Dining In Ch. 1

Barbara Palvin

Recently, my wife finally decided to let her own sexual imagination bubble out. Its not that she was inhibited, far from it, its that she never allowed herself to take the lead, to be more aggressive. Tina rarely spoke of fantasies let alone making any requests to act them out. Whatever brought this change about; a deeper level of trust, a feeling of boredom, a friends example, I don’t know. What I do know is all the fun we’ve been having with the results.

Take the other night for example. I came home to an unexpected candlelight dinner. The table had been set for an intimate meal for two, and the house smelled delicious. Tina who stands 5′ 7″, is 130 lbs.,with long brunette hair, green eyes was dressed as if we were going out to dinner. She had on a silk ruby red dress, stockings and low heels. Tina is what you’d call a “head turner” and like myself works out regularly to stay in shape. I’m Eric, 6′ 2″, 198 lbs., blue eyes, blond hair, you’re basic horny Nordic- explorer type!

“Hi sweetie, what’s the occasion?” I asked as I was handed a glass of wine.

“There really isn’t any,” she said. “Now go change and clean up, dinner is just about ready.”

By the time I finished, dinner was ready and we sat down to a great meal and conversation. All through dinner Tina teased my leg up to my thigh with her stockinged toe. Her leg didn’t extend fully to my semi-erect cock. She knows how I love the sensual texture of stockings on her legs so I was guessing she wanted to keep me at a lower state of arousal until dinner was finished. I cleared the dishes and after going to the bathroom I returned to find one plate of chocolate raspberry pie.

“Why’s there only one piece?” I asked

“Because we’re going to share, silly,” Tina said as she crossed over to me and sat in my lap. She then stuck her finger in the Escort bayan pie, scooped some up and brought it to my lips saying, “Open wide.” I sucked in her finger and cleaned it thoroughly with my tongue. “Good boy, lets see if you can clean this as well.” Tina then lowered her dress strap revealing her braless left breast and then smeared a portion of pie on it.

“Yum, desert should always be this good!”, I exclaimed. I gladly lowered my mouth to her breast and started to slowly lick the chocolate from her nipple making it harden in response. When I picked up a little chunk I left it on my tongue and offered up to Tina. She hungrily sucked my tongue in to her mouth and we continued into a passionate kiss. I let my hand glide up the stockings from her knee on to her thigh where she quickly brought her hand on to mine, broke our kiss and laughed, “Not so fast lover, you still have plenty of cleaning up to do and you better get busy!” She then pulled my head to her breast and started to rub her nipple all around my mouth. I licked and sucked up as much as I could as fast as I could because I was starting to wear a bit of the pie. In no time at all she settled down and started to moan her approval as I nibbled at her hard nipple.

“Oh baby, that feels so good, suck my tit, yes, aaahh such a good boy. You make my nipples so hard and you’re making my pussy so wet.” My hand slipped over and uncovered her other breast giving it equal attention. “Oh yeah, I need your mouth, I need to feel you tongue inside me.” “Would you like to suck my clit and lick all the juices out of me?”

“Absolutely”, I groaned. I was starting to slightly suffer from the entrapment of my hardening cock. The headiness of my dessert had me aching to rip our clothes off.

“Of course you would, you horny little bastard”. Tina got off Bayan escort my lap, stood before me and lifted her dress. Her black thong was worn on top of her garters, “Come closer and feel how wet I am.” Gently pulling my head to her sex, my nose and lips were soon against the damp fragrant fabric. Tina rubbed my nose gently against her clit teasing, “Maybe I should fuck your nose. Naah, another time. Right now I want you to pull my panties down so you can finish desert. Do you think you can do that for me?”

I would have ripped them off had they not been one of my favorite pairs. Tina stepped out of her panties, gathered her dress above her waist and sat down on the table in front of me. She slowly spread her legs teasing me with the wonderful view of her stocking clad legs leading up to her black garters. I could see that the lips of her shaved pussy were slighly swollen and wet. Grabbing a small scoop of chocolate she rubbed it around her pussy and then let her finger tip dart up inside her self. With her other hand she was caressing her breast. The whole time her eyes never left mine, I surely must have been drooling. “Come on baby, finish your pie”, she giggled. She was obviously getting hotter by her wanton display as she now had two fingers inside her pussy. As I moved in she removed her fingers and put them in her own mouth to suck. I licked up the chocolate that was spread along her pussy lips and let my tongue dart slightly in and out between their folds. I was purposely avoiding her clit trying to tease her as long as I could.

I then started to trace the folds all the way down to her asshole where she would rock backwards slightly so I could dart the tip in and then move my way back to the top and then back down again like a delicious lollipop. She was so wet she was starting to ooze honey. She was Escort moaning and telling me, “Your tongue feels so good, and you’re teasing the shit out of me, you bastard.” As my tongue once again reached her ass she squealed, “Yeah, that’s it tongue fuck me you bad boy! Fuck my ass with your tongue just like you do with your cock! I love how nasty your cock makes me feel when its in me, stretching my asshole.” . I relentlessly and sweetly tortured her this way for some time as her nerve endings and body went from a simmer to a boil.”Ohh, you fuck, you nasty little boy,I can’t stand it any more, please come back up and suck my clit and let me come in your mouth. Make me come!”

I let her beg for awhile more and returned my mouth to her clit and placed two fingers deep inside her and rubbed her special spot. Soon she started to tremble and shake and grabbed onto the table as she hit her climax. As she settled down she bent forward and licked at her own wetness around my mouth. She kissed me deeply, “I love you Eric. I can still taste myself on you. Did you get enough, baby? “

“Oh yes,” I groaned. ” But you’ve left me with quite a problem,” I said indicating the tent in my pants from my aching hard cock.

“Poor baby, we’ll just have to take care of that,” Tina smiled. “Stay there and take off your clothes. I’ll be right back.” Tina slipped her arms back into the straps of her dress stood from the table and headed off to the kitchen. By the time I finished ripping off my clothes Tina had returned with a bottle of Ketel One and two glasses. Once again she sat on the edge of the table in front of me and poured two generous portions of vodka. I moved to stand in front of her as I took a glass. I felt a wonderful trickle of electricity running through me because I was standing naked and she was clothed. Tina reached down and took my cock in her hand and slowly started to rub the sensitive underside along her stocking clad thigh. Quickly my cock and nerves started to twitch from the exquisite feel of the fabric. “Drink up honey, there’s more to come.”

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