Driving Jackie Ch. 02


The weather outside was cold, the gloom of the day and wind blowing further enhancing the effect of the temperature. Although not too unusual for an early December day in western North Carolina, I am a warm weather person, and I am amazed that the first drop in temperature from a nice, lazy fall to the winter is often so dramatic. Fortunately for me, I was in my climate controlled garage, assembling the engine that would be going into the 69 Camaro that was my current project.

The Camaro was parked next to Jackie’s Chevelle, now in mid stages of its own restoration to former glory. I had finished with most of the body work, and the car was in primer awaiting paint and then the rest of the drivetrain and interior would be refurbished. Jackie had moved in with me last August and in that time, had allowed me to do more of the work on her car without the former protests that I shouldn’t be offering her my services without compensation. She had come to the realization that my philosophy of cars was that the machine deserved to be made whole again. I respected her desire to do this as her time and funds permitted, but I did the work for the challenge and the feeling of doing something right, not just to make points with Jackie. She now allowed me to work on the car as I found time and desire, but she still controlled the direction of its restoration. I enjoyed my time in the garage, and since most of my potential clients were gearing down for the holidays, December was usually a time of rest and time for personal projects for me.

Jackie and I had been casual friends before our trip in early June, me on business and Jackie coming along to do some sightseeing and exploring the country on her own. We had found a comfort with each other before this time, but it had developed into much more during that week. When we returned, things became much more personal between us. In the time between our return from Kansas City and the time Jackie moved in with me, I started taking her to lunch once or twice during the week when I was in town, or she would stop by my place after work a few nights a week. The evenings together soon became overnighters and Jackie started leaving some of her clothes at my place so she could go straight to work in the mornings. It didn’t take long to see that living together would be more convenient for each of us. Jackie would also be able to save the rent she was paying and put it toward her goal of purchasing a home of her own.

Friends had seen us together after we got back from our trip, and by the next week’s car cruise, everyone seemed to know that we were now ‘together’. I guess that even guys will gossip and spread the word, probably as much as women will. Of course, the way in which it happens is generally different. Women will say “Don’t they make a cute couple. I knew that they would end up together.” Guys, on the other hand, will say something like “Have you seen the hottie that Steve is banging?” Regardless of how it happened, everyone started seeing us as a couple.

Jackie would be home soon, the afternoon was progressing into evening, although the hour was hard to discern with the gloom of the day outside. She had received a promotion at work, now supervising a group of 4 chemists and a dozen or so technicians. The pay was better, but the responsibility was greater and at times so were the hours. That had been 2 months ago and after the initial period of adjustment, her workday was now back to the usual 8 to 4:30, generally home by 5. I was looking forward to her return, I found that I missed her during the day. It was a little strange to me, before we knew each other, I was not particularly close to any women. That is not to say that I did not like women, I just did not have much time for relationships, and the women I had seen in the past found my less structured life and work schedule difficult to adjust to. I had a reasonable, although infrequent, sex life, but did not find it a problem. I have never liked the term ‘fuck buddy’, but I knew several women in town who fit that description pretty well. I could call any one of them, usually on short notice, we could go out and have a good time, spend the night together and each go our separate way in the morning. No regrets, no apologies, none of the emotional baggage that too often tends to screw up an otherwise perfectly good relationship.

With Jackie however, I was finding it difficult to maintain that kind of relationship. I would rather be with her than without. I missed her during the day when she was working, and on the times I was out of town for an extended period, I really wanted to get back to be with her. She felt the same way I did, and I had to wonder if this was just the newness of our relationship or was it love? In any case, that is something we would have to work out in the future.


I heard the engine of the Challenger as Jackie pulled up to the garage. Since her car was in pieces, she was driving that one, although I had Escort bayan offered her the use of the 2007 Silverado pickup I used for daily driving around town.

“Are you nuts?!” had been Jackie’s reply. She looked good driving it, and had started referring to it as ‘her’ Challenger now. I had noticed the way her reference to the car had changed, but didn’t say anything.

