Debbi, Daddy and The Roommate Ch. 01


“Have you ever seen your dad’s cock?” Jim was painting his workbench in the basement when he heard the comment. He froze. It was Linda, his daughter Debbi’s new college roommate who was spending the weekend with them. Her voice travelled through the ductwork of the old Victorian house directly from Deb’s bedroom down to the cellar.

“No, I… Well I guess when I was little.” Debbi fumbled her answer.

“Well, I’d sure get a peek. Your dad is hot. Wow. Make’s me all tingly.”

“Linda! He’s my dad! Whoever gets to see their dad’s cock at our age?”

“Well, me for one.” Linda laughed. “Almost every day when I’m at home. Our father treated my sister and me as… well as… wife-replacements after my mother passed. And… well, I thought that since your mother’s not around…maybe you and your dad…you know.”

“Definitely, not!”

“So, what’s your dad do, just jerk off every night?” Linda asked. Jim blushed to hear this truth spoken even though he was two floors removed from the conversation. “Boy, I feel sorry for him in that case. I know I’d sure be lending him a helping hand. If you know what I mean.”

“I … I never really thought about it.” Debbi sounded pensive.

“Well, It’s not like your a virgin or anything.” Linda commented. That sent another shock down to Jim who listened with intense interest, and with a swelling cock. His imagination danced between images of his cock sinking into the flirtatious Linda or into his daughter Debbi. Fucking Debbi had been a recurring theme in his masturbatory fantasies for years; a taboo theme which he could never erase from his frequent jerk-off sessions. He had surrendered to that forbidden daydream years ago.

The girls then scurried about the room, opening drawers and sliding hangers about the closet, dressing for a trip to the mall. In Jim’s aroused state, he rubbed his cock through his trousers and listened to the pair dressing, undressing, giggling, and kibitzing. He slid his kırşehir escort hand inside his pants and boxers, pulling on his cock and envisioning; asses, tits, pussies, panties, nipples, He was close to an orgasm when the girls left the bedroom and came down the two flights of stairs.

He came out from the basement at the same time that Debbi and Linda reached the front door. Once they left, he intended to enjoy some languid wanking as he replayed arousing conversation. Their chosen outfits only added to his warped lust. Debbi wore a pair of cutoffs, so short that her pocket linings showed beneath the frayed hems and so tight that her pudgy cameltoe protruded seductively. A loose fitting tank top outlined the shape of her young tits and her erect nipples.

Linda wore a pair of Debbi’s yoga pants which clung to her hypnotic ass, revealing her thong lines and those glorious globes. She wore a top with no more substance than a bikini bra, her young tits spilled out of the sides and top. He was sure that Linda checked out his still erect cock as they stood in the hallway. Then, she flashed a knowing smile at him before they left..

Jim did indeed retire to his bedroom and edged himself for a good half hour to fantasies and visions of the girls in various stages of undress, in various fucking positions, in various settings. He pictured them both singly and together. He saw them all writhing in an unbridled threesome. He created lesbian scenarios with him stroking the girls as they satisfied one another’s passion . When he finally allowed himself to cum, he shot-off a huge load and continued pulling on his dick till he flipped about the bed and could do so no longer. Then, he slept.

Jim was awoken from an erotic dream by Debbi plopping herself up and onto his mattress, sitting herself indian style by his left hip. Linda assumed the same position on his right. In a fog he turned his head from one to the other. The scene had a dreamlike quality and it took Jim a few seconds to realize it was not just an extension of his lewd dream. This was happening.

“We’ve been talking about you all day, Jim.” Linda breathed. Then both girls giggled.

“It’s true Daddy we have.” Jim looked at Debbi, whose legs were splayed in her yoga position such that he could see her white panties up the leg hole of her cut-offs. He could also tell from the glazed look in her eyes that Linda had been filling her head with erotic thoughts just as she had his. He had yet to realize how far that temptress would lead daddy and daughter into debauchery and incest.

“Your ears must be burning Jim… the things we talked about… Isn’t that right Deb?” as she asked she reached over Jim’s hips and took Debbi’s hand. She leaned over and kissed the back of Debbi’s hand. Then, she casually placed it on Jim’s crotch. Jim sucked in a huge gulp of air.

“Debbi and I share everything don’t we Deb? In our dorm room alone at night,” she was now whispering suggestively, “we like to snuggle up in one bunks and help each other fall asleep.” Linda took Debbi’s hand by the wrist and dragged it up and down the length of Jim’s cock.

Debbi’s hand which was at first passive, began to stray, trace and pulse on her daddy’s stiff prick. Jim reached down and clasped both girls by the wrist and pressed their hands down on his prick. The invitation released a more aggressive and teasing Linda. She ripped down Jim’s fly and hooked his boxers back and over his balls. His cock and sack stood in full, rampant display.

“Wow, I knew it. That’s quite a fuck pole you’ve got there Jim. Well, he’s your daddy Deb… you get first touch.” Debbi, glossy eyed and mesmerized by her father’s cock, took it in her fist. She squeezed as she stared at it and ran her thumb over the now purple head, spreading his pre-cum around the bulbous head.

Jim groaned and slid a hand up Debbi’s leg till his finger reached the moist silk of her panties.

“Ah, ah, ah,” said Linda grabbing Jim’s hand. “You will get your turn soon enough. But now you’ve got to keep your hands laced behind your head. Debbi and me are gonna learn all about her daddy’s cock, aren’t we Deb?”

“Mmm, hm.” Debbi was rendered inarticulate by the feel and the glorious sight of the forbidden cock in her hand. She pulled pushed and moved it about with reverence. She finally spoke, “I…I didn’t realize…I wouldn’t admit, how much I wanted this. Longed to do this…”

LInda reached in and cradled Jim’s balls in her cupped hand. “And look these meaty nuts. Deb, feel the weight of them.” The girl’s knelt up and examined the cock and balls together, commenting on the veiny contours and slight up curve in the shaft. Linda bent over and kissed it lovingly and Deb then did the same. “Let’s get him naked and check him out,” giggling and moving quickly they stripped off his trousers, sock, and shirt till Jim lay completely naked, his hands laced around the back of his neck.

The girls now stood beside each other and admired their handiwork. They kissed each other with a full-on lover’s kiss. Their hands wandered familiarly to between each other’s legs as they did so. Jim’s cock bounced and raged at the sight. The pair kneaded each other’s pussies as the kiss lasted for a long minute or two.

They broke off the embrace and returned their attention to Jim’s cock. “Oh dear,” quipped Linda, “somebody wants some attention.”

Debbi was overcome with arousal, “Oh daddy. It’s a magnificent cock. I want it,” she took it in her hands and planted kisses on the head and up and down the shaft. Linda scooted around the bed and joined in the kissing and licking. They broke off only to kiss each other on occasion and to suck on each other’s tongue.

The sensations, the sights and the situation took Jim to places he had never been.

“Careful,” said Linda. “Don’t let him cum. This is going to last and last and last. I know from my daddy… that makes for the best sex…the best orgasms… You’ll see…


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