Eating Candy, Sipping Brandi Ch. 02


I ask indulgence while I take a moment to recap the first part of this story that relates to my Encounter with Candy.

Maybe I need to relive it in my mind for selfish pleasure or as a means to keep the cherished memory from fading away too soon. Perhaps I need to tell it because at times I still cannot believe it really happened to me.

The first time I had sex with Candy was incredible for a few reasons. She was without a doubt the most beautiful woman I had ever been with up to that point in life. That has since changed however and she is now officially tied for the position.

I felt honored to be the first person to ever perform oral sex for Candy and only the second to bury his cock in the lush pink folds of her amazing pussy.

The desire and raw lust I felt for Candy made the sex intense and knowing that our fucking was essentially a handshake that sealed a secret deal between us in which we would work together in effort to make her free from torment,made it all the more intimate.

When we finished fucking and I pulled my lifeless cock from Candy’s lush pussy, our combined fluids oozed from her pink tunnel.

Unimpeded by her now gaped and swollen labia, the sex juices followed the law of gravity, pooling briefly on the tight bud of her anus before dripping onto the table of my nook. This signified the ink and our signatures of our contract.

In the weeks that followed as I built the addition to the home she and her husband Grant owned, Candy gave me her body for sex any way I wanted, as often as we could manage to meet in secret.

In exchange for this “anything goes” sex with Candy I helped extort over ten thousand dollars from her wealthy and abusive husband Grant, so that she and her daughter could flee from him.

I overcharged Grant excessively for materials and labor as I constructed the addition. Their twenty three year old daughter Brandi, who also lived in the home, was not made aware of the extortion or the plan at first, for her own safety.

Once my work was complete, Candy used the extorted money to leave the country. She procured new identities for herself and Brandi to make it more difficult for Grant to find them. Because Grant has considerable wealth and resources such precautions were necessary.

The real surprise for me however was yet to come and began to take form just two days after I started the project and the third time I had sex with Candy.

I had not yet been properly introduced to Grant and Candy’s Daughter Brandi. I had only seen her in person once, very briefly, when Grant had walked me to the door after our initial meeting. Brandi had entered the door and nearly collided into me. She then apologized quickly and dashed down the hall.

When I came to work on Wednesday morning Grant and Candy had already left for their jobs, but Brandi was still at home. I needed to tear down two walls of the walk in closet in her bedroom in order to form one larger wall for the addition.

I had been told by Grant several days prior that he would have Brandi remove her belongings ahead of time. I went to find Brandi because the closet was still full of her stuff and holding up my progress.

I met Brandi coming out the front door of the house as I approached it from the side yard. She was wearing tight yoga pants and a halter top, both of which revealed a figure even hotter than her mothers. She was apparently on her way to the gym.

Candy had essentially cloned herself when she gave birth to Brandi twenty three years prior, evidenced by the same striking blue eyes, raven black hair, and overall exotic beauty that makes one think of sex just looking at either of them.

I knew from discussions with Grant that Brandi, had moved back home after getting pregnant while attending her first year of college. Soon after her return however she lost the child to miscarriage in the fourth month of pregnancy.

A couple years had passed and I saw no evidence of the tragedy as I took in the vibrant, athletic, gorgeous young lady before me. Brandi looked like a younger slimmer version of Candy with longer hair and slightly larger and impossibly firmer boobs.

I introduced myself to Brandi and felt arousal stirring in my loins when our hands met. I had difficulty keeping eye contact because her nipples were erect from the morning chill and poking into the fabric of her top demanding attention.

My cock was swelling quickly which made telling her about the closet, or anything else, difficult because I couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything but doing everything I had been doing with her mother, to her.

Brandi offered a smile when politely returning her own introduction and offered an apology for the closet situation once I had explained it. She assured me that Grant had not said anything to her about it, however she was willing to empty it right away.

I was bombarded with several emotions at once as Brandi and I were having this conversation. The tight fitting yoga pants and halter top she had on made it haramidere escort evident her gym work outs were paying off.

