Danielle is the newest addition to the accounting firm where I work. She’s twenty-two years old and fresh out of college. She has the most amazing green eyes and sparkling auburn hair. She’s very petite, only about 5′ 2″ with a slim figure. This was obviously her first “real job” and she was trying so hard to look the part of the up and coming young executive. Yesterday on break I had finally got her talking and she admitted she was sorely missing her “wild” college days. Well, maybe we would just have to do something about that… I offered to show her the local nightlife.

I picked her up at her place at 9 o’clock. I had volunteered to drive, as I know the area better. When she opened the door and I was very pleasantly surprised. What a knockout! She was wearing a slinky little silver dress and heels to match that had to be at least 4 inches high. She wore her hair down and it fell in chestnut cascades over her shoulders and breasts. It was longer than I had expected, falling down to caress the top of her hot little ass. I was glad I had chosen my white sundress that really showed off my tan quite nicely. The cut left little to the imagination as my breasts strained against the flimsy material.

She gave me the “grand tour” of her town house and then we were off to the clubs. We started off at one of my favorite haunts. We sat and had a few drinks bursa escort just to loosen up before going out to the dance floor. It was still early and there were not many other people out yet. Several stops later, it was obvious that Danielle was becoming quite tipsy. The more she drank, the closer she danced to me. Not that I minded in the least. I was having a wonderful time. Finally at around 1 o’clock, Danielle flopped down at a table and declared herself drunk. She said she was tired and asked me to take her home. I was a little disappointed, but beginning to get sleepy myself.

The drive back to her place only lasted about 20 minutes, but it really looked as though she were falling asleep in the seat next to me. When we arrived at her place she seemed to suddenly perk up. She insisted that I come in because she had a bottle of wine that we absolutely must finish.

As soon as we shut the door behind us, she pulled me into her arms and kissed me. I greedily returned the kiss and my arms went around her as our tongues dueled. Her mouth was sweet from the wine she had been drinking all night and her lips were soft as rose petals. I felt her breasts pressing into me. Her hands found the zipper on the back of my dress and pulled it down. She pushed the straps from my shoulders without breaking the kiss stepped away altıparmak escort a bit. I lowered my arms shrugging the dress off, feeling it flutter to the floor. Her hands found my nipples already hardened into little points. Danielle stroked them softly, little icicles shot down my spine to my crotch. I brought my hands up to her breasts and caressed them through her dress. They were much softer and smaller than mine. She wasn’t wearing a bra under the dress and I could feel her hardened nipples through the flimsy material.

Danielle’s zipper made a tearing sound as I lowered it. Impatiently, I pushed the dress off her shoulders down to the floor. Her high breasts begged for attention as I returned my hands to them. Her skin was so silky soft as I traced it with my fingertips. Her nipples elongated further under my touch. I bent down to flick one with my tongue. She gasped as I captured it with my mouth and gently suckled. Breaking the suction, I bent to work her tiny black panties over her slim hips and down to the floor, leaving her naked except for her heels. She had a sweet figure; small high breasts, slender hips, and a tight, round ass. She was shaved bare and I ran my hand over her smooth pussy.

Her left hand moved from my breast, down my tummy and to my crotch, caressing me through the thin lace of görükle escort my panties. I took her by the hand and led her down the hall to her bedroom. She gently pushed me back onto the bed and drew my panties off. She smiled up at me, nudging open my legs and knelt on a pillow on the floor. Her finger touched my pussy for the first time and I shuddered. She bent down and I closed my eyes as I felt the first touch of her tongue on my pussy. She quickly grew bolder increased her intensity as she lapped my wet cunt. Her nimble tongue circled my clit, teased my inner lips, and probed my opening. The sensation was indescribable. My whole body tensed as I felt my climax approaching. My hands balled into fists and I gasped at the intensity of my orgasm.

Danielle climbed onto the bed next to me and kissed me wetly on the mouth. I sat up and slid to the floor between her legs. I pulled her small body to the edge of the bed and propped her legs up on my shoulders. My tongue made lazy figure eight’s around her clit, flicked across her lips and around again. I circled the entrance, dipping in to taste and then up again over her clit. She was softly moaning, rocking her hips.

I thrust my tongue into the opening, while I played with her clit with my hand. She began to rock her hips rapidly. I buried the fingers of my other hand into her hot, wet cunt. I felt her build to orgasm and the spasms around my fingers as she climaxed, getting even wetter as she came with gasps and moans.

We lay there relaxing for a few moments, and then I smiled at her and asked her if she hadn’t said something about a bottle of wine that we absolutely must finish…

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