Doug and Diane Ch. 03


Sarah found Diane sitting alone in the lunchroom on Monday morning. “Where have you been? I called and you didn’t pick up your cell. Did something happen with Mark this weekend?” Sarah quietly asked Diane.

“Yeah, you could say that…” Diane whispered. “It didn’t go as I thought it would. Mark was…I guess I should say, Mark is a lot different with his frat brothers than he is when it is just the two of us.”

“Was he mean to you? Did he put you down in front of them?” Sarah asked with a bit of anger.

“No, it wasn’t that at all…he was very nice, or never mind, but…I don’t know how to say this…” Diane hesitated, “Can we go somewhere a bit more private?”

“Sure, let’s go out and sit in the bleachers.” Sarah replied.

All the way out to the bleachers Sarah kept glancing at Diane wondering what the heck went on this last weekend. Diane had always been rock solid and no drama queen, so whatever was bothering her must have been something bad…or something good. When Sarah thought about whatever might have happened her pussy gave a twinge and felt herself getting wet. “Easy now,” she thought, “it might not be like that…but what if Diane banged the entire fraternity…stop that!” Sarah quickly stifled her lascivious thoughts and changed the subject. “I didn’t have the weekend away, but Bobby came over after my parents went to bed on Friday…we didn’t get much sleep until Bobby left around 5 AM.” Sarah giggled. “Too bad he is not exactly hung like a horse…” Sarah sighed. “but he certainly is good with his tongue…”

“Your parents never heard you two? I remember when you were making out in the back seat a few weeks ago. Mark had to strain to hear the radio when we went out to the beach.” Diane laughed.

“No, I guess Bobby thought of that as he had me face down with my face buried in the pillow all night…I guess that’s tmi…” Sarah giggled.

“Now I’ll have the image of your ass sticking up in the air stuck in my head…ugh!” Diane responded with a wry grin. “But, thanks for distracting me from this last weekend, let’s sit up near the top in the shade.” Diane pointed.

After settling down with their backs to the wall, Sarah swiveled to face Diane. “OK, Spill it…What happened? Did he rape you? Make you have sex with all his house mates? Did he cheat on you with some coed bitch? What?”

“Nothing like that…or perhaps something like that. I have to tell you something in absolute confidence. You can tell no one, I need you to promise.” Diane stated firmly as she stared into Sarah’s eyes.

“Sure, c’mon Diane, you know me. We have never betrayed each other and we’ve told a lot of things to each other.” Sarah replied with feeling. “Tell me and your secret is safe with me.”

“OK, here goes…you know Doug, well Friday after school he dropped by and…well, some things happened…I mean, we had sex.”

“What!” Sarah exploded, “the chess club nerd? I know you two were friends growing up, but good lord, he is the king of nerds. What was it, some sort of charity event?”

“I know. At first it was. He found out I let Mark take my cherry and he was really disappointed since we grew up together and I guess he thought it should have been him, so because I felt sorry for him, I let him see me…naked.” Diane said quietly. “But when I saw the tent in his pants, I guess you could say, I went from reluctance to eagerness…I asked him to show me his. Sarah, you would not believe the size of his dick. It’s huge.”

Sarah stared at Diane, “Let me get this straight, you are going out with a hot college guy and before your ‘boyfriend’ came over to pick you up you were getting naked with another guy. You slut! How big is it? 7 inches?”

“Actually, I measured it. Almost 9 inches! How big is Bobby?”

Sarah laughed, “Nowhere near that, maybe 5? I found myself wondering if he still was in me Friday night, but that’s not what matters…I keep telling myself that, sorry..did it hurt?”

“At first, a bit but I got used to it…really used to it…why didn’t I get used to it earlier?”

“Because you are not some sex-crazed slut who cheats of her boyfriend.”

“I know, I know. This has been bugging me all weekend.” Diane moaned.

“You better believe it should bug you. You cheated on Mark, Mark the stud, Mark the college guy with the class nerd??? Really? What were you thinking?” Sarah spurted.

“That is not what has been bothering me.” Diane quickly said. “Let me tell you the entire story.” Diane went on to describe the two hours Doug and she spent Friday, pointing out the intensity of her orgasms and how she actually passed out after the last one. “When I woke up when Mark rang the doorbell, I panicked thinking I must have been a mess, you know, down there, but I think Doug got a wash cloth and cleaned me up. Thank God he did because when I answered the door wearing just a robe, apologizing for not being ready it sure would have looked bad having stuff running down my leg.” Diane said quietly.

