. Even when a mild lesbian scene came on half way through, Steph kept watching, to my surprise. I knew she was getting aroused throughout the movie – I certainly was myself. Before the movie ended, she was on top of me, riding my cock as we made love as the soft-porn movie ran on.

After that initial movie, we watched a few more in the next few months, with Steph getting a bit bolder in bed, and less inhibited.

After a while, Steph mentioned, “these movies are always the same, and they don’t show everything.”

?”What do you mean?” I asked.

“You get to see all these girls’ tits. All I get to see is some dudes’ asses. It’s ok, but I want to see some, you know,” she whispered, “cock.” My eyebrows raised and my eyes got big at her brazen statement. I personally would far prefer full out porn as well than the light version.

“They have those, but prepare yourself, you’re going to see everything, and I mean everything. Like cock, pussy – everything. I mean, they leave nothing to the imagination.”

“I want to see it all,” she whispered.

The next weekend – I wasn’t going to wait for Steph’s idea to get stale – I searched for another movie, and as long as we were going for full porn, I was going to get one that had plenty of scenes with my favorite fantasy, threesomes.

That Saturday, we settled in, movie in the DVD player, ready for Steph’s introduction to porn. We had our usual nighttime clothes on – me in boxers and Steph in panties and a loose tank top. I never got tired of those tank tops as they showed a lot of her tits from the side, and sometimes a tit popped out the side. Yum. Steph said, “If we’re going to watch this, I want to be like one of the guys. I want to know what you as a guy, are thinking during the movie. Let’s have it be our fantasy night to talk about any fantasy we have. I promise, I won’t get upset about anything you say. I want to know which women in the movie really turn you on.”

“But I don’t watch porn with other guys. And I’m not going to set myself up to upset you by something I say.”

“Why not? Don’t you like to talk about hot women together?” she asked. Then the thought hit her. “Oh, are you embarrassed you’ll get a hard-on in front of them? Oh!” Her eyes got mischievous. “It’s because you like to jack off to it, isn’t it? Tell me, tell me. I won’t judge you, and I promise, promise not to get upset at you. I declare this a fantasy night, no holds barred on conversation. Guys jack off to this shit, don’t they?”

“Well, since you asked, yes. They do. But not with each other. No doubt that you girls do too.”

Steph was entranced. “So you’ve jacked off to porn, Alanya Esmer Escort huh?”

“Yeah, I guess I have,” I said. “And chances are, you’ll want to too. And if you want me to talk about the movie, and you get all horny, which you will, you have to let me watch you play with yourself.”

“I will if you will,” Steph replied with a wink, eyeing my boxers and licking her lips. This was going to be a fun night.

“Alrighty then.” With that, I hit Play on the remote and started the movie. The first scene started typically with a single girl doing a slow striptease, fondling herself and playing with herself until she had an orgasm. The camera had lots of closeups of her tits, ass, and pussy, the usual. “Hey, where’s the dudes?” Steph asked.

“Don’t worry, they start a little slowly. You’ll see some cock soon”, I answered, receiving a punch in the arm from Steph. “I just want it fair,” she said.

“You just want to see some cock,” I laughed.

“So tell me about this chick, hot or not?” Steph asked.

“She’s reasonably hot,” I answered.

“Reasonably? Why reasonably?”

“She’s beautiful, but her tits are kinda small.” I figured I was safe there, as Steph’s 34-C tits were much larger than the actress’s.

Steph said, “You’re just saying that. This chick is hot, I know it. I won’t get mad if you tell me, I promise. This is our fantasy night, you can say anything. So tell me, is she hot or what?”

I said, “She’s reasonably hot, but I like big tits, especially in porn. In the real world, she’s a definite hottie. But in porn, she’s just okay to me. Even if she has a really hot ass.” I was testing the waters on that last statement.

“Ok then, thanks for the honesty. That wasn’t too hard, was it? See, I’m not mad. Hot ass, huh? I’m getting to know you better. Let’s see what we have next.”

Wow, my girl is really going to let me go on about other chick’s bodies in this movie? I’m starting to really enjoy myself, and we’re only through the first scene.

The next scene in the movie was a typical hetero scene. The actor and actress started undressing themselves, and when the actor’s pants got pulled down, his cock was erect and bounced up and out. Steph gasped. “There you go,” I said. “Now you get to see some cock.”

