Disciplining Mom


Little Karen realized that her experience dominating Emily’s sisters had given her wonderful preparation for the challenge of disciplining and training her own mother, Marian, now that the latter had come to live with her after burning all of her other bridges of support.

Karen, who was all of 25, and Emily, only a year older, had begun the training process with what they called Joint Training every morning for Emily’s two older sisters: Leslie, 30, and Linda, 38. Each was required to dress in her “training uniform,” which consisted of plain white blouse, very short grey skirt, garter belt and stockings and Mary Jane shoes. The two sisters were required at all times to keep their skirts down to cover their stocking tops, which was very difficult in view of how short their skirts were. If Karen saw stocking tops, she would very ceremoniously demand that the offender hand her Conduct book to Karen, who would make an appropriate entry. The sisters would cringe, knowing that these bad marks would be paid off with strokes of the cane.

Emily took charge of what she and Karen referred to as toilet instruction. Emily enjoyed having her sisters serve as her very own toilets. The training involved their assuming appropriate positions so Emily could squat over their open mouths to do her business. Emily was amazingly adept at thinking of imaginative punishments when either sister did not serve their younger dominatrix sister properly. For example, Linda failed to retain all of Emily’s pee, so she was outfitted with a catheter that while she wore it, did away with her ability to control her bladder. Leslie had a harder time receiving Emily’s anal products so often she was made to hold her legs up in diaper position so that Emily might insert a rectal thermometer to take her temperature in this humiliating, juvenile manner.

It had taken Karen a good deal of effort to bring her mother along to where the sisters were, not to mention the amount of punishment she had had to administer to Marian, who had only turned 50 recently. The strain of making Marian into a true submissive had taken its toll on Karen’s disposition. She still was going out with Rod and she often had him stay over so that the two could make love most of the night. This, and her talks with her good friend and mentor Emily, kept her sane, she thought.

Karen was now punishing her mother severely for embarrassing her in front of Emily, Leslie, and Linda by telling tales of Karen’s embarrassing moments as a girl. “Marian,” she told her shamed mother, “get into the diaper position on this bench. That’s right, you lie back and lift your legs up straight and keep them there with your hands. You do it just like Leslie when she’s having her temperature taken rectally.”

Karen then retrieved her nasty little whip and started whipping Marian’s sensitive flesh just at the point where her bottom and legs met. The whip came daringly close to striking Marian’s very prominent feminine cleft with its mat of pubic hair. It was high time this happened, Karen thought. This woman has gotten away with so much for so long.

She whipped Marian in the humiliating position until Marian surprisingly began to whimper and plead for her to stop. “Why should I stop now?” she asked the older woman, incredulously. “I have only begun to impose your truly deserved punishment,” Karen declared.

“If you keep hitting rize escort me like that,” Marian pleaded, “I’m going to lose control and pee right here.” She cried at the embarrassment she went through in uttering those words.

Karen’s eyes brightened and she lay the whip right down between Marian’s puffy labia. “If you dare to pee while I am punishing you,” Karen intoned, “you will be made to hold these naughty lips apart for severe punishment right in there.” And with that she gave the whip a gentle snap against Marian’s tender vulva.

While Marian was holding her legs up and apart in diaper position, Karen took out her mother’s Conduct book and made a new entry: “Threatened to lose urinary control. Two naughty marks.”


Marian was quite subdued when finally allowed to dress herself to go out with Karen. She didn’t even argue with her dominant daughter when faced with the outfit laid out for her on her bed. There were little white cotton panties, a short skirt, a skimpy blouse, a training bra that clearly would press Marian’s large breasts, and cute little Mary Janes with matching brown and yellow socks.

It was humiliating for Marian to wear these clothes but she realized she had no choice. She owed everything now to Karen and it was clear her daughter would take it out of her hide. When Marian appeared before Karen ready to go, Karen humiliatingly made her lower her panties and bend over. Then the petite dominatrix inserted a small butt plug into her mother’s anal opening.

Sitting in the restaurant with all the other ladies lunching at Bloomingdale’s, Marian felt both ashamed of the way she had been forced to dress and worried that the butt plug in her rear would soon make her need to make a doody, as Karen now required her to say when requesting permission to have a bowel movement.

The feeling was made more urgent by the coffee she had been drinking. Soon she asked permission to go to the ladies’ room. Karen smiled and told her to wait a few more minutes until she was ready to accompany her. “I can go on my own, you know,” Marian said, unwisely.

“No, I have told you that you must ask my permission and that I will go with you to make sure you behave properly in there,” Karen responded with alacrity and a slight smirk on her face. The middle-aged waitress had noticed the juvenile manner in which Marian was dressed. Marian cringed with fear that Karen would tell the waitress that she was punishing her mother in this bizarre way.

Finally the waitress presented Karen with the bill and could not restrain herself from smiling quite widely. “I assume that there’s some reason why your companion is dressed like a little girl,” she said, somehow avoiding laughing.

“She’s been quite naughty,” Karen said, “and she knows that when she acts that way, she is made to dress like the small child she resembles. As you can imagine, going out dressed this way–at her age, since she’s 50– does embarrass her greatly but it usually improves her behavior. I do hope that she will behave properly, so I don’t have to take her the way you would a naughty child…to the ladies room,” Karen added with a wide smile.

“Oh,” the waitress grinned. “I’ve seen many girls spanked in there and I think this one would be one of the oldest, but I suppose if they misbehave, it doesn’t matter how big they look.”

