Desire and Confusion


Disclaimer: Every character depicted in this story is at least 18 years of age or older. Furthermore every character in this story is fictitious, any similarities to persons living or dead is completely coincidental. If you are offended by incest, nonconsensual sex and/or dialog which could be deemed demeaning please do not read this story. For everyone else, please enjoy and feel free to provide me with constructive criticism. Thank You!

I remember the excitement I felt. Being eighteen, it was going to be my first real date with an older guy. It was to be a date where my parents or his wouldn’t be driving us to our destination. It was to be a date where we wouldn’t have to hide under the bleachers of the football field to have sex. It was to be a date where I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant thanks to the birth control patch on my right hip. It was to be a date with a real man with a real career, a real nice car and an apartment of his own.

At school I was often referred to as a slut. The term was demeaning and it hurt to hear it sometimes but I had grown to accept it. After all I did enjoy sex, a lot. I also know how attractive I am, my friends and boyfriends always told me I look like a petite Miranda Kerr. I love to flaunt my body with sexy skimpy clothes because I love the attention it gets me. For this date I bought a hot new tight white mini skirt that was low on the hips and short on my legs. I have a small ass and relatively narrow hips so the skirt fit perfectly without riding up in the back. It was such that there was a hint of the very top and very bottom of my small tight butt cheeks. My black G-string was visible through the material and above the waist band of the skirt. I matched it with a tight white tank top and a lightweight mid-waist pale pink cardigan. I had my manicure and pedicure done in pink to match the cardigan. I didn’t were a bra, my boobs are small and firm enough that I didn’t need one, but also I enjoyed knowing that men could see them through the white shirt. Actually another reason I went braless was because my boobs were a bit swollen and tender from the birth control which made my normal sized bra’s uncomfortable. I tried to go with simple accessories to keep the attention on my body and face. Sparkly white gold earrings set with a dozen tiny diamonds with a matching ring I wore on my right ring finger to help draw his attention to the exposed patch on my hip. My pretty high heeled sandals were a color called Silver Snow and they matched perfectly with the jewelry I sported. I carried a small white coach clutch bag with only the basics to touch up my makeup, a smoky dark eye to make my big pretty blues standout combined with blush and lipstick to match the cardigan. I left my long brunette hair natural looking, but that’s not to mean I didn’t spend hours getting it to look exactly how I wanted.

When I looked at the clock I was ready a half hour early. That was rare of me to be ready early and I chalked it up to my excitement. I walked down to the kitchen to get a water bottle from the fridge (Proper hydration is the most important thing for maintaining smooth clear skin) and my dad was sitting in there looking over the manual for the new microwave we got. The light from the setting sun was bursting through the window illuminating me like a spotlight as I entered. I could feel my dad’s eyes on me the instant the warmth of the sun light washed over me. I knew my dad was a pervert, he never objected to my skimpy outfits like most dads would and I constantly caught him looking at my body in ways that no father should. Sometimes he wouldn’t even bother to avert his eyes when I caught him.

It’s hard for me to explain the feelings I have with regards to my father’s attraction to me. I tried, for the most part, to ignore it. After all he was a good father; he made sure I did well in school and he patiently taught me how to drive. He was always there when I needed him weather it was calming me after a nightmare as a kid, or as a teenager picking me up from an out of control party at 3 in the morning when he had to be up to go to the gym before work at 5. He did it all without complaint, so I loved him dearly. Though sometimes he was so blatant with the way he stared at me and smirked that it did make me feel a little weird and uncomfortable. Though in all honesty there was a part of me that was flattered to get such attention from my own father and without a doubt it made me feel pretty and confident in my appearance. It also made me feel dirty in a good way and a bad way. Dirty because my ignorance of it was his enabler and I never once voiced my discomfort. Dirty because I let him look at me and it exhilarated me to be such a sexual freak. Dirty because it made me feel like the slut everyone said I was. It was all a big confused mess in my head and I couldn’t be sure if I liked it, disliked it or both.

“What’s that sticker on you for?” His tone was mildly sarcastic and a sly smile was plastered on his rugged Esenyurt Escort Bayan handsome face.

