Don’t Speak


“My house. 11:15. Don’t speak.”

The light turned yellow in front of Esmee, and she applied the brake and allowed her car to ease to a stop. She used the momentary pause in her travels to look back at her phone and read the text message again.

“My house. 11:15. Don’t speak.”

It wasn’t like Mychl to be so cryptic. This obvious contrast to his personality was extremely curious, and her curiosity had grown as he was not returning her calls or texts except to send the same message.

“My house. 11:15. Don’t speak.”

Esmee was shook from her thoughts as she realized the light was glaring green. She was fortunate the weather was so bad, and no one else was on the roads. The rain was hard and relentless, and the sky seemed even darker than normal; the random streaks of lightning the only exception. The headlights of the car flashed across Mychl’s house as Esmee pulled into his driveway. Her face crumpled in confusion as she looked at the dark home. The glow of light was absent from every window. Any normal passerby could easily assume the owner of the house was away on holiday, and Esmee began to feel the rise of annoyance inside her as she realized that Mychl may not be there. He wouldn’t have left town and not told her. He never was asleep by 11:15, and after all, he had sent her this mystery text today.

“My house. 11:15. Don’t speak.”

Her eyes strained through the fleeting but repetitive moments of clarity offered by the wipers, and she saw the outline of what seemed to be a note hanging squarely in the middle of the front door. Begrudgingly, Esmee pulled her jacket tight around her neck and quickly exited her car. Her short heels clicked on the pavement as she jogged to the front door. Finally reaching the safety of Mychl’s front stoop, and the cover of his awning, she squinted in the dark to read the note as she shook the rain off of her jacket.

“Don’t speak… but do remember that it is your choice to enter this door.

Don’t speak … but be willing to do as you’re told.

Don’t speak … Don’t speak.”

The trouble of the rain and the unknown sulked away like an athlete who had been defeated, and a smile crept its way onto Esmee’s face. Mychl was playing a game. Esmee did not know the rules, but a hope grew inside her at what might transpire on this mysterious night. She stared off into the rain as she recalled that night in Vegas when she met Mychl. So strange two people from the same city would meet hundreds of miles from home. She took a moment to look back over her shoulder like someone who knows what they are about to do is forbidden. She turned her eyes back to the note and read again to herself,

“… but be willing to do as you’re told.”

Esmee ran her fingers through her rain soaked hair and quickly entered Mychl’s house. The house was warm but still very dark. The only source of light came from a single candle sitting on a small table in the middle of his foyer. A coat rack stood straight and valiant, like a guard to this dwelling, next to a small table. There was a trail of what seemed to be black rose petals leading from the front door to the small table, and then onward to the stairs. Next to the candle was yet another note, which Esmee walked over, took in her hands, and read…

“Don’t speak … but do remove all your clothes.

Don’t speak … all you require will be provided.

Don’t speak … don’t speak.”

Esmee dropped the note back onto the table. She slipped her jacket off her shoulders and hung it on the rack. A subtle sound of movement grabbed her attention, but as she looked around she did not see where it came from. A knowing expression filled her face as she began to understand what was happening. Mychl was watching her. She could not see him, but she felt his eyes consuming her as she slowly and deliberately removed each article Escort bayan of clothing from her body. As she finished undressing she turned to the stair case. The hard wood floor was cold on her bare feet and she welcomed the warmth of the carpet as she ascended the stairs. Esmee searched the shadows to see where Mychl could be, but as she arrived at the top, she could not find him. Instead she found yet another table with another single candle. Her third note of the night was propped up on some lacy black intimates. She took this note, eager to know her next instruction.

“Don’t speak … but be thankful for the things I have provided.

Don’t speak … but put these things on and present yourself to me.

Don’t speak … and do not keep me waiting.”

Esmee replaced the note on the table and took the first article in her hands. It was a long black nylon. The fabric was sheer except for the thick black seam that zigzagged up the back. Leaning against the banister, Esmee slipped the garment up her long leg. Then taking the second nylon she did the same. The next piece was a black garter belt, which she stepped into and shimmied up over her hips. Then delicately she fastened the clips to the hosiery. The last two articles Mychl had left for her were such a surprise. It was a man’s necktie, already loosely tied in a double Windsor, and a black velvet beret. The ends of her mouth curled in enjoyment as she slipped the tie over her head and allowed it to fall between her breasts. Propping the beret on her head she turned and followed the petals into the bedroom.