By this time Marian’s bostnews.com face was crimson with shame. Karen quietly settled the check and told the waitress that they needed to stop in the ladies’ room. The waitress pointed out the entryway back behind the dining room. This distance also meant that Marian would have to walk across the entire room for everyone to notice her childish dress.


Finally, as Marian felt the butt plug being nudged by something large inside her that longed to be excreted, Karen announced that they would go to the ladies’ room. Karen selected the large handicapped stall and watched as Marian lifted her little skirt and pulled down the humiliating childish panties. Marian had to move quickly to get on the raised toilet seat once she pulled her butt plug out because the presence of the plug was already lessening the reliability of her anal sphincter in keeping in the contents of her rectum.

She made a lot of noise as the poo inside her surged out of her anus once she pulled the plug. Karen of course had instructed her to face the rear so that her anus was on display to her dominant daughter. Karen got a slight charge out of seeing the brown stream emerge from her mother’s small hairy brownhole.

Now she took over and with a few sheets of toilet paper, carefully wiped her mother’s somewhat messy anal area. Marian cringed as she thought of this most personal area and activity being now performed for her by her dominant daughter. She also knew that even being wiped like this and being exposed to her daughter would result in its being used against her. She flushed, wiped again on her own carefully, and put the hated plug back in her anus. The two emerged from the stall and Marian watched from the sink as Karen sat herself comfortably on the spacious couch the restroom provided for its female customers.

Karen beckoned her with her little finger to come over to her. She motioned to Marian to lift her skirt for inspection. Marian did so almost automatically and cringed as Karen took her little panties down. Karen rubbed between Marian’s legs and her finger emerged to her nostril and was damp.

“You did not finish and wipe yourself properly,” she said. “So you will be spanked right here, like little girls get spanked by their mommies in the ladies room.” She took Marian across her lap and began spanking her mother’s rather large bottom.

Two rather fashionable women came by from the sinks and asked Karen with a wry smile, “Isn’t this girl a bit old for ladies’ room spanking?”

“Well, I believe one is never too old to be disciplined if she misbehaves,” Karen replied with a smile, “and Marian here still is misbehaving and displaying her temper.”

The two well-dressed women watched in amazement as Marian began to receive a very lengthy spanking from Karen on the bare bottom.

Soon, two younger women in their 20s, Deb and Margie, entered. After using the stalls and sinks, they looked askance at Karen, and asked her if this was some kind of payoff of a bet.

“No, Karen replied. “Sometimes older girls misbehave dear,” she said, “and they have to have their panties taken down and spanked in here just the way I suspect you two might have when your mothers took you out here.”

Then she said to the group, “You should understand that Marian here is actually my own mom but is being disciplined by me because of a whole lot of bad and naughty behavior. Isn’t that right, Marian?”

Marian had no choice but to snivel a bit and tell all the people who were staring at her now-red bottom but whom she could not see that she sometimes had been a naughty girl and that it was clear that this situation should demonstrate that no girl who showed poor conduct should expect to be exempt from being spanked.

Karen resumed the spanking as both the older ladies and the two women in their 20s observed the scene with fascination. Deb noticed the plug in Marian’s rear and asked Karen what that was there for.

“Oh,” Karen answered with a grin, “Marian has to wear that because she has been staining her panties when she makes her doody so she is being trained to behave better.”

Deb grinned in response and looked at a now fearful Margie and quietly observed, “Maybe that’s what we need to do when I find your panties with skidmarks in them, Margie.”

Margie’s freckled face turned rosy and embarrassed as the subject of the tidiness of her underpants was discussed. She tugged at Deb to go but Deb said, “I think we should stay and watch this because I may have to take you over my lap in here sometime when you are Miss Naughty.”

Unwisely, Margie couldn’t keep herself from getting angry and stamping like a small girl. Calm throughout, the ravishing blonde Deb looked at Karen and asked, “Would you mind spanking her for me when you are finished with your older charge?”

Margie started crying and whining: “Oh, Deb, don’t do this to me! It’s so awful!”

Deb grinned at the older ladies and at Karen. “I think naughty girls are going to start worrying a lot more about what might happen now that they’ve seen how they can be disciplined here so effectively.”

When Karen finished spanking her mom, she beckoned Margie to her lap with her forefinger. Marge hesitated until Deb told her loudly, “If you don’t get over her lap right now, I’ll make you strip naked here.”

Margie hurried across Karen’s lap, and when Karen had her lift her waist, Karen quickly flipped up her navy skirt and tugged down her very snazzy gold lace panties. Karen could see that Margie was quite hairy between her legs and as she made the woman spread her legs so Karen could humiliating run her finger through the groove between them, Karen rather offhandedly said to Deb, “You might consider shaving her down here,” pointing to Margie’s hairy mons.

Then she began to spank Margie and was surprised that the woman, clearly an experienced submissive, took the spanking without much complaining. Karen noticed that there was a tampon string between Marge’s legs and asked Deb if Margie was having her period.

“Yes, she is on,” Deb said, as her partner cringed and turned totally red.

“Well,” Karen said, “I find that when naughty girls misbehave then, it is sometimes good to deprive them of the tampon-wearing privilege and make them wear old-fashioned pads, the kind that chafe.”

Deb herself did not lack for ideas and she responded, “Oh, when Margie needs to be disciplined during her period, I sometimes make her wear only a small pantiliner, so that when she overflows it, she will receive severe punishment.”

Karen nodded at hearing about an even stricter regime than her own. As she finished spanking Margie, she looked at Marian and told her that she should learn from her experience here. “I hope you won’t be made to wear only a liner on you heavy day,” she smiled sweetly at Marian as Deb and Margie said their god-byes.

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