I felt my cock swelling and stretching my jeans, while my mind was fighting to stop it. Part of me felt guilty and like a dirty old man due to the huge age gap between us. Another part of me wanted to re live my youth even for a little while and screw the brains out of Brandi’s pretty head.

I noticed as we talked that Brandi was not just extremely beautiful and sexy but smart as well. I sensed she was a deep thinker and had wisdom far beyond her years.

Not only did she speak articulately while demonstrating an extensive vocabulary, Brandi also chose words that expressed her thoughts most exact and efficient. This skill allowed her to use fewer words than most people need when trying to express themselves and I admired this ability.

I offered to help Brandi move her things from the closet thinking she would most likely decline due to shyness. To my surprise she accepted and we got started right away. I was trying my best not to stare at her firm ass and large round tits as we worked together and was failing more often than not.

Brandi’s closet was large even for a walk in style but cramped with two people inside trying to carry heavy crates of books. We occasionally bumped into each other as we worked to empty the closet of it’s contents by placing them in the far corner of her bedroom.

Each time we were close, I could smell the scent of soap and the shampoo Brandi had used in her long dark hair. I enjoyed these light fragrant scents as opposed to smelling women (or men ) who douse themselves with gallons of perfume or cologne making most people gag.

I enjoyed working beside Brandi despite being erect the entire time. I felt we bonded in some way as we emptied the closet of her wardrobe and several stacks of books.

There were times that I found myself with arms full of lacy things that caused my cock to ache and throb as it strained against the fabric of my work jeans. I imagined how Brandi would look wearing the items I held or slowly removing them to expose her young sexy body.

Brandi didn’t seem embarrassed when I handled her various undergarments as I moved them out of the closet. Nor did she show any indication that she was aware of my erection that made a distinct outline in my pants.

I found myself feeling youthful as Brandi and I talked about anything and everything comfortably. We laughed a lot and seemed to agree on most subjects we discussed.

At times I playfully teased Brandi about silly things like the number of books she had stashed or her taste in some of the titles. She took the teasing in good spirit and generally had a clever retort to return. Once we were finished removing everything from her closet I began the demolition of the two walls.

Brandi stayed in her bedroom and watched me work, often asking questions about demolition or construction procedures. Good questions, which she posed quite intelligently, making my assumptions of her deep thinking ability ring true.

When I went home that evening I realized how absurd it was for me to be attracted to Brandi so strongly. I had flirted with, and ogled this woman who wasn’t even half my age. Then there was the fact that I had secretly been screwing her mother in every way I could think of just the the evening before.

Of course I continued to fantasize about Brandi and stroke my cock each night until it exploded, especially on the days that her mother didn’t visit me. Then there were times I would fuck Candy while pretending it was really her daughter Brandi I was hammering my cock into.

Then things started to change but I didn’t put it all together at first. Brandi suddenly started spending more time at home than the gym. Most days she would be watching me and asking questions about whatever I was working on.

Brandi seemed to have an interest in my tools, asking how and why certain things worked. Each day I would try to teach her something new mostly because I was showing off due to her flattery

Brandi was clever and occasionally slipped in a personal question while asking work related questions causing me to give information I didn’t realize I was giving.

Once the skeleton of the addition rooms had been framed I had to go up into the attic above Brandy’s bedroom and work on the ducting for the heating and air conditioning units.

I had removed the venting and registers to the areas and rooms needed. I was installing new ducting above the restroom when I saw movement below through the hole where the new register would go to heat the bathroom.

I watched silently as Brandi entered the restroom and peeled off the tight Yoga pants and top she had put on that morning to wear to the gym. I could see the nipples atop her huge, round, globes that hung like ripe fruit just below me.

As Brandi turned to get in the shower stall I was presented with a nice view of içerenköy escort her pussy for a few seconds. It was long enough to note that she kept it shaved completely smooth and free of all hair. I could see the inner lips of her pussy were long and bright pink, hanging down lower than the larger outer folds.