“You mean cum running down your leg…I still cannot believe that his cock is duran izle that big. Were you sore? I am not sure I could handle anything that big, especially after Bobby.” Sarah giggled. “You need to invite Doug over some afternoon when I am there. Not that I don’t believe you, but I need to see for myself.”

“I know. You have no idea what a surprise that was. I assumed I would give him something to go home and jack off to…or perhaps I did that too.” Diane laughed, “but that wasn’t really the issue. Mark came up to my room when I was getting dressed and, well, sort of took me against the dresser. I could barely even feel him and his cock is not small by any means, but compared to Doug’s…Mark even mentioned that I wasn’t as tight as when we first made love. I cannot say, but it seemed like he realized, or must have known that my pussy had been recently used…I cannot even think straight right now.” Diane moaned. “I mean, I was really wet…really wet, and definitely a bit stretched out. This might explain the rest of the weekend.”

“What about the rest of the weekend? We have just half an hour before chem lab, so spill.” Sarah replied.

“So, um, after Mark came, I told him I needed to shower now and went and cleaned up. We were late getting to his frat party and I’d never seen anything like it. I’ve told you his house is huge, but there were so many cars and people there we had to squeeze through…must have taken us ten minutes to get to the back porch to get a beer, and I am sure at least 10 guys now know my cup size and how my ass feels. They sure are not shy. We got a beer and Mark proceeded to try to track down his buddies and we found then in the game room downstairs getting fairly high.”

“Did you smoke some weed?” Sarah asked

“Didn’t need to, the smoke was so dense that within 20 minutes I definitely had a good buzz. I was sitting on the couch watching the guys play pool, and Mark was pretty much owning it so I talked to own of his frat brothers, Edward, who was constantly checking out my cleavage. I don’t know why Mark made me wear the red top…”

“The one you can’t wear a bra with? That is almost see through, I mean totally see through.” Sarah said.

“Apparently, it was a hit with the guys since Edward spent most of the evening looking down and Steve on the other side kept reaching across my chest to grab chips. My nipples were definitely making a statement and Steve brushing across them didn’t help matters. I decided that it was getting too close down there so I started to get up but they grabbed me and asked where I was going. I told them I needed fresh air so Edward said he would go with me. Steve started to get up, but I saw Edward give him a dirty look and he sat right back down.”

“Edward said we should go to the garden since all the roses are in bloom and it really smells great there. I was staggering from all the pot so Edward put his arm around me to steady me. I thought at first it was very gentlemanly, but when I felt his right hand cupping my breast I remembered where I was. He led me to a bench and it really was nice there. The roses did smell nice and the cool air felt great. I took the last sip of my beer and asked Edward if he could get me a refill since I was a bit nervous with him sitting so close.”

“Tell me you didn’t sleep with Edward also…not 3 guys in one day.” Sarah interrupted.

“No!” Diane slapped Sarah on the arm. “I may be a slut, but not that much where I’ll sleep with a guy I’d known for 30 minutes. Anyhow Edward came back with the beer and sat next to me and asked me where I was going to go to college and other things about high school. It turns out that he is a really nice guy and wasn’t going to spend the evening trying to get me out of my clothes. However, he was apparently obsessed with my breasts since he kept glancing down. I slapped him playfully and told him to keep his eyes up here – pointing to my eyes.

I’m sure he blushed, though it was dark, and said. “Sorry, Mark was so right.”

“What do you mean, Mark was right?” I asked him

He replied “Mark came back a few weeks ago from being with you and we grilled him, he told us he had the best sex of his life. That Diane, you, had the most incredible body and perfect tits. I asked him what made them perfect and he told us that your tits are huge with giant puffy nipples and grow about a quarter inch when you get excited. You have legitimate D cups without any sag at all. Sitting here with you and seeing those nipples sticking out like they are now…”

I looked down and sure enough…I should have worn a bra. It was made worse by the fact that the moon was directly overhead – my nipples were like sundials, moondials I guess, and it was like I was wearing nothing at all. I covered my breasts with my arms and told him that he’d better go take a cold shower, or he’d better find relief with one of the cute coeds around since I am with Mark…though I was bothered that everyone there knew everything we had done. No wonder they were all ogling me.