As she entered the room, Esmee finally saw Mychl. All over the room candles were scattered and they cast an ominous glow over everything. The room was warm and smelled of vanilla. Esmee had been to Mychl’s room before, but on this night it seemed a foreign place. Mychl was sitting in an armless padded chair with one knee drawn up to his chest. He wore a black fedora which had a silken red ribbon. Mychl had pulled the hat low on his brow. His eyes gazed at her from underneath the brim. He wore nothing else but black satin boxers, and he was twirling what seemed to be a black cane through his fingers. On the end of the cane was a shiny silver orb. Esmee began to approach Mychl, and as she did he quickly held the cane up in front of him. The movement stopped her in her tracks. Mychl coyly smiled and said, “Good.” He got to his feet and walked over to where she stood. He slowly circled her with his steps, his eyes moving up and down her body. He eased to a stop in front of her and said, “I trust you find my provisions adequate.” Esmee parted her lips to answer, but then thinking back on the notes; she tilted her head softly to one side and offered him a slow nod. Mychl smiled at her understanding.

Mychl extended the orb on the end of the cane and allowed it to rest on Esmee’s shoulder. Slowly he traced her silhouette with the shiny trinket. Over her shoulder… then down her arm… slipping it between her arm and body he continued to allow it to slide down her ribs and over her hips. He walked behind her. Esmee closed her eyes as she felt the cold steel brush against her. It glided between her shoulder blades and down her spine, pausing for just a moment, before it continued across the groove of her backside and down her thigh.

Walking around to face her again, Mychl looked intently into Esmee’s eyes. He leaned in and Esmee was sure he was going to kiss her, but just before their lips touched Mychl slid his head to the side and whispered in her ear, “Your appearance always pleases me so.”

Mychl took the tie around Esmee’s neck in his hand and guided her over to the bed. As they walked Esmee’s eyes scanned the room. Lying over both the head and foot boards were long shiny strips of fabric. They seemed to be made out of the same satin Mychl was wearing. Bayan escort On the nightstand was a glass bowl filled with ice. A large fat candle flickered next to the bowl, and next to the candle was a corked glass vial of what appeared to be some sort of oil.

Mychl pulled downward on the tie and Esmee sat down on the bed. He took one of the many strips of cloth and slowly began to wrap it around her wrists. Once her hands were securely fastened to one another he laid her back on the bed and took a second strip of fabric. Running it between her arms, he looped it around her restraints. Then he raised her hands over her head and tied the second strap to the head board. Esmee’s beret slipped off her head, and Mychl grabbed it and tossed it over the foot of the bed. Then he removed his own hat and sent it flying after the beret. Mychl mirrored the bindings on Esmee’s wrists with the same on her ankles, and she lay before him stretched across the bed.

Reaching over to the nightstand Mychl took the glass vial and removed the cork. Offering the now open top to Esmee, she breathed the fruity fragrance deep in her lungs. Mychl took the loose end of the tie and lifted it off Esmee’s body, allowing it to come to rest just on the bed above her shoulder. Holding the vial high above her body, Mychl slowly tipped his hand forward and allowed the fragrant oil to spill down on Esmee’s chest and stomach. Replacing the vial to the nightstand, Mychl threw his leg over Esmee’s thighs and straddled her. His hands started on her stomach and he began to spread the slippery liquid all over Esmee’s body. His hands slid to her sides and up her ribs, and then continued over the entire length of her arms. Sliding back down her arms and around her neck, Mychl’s hands slipped beside, and then under her breasts. His hands then lifted each breast, pressing them against one another. Her nipples sliding in between all of his fingers as he massaged them in his palms. Once Mychl was satisfied that Esmee was covered in the liquid, he leaned over and took a single ice cube in his fingers. He slipped the ice over her lips. Esmee’s mouth parted slightly and she sucked the water from the melting ice off of Mychl’s fingers. Her efforts were in vain and some of the chilled water spilled over her chin and ran down her neck.

Pulling his hand away from Esmee’s mouth, Mychl replaced the ice with his own mouth. Esmee felt her lips warm again at the touch of his lips, and his tongue inside her mouth felt as if it were aflame in the contrast.

