Calva Ch. 04


Mrs Wu’s party finally finished and the yacht pulled away from the shore. The only other people aboard were the crew, the other slave girls and me. I had no idea where we were headed but I had a submissive status for which I had been prepared for a long time and my only duties were to be as attractive as possible if my superiors wished to use me.

My most unique and attractive feature is my lack of hair. The name given me is the Latin word for bald and it suits me perfectly. I have had my head shaved for several years and have undergone waxing and laser treatments so my body is perfectly smooth.

I am also very submissive, having been trained as such by many different women who used me for pleasure. I have also enjoyed my submission. I have been used only by wealthy, beautiful women who could keep me as there pleasure slave. I have embraced my need to serve.

The mysterious Mrs Wu had purchased me and taken me on her yacht for whatever adventures she had in mind.

Once we were at sea we followed the coastline south. The weather slowly warmed and the sun was up earlier each day. Several slavegirls worked naked on the deck because they had been trained on operating the ship. I was forced to be on the deck each day so that my bare scalp would become tanned. My hair had been allowed to grow for several days but I knew what that meant.

My hair was sparse after being waxed on several occasions and now it had grown out just long enough for it to be waxed again. The process was painful but it left my scalp so smooth that I endured it without complaint.

The esthetician was a slave like me. She worked nude except for heels that made her seem over 5 feet tall. Her body was hairless like all the other slaves but she had a short bob haircut that made her very attractive. Her name was Tina and she took me to her work space that allowed no privacy.

First I was required to lay nude Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort on her padded table while she applied hot wax to the few areas where hair still grew on my body. There were a few between my legs and around my bum. Mrs Wu required these to be removed completely and Tina did so while disinterested slaves wandered past.

When she was finished with my pubis and behind, she applied an antiseptic cream and asked me to sit up.

The next stage of the ritual required me to sit in the hairdressing chair where she normally cut and styled the hair of other slaves. My case was different.

Tina ran her hands over the sparse stubble on my scalp and then used a wooden spatula to apply the hot wax. She started at my forehead and spread it evenly over the crown before covering the area around both ears. It was very hot and uncomfortable but I had suffered through it before and I knew that sooner or later I would be permanently hairless and would no longer need this treatment.

Tina waited until the wax hardened and quickly pulled it off my scalp, removing the hair that was under it.

Then she applied the hot wax to the back of my head and nape of my neck. The procedure was repeated and the hardened wax was ripped of leaving me bald as an egg.

“Mrs Wu says you will eventually be totally hairless but for now, she is not requiring me to remove your eyebrows. This will give you something to shave.”

Tina applied the cream to my head and allowed me to step down from the chair.


My scalp was a little red over night but Mrs Wu did not require me. By morning I applied some lotion that both soothed my scalp and made it shine. I felt very very submissive and hoped to catch Mrs Wu’s eye.

As Tina had suggested, I began my grooming by shaving off my eyebrows. I drew in an arched brow line and then did my makeup. I Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort looked very sexy with my smoky eye shadow and red lips. I decided to go all out tramp and put on the biggest hoop earrings that I could find. My final touch was to use the same brilliant red lipstick on my nipples which became very erect as I applied it with a lip brush.

The sea was very calm so I decided to wear my highest heels as I walked through the ship. I was looking and feeling like the complete slut, hairless and nude.

Several slave girls smiled at me and I knew that given half a chance I could have had any one of them but Mrs Wu was my owner and she knew exactly how to use me.

As I neared the pilot’s cabin, Mrs Wu appeared. She was wearing red latex that showed off her curves. She looked at me and smiled.

“Look at this shameless slut, all polished, primped and nude. Such brazen behavior must be punished.”

Her assistant, Ava, grabbed my wrists and twisted them behind my back. She forced me to my knees and cuffed me. Mrs Wu approached and stroked my bald head gently.

“You are very smooth. That pleases me. And you have shaved off your eyebrows. You are very desirable Calva but first you must be punished. If the other slaves were so brazen, nothing would ever get done on board. Everyone would be too busy having sex with on another.”

She instructed Ava that I was to be punished and I was led to the punishment cabin

where black leather floggers, swatters and other devices that were designed to restrain and punish the slave. An inverted wooden V shaped structure stood ominously and Ava strapped me too it with my arms over my head and my legs strapped to the base. I was fully exposed and a couple of slaves watched my fate unfold.

Mrs Wu stood facing me. She had learned that public punishment had become like an aphrodisiac Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort for me. Bound hairless and naked, I felt wet and my lipsticked nipples hardened.

Mrs Wu had a favorite flogger with a penis shaped handle and a number of leather thongs that were attached. She knew how much force to use in order to inflict pain without breaking the skin or leaving marks and she was going to use it.

She approached me and stung me across my bare belly. Several strokes followed stinging my breasts and thighs. They were painful but somehow I was becoming more and more aroused. The other slaves watched as Mrs Wu changed the location and angle of attack. The last few strokes were underhanded as she allowed the flogger to sting my exposed mound. By now, I wanted more and felt close to orgasm when she suddenly stopped.

Ava was instructed to bring me to my owner’s stateroom and she released me from the flogging station before cuffing my wrists together behind my back.

Mrs Wu awaited me in her room. She had removed her latex covering and stood there with her own beautiful body exposed. Also exposed was her erect penis and she smiled at me, knowing I was eager to please her in any way she desired.

Ava helped me to my knees and left us. Mrs Wu stood close to me and stroked my smooth head once more. Her hairless cock was inches from my lips and both of us knew how much I wanted it.

“When I found out what a wonderful cocksucker that you are, I could not resist purchasing you for my personal sex toy. You are beautiful, hairless and totally submissive. Now tell me what you would like.”

I could not help myself. I wanted her cock in my mouth so badly.

“Mistress. I want to be your hairless cocksucker.”

And so she began by slowly sliding her erection between my lips. Her hands held my head and began to manipulate me for her maximum pleasure. She never came in my mouth. I don’t even know if it was possible for her but she was thoroughly satisfied when she arched her back and moaned loudly.

The erotic tension left her body as she released my head. She even undid my cuffs and helped me to my feet.

“You give me great pleasure Calva.”

She summoned Ava and I was returned to my quarters.

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