I was so excited that any guilt I might have felt went away faster than it came. I slowly unfastened my tool belt and set it down quietly. Then I dropped my pants and took hold of my cock and stroked it slowly.

I moved to the left as far as I was able until the wall stopped my progress in order to get a better view of the shower doors. My luck was on a roll and despite the frosted glass I could see the form of Brandi’s nude body as she washed herself.

At first I wanted Brandi to finish her shower quickly and step out of the stall so I could see more of her as she dried herself. That changed as I watched her take the shower head with the hose attachment from it’s cradle and lower it to her pussy.

There was no mistaking her intent, even with the frosted glass shower doors, Brandi clicked the shower head to the pulse/massage selection then guided it to her pussy. I heard small whimpering sounds as she used the pulsing jets of water to stimulate herself.

I stroked myself faster due to excitement and ended up blowing cum on the attic wall very quickly. I had erupted much sooner than I intended and could only watch my jizm dribble down the wall to the floor while Brandi continued to use the pulse spray on her clit and surrounding pussy flesh.

Minutes later I was rock hard again and able to time my second orgasm to Brandi’s first. I had to grunt quietly as I squirted more goo onto the wall and attic floor while Hearing Brandi’s whimpering noises become moans that she was clearly trying to minimize.

After we individually gained our composure to some degree Brandi shut the water off and stepped out of the shower and took the towel from a nearby rack to dry off with. I was growing erect once again just watching this erotic young woman as she dried herself off.

Before coming into the bathroom Brandi had gathered a set of clothes to wear after her shower. She had placed them on a shelf and having now retrieved them she proceeded to get dressed.

As Brandi put clothing on I was able to stroke a third and final cum load from the bottom reserve tank of my balls. I watched it shoot from my cock in convulsive squirts and splash the wall once more.

As I watched my man chowder start to slide down the wall for the third time, I couldn’t help but feel naughty in the most wonderful way.

I looked one last time at the worlds most perfect ass before Brandi pulled her jeans up to cover it, then quietly worked my way back to the attic access door in the hallway.

As I was cleaning up and putting away tools for the day Brandi came to the side yard where I was and offered me a cold beer. I accepted and we talked about progress on the addition as well as some needless chit chat that I assumed was just her way of checking in.

I stood there looking at this Goddess and almost screamed in a primal display of frustration at the clothing which now covered her perfect female curves and hid from the world what feminine perfection looks like. Perhaps I was becoming obsessed with Brandi.

It was that day that I made a decision in my mind and I felt sadness as I drove home. I knew I had to distance myself from Brandi emotionally because I would go insane if I didn’t. Although she didn’t know it yet, she would soon be leaving the country and I would never see her again.

I was being a foolish old man to think such a lovely young lady like Brandi cold possibly have any desire for me physically. We talked daily and flirted shamelessly but that didn’t mean she desired me sexually.

Besides, it wasn’t like I was desperate for sex because her mother Candy and I were screwing more in one week than I had done in the previous ten years.

The next morning I went to work with the resolve of pulling away and detaching from Brandi in every way possible. Something quite different occurred however and it began soon after I arrived.

I was walking the perimeter of the new addition I had been building, something I often do on my projects. It’s my time to inspect and think about what I need to do in order to maximize efficiency as well as look for any safety hazards or vandalism that may have cropped up.

I was near the corner of Brandi’s bedroom where she and I had placed all the stacks of books from her closet. There was a small space where a new wall was partially built and once finished, the old wall was going to be removed. Somehow a few books had fallen into the gap between the walls.

I retrieved them and intended to return them to the stacks once I went inside the house. One caught my attention right away because it had a locking mechanism that apparently had been damaged, possibly when it had fallen.

Upon innovia escort further inspection I realized it was a diary that I had stumbled upon and the name inside indicated that it belonged to Brandi. I then did something I’m not proud of, I went straight to my truck and hid the diary under my seat. I had to know what was inside and I intended to return it just as soon as I had time to peek at it in private.