He obviously knew what it was since he’d seen them on me for the past couple months but he wanted to hear me say it. My response was a sigh and silence as I leaned against the kitchen sink drinking my water.

I was looking up and off to the side at nothing in particular letting my dad drink in the sight of me when he spoke again after a minute or two, “It’s interesting how you chose to show it off in such a manner…” I looked to him. His eyes were fixed on my hips and an expression of mild distaste on his face, “As if it’s an advertisement.”

“You don’t like it there?” My voice was soft and meeker than I intended.

Dad twisted his mouth and shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t say that. It’s actually quite sexy.” He Smiled. “It’s just that I always found it more exciting when there was some level of risk involved.”

He was being exceptionally outgoing with his choice of conversation and I was taken aback by it a little bit. I’m sure it was obvious to him that I was a very sexually active young woman, though this was the first time he ever spoke of it so nonchalantly and bluntly. It was also the first time he used the word “sexy” to describe me. I tried to ignore the tingles it gave me down below.

“Yeah well I’d rather not get pregnant this young like you and mom did.” I realized I sounded very nasty, more so than I wanted. Perhaps an inadvertent defense to the way he was making me feel.

Dad chuckled and took it in stride, “I never regretted having you. You know that. Hmph, You’re the single most amazing thing in my life…” His eyes followed the curves of my body all the way down to my sexy heeled sandals, then slowly back up to meet my eyes. I know that he knew that I knew what he was thinking and it made him grin with pleasure that I allowed it. “And I suppose my ahh… my other feelings for you, probably aren’t a secret any more. Are they?”

I felt my face flush and my blood begin to course through my veins like a freight train. I didn’t know what to say. I never thought he would ever admit it so openly to me. This changed everything. The whole dynamic between us would be different because, if I let him look at me not, it was no longer an innocent tease but rather an open invitation. I was always disgusted with myself when I found pleasure in his gaze, it was always such a mixed up batch of emotions I almost couldn’t handle it. But now! Out of nowhere it was all out in the open. It felt so much more real I thought I might faint from the dizzying whirl of motley feelings. Without a word I turned and looked out the window. My mother was sunbathing in her bikini over by the pool. The sun a deep orange now half hidden behind the tall pine trees at the back of our yard and the sky was all shades of pink, blue and orange with little wisps of white clouds here and there. It was beautiful and serene. It distracted and calmed me for the moment.

Dad kept at it, not so subtly dancing around the bush. “Let tell you how I would want it to go if I were this boy toy you’re going to go out with tonight.”

Finally I found the courage to speak but I still had my back to him and I was still looking out the window, “You know what dad? I don’t think I want to hear it! Actually this conversation is really beginning to gross me out!” I sounded serious and slightly pissed off.

He came back so quickly and with a slightly raised voice it seemed aggressive, “Then why are you still standing there?”

Dad was right, I was still standing there, and consciously bent over the sink just enough so that he could see right up my skirt. My previous statement was only a partial truth since there was also an excitement building inside me from the freaky nature of dad’s attraction to me. Instinctively I apologized, for what I wasn’t sure, “You’re right daddy. I’m sorry.” It was more an act of submission on my part I think, and the simple act of that apology thrilled me to no end. I grew moist between my legs and my heart fluttered with all those ‘dirty’ feelings as adrenaline spurred me on to new territory. Softly I asked, “So how would you want it to go if it were you?”

I heard him get up out of his chair and push it in as he spoke briefly and bluntly about his fantasy. “I would want you to withhold any information about birth control until after I dropped my load in that tight little bald cunny of yours. Do you shave it that smooth or do you have it waxed?”

I honestly didn’t realize he could see that much and I wanted to reach back and pull down my skirt but I knew how much he liked what I was doing, so I didn’t. I liked knowing that he was happy with me, a child’s urge to please their parents I suppose, as creepy and perverted as it was. I was in awe of the way he was speaking to me, so dominant, direct, and uninhibited. It made me feel an odd blend of both arousal and disgust that made me continue with youthful curiosity. “Waxed,” Avcılar Escort Bayan I answered. “What if he asks me if I’m birth control?”

Dad was truthful as I heard him slowly step toward me, “Well, then he is a much different man than me. Be honest but don’t freely give away information. Mystery is a great aphrodisiac.”

