Desperate Times


“Rob! I swear to god, if you don’t get out of the bathroom right now, I’m going to get Dad to break the door down!”

Lucy pressed her ear to the door, waiting for a response, but none came. All she heard was the shower still going, music blaring from her brother’s phone. He’d been in there for close to an hour.

“Rob!” She pounded on the door one last time before letting out a frustrated huff and storming back to her room. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take this. Lucy had gotten used to her two older brothers being out of the house, away at school. But now, thanks to the pandemic, everyone was home — and they were back to sharing one bathroom, which they hadn’t done in a long time.

“Rob hogging the bathroom again?” Lucy looked up from her bed and saw her other brother, Peter, had stuck his head in her room.

“Yeah, he’s been in there forever,” she replied with an eye roll. “It’s like having a sister.”

“He’s probably just whacking off,” Peter said with a shrug.

“Gross!” Lucy grabbed a pillow and chucked it at her brother. He grinned and ducked in time. “I don’t want to hear about him defiling our shower.”

“Ah, let him be, Luce,” Peter said. “We’ve all been stuck in this house for seven months. These are desperate times, sis, and a man has certain needs.”

“Women have needs too, Peter,” she reminded him. “But I’m not hogging a shared space to take care of them.”

“Really?” he asked with an eyebrow raise. “You never take that big dildo of yours into the shower?”

Lucy’s face turned scarlet. “Excuse me?!” How did he know about that?!

“Yeah, I went snooping through your stuff,” Peter said, reading her mind. “No need to be embarrassed. We all do it.”

“Okay, you seriously need to go now,” Lucy warned, “or you’re going to lose your status as my favorite brother.”

Peter grinned at her again before disappearing down the hall. What an ass. Though, Lucy couldn’t stay mad at Peter. They’d always been close, even though their age gap was kind of big.

Peter, at 26, was the oldest. Lucy liked him because he was smart, like her. Peter was working on getting his doctorate in psychology right now. He was really funny, too. He knew how to joke around. Rob always got mad if you tried to mess with him. Peter was also really handsome — tall, blue eyes, wavy brown hair. Since he was a total catch, he obviously had a girlfriend — but he’d met her in grad school, and she lived across the country. They hadn’t been able to see each other this whole pandemic.

Rob was 23 — the middle child. He was the troublemaker. He was in his fifth year of college, trying to finish that bachelor’s degree, but it was probably going to take him at least another year. Not the brightest. Kind of moody. He was an athlete, into football and wrestling, so Rob was pretty jacked. He was good-looking, but not as pretty as Peter. Lucy didn’t mind Rob most of the time, but it was hard to have an actual conversation with him. They usually just avoided each other.

And Lucy, at 21, was the baby of the family. She did well at school, studying English and writing. She was pretty, too — reddish brown hair, blue eyes like Peter’s. She also had a killer body: C-cup breasts and a curvy ass and thighs. Before the pandemic she’d been casually hooking up with a guy at college, but she’d barely even spoken to him this whole time. It had majorly fizzled, which caused her to order that giant dildo Peter mentioned. She wasn’t going to make it through quarantine without it.

At some point, Rob finally vacated the bathroom. Hiding her eight-inch dildo in her towel, Lucy scurried into the bathroom and shut the door. It felt weird, but hearing about her brother jerking off in here made her want to do it, too.

Lucy turned the shower on hot and let the water run for a while, washing away any trace evidence Rob might’ve left behind. She stripped off her clothes and examined her body in the mirror, watching her nipples turn hard from the cold. Lucy ran her hands across her breasts, playing with her nipples, gently pinching them between her fingers. She moved her right hand down her stomach and between her thighs, slowly rubbing her clit. When Lucy couldn’t stand it anymore, she grabbed the dildo and climbed into the shower.

The hot water pelted her as she settled down into the tub, lying on her back. Lucy grabbed her body wash and lathered some between her legs, then lubed up the dildo. She closed her eyes and aimed the fake dick at her entrance, teasing herself by rubbing it up and down her wet slit. Lucy inhaled sharply as she pushed the dildo inside her, forced to go slowly so her pussy could stretch to accommodate its girth. Lucy would push in an inch or two, withdraw it, then go back in and add another inch — slowly, gently fucking herself. Finally, after a few minutes, she’d gotten most of the dildo in. Tightening her grip on the base of it, she went to town.

