Dirty Gurlie at the Movies


I decide that tonight I want to go see a movie. I am feeling a bit naughty as well, so when I get dressed, I put on a short flowing skirt and no panties. I apply my makeup and then head to the theater.

I buy my ticket and enter the theater. The lights are not completely out yet and I scan for a seat. I see a handsome man with dark hair sitting alone towards the back of the theater. There are not many people here, so most seats are empty, but I choose to sit next to him.

“I just hate sitting alone at a scary movie,” I say as I take the seat, flashing him a bit of my thigh as I do. “Would you mind if I sit here next to you?”

“Not at all,” he replies, looking at my sheer top that gives a great view of my ample cleavage.

I sit down and we make a little small talk. I lick my lips often and run my hand along his thigh a few times. That’s when it gets dark and the previews start. I lean in close to him and say, “You know, I have already seen this movie.”

“Then why did you come to see it again?” he asks.

“Well, I did like the movie, but I was also hoping that someone just like you would be here waiting for my arrival,” I say, looking down to the slight bulge that has appeared Escort bayan at the front of his pants.

He shifts a little uncomfortably in his seat and then says, “Do you want me to take you somewhere?”

I laugh quietly at this and look him square in the eyes as I say, “No, I want you to fuck me right here, right now, in this movie theater.” I grab his hand and I run it under my skirt. “See, no panties.”

His hand gropes greedily at me as I begin to pull his hand away. “So, are you game?” I ask.

He nods quickly and I undo his pants. His cock emerges and I move the armrest up between us so that I can sit right next to him. I stroke his cock in my hand a moment, feeling the stiffness and heat from it as my cunt begins to moisten. The theater gets dark as the film transitions between the previews to the actual movie. I take this opportunity to slip myself over onto his lap, letting his cock find it’s way up my cunt. I slam down onto him, letting him fully penetrate me.

I ride up and down on his slick cock, playing with my clit using one hand, his balls with the other as I bounce. He is long and I can feel him slamming into the end of my cunt with each inward motion. I start Bayan escort to moan quietly and I feel his hand come over my mouth to keep me quiet. I keep fucking him and as I quiet down a bit, I lean back towards his ear. He takes his hand away and I whisper, “Treat me like a dirty whore. Fuck me, use me and abuse me. I want to feel pain as you fuck me.”

He looks slightly shocked by this, but he brings a hand up against my throat. I feel his fingers close around it, still allowing me to breathe, but only barely. His other hand moves into my hair and he grabs a handful hard. He pulls my head back to his mouth and says, “Like this, you dirty little bitch?”

“Yes,” I whisper through my pinched throat as I continue to ride him. “Fuck your dirty little slut until she fucking comes all over you. Use me to please yourself.”

He begins to pull at my hair and neck in an effort to thrust me harder onto his long, hard cock. I can feel as some hairs are pulled out of my scalp from the hand wrapped into it. He is grunting quietly as he attempts to fuck me from his seated position.

All of a sudden, he moves in one fluid motion and I am bent over the seats in front of us. It is still fairly Escort dark and as I look about, no one seems to have noticed our engagement. He slams into me repeatedly and I can feel my orgasm building. He pulls hard on my scalp and is leaning against my back, driving me hard against the seats. His hand is still clamped at my throat and I feel a bit light headed. His thrusts increase in speed and he is plowing his way into me. My orgasm starts and I attempt to stifle a cry from my lips. He pushes ever more intently as his grip on my throat loosens and I am unable to control it any longer. I let out a scream just as the movie screen brightens, showering us in bright light.

“Oh GOD, FUCK ME HARDER!” I scream at him as his thrusting cock slams me. I can see people are looking and I just don’t give a fuck. Let them watch and masturbate to it later if they want. I am getting what I fucking need. A good, rough FUCK! “I’m your dirty CUNT! FUCK ME like you MEAN IT!!”

He continues to fuck, either not caring that we have been noticed or just too involved in plugging my cunt up with his cock to realize it. Soon his hot seed is spraying into me and dripping down my thighs. He pulls away from me and sits back in his seat. I lean over him, kiss him deeply and say thank you as I adjust my skirt. I walk away, leaving him with only the memory and a piece of gum I was chewing when I came into the theater that I pushed into his mouth during the kiss.

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