Edward told me he doesn’t want any eli roth presents my possessed pet izle other girl there and was happy to be just sitting with me.

I laughed and punched him, and said “don’t drop stupid lines on me. They won’t work.”

Edward pouted and said, “I know, it sounds like a line, but I swear it’s true. I’m not saying I’m in love with you or any other bullshit, I just think you are the most sexy, stupendous girl I’ve ever seen and I just want to drink you in…I would never sleep with one of my brother’s girlfriends, though that doesn’t hold true for others in the frat house, I just like to look and be near you…that sounds kinda stalkerish…” He laughed.

I was flattered, but he had to be full of shit.

“Are you kidding, look at yourself.” Sarah said. “I’m no lez, but if you wanted me to, I’d do you in a flash. No way was he full of shit. I’d do you now to prove it if you’d let me.” Sarah laughed.

Diane laughed, “Thanks, I’ll keep that in the back of my mind, you never know, I might just have to take you up on that since apparently men are not really to be trusted. Anyhow, back to the weekend. I told Edward that was all very flattering, but I should go find Mark. We went back in and I really was aware of every guy staring at my nipples sticking out. I’ll never wear that top again. Mark was no longer in the game room, so I wandered around turning down quite a few offers, batting hands away…gads, what a bunch of pigs men are! Sorry, I finally found Mark out front bringing my bag in.

When he saw me he dropped the bag and said “Where were you? I looked everywhere and with all these horny guys here, I was thinking the worst.”

I told him I needed air after all the smoke in the game room and he seemed busy holding the table. I went outside with Edward who showed me the rose garden, and apparently all the guys were horny because he blabbed about our private life.

“You know guys and how they have to get all the details – it was no exactly a secret that we were getting together right after you turned eighteen…but Edward! I’ll bet he showed you the rose garden, what else did he show you?” Mark was angry.

I snapped back at him that he was the one who left me to my own devices and since I knew no one, what the hell was I supposed to do? Go up to his room and dutifully wait for him?

He instantly calmed down and said he was sorry and that Edward and he have a bit of history.

When I asked him what kind, he told me that a year ago, Edward’s girlfriend came into his room saying that Edward and she had just broken up and rather than drive home, could she sleep in his room. Mark didn’t think much of it, but in the middle of the night he felt something warm on his cock and found her lips wrapped around his cock. Mark told me that he tried to stop her, but then he shrugged, saying “I’m only human” and pretty soon they ended up screwing the night away. He tried to apologize to Edward, but it pretty much caused the relationship to sour. That was a year ago, though and he thought Edward had gotten over it by now.

I told him that Edward wasn’t over it but didn’t try anything and we just talked.

“Anyhow,” Diane continued, “we went back inside and I told him I was pretty tired and wouldn’t mind going to bed…though I don’t need to tell you I was pretty ready for Mark’s dick after all the attention.”

Mark said he had to get something in the game room so we went down and saw most of the party was already done and being 3 in the morning, just a few of his brothers were crashed out on the couches. They started teasing him about leaving me alone, and one of them, Steve, I think, said “Let’s see those tits you said are the best you’d ever seen. I’ll bet they’re not even real since they have no sag at all.”

I put my arm across my chest and expected Mark to come to my defense. “You’ve seen enough, I saw you looking at her earlier, and trust me, they are real.” One of the other guys strode over to Mark and sneered, “I’ve got 100 bucks that says they are fake.”

I begged Mark to let it go and let’s go up to bed, but Mark looked thoughtful and said he’d take that bet and turned to me and said, “Take off your top, it isn’t like they haven’t already seen most of your tits anyhow with that tight top. It’d give them a thrill and we’ll take his 100 bucks.”

I really wanted to get out of there…you have no idea what it was like…a room with 10 drunk, horny guys all staring at you like a piece of meat.

I started to back away, but Mark pulled me back and whispered to me “Just show them your tits and we’ll get the money and go up to bed…this is not going to turn into a gang bang, trust me.”

I was mortified and must have been beet red, but I pulled my top up and over my head, felt my breasts bounce free and my nipples get rock hard in the cool air. The room went completely silent as right at that moment the song playing just ended and I couldn’t even hear anyone breathing. Mark said, elite izle “There, see? These are real.” and stood behind me – cupped my breasts and bounced them up and down with a slapping sound. Then he pinched and pulled on my nipples…it was so arousing Sarah, you have no idea.