Jackie came in the office, and I met her there as I wiped my hands to greet her.

“Dam, it is getting cold. I probably should have worn pants. This skirt lets the wind blow up my legs too much!”

I gave her a hug and kiss, commenting, “You need something to warm up your legs.” not even thinking she would assume anything other than pants or stockings.

“Do you have anything in mind?” she asked with a grin on her face.

With a flash of understanding, I realized what she had in mind, and offered that I might be able to provide some warmth to her cold legs.

“Let’s go into the house where it is warm.” Jackie suggested.

“It is warm in here, why go back outside if you don’t have to?” I interjected.

Jackie raised her eyebrows, but a big smile formed on her lips as she started removing her coat. I move to lock the door and turn out the lights, I did not want any wandering visitor to interrupt us. Turning Jackie to the couch, I had her lie down, and then pulled up her skirt, flipping it above her waist. I pulled down on her panties, and then ran my hand between her legs as she moved them further apart to give me better access. I knelt down and after a few little probes with my fingers, I moved my mouth into position and started licking the cool flesh of that pussy. It did not take long before I had it warmed up and the juices flowing, Jackie was moaning, urging me to keep giving her my tongue. I had a grip on her thighs and used the leverage to pull her legs further apart, getting a good angle to reach her hard clit with my probing tongue. By now, we each knew exactly what to do to excite the other and soon Jackie was moaning as she pushed back against my tongue thrusts to stimulate each of us.

I stopped long enough to ask if she was warmer, and almost shouting, Jackie said, “Get back to work and don’t stop until I come. I’ll let you know when I am warm.”

Guess I will have to keep at it. I could tell she was enjoying the feel of my mouth and tongue on her wet pussy, the sounds coming from her were getting louder and more intense. I knew from experience that she would come long and hard, with her muscles tightening and then trembling as the orgasm washed over her body. I knew that once she started to tense, there would be little to stop the wave of pleasure, and I realized that point was soon approaching.

Once she started that internal growling I had come to know well, I stopped licking the lips and concentrated all my attention on her hard little clit, providing the maximum amount of oral stimulation I could. Jackie had reached the point of no return, and was humping back against my mouth, and moving her ass in circles at the same time, wanting to get the most contact with my tongue she could. After what seemed like a longer time than normal for her, Jackie started to come down from the high to just lie there with minor tremors passing through her body. I continued to lick and suck, but slowly and gently, allowing her to come down easily.

I asked if she was warm enough now, but she said that although she was warmer, she was not as warm as she would like.

“What can I do to get you warmer?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Playing along, Jackie responded, “Stick your cock into my pussy and see if you can generate some friction there.”

Friction, yeah that’s the answer, I thought. Moving up to my feet, I pulled Jackie off the couch and bent her over the desk, dropping my pants and took the cock, which had been hard and straining within those confines the entire time, into my hand as I guided it toward the wet and dripping hole between Jackie’s spread legs. She had turned her head to watch and urged me on. “Give it to me. Hurry up, I want to get warm. I know that sliding it in and out will do that for me. Give it all to me, and then pump some of that hot semen into my pussy. What are you waiting for?” Actually, I wasn’t waiting for anything. I gave a short thrust to get things started then pushed in hard and fast. Jackie groaned at the sensation, feeling me in her pussy for the first time today. I was going to make this a memorable fuck, and held her hips tightly as I was ramming my hard cock in and out of the pussy displayed before me. Jackie was moaning and shuddering as my grunts increased. I started with long slow strokes, but as my anticipation grew, the speed and force of my sliding cock started increasing over the minutes I was slamming my cock into her now hot pussy. I had been waiting all day for this and the pent up sexual tension I was feeling was about to be relieved in a single Bayan escort massive explosion. I felt the familiar tingling in my balls, and I could almost sense the movement up my cock as the impending climax was moving too slowly for me, but it was relentless and I soon found myself spurting my hot come deep into Jackie’s waiting pussy. She felt it as well, and was trying to coax more out of me as she started her own second orgasm.