I stayed busy all day and as luck would have it Brandi left in a hurry mid morning with a quick wave in my direction and yelling something about running late for something or other. I left a little early that afternoon and rushed home to snoop in Brandi’s diary.

Most of the entries in Brandy’s diary were the usual stuff I expected to see. A cute guy was checking her out at the gym, She hated her father for always being a jerk, that sort of thing. It was near the end of the diary starting on the day she and I cleared out her closet that the interesting entries began.

My jaw dropped in disbelief when I started reading the things Brandi had written about me in her diary. She definitely had noticed my erection that day, as well as several other times.

Brandi also wrote diary entries about the times she would masturbate in bed or in the shower while pretending I was doing things to her sexually with my cock or tongue.

I couldn’t believe this gorgeous young woman thought about me this way. Why didn’t she have a boyfriend? Or several of them for that matter? I began to wonder if this was all some kind of joke and the diary had been placed there for me to find?

There were short fantasies written about the two of us having various types of sex in which I was dominant but not overly so. It was more like I was teacher and Brandi was my student in the sex scenes just as I was teaching her about tools and carpentry.

If what I read was true, Brandi was not only nuts about me, she wanted me to teach her how to fuck. I masturbated countless times as I read her diary that night and considered making copies but didn’t.

The next day I went to work slightly later than usual so I would arrive after both Grant and Candy had left for work but Brandi had not left for the gym yet. That was the case since the only car in the parking area was Brandi’s.

Using the new entrance door I had made on the additions new bedroom I went past Brandi’s room and found her in the kitchen making herself a cup of coffee. I placed the three books I had found on the counter between us with her diary on top.

Brandi was about to ask if I wanted coffee when her eyes dropped to the books and she excitedly blurted out, “Oh my gosh, where did you find these? I’ve been so worried and looked everywhere. I thought Grant had taken this.” She picked up her diary as she said the last sentence.

I didn’t bother answering because I knew the only question that really mattered was coming any second and sure enough it did. “Did you read it?” Brandi asked as she looked up and our eyes met.

I answered the question with a question by asking if the words she had written in her diary were true or not? This caused her to repeat her question more loudly and we just stared accusingly at each other for several beats.

“Of course I read it”, I almost yelled, “Now tell me if it’s true or some joke your playing on me.” I commanded as my eyes stared hard into Brandi’s. Then a sad desperate look washed over her eyes and her posture sank down and inward.

I walked around the kitchen island and wrapped Brandi in my arms apologizing profusely as I did so. Her face was buried in my chest when she mumbled something I couldn’t quite make out. Pulling away I asked her to repeat it.

“Yes it’s true, all of it but I didn’t think you would ever read it”, Brandi blurted as tears began falling from her eyes. I pulled her back to my chest and hugged her tight in my arms. I panicked when I felt my cock begin to stir.

Brandi looked up with questioning eyes and I kissed her softly at first then gradually with more intent, forcing her lips apart with my tongue and thrust it in until it found hers and they began to dance together.

I felt The spikes of Brandi’s nipples poking into my chest and my cock was fully erect and her hips were pushing inward making our crotches rub together. I asked Brandi if she was certain this was what she wanted and she nodded her head yes.

I was still hesitant so I asked her exactly what was it that she wanted from me? Brandi spoke softly as she responded to my question saying,

“I have never been taught about sex by anyone and I don’t know how to do it. My mom is as confused as I am because Grants abuse is all she knows. I don’t want Grants advice about anything ever. The boy in college who took my virginity was not only drunk but it was his first time too.”

I stopped Brandi by interrupting and said I knew about the pregnancy and miscarriage. Se looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked what I was talking about? I told her what Grant had told me and Brandi shook her head adamantly saying it was not true.

I came home because Grant stopped my funding as a way to punish and control my mother when she wanted a divorce. I wanted to share the plan Candy had made for their escape but I kept my silence. Instead I asked Brandi to continue telling me what she wanted from me.

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