Dinner Out


Note: These stories are written by cc for ls. We are in a long distance relationship and use these stories to explore sexual ideas that we can’t explore directly. While chatting the other day LS brought up the “First of May”, both the story and the song by Jonathan Coultan. So I wrote this to give her more to think about. I read it to her earlier today and she quite liked it. We would both appreciate any comments…enjoy! 🙂


It’s Friday and I get home a bit late. G&K are out of town so we were going to have a nice relaxed evening together. As I pass through the house, heading to the bedroom to get changed, I give you a kiss.

About 15 minutes later you still haven’t seen me again and you walk back to see what’s going on. I’m laying across the bed, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I’ve got one of the cats sitting on my chest and I seem to be very relaxed. You walk over to the bed and put your hand on my leg. “Hey,” you say to get my attention away from the cat.

I look up and smile at you. Shoving the cat off my chest I sit up, grab your hand and pull you up on the bed. You decide to lay on my chest and prop your chin on your hands as they lay across my chest.

We lay there, looking at each other. I stroke your hair.

After a few minutes you rest your head on my chest and stretch your arms out up and around my head. I put one hand on the back of your head and the other on your back and pull you in tightly to my chest. Then I relax and run my hands down your body, lacing my fingers together and resting my hands on your lower back.

“So, we have 2 options,” I say, finally breaking the easy silence between us. “We can either have an evening in, just the two of us, or we can go out.”

You smile, “I like the idea of just the two of us!” You stretch your body out, pressing your breasts into me and then kiss my chin before resting your head back on my chest.

“Well it’s settled, then. Out we go!” I say.

You aren’t super happy with this option. You were hoping that maybe I could tease you tonight. Maybe another evening of research as I determined how to control your orgasms. You always enjoy those evenings!

Pouting a little you get up.

I call a local restaurant and order some take out food. You’re a little curious about this since we would normally eat take out here at the house.

You check yourself in the mirror. You’re wearing a long flowing skirt and a simple halter top. You know I love both. Then your brush your hair one last time, put on some sandals and walk out as I hold the door.

We get in the car and talk about your day. You spent much of the day talking with people in Brazil and you bring me up to speed on the news. Your sisters are doing well in school. Mom and dad both miss you and are glad that you’re happy.

We pickup the food and are pulling into Deer Run State Park around 7:30. It’s late Escort bayan September, quite warm, and still well before dusk. The sun is low, but we still have about 2 hours before it’s dark. Sadly, it’s still hot and fairly humid. With the temperature around 33 degrees, you wonder why I want to eat at the park.

We park, you grab the food bags and I grab a small backpack from the car. It’s got some cold drinks and a small blanket that I lay out and we prepare our little picnic.

It’s been a nice day and there are lots of people here, even now.

You sit and I half lay down, propped up on my elbow. The grass is soft and we take off our shoes to run our toes in the grass.

The food is good. A little sushi, rice and some kind of ginger chicken dish. We take turns feeding each other the sushi. Licking each others fingers clean each time. The rice and chicken is a little messier so we each just have our own small bowls. w I pull out some icy cold water to drink. It’s a nice finish and the cold water is very nice on this hot day. Even just sitting and eating we both have little drops of sweat running down our faces and bodies.

After we finish eating you lay down on the blanket. Your knees bent a little to let some air circulate under your shirt. I lay down as well, putting my head on your hip. I put my hand on your belly, occasionally flexing it, like a cat might kneed you when it’s happy.

We chat about nothing as we lay there and enjoy each other’s company after our dinner.

Some time later, the shadows are far longer. The sun is setting and it will be dark in a bit more than an hour. “Do you want to take a … walk in the woods before we go?” I ask. The pause lets you know that walking is only a part of the plan.

You smile and give me an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

We put our shoes back on, gather up the blanket and throw away our trash. Then we head in the direction of the nearest trail.

Your halter top leaves your back almost entirely bare and I have my hand on your back as we walk. You feel hot to my hand and my hand feels hot on your back. We pass several other people, kids, couples, solo walkers, as we make our way down the path.

Thinking about sex around all these people gives you a little thrill. The possibility of being caught sending a shiver down your spine even in the heat.

Though we are walking slowly, we are still sweating, little traces showing up on both our clothes. We take a side trail that seems less used and a few minutes later we are deep in the park and there doesn’t seem to be anyone around.

Still, we head off behind some bushes and locate a few fallen trees. As we get out of view I grab you from behind and hug you. Leaning your head back you open your mouth and accept a deep long kiss.

I run my hands up and down your body. Squeezing you tightly I rub and massage your chest and Bayan escort belly. Rubbing you all over, not ignoring your breasts, but not focusing on them either.

