Dreams Can Come True


Hi, my name is Dirk. I’m pretty average guy, who is a courier for the county I live in. I not married just a single. I don’t date much, I do flirt with the girls on my route, but other then that not much else.

A lot of the girls on my route are married, but this one girl on my route is sooo hot I couldn’t help but flirt. Her name Alisha. She’s been married for a long from what I heard, had two kids, and was kinda a homebody. But I just couldn’t help myself. I flirted for months and months with her, but she never really gave me any kind of sign. I wanted to be with her sooo bad, but I just didn’t think she’d go for it.

Well after about a hundred tries, I had finally kinda gave up. But then one day I was at one the stops I delivered to and was talking to this girl named, Nellie. Nellie was like a really good friend and she knew of my feelings for Alisha. Well I walked in and Nellie started motioning me over.

“Hey, Dirk what’s up?”

“Notta. What about you?”


Nellie motioned me over closer into her office.

“What’s up with you and Alisha?”

I was kinda dumbfounded because there was nothing going up between Alisha and I. So I was a little confused. I hadn’t really talked or flirted with Alisha in about a week or two. I sat down in a chair next to Nellie and began to listen to the gossip.

“Well, Alisha and I talk as you Dirk. Well she said about a week and a half ago you just stopped talking to her and was acting mean to her.”

Well I had stopped the causal talking and not been by her office in awhile. I had not been mean, just standing my ground.

“Well I have stopped talking to her, but god Nellie I haven’t been mean to Alisha.”

Nellie lend back in her chair and began to smile. Rubbing her chin, she began to tell me her thoughts on this matter.

“I think Alisha likes the attention, and now that you’ve stopped she’s starting to feel like… I don’t know, she’s starting to notice she might have feeling for you. She’s noticing that she’s feeling a little empty.”

I was shocked, Alisha had always said, things like, “I’m married.” But she always had this little smile as she said it. I didn’t really, think this was happening. Nellie was telling, me how Alisha, cared? I was stunted. Nellie laughed as I was setting there freaking out. Nellie continued to explained that Alisha ad always secretly, held something in her heart for me.

I could handle it anymore.

“Your telling me Alisha, loves me?”

Nellie laughed out loud.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say love, but I think she’d definitely not shoot you down if you tried again to get with her.”

I was stunted, I was trying to get my head together. Nellie pulled me by the arm and started to push me out the door of her office.

“Go Dirk. Go on she’s waiting for you.”

“Yeah right Alisha’s waiting for me.”

Then the look on Nellie’s face and feeling I was getting said it might not be a bad idea to hit the road to Alisha’s stop.

The whole drive up all I could think of was Alisha, but then it hit me. Nellie could just be playing with me. I decided to check up on this little feel Escort bayan Alisha had for me. I called Nellie before I got to Alisha’s stop and told her to call Alisha and tell her if she even wanted another chance if she was for real she needed to show me some kinda sign. Nellie asked confused.

“What kinda sign?”

“Anything Nellie, just use your imagination.”

With that I hung up. I really didn’t know what kinda sign.

I got to Alisha’s stop and entered through the back door like always. Dropped off the first package, then head toward Alisha’s office to pick up stuff across from her. The door to her office was open, but I didn’t hear anything. I peeked in and there wasn’t anyone there. I went to my drop off spot and there on the basket hung a sign, “Dirk come to the storage room, I need you take some things, to the next stop.”

I almost fainted when I saw the sign. I set my stuff in the basket so I wouldn’t forget it. I then moved to the back of the building, there on a door back to itself was the word “Storage” on a mounted sign. I opened the door hesitantly, The room was about the size of a normal bedroom. I could hear movement, and I called out.


“Dirk back here.”

I shut the door behind me and I moved toward the back of the room. There was Alisha standing looking at me, she wore a nice black dress about down to just below her knees, not tight, but well formed to her body. She looked at me then began to move forward.

“What do you want from me Dirk?”

I did not know, I felt very deeply for Alisha, and I did want to be with her physically, but I didn’t want to say, ” I want to fuck you Alisha.” Before I could even answer she lend forward and kissed me deeply. I had the feeling of her, pulling me into her through her mouth. I felt my cock beginning to come alive very quickly.

Alisha pulled away and looked deep into my eyes. Her face was framed with light brownish black hair. Her Hispanic background showed in her eyes even though her hair lacked the jet black coloring. I lend forward to kiss her again, but she pulled back more.

“Do you love Dirk?”

I didn’t know how to answer that, I didn’t know what she wanted. Then I remembered what Nellie had said. Alisha did not love me, but she felt something, so I began to play on it.

“I do not love Alisha. I care for you. I want you, but I do not love you.”

The look on her was shocked, but then as I moved forward to kiss her, she did not move. She began to breath very heavily while we kissed. I could feel her arms begin to wrap around me and embrace me. I too began to embrace her, but my hands slowly moved down to hold her ass .

She made a little sound I can’t begin to describe, as I squeezed her tight well rounded firm ass checks. Her tongue began to lash around my mouth even faster. She began to kiss at my cheeks and move to my neck licking and sucking. I was very glad I had shaved that morning, the skin of my neck was very sensitive, after a good shave. I could hear Alisha moaning softly, while kissing my neck. I moved my hands around to the front of her body, I gently rubbed the mound of her pussy, Bayan escort through the cloth of her dress, I could feel warmth radiating from her pussy.