“Oh my God, here comes another one! I feel it, keep it in there, I want you to fill me up. Give it to me baby, I need that cock inside my pussy. Don’t stop, fuck me harder!”

I was doing my best to keep stroking hard and fast, but the effort and the feeling within my cock was making it difficult to remain standing behind her, I found myself lying down on her back and holding onto her as we both came together then lay there enjoying the feelings as we started to come down.

After a few minutes of this, I slowly pulled out and asked Jackie if she was warm enough now.

“Much better.” she replied, still lying across the desk.

“So, what are we going to have for dinner?” I asked, kidding her a bit. Jackie was a good cook and she usually did the duties in the kitchen. My own culinary skills were seriously lacking, so Jackie did the cooking more for self preservation than anything.

“What’s for dinner?? You just fucked my pussy raw, and now you want me to stand in front of a hot stove and cook you dinner?? You’re taking me out tonight, buster. No crap, get your coat!”

I laughed, and went to find my coat. This was a game we played and each enjoyed the friendly back and forth. As I stated, Jackie was a good cook, and since she started doing the cooking around here, I had become healthier. My usual junk food diet had been replaced with one that was better suited for nutrition, and the biggest advantage, for both of us, was my increased stamina, particularly in bed. Jackie had retrieved her panties from the floor and put them back on, then added her coat. I asked where the car keys were, but Jackie had them in hand and told me she was driving, adding that the seat was set properly for her in her car. I know she was busting on me with the ‘her car’ statement, but I let it pass. We were both in a good mood, and dinner out would be nice. I also knew that once back home, we would find other pursuits in the bedroom before going to sleep.


Friday would be Jackie’s 25th birthday and we had reserved a dining room in a restaurant in town for a small party. It wasn’t going to be anything fancy, just finger food and open bar, we had invited a number of friends from the car club and fellow employees from Jackie’s job. Since the weather had turned cold, the Friday night cruise at the burger joint had ended, so this was an opportunity for us to see some of the people we might not run into on a regular basis. Jackie wasn’t sure she wanted to advertise her age, but I convinced her she need not worry about age, it was only a number and she was not old enough to be worrying about such things yet. Besides, I told her we would be going away to a Caribbean island for the following week as my present to her. Jackie had put off vacation earlier this year to get up to speed with her new position, so had 2 weeks she needed to burn or lose them. The thoughts of warm, sunny tropical beaches and cool drinks were incentive enough to convince her to enjoy the party and look forward to the following week. The fact that the temperature had dropped another 10 degrees did not hurt either.

Despite her concerns, Jackie enjoyed the party. We had asked that no one bring gifts, just come and hang out with us for the evening. We saw some friends we had not seen since the summer, and I met some of Jackie’s colleagues I had not known before. The evening turned out to be quite pleasant without becoming a huge production that Jackie initially thought it might. We were home by midnight, confident all had a good time.

Lying in bed, Jackie thanked me for my thoughtfulness to give her a party. She was sitting atop my crotch, her pussy impaled on my stiff cock. She was gently rocking back and forth, just enjoying the feeling of our union. We often spent time like this, using the experience to wind down from a hard day and to just talk together. When we were both in town for any time, we would take our time, making love slowly and leisurely, working up to our eventual climax. We discussed a lot of different things, and somehow the closeness and intimacy helped us to see things more clearly.

I was lying on the bed, feeling my cock move slowly within Jackie’s warm and wet pussy as she rocked. After a few minutes of this, I was getting very relaxed, although it might be hard to understand the stimulation of my cock as relaxation. Jackie then asked, “I want you to come shopping with me tomorrow. I need to get some things before we go away.”

Kidding with her, I answered, “You just need someone Escort to hold your purse while you try things on. And, just what do you need to buy for a week in the islands. A couple of t-shirts, some shorts and a bathing suit are all you will need.”