Lucy pumped the rubbery dick furiously into her pussy, pounding herself Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan as hard as she could. Her breasts bounced from all the effort she was exerting, her arm already cramping, but she ignored it.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned quietly, forced to hold back so her family wouldn’t hear. Every now and then she’d roughly shove the whole thing inside her and freeze like that, savoring the feeling of being completely stuffed. God, it felt good — but it still couldn’t compare to the feeling of having an actual man inside you, the feeling off his hot, hard body on top of you. Damn, she missed that.

Lucy resumed pumping the dildo again, her strokes so hard she was making herself sore. But she didn’t care. All that mattered was that building orgasm. Lucy managed to flip herself over onto her stomach, the hot water pelting her back now. She began to furiously hump the bottom of the tub, while she reached around and continued to fuck herself with the dildo. In thirty seconds, she was done.

“Uhhhhhhh,” she moaned deeply as her walls clenched around the rubber dick inside of her, her lips brushing against the side of the tub. Lucy laid like that, exhausted, dildo still inside her as she recovered. Finally, she pushed herself up onto all fours and yanked the dildo out. She cleaned it off, cleaned herself, then got out of the shower, feeling completely and utterly satisfied and relaxed.

That was nice, Lucy thought. But it still couldn’t compare to the real thing.


The next night, Lucy was bored. As usual. She thought she wanted alone time, so she went up to her room, but she was just as bored as she had been watching tv with her family. She looked over at her bookshelf, filled with books she still hadn’t read, but she was too lazy to think of that right now. Netflix it was.

Lucy found some critically-acclaimed drama and put it on. After about twenty minutes, Peter pushed into her room.

“Whatcha doing?” He asked, looking at the TV.

Lucy shrugged. “I just put on this movie. I’m bored.”

“Yeah, me too,” Peter replied. He wandered over to the bed and plopped down next to Lucy.

“I got into a fight with Cara,” Peter said after a few minutes.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” Lucy replied. “What about?”

Peter gestured vaguely. “Everything. It’s really hard being apart.”

“I bet,” she said.

“What are you guys doing?”

Lucy and Peter looked towards the door and saw Rob lingering in the hallway.

“Just watching some movie,” Peter replied.

“Can I watch?” Rob asked.

“I don’t know…” Lucy said. She normally didn’t let Rob in her room. He’d swipe things or intentionally make a mess.

Rob held up a bottle in his hand. “I’ve got whiskey.”

“Come on in!” Lucy said cheerily, scooting over closer to Peter to make room for Rob. The bed creaked as Rob settled on it with a sigh. He took a swig from the bottle then passed it to Lucy. Wincing, she took a sip, then handed it to Peter. The three of them repeated this routine in silence for a few minutes, so close they kept bumping elbows.

“This movie is boring,” Rob complained after a while.

Lucy glared at him. “You’re more than welcome to leave.”

“Oh, wait,” Peter said, sitting up and eagerly pointing to the screen. “Looks like it’s about to get good.”

Lucy and Rob turned to the screen to see what he meant, and they saw the lead actress taking off her top, putting her breasts on full display.

“Great,” Lucy said with an eye roll. “Call me when the guy gets naked.”

“Shit, she’s hot,” Rob commented as she continued to shimmy out of her clothes, revealing her perfect little ass, too.

“Give me that,” Lucy said, snatching the whiskey bottle from Rob. She drank as her brothers continued to ogle the naked actress.

“Guys, you’re seriously drooling right now,” she scolded them. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Give us a break, Luce,” Peter replied. “We’re horny as fuck and haven’t gotten laid in months.”

The naked actress was now passionately kissing her male co-star, whose clothes also started to come off. Soon enough, he’d pushed her back onto a bed, climbed on top of her, and began thrusting away.

Feeling awkward, Lucy took another swig from the bottle, painfully aware of how she was sandwiched between her brothers, watching an intense sex scene. None of them said anything as the moaning began, but Peter grabbed the bottle from Lucy and took a long drink.

Rob kept shifting next to her, and when Lucy looked over at him, her eyes doubled in size. Her brother was very obviously aroused by the scene. Part of her wanted to tease him about it, but the other part of her was too embarrassed to say anything.

But Peter wasn’t.

“Dude,” he said, staring at Rob with a giant grin. “You’ve got a major boner right now.”

Rob’s face turned red and he grabbed one of Lucy’s throw pillows to cover himself. “Shut up!”

“Sitting next to your sister, too,” Peter Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan continued, shaking his head. “You must need it BAD, bro.”

“I said, shut UP!” Rob shouted, using the throw pillow to whack Peter. Lucy tried to duck as her brothers wrestled around her, but it wasn’t working. She was stuck in the middle of a pretty pathetic slap fight.