The guy who made the bet, I don’t remember his name, said “No so fast, we have to check for scars.” And came over to me “I’m not just giving you 100 bucks without full verification.”

He proceeded squeeze me and stroke my nipples…I thought I was going to cum right there, but then he got real close and pushed my breasts up…I guess looking for scars and then pulled my nipples up and let them go. I know you already think I’m a slut, but I let out an audible groan and found the other 9 guys taking turns squeezing and pulling my breasts.

I saw Mark take the 100 bucks and wink at the guy and realized this was a set up. I was it a total haze with hands now rubbing my pussy through my blue jeans and mouths sucking my nipples. It wasn’t long before they weren’t rubbing my pussy through my jeans, but my bare pussy…which was dripping wet, no idea how they got my pants off. Fingers were probing me…everywhere…and I started cumming and my knees collapsed and fell to the floor on my back wanting all their cocks in me…God I really am a slut.

“You really thought Mark set that up? Why would he do that?” Sarah asked.

Think about it. ten guys, $100. He wanted to show me off, didn’t mind the money and the ten guys each chipped in 10 bucks each to get a show. I feel so stupid and used. Anyhow, back to the night. I was on my back with my legs spread and ten really horny guys.

Just when I felt a guy on top of me, I heard Mark “Ok, ok, that’s enough, get off of her. The show is over.” and pulled the guy off of me who was trying to pull his hard cock out of his pants, then pulled me to my feet. He handed me my clothes and said, “Get dressed and let’s go upstairs.”

All the guys backed off, but looking at them, I knew they were really in need of relief…you should have seen all those tents in their pants! Scary, but part of me wanted to take care of all of them. I’m not sure if I hadn’t gotten high off all that smoke and had a couple of beers whether I wouldn’t have just run screaming, but even now remembering it, I feel just a twinge of regret.

“Twinge!” Sarah laughed, “I’ve got a lot more than a twinge right now, I’m going to have to change my panties. I would have done all of them, what an erotic set up. Did you really leave?”

“Yes, I got dressed…and as aroused as they all were, no rapists among them…damn!” Diane laughed.

Sarah joined in and both were laughing uncontrollably holding each other. When they got control of themselves, Sarah said wiping tears from her eyes, “Go on, let’s skip chem lab, I need to know what else happened. My night with Bobby seems really pedestrian compared to your weekend…I hope it gets even better…so you went upstairs and fucked Mark’s brains out…why plural? Wouldn’t the phrase be brain out? Never mind, go on.”

Diane laughed, “Yeah, I guess it is because guys think with their dicks so they have multiple brains. Yes, we went up and got into bed and Mark had his head between my legs and his tongue inside me immediately. His face was slick since I was so wet. I cannot tell you how many times I came…it was mind blowing. Finally he stopped, climbed over me…I saw his cock pointing at my wet pussy and teased me by pushing gently against me, over and over. He was looking down at me as if daring me to beg for it…which I finally did.

He pulled back and slammed his rock hard dick all the way into me so hard. I never thought he would pound me so hard – almost like he was angry, then he came with a loud groan not caring whether I came or not and collapsed on top of me and fell asleep. I wanted to get up and get cleaned up a bit, but he was just a dead weight so I just fell asleep with him draped over me.

I woke up Saturday morning to Mark fucking me and when he saw I was awake he told me that he woke up with a hard on and just needed to take care of it. He’d been fucking me for at least ten minutes before I woke up and I sure seemed ready for it.”

“You have no idea how great my dreams were just before that, anyhow we made love for a lot longer than the night before and I finally got relief…best way to wake up ever…I really recommend it!” Diane chuckled.

“Wow, you really know had a great weekend, was it just sex all weekend?” Sarah asked.

“No, actually after showering we went out to brunch, lunch actually since it was afternoon by this time. Of course, we went to the game which was OK, not really sure what happened, but the guys from the night before kept coming over to talk to Mark and ogle me…I was dressed a bit more conservatively, but as it was hot and sunny, I guess a halter top and shorts were not exactly conservative.

Anyhow I was getting to like the attention and was hoping we could go back and I could ride that dick again, but instead we went to the fields afterwards and played frisbee and touch football…I guess the key word there is touch. You would expect an accidental boob graze every once in a while, but even the other girls were grabbing my breasts. Touch football or not, I found myself under a pile with hard cocks grinding into me all the time…what a horny group of guys.

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