Emily and Jocelyn


Jocelyn was new in town, and, right away, she was in trouble socially.

The “regular” girls at school saw her as an oddball because she came from a city out West. Jocelyn looked different, talked different, and acted different. She was a foreigner to these sheltered teens.

It didn’t help that her small size made her appear young when, in fact, she was one of the oldest. Jocelyn would turn 19 before graduation. Just another reason she was an oddball.

Unsure how to react, the regular girls kept their distance.

The “popular” girls saw her as a threat. A threat to their way of life. A threat to the established order. Most importantly, a threat to steal a boyfriend. Or two. Or three.

The town was small and on the conservative side. The school had a simple dress code: skirts and blouses for girls, slacks and button shirts for boys.

The girls all wore modest solid color or plaid skirts that stopped just above the knee. Blouses were loose, cotton, and buttoned up the front. Colors were generally white or a light pastel.

The length of the skirt wasn’t required, The color and size of the blouse weren’t required. It was just the way schoolgirls in their little town had always dressed.

But it wasn’t the way Jocelyn dressed. She followed the official rules, but she broke all the unofficial ones.

Jocelyn’s skirts were short. They stopped closer to her pussy than her knees. The garments had bright flowers and geometric patterns. There were ruffles and belts that looked like jewelry. They hugged her hips and flared out when she turned.

Her blouses were often fancy pullovers in vibrant colors. The material was thin. Most appeared to be a size too small. The contours of her small breasts were readily apparent. Heads turned when Jocelyn walked by.

The popular girls in their plaid skirts and pastel blouses suddenly looked very plain.

By the end of her first week in school, girls had noted with disapproval that Jocelyn didn’t wear a bra. There were no indentations visible – no bra straps, no band across the back. Her nipples poked against the tight blouse. It was . . . wrong.

Many boys had noted the same facts, though they had a much higher opinion of the look.

A rumor started that Jocelyn didn’t wear any panties either. There was no evidence for this, merely the suggestion that a girl brazen enough to not wear a bra was surely brazen enough to not wear panties.

The popular girls were making sure Jocelyn would be shunned. Even girls who hadn’t heard the rumors knew an aura of disapproval surrounded Jocelyn. She was someone to avoid.

Emily, on the other hand, was not avoided by anyone. She wasn’t in the popular group, although they tolerated her. She was too different to be in the regular group, although they liked her. She wasn’t a misfit, although she sometimes hung around with them. Emily was in the very tiny group of girls who weren’t in a group.

Emily had gotten on the school bus at the regular time at her regular stop for the first day of a senior year which promised to be nothing special.

One stop later, Jocelyn got on the bus, and Emily’s world changed.

Emily didn’t know why. She hadn’t even known the girl existed moments before. But her heart pounded as she watched Jocelyn walk down the aisle of the bus. It was love at first sight.

Her heart wasn’t the only part of her body that reacted.

Jocelyn was short and slender, with blond hair, brown eyes, and a cute button nose. Strong features dominated her face. Small breasted, Jocelyn had a waist to match and gorgeous hips.

The most beautiful girl in school. Maybe the most beautiful in the world. At least, that was Emily’s opinion.

At school, Jocelyn quickly made it clear she wasn’t a threat to anyone’s boyfriend. The short skirts, the tight tops, and the rumors of no underwear attracted boys like flies. Jocelyn ignored them all.

Even the popular jocks with the hot bodies and the popular girlfriends got ignored. Which pissed off the popular girls even more. It was an insult, like saying, “Your boyfriend is a loser and so are you.”

Popular girls weren’t losers. Couldn’t be losers. Their boyfriends were hot. Had to be hot.

There was only one reason a girl would turn down hot, popular guys like their boyfriends. Jocelyn must not like guys at all. It was the only explanation. A new rumor started.

Girls were already shunning Jocelyn. Now the boys would shun her too.

Emily heard all the rumors. She was in her room after school. Her mother was bustling around the kitchen, getting ingredients organized for dinner. Her mother was a very careful person and was proud that her daughter was cautious and careful too.

The teen shut her door. She rarely did that during the day. Emily lay on her bed, still in her school clothes, and thought about the rumors. Thought about Jocelyn with no bra. Thought about Jocelyn with no panties. Thought about the latest rumor that Jocelyn liked girls. Liked girls in THAT way.

Emily pulled up her skirt and fatih escort put her hand in her panties. She moaned quietly as she rubbed her clit. Moaned and thought about Jocelyn.

Emily had never thought about whether she liked boys or liked girls in THAT way. She had gone on dates with boys but never had a regular boyfriend. She hadn’t let any of them get past first base, though almost all had tried.

For her 18th birthday, some girl friends had gotten hold of a couple cases of beer and threw her a secret birthday party in the woods, a spot where they regularly gathered.

More than tipsy, Emily had been convinced to show off her big C-cup tits. Giggling, the four other girls had dared each other to take a turn sucking or licking a tit. One girl had touched between Emily’s legs.

Emily had found it embarrassing and funny at the same time. She had also found it enjoyable.