Without warning I felt his warm uninvited touch, his right hand cupped my ass cheek and his left wrapped around my thigh right where it met my hip. It startled me and I jerked around to face him. Almost yelling I asked, “What are you doing?” I knew exactly what he was doing, but even after our sexually charged little conversation it came as a surprise.

“Sshhh!! We wouldn’t want your mother to hear.” His voice was soothing yet powerful as he gripped my shoulders and pushed me over the sink. He was not a huge guy but he was significantly stronger than me. I resisted him enough to let him know I didn’t want to do it but not nearly with all my strength.

“Dad no,” I pleaded barely above a whisper obeying his command to be quiet as I tried to push myself away from the counter. It was barely enough to bump him back an inch or so and I felt my butt cheeks spread around the erection bulge in his pants. I realized that my weak struggles were only enticing him. He knew I wasn’t resisting with all my power.

“Stop,” he whispered as he pinned me against the counter the stainless steel sink in my face. “Don’t move.”

He backed off a bit so he could unbuckle his belt. Like a good daughter I did as I was told and held perfectly still as he undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. My heart was pounding as my breath became deep and ragged. I had never had a guy be so forceful and dominant as my father was right then and it was a side of him that I was seeing for the first time. My mind said ‘NO’ but my body betrayed it as my pussy tingled with intense arousal and I felt an unusual yearning deep in my tummy. I realized then that there was no stopping this, my own father was about to rape me, and I was going to let him. Perhaps then that wouldn’t be rape, if I let him, would it? I admit, part of me wanted it, but in my mind I knew it was wrong and gross. Yet maybe it was the wrongness and grossness that helped bring me to such an abnormally high state of arousal. Up to this point I had fucked 7 different guys a total of a dozen times between all 7 and I had never been as sexually turned on as I was right then.

I felt my father’s thick cock slowly glide over the crack of my ass while his hands bunched up my skirt at the small of my back. “Do you realize what you’ve done to me”, he groaned with dominance, more a statement than a question. His right hand slid up my shirt and squeezed my tit as his left explored my narrow waist. I felt my sex respond with increased moisture from his rough manly hands groping and exploring my body. Somehow my cardigan was no longer on my body and I felt my shirt being tugged over my head. I did not resist. “All these years of teasing me,” He went on. “You knew what you were doing you little slut! Now it’s time you get what you deserve.”

My arousal was so potent I could smell myself and I was sure he could smell me too. Dad’s right hand found my sopping wet pussy. “Ahh fuck yeah,” he whispered. “You’re fuckin dripping! You fuckin love what I’m doing to you don’t you?”

I was silent, trying only to gain some control of my breathing. I had become afraid too. I felt like my dad was right. I knew what I had been doing all those years, but I never expected it would come to this. I suppose I should have known. Maybe if I had seen this aggressive sexual side of him in some other way I may have stopped teasing him. Yet as my mind lingered on his question, I found myself wondering if this would have happened sooner had I known about this carnal personality of his. His dominant aggression and my fear of it only seemed to be intensifying my erotic excitement.

Dad’s hands left my body as he removed his shirt. Suddenly he yanked me up by my hair. My back pressed against his solid stomach and the nape of my neck arched over his right sparsely haired pectoral muscle. His hard shaft nestled firmly between the top of my butt cheeks while the mushroom cap poked into the small of my back. He lowered his head so our faces were next to each other with his prickly stubble brushing lightly against my smooth cheek. He whispered with breath scented of the mango he must have just eaten and a firm commanding grip on my hair. “I asked you a question. Do you like what I’m doing to you?” His tone implied that he was going to be in control of me.

“Yes,” was the word that flew from my mouth without a single thought and it wasn’t untrue. Simultaneously I gave in to it all, excited, afraid, aroused and willing yet unwilling. I let my body go limp in his arms and let all my minty breath escape my lungs in one big sigh. He grinned at my submission. His left hand cupped my pussy and pulled me tight against him while his right released its grip on my hair and petted me like I was his kitty cat purring in his ear. “That’s my good girl.” His fingers probed at my clit as he continued, “You look scared. Didn’t know daddy could get like this did you?”

“No,” I responded barely audible through my heavy breathing. I wiggled my ass against his dick and added, “…but it’s so hot.”