This game continued on; Mychl taking the ice to Esmee’s body, but always quick to replace the ice with his mouth, wherever it may go. He traced a trail down her neck and over her chest to that place just between her breasts. Then he took a much longer time alternating from that place, to her nipples. It seemed he understood that the more he slipped the ice over her body, the longer he needed to use his mouth to warm her again.

Esmee was writhing against her restraints. When Mychl added his hand sliding over her smooth pussy to his mouth enveloping her neck, chest, and breasts, she sighed loudly. Mychl didn’t object. He understood all too well the desire that was building between them. To expect that the night could continue in silence would have been inconceivable!

Mychl took his hand from between Esmee’s legs, and gently tasted her wetness from off of his fingers and the whispered,”It seems you are ready.”

Mychl stood beside the bed. He slipped the satin boxers down his hips and stepped out of them. Taking the glass vial he poured the oil over his chest. Leaning over he poured just a little more oil between Esmee’s breasts. He loosened the fabric from her wrists and allowed her hands to go free. Esmee took the liberty of spreading the newly placed oil over her own chest, and Mychl likewise rubbed the sticky liquid Escort into his own body. He covered his chest and stomach and continued to allow his hands to move lower. His hand coated his cock and his balls completely with the oil.

Mychl returned to his position straddling Esmee. This time he was higher on her body. Leaning back on his knees his shaft was just above Esmee’s face. He slowly stroked himself in front of her as her newly freed hands drug her nails down his stomach and over his thighs. Esmee slipped one hand around his leg and grabbed tightly onto his ass. Her other hand replaced his own on his cock, and she lifted his shaft . Mychl took hold of the tie again and used it to lift Esmee’s face to his underside. Understanding fully, Esmee took his taut sack into her mouth. Mychl leaned back on both of his arms as his hips matched both the movement of Esmee’s hands on his cock and her mouth on his balls. After a few minutes, and many long slow sighs from Mychl, he slid himself down her body. His hands reached down and again cupped her breasts pressing them against one another. With a deliberate push from his hips, he pressed his cock between her breasts as his thumbs slipped back and forth over her nipples. His movements went from slow and calculated to much quicker and more deliberate. When Esmee reached her head forward to allow his swollen head to press against her tongue, he cried out his approval.


Mychl quickly removed the restraints from Esmee’s legs and then rolled over onto his back and in one motion pulled Esmee on top of him and pushed slightly down on her shoulders moving her head low on his body. His hands moved to take handfuls of hair as her mouth lowered on his shaft. She would take him in for a few moments, and then release to allow herself the chance to drag her tongue along the entire shaft. This only happened a few times before she felt his hold on her head tighten and again she took him into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and slick and every time her head lowered on him, Mychl let out a cry.

Mychl grabbed Esmee under the arms and pulled her up to kiss her deeply. She was on her hands and knees on top of him as he grabbed his rigid cock and began to slip its head up and down her slit. He started to slip inside her, but retracted and again went to pressing the head up and down against her. This continued over and over again, each time Mychl allowing himself to penetrate Esmee even further. Finally, Mychl took his hands round Esmee’s waist and cupped her ass as he began making long slow consistent strokes inside her. Esmee rose up from off of her hands and it was now her turn to straddle Mychl. Her hips began to move with Mychl’s thrusts. Their breathing became heavier as they both continued to advance the pace. Esmee’s hips stopped moving as her hand found her own clit and rubbed it with the same ferocity that Mychl was now thrusting beneath her. The room filled with the sounds of their cries and their skin slapping against one another. Esmee’s hips began to crash down on Mychl relentlessly, her hand never leaving her own body. Her toes curled tightly. The friction on her clit and the fullness she felt from Mychl’s cock caused her legs and stomach to quiver violently. Suddenly Mychl cried out loudly and lifted Esmee off of his throbbing cock. She reached down with her free hand and took hold of him just as he came violently. His load was larger than normal and shot into the air before falling in ribbons across her knuckles and mixing with her own cum that coated his cock.

Esmee collapsed down beside Mychl. It took them more than a few minutes to catch their breath. Mychl finally moved and retrieved the pillows and comforter from the floor beside the bed. He placed everything just so, and guided Esmee to her rightful position. Placing her head on the pillow and pulling the comforter up over her body she looked up at him. She started to make a comment… but Mychl simply put his finger to her lips and said…”Don’t speak.”


The editorial assistance of WickedInside was greatly appreciated in writing this story.

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