“Now we’re talkin’!” she exclaimed. As the actor started getting a blowjob, Steph continued, “How is it you guys don’t mind watching other naked guys? You would never look at another guy in person, but porn’s filled with naked guys, isn’t it?”

That was true. Why is that? I thought for a minute and replied, “I guess for me, it’s because it’s like I’m watching myself, or a fantasy version of myself. I’m focusing on the action, and what the girls look like, not what the dudes look like. Even scenes with really hot girls get boring quickly if the action isn’t any good.”

“I guess I get that,” Steph replied. “But you have to admit some guys, and some cocks are better looking than others.”

I smiled. “If you agree that some pussies are more attractive than others.” That should stop that line of questioning, or so I thought.

“Of course some pussies are more attractive! And we’re going to point them out to each other. And since I agreed, we also get to point out whose cocks are most attractive!” Steph squealed. Steph must have been a debate champion.

We watched for a while, the guy went down on the actress who at least acted like she had a noisy orgasm. Then the camera moved in as he slowly started to fuck her. Steph’s eyes were wide. “This is so hot. We’re way past the soft porn now.” I was happy she was enjoying the movie. After a few positions fucking, he pulled out for the money shot and came all over her pussy and torso. “Wow,” Steph said quietly.

“What did you think?” I asked.

Steph said, “It was beautiful actually. Is that what we look like when we’re fucking?”

“Of course! It’s just that we can’t see ourselves from those angles.”

Another hetero scene came on, essentially the same. Steph got a Alanya Eve Gelen Escort bit fidgety and I knew she was getting more and more turned on.

Next came a lesbian scene. This was going to be another test for Steph. The actresses were really hot, huge tits, and spent a lot of time kissing and rubbing their tits through their clothes. Soon they got topless and sucked on each others tits. I can’t get enough of those scenes. My cock was leaking precum significantly and Steph was mesmerized. Her hand was in her panties moving slowly on her pussy.

“Hot or not?” I asked.

Steph replied, “hot, really hot”.

I said, “I know. I can’t tell which one I like better. This is what I love about porn, when there’s two women with smokin’ bodies going to fuck each other.”

“This is way better than Cinemax,” Steph said.

The actresses peeled each other’s panties off, and both had shaved pussies. One laid back while the other one went down on her, and slowly ate her pussy. The camera moved in, and the rest of the scene was super close-up. “Oh my God,” Steph whispered to herself. I knew the movie was making her very horny. Slowly but surely, Steph’s hand was rubbing her clit. When the actress moved down and started licking the other’s ass, the actress bucked up in orgasm, and Steph came on her fingers too. I had a huge grin inside and out as Steph masturbated herself to porn for the first time.

“Uh oh,” she said a minute later, smiling. “I was just rubbing it a little, I didn’t think I was going to come. And then when she stuck her tongue all the way in her ass, I guess my finger went all the way in, and I came.” She blushed a little.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m glad you’re enjoying the movie,” I replied.

“What about you? How are you doing?”

I said, “That was so hot. I kept my hands out of my pants as I wouldn’t have lasted either. I’m on the verge, so don’t touch me. We’re not done yet.”

Steph giggled. “Heh heh, I can keep going.”

We paused the movie to get a drink, and Steph suggested we get fully naked. As I was off the edge now, Steph noticed all the precum leaking out of my cock, wiped it off with her finger, and licked it clean. Again, I was back on the edge watching that, but held back.

After we returned from the kitchen, she sat between my legs to continue on with the movie. I had perfect access to reach around her to play with her tits and her pussy now, and she could lean back on my hard cock.

Next was a typical hetero scene. Nice, but it allowed us to cool off a bit. Another one started, and after a few minutes of oral between the two, a second guy came into the scene.

“Oh, what do we have here?” said Steph.