“That’s not true. Besides, you do such a fine job of holding a purse. You are a natural. And, how many women do you know who can consider going away without going shopping? was the answer.

I was kidding with Jackie, and she knew it. I had a tough time saying no to her anyway, but even more trouble saying no when she was riding my cock. I am pretty sure she knew that as well. Playing the game a little longer, I replied, “I’m not sure. I think you have just about used up your credits for me to hold onto your purse. I could be out in the garage getting something productive done instead.”

Jackie picked up her pace, moving her hips faster, increasing the sensations on my cock. It was now moving in and out faster and deeper than before. Jackie smiled as she looked down at me, saying “How many more credits is this worth?”

Giving in to her query, I replied “At least one shopping trip’s worth. But, how long the time in the mall lasts is still up in the air.”

“Then I guess I had better get moving.” Jackie picked up the pace even more, squeezing her pussy muscles around the shaft that was buried inside her. My cock had become well lubed during the previous 30 minutes we had been slowly fucking, but now it needed no more help in sliding further in and out, doing so with a sloshing sound each time it bottomed out inside. Jackie was starting her climb up the hill to climax, and I was acutely aware of just how she would crest, and just how hard and fast the ride down from her peak and then back up to another intense orgasm would be. I had been rubbing her thighs and moving my fingers slowly along her breasts as we talked, but now I grabbed her hips and forcefully pulled her onto my straining cock. She was grunting with the exertion and I joined her in my own efforts. The gasps and whimpers she was emitting became a low moan, helping me build to my own climax. Jackie tensed and froze, but I continued pulling her onto my hard rod, determined to get every inch into her depths. She was still sitting there locked in place as I did the work, but her eyes were closed and her voice tried to express her pleasure, but once again, she found it impossible to force the words past her lips. I was on the edge of my own climax, and watching Jackie shudder in pleasure, her tits bouncing as her stiff torso moved under my control, I was soon lost in my own explosion. The jets of hot semen filled the pussy that had been stroking my hard tool, and soon the wetness was running down onto my balls. I stopped jamming Jackie onto myself, instead just pulling her down onto me and holding her tightly. After lying there for several minutes, breathless and exhausted, Jackie asked, “Was that good enough for a whole day at the mall?”

She knew the answer without asking, but I replied, “Absolutely. Maybe even 2 days!”

Jackie laughed, and we each just lay there holding each other for quite a while before parting and going to sleep, thinking about the day ahead and then the week in the tropics.


We got up early the next morning, well as early as we could drag our butts out of bed after a long session of making love last night. We enjoyed a long session of soap and scrub in the shower, ending only when the hot water started to run out. Jackie had given me a quick hand job, and then I returned the favor, fingering her to climax as she squeezed my still semi hard cock between her legs as I stood behind her. Now we were in the kitchen, me sitting at the table in my boxers as Jackie cooked waffles for us both. She had not dressed, just thrown on a short robe that was not tied and short enough for me to get a glimpse of her nice ass as she moved around the counters. Each time she turned to talk to me, I could see her tits jiggling under the robe that really wasn’t doing much to cover her up. Jackie had never been particularly self conscious about showing me her breasts, and now that we were living together, she often wore little or nothing in the house. I surely wasn’t going to complain about that.

We talked as we ate, Jackie telling me just what she would need before we went away.

“I will need at least 2 bathing suits. I don’t want everyone to see me in the same suit every time I go out. And, can you imagine if someone else has the same suit I do?”

I couldn’t see the logic in that thinking, but wasn’t about to argue. I knew women better than that.

“Well, if you just need a couple of bathing suits, I don’t expect to be out that long.”, I responded.

“Just a couple of suits?? I will need some new summer blouses, maybe a skirt if we go somewhere nice, maybe some sandals to match the outfits, sun glasses, and a new bag…”

I was sorry I asked. I think I would have been better off not knowing. Still, I was determined to make the best of the day and wanted Jackie to get what she needed. I also was thinking that she might need to renew her shopping credits sooner than I had originally thought.

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