“Guys, stop!” Lucy yelled, but they ignored her. Lucy had slid down some to avoid the hitting happening over her head, and her eyes spotted Rob’s hard-on again. Just wanting to get them to stop, she reached out and grabbed at Rob’s crotch without thinking. It did the trick. He immediately froze.

“What the fuck, Luce,” Rob said, letting go of Peter and trying to put distance between him and Lucy. “Let go of me!”

Lucy had gotten the desired result — her brothers to stop hitting each other — but for some reason, she couldn’t release Rob’s dick. It was…substantial. She was kind of in shock.

“Holy shit, Rob,” she murmured, looking at him. “You’ve got a monster down there.” Lucy couldn’t stop her hand from stroking him through his jeans, trying to get a better sense of his size.

Rob snatched her wrist, hard. “Lucy,” he said through gritted teeth, “you need to stop that. I can’t handle you teasing me right now.”

“What if I wasn’t teasing?” Lucy asked quietly. She thought back to her session in the shower with the dildo — how it’d felt so good, but it wasn’t quite enough. And now here was her horny brother in her bed, packing a huge dick, clearly dying to get some. She was just buzzed enough from the whiskey that this didn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

Rob was speechless, confusion clear in his eyes. Lucy knew she was going to have to spell it out for him. She slowly unzipped his pants, then reached into his boxers to fish out his dick. It was even bigger than she’d anticipated, and once it was free from its constraints, Rob’s dick stood at attention, hard and thick.

“Jesus,” Lucy murmured as she wrapped her hand around her brother’s shaft. She slowly pumped her hand up and down.

“Oh, fuck,” Rob whispered, leaning his head back against the headboard. Lucy was vaguely aware of Peter’s eyes on them — and she could hear the swig of the whiskey every time he took a drink — but she was fully focused on stroking Rob’s massive dick. His eyes were closed now, and he let out a moan every now and then. His sounds encouraged Lucy to speed up her movements. She’d occasionally swipe her thumb across his engorged head, spreading the pre-cum around.

Lucy watched how Rob’s face twisted with pleasure, how his body had completely relaxed and surrendered to her. He was always moody and on his guard around Lucy…but not now.

When she felt the bed shift on her other side, Lucy snuck a peek at Peter. He still held the bottle of whiskey, and it looked like he was now sporting an erection almost as big as his brother’s.

He offered Lucy a sheepish smile. “I…you know, desperate times and all.”

“I know,” Lucy said softly. While her right hand continued stroking Rob, Lucy brought her left hand to Peter’s lap. He stared at it for a few seconds before hastily undoing his pants. Out popped her other brother’s dick — not as staggering as Rob’s, but still pretty impressive. Lucy grasped Peter’s shaft, and began pumping both of her brothers’ dicks in unison. Peter let out a groan and leaned his head back, just like Rob had.

Lucy wasn’t sure where this would go from here. Just hand jobs? Blow jobs? Full-on sex with her brothers? At that moment, she didn’t care. Whatever happened was fine. Nothing was normal about their current situation. Like Peter said, they were in desperate times, just trying to make it through.

While Lucy’s hands were full, Rob turned to look at his sister before reaching out and grabbing ahold of one of her tits. He squeezed it, hard, through her pajama top. Seeing what was happening, Peter decided to grab the other. After a few minutes of her brothers pawing at her chest through her shirt, Rob reached for the hem and started to tug it up. Lucy paused the simultaneous hand jobs and allowed both Rob and Peter to pull her top off.

“Damn,” Peter said, voice low as he played with his sister’s naked tits. His fingers tweaked at her hard nipples. “Always wondered what these looked like, Luce.” Peter leaned forward and took a breast into his mouth, tongue swirling across her nipple.

“Ohhh…” Lucy said softly as her oldest brother sucked and nibbled on her breast. She closed her eyes but grabbed Peter and Rob’s dicks again, all the while Peter’s mouth working against her tit. A few moments later, Rob gently grabbed her wrist to stop her pumping hand. Lucy opened her eyes and turned to look at him.

“I’m gonna cum if you keep going,” Rob said softly, the underlying meaning clear: He wanted more than just a hand job.

“Okay…” Lucy said. “What now, then?” Rob seemed hesitant to suggest anything, uncertain of the rules — uncertain of what the fuck they were doing. The tingling between Lucy’s legs grew stronger as Peter continued devouring her tits, gently biting and tweaking her nipples. She was too turned on to stop now. She’d wanted to get fucked by a real dick so badly, and now she had two big ones, ready and willing. The fact that they belonged to her brothers hardly mattered right now.