Steph got so excited when the actress pulled both cocks out and gave them a double blowjob. The actress switched back and forth between the two cocks. She grabbed the guys asses to move them close to each other. Close enough for their cocks to touch. She started to slowly rub their heads together, and licking one cock, then the other, as she rubbed them together. Then she put both cocks into her mouth. Steph was entranced and was rubbing her pussy nonstop. The scene kept going, the actress kept rubbing the cocks together, licking and sucking on them both at the same time. I could hear Steph’s fingers on her wet pussy, breathing heavily. After a while the actress started jerking the cocks slowly, and still rubbing them together. I knew what was going to happen. The guy on the left started to cum, and the first spurt hit the actress on her mouth, which she accepted with a large smile. She moved the other cock to her mouth, and the second spurt hit the other guy’s cock and her mouth. The actress held it there and jacked him off harder. The second guy started to cum and likewise hit her mouth and the other guy’s cock. Both were cumming full force now. The cum was going all over the girls face, onto both of their cocks, and it was dripping down onto her tits. I put on hand on Steph’s and helped her rub her pussy. it was Alanya Evi Olan Escort wetter than I’ve ever felt it. I held her tit with my other hand, and seconds later she erupted into a huge orgasm, moaning loudly. I was so close myself.

“That was so fucking hot!” she exclaimed when she started coming down from her orgasm.

Steph turned around and knelt between my legs and put her tits around my cock. “Your turn. Fuck my tits” she said. “I want you to cum all over them.”

I was floored, as Steph had previously been pretty much into cleaning my cum up with tissues as soon as possible, and she never seemed to really enjoy it. Now, she is talking openly about cum! I so wet with pre-cum that there was plenty of lubrication. I knew I wasn’t going to last long either. Then Steph said “but if you come on my tits, you’re going to have to lick it off”. Apparently the look on my face suggested I wasn’t expecting that. She continued, “You like to lick anything off my tits, you know it – chocolate, whipped cream. Time for a new flavor to lick off.”

She had me there. “Not to mention my favorite, pussy-flavored nipples,” I said. True, I love dipping my fingers into her sopping pussy, rubbing them all around her areolas, and licking it off.

“Okay then. If you’re going to taste your cum, wouldn’t it be best to get if from these tits right here? Are you? Are you going to lick it off?” she asked. She was blowing my mind, and all I could really say at this point was “uh-huh”, as at this point, I was past the point of no return. There was absolutely no way I was not going to cum now, and after the movie, and Steph talking so nasty that it was going to be epic.

“C’mon baby, cover my tits with your hot cum. Make a giant mess. Let’s see how much you got in there”. She wrapped her hand around my cock and firmly pumped it. “Oooh, it’s sooo hard and sooo wet!” Myself and my cock couldn’t take anymore and I started pumping the jism. Steph quickly leaned down to get a mouthful. “Mmmm…it’s so good. You’re going to love it,” she said. What got into my girl?? I was still cumming and she moved to catch it on her right tit, and then her left. It was a glorious mess. I looked down to admire all the cum on her tits. It must have been the most I’ve ever cum. Steph rubbed the cum all over both her tits and coated her large areolas with it, so they looked like a glazed donut.

“Come and get it while it’s warm, baby. No backing out now”. Steph climbed in my lap and put her tits in my face. She grabbed her right tit, leaned down and sucked my cum off her nipple. Then she took more cum from her cleavage and recoated her areola. “Lick my cummy tits baby, it’s sooo good.” I was transfixed about Steph’s transformation into a cum lover.

Steph put her left nipple in my mouth and for the first time, I tasted my cum on her tit. I was still so turned on I licked her yummy areola and as I love to do, filled my mouth with her tit as much as I could. She didn’t let me have too much time with it, as she moved back and rubbed her other cummy tit all over my mouth and face. If I could have cum again, I would have, it was so erotic and naughty.

“Do you like it baby? Do you like licking your cum off my tits? Isn’t it warm and yummy?” I had a mental orgasm right then for sure. Steph then leaned down for a kiss. She still had cum around her mouth. We then shared a long, cummy kiss as we came down from our erotic high.

A few minutes later as we were lying together, I had to bring it up. “So you wanted to talk about fantasies, eh?” I asked. “I think you have a fantasy about two guys and a girl!”

“I guess I do,” Steph answered. “That was so fucking hot!”

“And since when were you so much into cum?”

“There was so much of it in all those scenes, and all the girls seemed to love it. I had no idea I would be seeing all of that. And then when the two guys came together, it made me sooo hot, I just lost it! I had to have your cum all over me, and to taste it with you. I can’t believe you licked it off me too. I love you for doing that!”

“I got just as turned on as you,” I admitted.

Steph asked, “Does that mean you would do it again?”

“You know I would do anything for you. I might not do that every time, but yeah, I would probably do it again,” I replied.

“Yeah, I think you will,” Steph said, with a naughty gleam in her eye.

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