Your arms low, and pinned next to your body by my arms, you reach back and grab my hips. Grinding your ass into my crotch you feel my dick hardening.

We kiss and grind like this for several long minutes. You are breathing heavy as you enjoy the feeling of my hands running all over your body.

Breaking the kiss, I look around and select one log. Swinging the backpack off my back, I pull out the blanket and place it over the branch, giving you something soft and clean to lay across.

You drop your panties around one ankle and straddle the log. It’s low enough that you need to bend your knees if you want it to fully support you. Your chest and face protected from the rough bark by the blanket, I admire how beautiful you are as you face me and arch your back. Your skirt around your waist, you ass in the air enticing me.

I straddle the log behind you and run my fingers through your pussy lips. Sweat and your own juices combine to make you very wet. Reaching up, I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back arching your back even more. I ease myself into your pussy through a series of very short slow thrusts. Penetrating 2-3 cm and slowly rocking in and out at that depth several times before going any deeper.

You try to thrust back, forcing me to penetrate you further and faster. I put my free hand on the small of your back, forcing it down against the blanket. Between that and my hand still in your hair, I prevent you from having any leverage and you are reduced to slightly rocking your hips up and down.

Though I have prevented you from getting the fullness and penetration you want so bad, you realize that the blanket will stimulate your clit and so you continue rocking. I continue my slow progress, enjoying the slow building sensations.

Taking far longer than you wanted I am finally all the way in you and there I rest for a few moments. Enjoying the feeling of you rocking, I realize what you are doing. I smile and realize that I am as thankful for the blanket as you are since my balls rub across the blanket each time you rock down.

I know you want hard and fast thrusts, but I go slower than full speed. A good pace, with long strokes, your arousal builds far more slowly. I keep my hand on your back and in your hair. You put one hand in front of you for support and play with your hard nipples in the other.

Tonight I deny you speed you want and instead savor the feeling of you as you clench and hold my cock with your pussy. Each time I pull out it feels like a hand trying to hold me in. Squeezing me tightly.

You are able to rock up and down as fast as you want, however, and the stimulation on your clit is quickly pushing you on. Your body is confused, Escort however, between the rapid stimulation on your clit and the slow thrusting in your pussy. Instead of quickly reaching the pinnacle of orgasm, you find yourself climbing a steeper path.

You reach a point and swear that you should be in orgasm, but you find yourself just a little bit away. Rocking your hips faster, I take the cue and slow down my thrusts. Denying you orgasm for just a bit longer.

As I feel my own orgasm build I pick up the pace. Going from slow and steady to a faster pace, but using shorter thrusts that stay deeper. Releasing my hand from your lower back I allow you to thrust hard against me, while still keeping a hand in your hair.

With your ability to move freely you thrust hard, driving yourself against me as much as you can, while also keeping yourself rubbing against the blanket.

I reach my own orgasm first waves of pleasure flooding my mind. I manage to both keep thrusting and my hand in your hair as I let loose in you. My frantic thrusts are enough for you to reach your own orgasm and you spasm, thankful for the log to support you.

Coming back, hmm-mmm, to our senses we find ourselves sticky with each other and sweat. Leaning down I lick up your spine, tasting your sweat and sending a tingle up along with my tongue.

Reaching around the log, I lay on you, crushing you against the log slightly. Pressing against you, kissing your neck, nibbling your ear. Turning your face to mine we kiss deeply, tasting the sweat off each others faces and we smile. It’s dark, but we see the gleam in each other’s eyes.

You feel my come trickle out onto the blanket and since we can easily wash it later, you push out the rest to make clean up easier. I hand you some baby wipes and put the now dirty blanket away.

We walk slowly back to the car. My arm around your shoulders, your arm either on my waist or grabbing my ass. We only talk a little and mostly just to say, “I love you.” We see one or two people but the park is now nearly deserted in the darkness.

I open the door to let you get in the car, but stop you before you get in. I hang a towel on the back of the leather seats so you won’t stick and be uncomfortable. You smile up at me as you get in and I close the door.

The drive home is quick and we head upstairs. You start a cool shower as I put a few things away and then I join you in the shower. We wash each other, taking lots of time to touch each other all over.

Drying off I am yawning madly, sleep is coming to me whether I want it or not! We finish getting dry and you put on an old comfortable pair of panties and the shirt I wore to work.

Climbing into bed I pull you to me, kissing you lightly on your head. Your head on my shoulder, your hand holding my free hand over my chest. Our fresh and clean bodies feeling so nice next to each other. As I fade into sleep I have an urgent thought, an unfinished action demanding my attention before I can truly rest this night. Reaching up to stroke your hair, I whisper, “I love you, LS” And then I sleep.

The End.

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