She pulled back quickly and looked very flushed. The neck line of her dress was low but not low enough to show tits. But the skin of her chest that was normally light sandy tan, it was now red.

“We can’t… you know. Not all the way…okay?”

Alisha words kinda struck me as odd, I thought at first if we did have sex then what just kiss. But Alisha set on the edge of a large box, and began to lift her skirt. I knew what she wanted the moment I saw the black curly hairs of her neatly trimmed pussy. She looked at me then down at her pussy. I lowered myself to between her nicely shaped legs, her feet were exposed through the sandals she wore. Her little bright red toes nails, made me want her even more.

I looked into her pussy, thick outer lips, and a nice bit of black hair just above the rosy red clit that just barely peek out of it’s hood. I just pulled the clit hood back with, my thumb. She quivered, as I moved closer to look at her clit, now fully exposed, bright red like her toes, and standing completely erect. I guess it stood about a quarter inch, the hood hid it well. I breathed heavily, on her clit and she let out a deep breath she must have been holding. I gently kissed the clit, breathing in deeply the moist warm wet smell wayfaring up from her pussy. Even through the outer lips the smell way intoxicating. I pulled away and using my thumbs opened the lips the reveal a smaller redder set of lips. I looking at her pussy, then up to her face. Her head was tilled back and her mouth hung open as if the feel of my body so close to body was like heaven.

Lick lend my head do even lower and extended my tongue, to probe the area just between the pussy’s bottom and her asshole. Then slowly as I could I licked up into her pussy. It was hot! Hotter then I think I had ever felt, on a girl. I could taste the juices of her body as they leaked into my mouth. That was now try to cover and suck her while pussy at once. I continued the lick up over her clit, and she let out a deep loud moan.

I began to circle the clit gently touching her body lightly as I could with my tongue’s tip. She began to let out little quivering moans. I did my very best to eat her pussy to the best of my skills. After about five minutes, she began to try and pull away. I knew she was close to cumming, I was not going to let her go that easily. I grabbed around to her ass and pulled her pussy even closer to my mouth. She tried to object but I keep up the motions of my tongue.

“Dirrkkk…no! Stop it… feeeels tooo good!”

Then I felt the gush of hot liquid jet into my mouth. I drank until she could hold still, and there was nothing left to come out of her pussy. The taste was a mix of pee, and…I don’t even know, but it was making my cock leak, like a sift. I needed something, but I had never thought of Alisha, sucking cock.

I stood and began to kiss her, but she put a firm hand on my chest.

“What are you doing?”

“I was going to kiss you. Do you not like the taste of Escort your own pussy?”

“Yes, but don’t you want some relief Dirk?”

With that she stood and began to lower herself to her knees. I quickly, pulled out my now fully erect and leaking cock. She took it in one hand and began to kiss the precum off the tip. The feel of her soft hand, holding my cock and the little sucking kisses were driving me crazy. I knew I wouldn’t last long after she engulfed it all.

“Oh Alisha…I’ve wanted you since I first saw you.”

With that, Alisha, inserted my cock deep into her moth. The warmth and wetness made me moan out loud, which in turn caused Alisha to suck and lash tongue around my cock even more. Alisha tried to talk to me around the cock in mouth.

“I never told you but, I saw you when they were training you. I wanted you bad!”

After about three minutes Alisha had taken me in, I began to cum. I thought she would pull away or just spit it out, but she began to try and swallow my cock even more. Only a bit of cum, leaked out of the corner of her mouth. She licked it into her mouth as she stared deep into my eyes. She licked me clean and put my cock back in my jeans, and zipped me up. She stood and turn back to the box she reached to the far side and handed me a pair of black cotton panties, wet and smelling strongly of her pussy.

“For you.”

I took the panties in hand and looked at them, then up at her. She lend in and kiss me deeply, the taste of my own cum and the taste of her pussy mixed, and began to make a exotic sexy taste. She pulled back and turned to pick up a package.

“Here is the package you need to take to, Dora. The panties, are for you, when you need me.”

I stood there stunned was that it, were we going to do this again?

“Well Alisha, when can I see you again?”

“Silly. Dirk you’ll see me tomorrow.”

I smiled greatly, thinking of the pleasure of her body again, but then she said something that blew me away.

“Dirk, not that. You’ll see me just like you have for the past few months.”

I was crushed. I would have dragged the pussy eating out for twenty minutes, had I known we’d never be together again.

Alisha reached out and gently, touched my face.

“Dirk we can’t do this too often. People will begin to think things. I’m not going to leave my husband and kids. I care about you, and want to be with you, but I had a life before I meet you. I can’t just abandon my family. I well find away to see you!”

With that she gave me a soul shacking kiss, and pointed toward the door, motioning for me to go. Before I left, she did ask for my number, and told me to be prepared at anytime, to get together. I smiled and left the room. I got my stuff and left to go to the next stop.

Before the end of the day Alisha, had called on my cell phone and told me that I was great, better then she had had in a long time. I found out that she had gotten pregnant at seventeen and had to marry the guy. She told me that if we had met before she was pregnant she wouldn’t have given me the time of day. But age and experience had taught her that, even though she was married, one lover on the side who understood the situation could be very, very fun!

I learned quickly, just within one day of having a dream come true, that if I did as I was told, and stayed cool I could Alisha for a long time.

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