I felt his tongue slither slowly from my shoulder all the way up my neck before he nibbled gently on my earlobe. I cooed with a soft high-pitched moan. I reached back with my left hand and lightly brushed my pink nails over his bald shaven head. He was handsome and stern and 16 years my elder. He went to the gym 5 days a week with his wife, my mother, and had a lean muscular body to show for it. His genitals felt neatly groomed against the skin on my ass. I always knew he was an attractive man, but now I was seeing it with new wanton eyes as I unleashed the chains of my inhabitions.

Abruptly, dad pushed me so I was bent over the sink again. With haste he pulled my skirt and G-string down till they fell to the floor. I kicked them off across the kitchen. We were both naked and vulnerable. I feared my mother walking in because it would be difficult to pick up all our clothes and hide before she saw us. I felt the tip of dads dick spread my smooth wet lips before he commented, “I’ve never fucked such a smooth hairless pussy before. Between that and your tiny size, Mmm, you look so much younger than you are.”

“Sorry,” I muttered unsure if he was unhappy about it.

“Don’t be, I think you’re so fucking sexy,” he stated as he pressed his dick into me a little bit. I groaned as my pussy stretched to accommodate his girth. “Is this what you want?” His voice was gruff with pleasure as half his cock was now in me.

“Yes!” I moaned.

He asked almost growling, “Yes who?”

“Yes daddy!” My answer came to me without thought.

“That’s my good girl. I want to hear you tell daddy what you want.” The command came as he was buried fully inside me. He was large more girth than length, yet still it seemed almost too large for me to handle.

This time I thought briefly about what he was asking and I responded aptly and with a soft submissive tone. “I want you to fuck me daddy, whenever you want. I want you to treat me like the slut that I am. I want to feel your dick shooting cum deep inside me.” His cock had begun to move in and out of me, slowly and deliberately while he groaned his enjoyment. Surprised with my own words I wondered if I really did want those things. For that very moment, with the way I felt, my words were all truth. I continued with more passion and conviction in my voice, “I want to be your fuck toy, your cum dumpster. You can do anything you want to me, daddy. I’m yours.”

“Oh Fuck YES!” He groaned almost too loud. With his cock buried balls deep in me, he pushed on the small of my back with his left hand and pulled me from just under my chin with his right until my head rested on his shoulder. He held me in this mildly awkward position with my feet clear off the ground. The base of my flat firm tummy rested on the edge of the counter and his lips met my neck. He pumped his cock once and I felt it, expertly he had a direct hit on my elusive g-spot. He began to thrust into me in earnest. I found myself grunting uncontrollably with each thrust and a lascivious guttural pleasure quickly building from somewhere deep in my gut. Dad was grunting into my neck as he sucked the erogenous area of skin into his mouth.

In a moments time the pleasure overwhelmed me and I had my first internal orgasm. It was incredible yet insatiable. With each pulse of pleasure a short stream of piss burst from me unrestrained. Wetness cascaded down my legs while unearthly groans escaped my lips. My father cupped his hand over my mouth to muffle the noise as my pussy clamped up around his cock with a mind of its own seemingly tugging it deeper into me. The sensation spread from deep inside me to eventually encompass my whole body. This feeling of explosive orgasmic ecstasy made me giddy and giggly. It was new to me and much different than any other orgasm I’ve had before. Then I felt it fading, subsiding back from where it came. “More,” my voice was scruffy and horse, halfway between moan and audible speech. I begged him, “Please more! Please!” Daddy never stopped and just as the first orgasm ended I felt another one brewing. It took hold of my senses faster than I expected and quickly overpowered me. Luckily dad held me firmly in position as he thrust his cock into my contracting pussy otherwise I would surely have fallen. Those blissful contractions combined with a glorious loss of control loosened my bladder once more as little spurts of piss washed down my legs each time my body tensed. Never had I orgasm so powerfully that I lost control of my bladder like this. It was oddly liberating, but had it happened with a guy I did not know as well as dad, embarrassment would have engrossed me. As my second orgasm came to an end and my convulsions dwindled I suddenly felt light headed and deathly out of breath. I realized I had been holding my breath since I begged daddy for more orgasm.

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