By the time the beer was gone, all five girls were lying on the forest floor, blouses open, panties pulled down, masturbating. Emily had sat up to gaze at the various tits and pussies as she masturbated. It had been hot. One of her best orgasms.

“Maybe I do like girls,” Emily thought. “I certainly like Jocelyn. I liked looking at my friends.”

In her room, Emily quietly came. She was a cautious and careful girl, and that included having careful orgasms.

She cleaned herself up and went to the kitchen to help her mother with dinner.

Every day on the bus, Emily got on before Jocelyn. As the bus approached the next stop, Emily would get a long look at the girl she had fallen for. By the end of the second week, Emily realized her pussy got wet every day as they neared Jocelyn’s stop.

Jocelyn and Emily shared some classes. They had talked occasionally, but it was hard to have an extended conversation in the hustle and bustle of school. Hard to be close to the girl you had fallen for.

Emily got brave one day and saved the seat next to her for Jocelyn. Waving her over, Emily got a smile in return. They chatted about teachers and classes on the ride. Emily couldn’t help herself. She twisted in her seat so her knee touched Jocelyn’s. A shiver ran up her back.

Jocelyn didn’t shift away. Emily could barely focus on anything except the tiny patch of her skin that touched a tiny patch of the other girl’s skin.

On the ride home that afternoon, Emily blurted out, “You don’t like boys much, do you?”

A wary smile crossed Jocelyn’s face. Her eyes searched Emily’s face and saw friendship, hope, and interest. Her eyes shifted away, roving across Emily’s big tits and down to her legs. Emily blushed. A thought flashed through her head.

“I hope she likes what she sees.”

Emily was several inches taller than Jocelyn with dark hair and green eyes. Dimples appeared when she smiled. Large breasted, her body was in the vast middle area between slender and heavy. Her Greek grandmother had passed down her soft, olive-toned complexion. Emily’s flat ass came from her father’s side of the family.

The most beautiful girl in school. Maybe the most beautiful girl in the world. At least that was Jocelyn’s opinion.

Jocelyn looked at Emily. She slowly turned in her seat, moving her knee against Emily’s. A shiver ran up both backs. Jocelyn smiled.

“What was the question again?”

“You don’t like boys much, do you?” Emily had trouble getting the words out.

“No. Not much,” Jocelyn replied. Her voice was almost a purr.

Emily wondered how wet her panties were going to be by the time Jocelyn got off the bus. She wondered if Jocelyn could smell her arousal.

On the morning ride to school, Jocelyn continued the conversation. She had turned again so the two girl’s knees touched. Her hand dangled from the seatback, perilously close to Emily’s shoulder.

“Do you like boys?” Jocelyn smiled hopefully as she asked.

Emily blushed. Her pussy was getting damper. Her mind went blank.

“I’ve dated some boys.”

Jocelyn’s smile waned.

“But I never had a regular boyfriend,” Emily rushed to explain.

The smile got a little brighter. A finger touched Emily’s shoulder, sending an electric spark through her body. Emily screwed up her courage. She was about to admit something to herself as much as Jocelyn. She looked at her lap, embarrassed.

In a quiet voice, so no one else would hear, Emily said, “I think I like girls, not boys.”

She peeked at the girl next to her. The smile was still there. “I like you.”

Emily was blushing furiously. She didn’t dare look.

The bus arrived at school. The two stayed seated as others left. Just before standing, Jocelyn casually dropped her hand onto Emily’s leg and gave it a little squeeze.

“I like you, too.”

Emily had to take several deep breaths before she could stand. Had Jocelyn really said she liked Emily? Did it mean what Emily hoped it meant? Or was it all a dream?

Emily was waiting in line at the cafeteria. Students ate in shifts and Jocelyn was passing by on her way out. Passing istanbul escort by very close, she moved her hand, brushing Emily’s, briefly intertwining fingers, and then she was gone. Emily couldn’t breathe. She looked around. Nobody seemed to have noticed.

Jocelyn was from the West, where people were used to taking action. Back on the bus, she took action, awkwardly sitting on one hip, the other hip raised to block the view from across the aisle.

She moved her top leg, laying it across Emily’s knee. One arm lay along the seatback, the hand resting on Emily’s shoulder.

“Does this bother you?”

Emily could barely shake her head, “No.”

Actually, it bothered her. Bothered her a lot. In a good way.

Jocelyn’s hand fluttered onto Emily’s leg. It slowly moved the hem of Emily’s skirt just enough to fully rest on bare flesh. Jocelyn watched intently for a reaction. She didn’t want to be too forward. She didn’t want to scare Emily off.

Emily bit her lip. She was being her careful self. Careful not to yell or moan or both. No one else could know what wonderful thing was happening in Row 15 of the bus.

With a tiny nod of her head, she slid forward, pushing her skirt another inch higher. She didn’t want Jocelyn to think she was too easy. Or too prim.

They rode along like that, with a hand gently caressing a leg, and hope in both hearts.

“See you tomorrow.” It was Jocelyn’s stop.