“I could give you a blow job,” Lucy suggested. She watched as Rob’s pupils widened in desire. That was exactly what he’d been too afraid to ask for.

“Ooh.” Peter lifted his head, Lucy’s wet tit falling from his mouth. “That’s a real generous offer, Luce.” He leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on the side of her head — a simultaneously sexy and brotherly gesture that made her stomach flip-flop.

“Who first?” She asked, looking at both of them.

“Better let Rob go first,” Peter said. “He needs it more than me. He hardly gets any.”

“Shut UP, Pete,” Rob hissed, anger now flashing into his eyes.

“Relax,” Lucy murmured, leaning up and kissing Rob’s cheek. She rubbed her hands across his chest and could feel his muscles beneath his shirt. “Take this off. Let me see you.”

Rob quickly shed the shirt, revealing the well-muscled chest Lucy had been expecting. She’d seen him without a shirt plenty of times, but not recently — and he’d clearly been keeping up with his football workouts. She helped him tug down his jeans and boxers the rest of the way until he was completely naked.

Focusing completely on Rob, Lucy turned her back to Peter and brought her lips to Rob’s chest, leaving a trail of kisses down his abdomen. She saw her brother’s dick twitch in anticipation as she got closer.

Lucy was now face to face with the largest dick she’d ever seen. If this were anyone else, she’d be intimidated. But it was her brother. And despite their typical bickering and avoiding each other, she still trusted him.

Lucy gave the tip an experimental, long lick. She ran her tongue up and down his entire shaft, and could hear Rob’s breathing get shallow. Then, after taking a deep breath, Lucy took a few inches into her hot, wet mouth.

“OH Jesus,” Rob moaned as Lucy started to bob up and down. She did her best with Rob’s monster cock, but could really only take about half before her gag reflex stopped her. But for now, that seemed to be enough. Rob threaded his fingers into his sister’s hair to keep it out of the way as she sucked and slurped on his dick.

Then, two surprising things happened at the same time. Rob’s grip on Lucy’s hair suddenly tightened, and he pulled her down further onto his dick. Taken off guard, Lucy naturally tried to resist, but in her current position she couldn’t. She gagged loudly and Rob moaned, his hips thrusting upwards into her mouth.

And while her one brother was currently trying to force his massive dick down her throat, the other began tugging off her shorts. Lucy had almost forgotten Peter was there, but sure enough, he was quickly removing her pajama bottoms, and then her panties.

“ULLLKKKK, UULLLKKK, UUULLLLKKK,” Lucy continued to gag as Rob fucked her throat. She couldn’t have protested Peter undressing her if she wanted to — which she certainly did not.

Lucy was surprised at how dominant both of her brothers had suddenly become, but she could feel herself dripping as Peter’s fingers probed at her pussy entrance.

“Shit, Luce,” Peter murmured as he pushed two fingers inside her. “Rob, you should see how wet she is. She’s just as horny as us!”

If Lucy was able to speak, she would’ve informed Peter that girls get just as horny as guys, but her mouth was full. She was fully focused on trying to breathe as Rob continued easing more and more of his length down her throat.

“God,” Rob grunted as he pushed Lucy’s head completely into his lap, his entire shaft lodged in her throat. “Pete, I think our little sister’s been sucking dick at college.”

Lucy continued to choke and gag as Rob held her down on his dick, saliva running down her chin. Meanwhile, Peter’s fingers continued to pump in and out of Lucy’s pussy, making her crave more. After what felt like an eternity, Rob released Lucy’s head from his iron grip, and she pulled back, coughing and gasping for air.

“Jesus, you might want to go easier on her,” Peter told his brother, pushing a third finger into Lucy’s snatch. She let out an involuntary moan and bucked backwards.

“It’s okay,” Lucy panted, wiping the saliva from her chin. “We all need this, right?” She continued to catch her breath, perched on her hands and knees, as her brother finger fucked her.

Peter let out a chuckle at her response, and he yanked his fingers out of Lucy. “You’re really the best sister. You know that, right?” She could hear Peter stepping out of his pants, then he grabbed her hips. Lucy let out a small gasp as she felt Peter’s dick now poking at her entrance. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Lucy briefly wondered if their parents could hear what was going on in here, but the movie was still on, volume up. That should mask any sounds.

“Wow, Pete,” Rob said, irritated, as he watched. “You let me have the blow job so you could take her pussy first?”

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