Eve’s Erotic Escapades

Big Tits

Young, innocent and inexperienced!

What did she know? Pretty much nothing!

Often her thoughts surrounding any sexual act would have her hands find their way around her body and stir up many exciting and thrilling feelings. In the safety and privacy of her bedroom she would play with herself, experience the electric surges and excitement and hope no one would walk in on her, or catch her in the act.

“Oh the shame, or the excitement!” she thought mischievously!

She knew she wanted to experience what she felt within, it would be mind blowing. Orgasmic really!

Years passed, marriage and kids, yet the promise, and her thoughts of what good sex was all about, remained elusive. Perhaps she didn’t think along conventional lines. She’d often wondered if what she’d experienced was in fact the full extent and supposed enjoyment of carnal pleasure.

Surely it couldn’t be!

There had to be more!

Needless to say frustration filled years, made for a sexually frustrated and unhappy woman, which inevitably led to a divorce. However, this threw open the doors to all her previous erotic and sensual thoughts, fantasies and imaginings.

Oh the time she’d wasted!

Although Eve was, and still is highly flirtatious, at times her aloof and guarded demeanour still makes its appearance, perhaps at the most inappropriate occasions, which consequently halts her innately provocative kittenish self from play.

But there was no time like the present to take the plunge. And she did!

Filled with both a sense of raw excitement and a little nervous apprehension “Eve” joined a dating site. It was not your typical “man meets woman looking for a husband/wife and live happily ever after kind of site.” You get the picture! She wanted to experience the depth of her fantasies as well as the raw sexuality she knew existed somewhere out there, and within her. After all, if books were written about the subject, and films made; surely these things existed. Right!

Thinking back now, her naiveté portrayed in her profile had been so apparent, yet she’d been blissfully unaware. Easy pickings, fresh bait but that’s a story for another time, for today the meeting with a stranger… Esenyurt escort

Mind you, are we not all strangers before we meet!

So began her journey. The messages had flooded her mailbox, admittedly she was taken aback she’d had absolutely no idea this would happen. With a pounding heart, nervous energy yet filled with an absolute sense of daring excitement, she read and scrutinised both the messages and profiles very carefully. There were a few that she highlighted, and kept in her “hotlist.” However, for now one in particular she decided to pursue.

After several messages and exchanged numbers and chats, the meeting was set up. They’d agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner and see where the remainder of the evening would lead. Eve is petite, with beautiful long brown hair, exuding an ethereal quality about her. She enters the restaurant looks around taking in her surroundings. The ambience delicately inviting, low lighting, soft music playing and seating a little different to the conventional and typical restaurants. There are a few couches with coffee tables, as well as tables and chairs. She steps forward and tells the waitron she is meeting a friend. He ushers her towards one of the couch section and the gentleman stands up. He’s rather tall, well built, chiseled features and light brown hair.

“Eve” wearing a knee length little black number, and being summer, no stockings showing off her lovely smooth legs. The high-heeled sandals showed off her beautiful and delicately pedicured feet. She noted “James” undressing her with his eyes. She relished the attention.

They both extend hands to greet each other

“Hi, Eve,” he says, “what an absolute delight!” as his other hand cups her hand and he draws her a little closer.

“Hi, “James”, she smiles, “so nice to finally put a face to the name,” she says in her husky voice.

“Eve” likes a nice firm handshake, not bone crushing; there is nothing worse or more off-putting than a wimpy limp supposed handshake.

They were seemingly off to a good start!

They both sat down, and every now and again his hand would linger longer than necessary on either her arm or her hand.

The Esenyurt escort Bayan conversation flowed easily and animatedly; they ordered drinks although she doesn’t drink alcoholic drinks. They proceed to order their meal, and the conversation lends itself into every aspect, from politics to fantasies. And the two of them spend much time exploring each other’s personalities. It’s also plainly obvious the chemistry was altogether present.

During this time, James became more daring, pushing the sexual boundaries and often stroking her thigh, which in turned provoked a warm stir in her crotch and made her even wetter. Several times he leaned into her kissing her full on the mouth, as one hand slid up her back, and the other a little higher on her thigh. She offered no resistance, to his kisses, in fact she enjoyed them responding willingly. At this point they were both trying very hard to control their primal urges.

They were after all in a public place!

Keeping their hands off of each other was becoming increasingly difficult. She was so wet and only too ready to have him ravish her completely. The bulge in James’ pants was visible and hot to the touch. Given the low lighting Eve could not ascertain whether in fact there may well have been a pre-cum patch. She smiled inwardly.

With that, they both agreed they’d enjoy coffee back at his place.

She got into her car to follow him, just then her nerves began playing up, she seriously considered turning back and heading home; that guarded demeanour wanting to play truant! But at the same time, he’d stirred a raging fire within, and she knew what she wanted.

She’d hardly stepped through his front door, he grabbed her, pushing her up against the wall and devouring her. His kisses were hot, passionate and intense, and his hands were everywhere, on her breasts along the contours of her hips, grabbing her ass and slipping a finger into her wet pussy. The fire had been stoked; they were both consumed with this raging fiery voracious sexual appetite. She was so wet, dripping and throbbing.

Trailing somewhere from the front door to the couch, she’d lost her shoes, dress along with her underwear. She realized Escort Esenyurt that he too was completely naked, and flaunting his huge cock. She found herself laying on her back, legs spread apart, and his mouth pleasuring her pussy, so lost in this moment, loving and enjoying every stroke of his tongue, as he teased and pleased her. Licking her pussy lips, flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue, as gasps of pleasure escaped her lips. Moans resonated within the room and the pleasure continued unabated.

He traced each nipple, then lightly pinched them, each time a little harder followed by a squeeze to each of her breasts. In the excitement she pushed her pussy harder into his mouth, and he ate hungrily, as he pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, then back to flicking her clit. He continued tongue fucking her, then moved and concentrated on her clit as he slipped a finger into her wet swollen pussy and began stroking her g-spot. She was no longer aware of anything, other than the uncontrollable sensations within her. She placed both her feet on his shoulders raising her hips and pushing her pussy harder onto his face and finger as she held his head.

Her breathing quickened as her body began to tremble, then from deep within her pussy she felt an electrifying pulsating feeling, she wanted to pull away due to the intensity but he bore down, taking her to point of no return. She screamed, her body shook and the pulsating feeling in her crotch exploded sending electric like pulses darting like heat seeking missiles along every sinew of her body.

He rammed her pussy hard, sinking his cock into her depth and each thrust deeper and harder, everything within her screamed for him to stop as the intensity was beyond anything she’d experienced before, but he didn’t. He knew what he was doing. Just then another explosive surge within her and the same time he shot his hot load deep inside her. They both collapsed, her body shivering her head spinning from the intensity of the climaxes and they both lay there spent.

She’s almost certain she had this radiant glow mixed with a silly grin plastered across her face. James’ eyes looked a little glazed over, two sensual bodies glistening in the candlelight, and breathing heavily.

Time for that coffee!

She had no idea of the time, and before she knew it, he was making moves for round two. Oh Eve was definitely in her element, what a night!

She was certainly not about to turn this down!

Stay tuned for the next instalment…

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