Emily could hardly bear talking to her mother for even a minute when she got home. As soon as she could, she went into her room and closed the door.

Jocelyn had touched her. Emily’s panties came off and her legs spread wide. She had to use her pillow to muffle the sound of her moans. Careful orgasms were a thing of the past.

For the next few days, Jocelyn wasn’t waiting for the bus and wasn’t in school. Emily wondered if she had done something wrong. If the girl she had fallen for had somehow been offended.

Finally, the day came when Jocelyn was waiting for the bus again. She was wearing a short floral skirt, a psychedelic tie-dyed top, and knee-high boots. Anyone else would have looked ridiculous, but Jocelyn made it work.

Another reason the popular girls disliked her.

Jocelyn strode down the aisle of the bus, her eyes fixed on Emily and a broad smile on her face.

“My parents took me to visit colleges,” was the explanation for her disappearance.

She adjusted her position, sitting on one hip again. Her hand rested on Emily’s shoulder. The tips of her fingers were closer to the girl’s big breasts. Emily had to restrain herself from grabbing those slender fingers and crushing them against her tits.

“I missed you,” Emily said.

Jocelyn laid her hand on the girl’s knee, slid the hem up, and caressed the olive skin.

“Did you miss me a lot?” Jocelyn teased.

“Much more than a lot,” Emily replied.

Emily could barely breathe. She couldn’t move. More than anything, she wanted to kiss Jocelyn.

If she moved, she was going to kiss Jocelyn. Kiss her and take the teen’s clothes off. Let Jocelyn undress her. Lay in the aisle, their nude bodies touching. Playing with Jocelyn and being played with. In her mind, Emily could see it happen.

“We’re here,” Jocelyn said.

Emily looked around. They were at school. She had been fantasizing.

“Where did you go?” Jocelyn looked worried.

Embarrassed, Emily only shrugged. She didn’t want to scare Jocelyn off by telling her of the fantasy. She had only just gotten her back.

In the afternoon, things began the same way but Emily had better control of herself. No erotic fantasies this time.

“You know, the rumors are true,” Jocelyn said. Emily looked at her quizzically. “I don’t wear panties.”

Emily looked more aroused than shocked.

“At least, I haven’t worn them since I started sitting with you.”

Jocelyn got up. It was her stop. Emily watched her hips sway as she walked to the front.

Emily practically ran to the bathroom when she got home. That door could be locked. Her skirt and panties came off. She lay on the floor, biting a towel, writhing, with three fingers inside. She had to use the towel to dry the floor when she was done.

Her mother asked if she was sick. Emily had never felt better.

On the morning bus ride, Emily had a gleam in her eye when Jocelyn sat. Before the teen’s hand could rest on her leg, Emily lifted her butt and freed the back of her skirt.

She closed her eyes as Jocelyn caressed her leg. Jocelyn’s hand was mid-thigh, the highest point yet. Emily put her own hand at the same place on Jocelyn’s leg. If you listened close, you would have heard two contented sighs.

The routine continued for days. Jocelyn’s hand slowly moved higher on Emily’s thigh. Moved closer to Emily’s panties. The change was barely noticeable from day to day except to Emily, who knew exactly where that hand had been.

And knew exactly where she wanted that hand to go.

Each afternoon, Emily rushed to the bathroom taksim escort and locked the door. Stripping everything, she clutched at her tits, three fingers thrusting deep inside her pussy, while a towel muffled the sound of orgasm. Resting before mopping up the cum. Day after day.

Emily’s mother worried that her daughter had some kind of disease.

The anticipation of what they were doing on the bus was getting to her. The weekends without Jocelyn were getting to her. Emily couldn’t stand it anymore. Things had to change. She waited until they were on the way home.

“I know a spot in the woods we could go,” Emily said. “A spot we could be alone. Maybe this afternoon?”

She held her breath, waiting for an answer. Teasing was one thing. This invitation went far beyond teasing. It was a blatant solicitation for sex.

“I know a better spot,” came the reply. “My house. My parents are visiting my grandmother tomorrow. They’ll be gone until 8 or 9.”

That wasn’t just an acceptance of the invitation. That was blowing trumpets and setting off fireworks in response to the invitation.

Emily spent the rest of the day deciding what to wear. Her sexiest panties and bra, of course, but which were the sexiest? Should she wear her shortest skirt? No, too obvious. The skirt with pleats that flared out. Easy to get under and easy to get off. Pullover or button up blouse? Emily couldn’t decide. She barely slept that night.

The ride to school, Jocelyn and Emily barely talked and barely touched. They were both tense and excited. Neither could focus very well in class. Fortunately, there were no tests that day. They both would have failed.

The ride home was worse. Mentally, they tried to hurry the bus. It relentlessly plodded along.

“Could any vehicle possibly go slower than this damn bus?” was a thought they both shared.

Finally, they arrived at Jocelyn’s stop.

Emily had forged a note for the bus driver. He was a stickler for students getting off at the correct stop. He studied the note a long time before nodding.

Emily and Jocelyn stood on the sidewalk together. When the bus turned the corner, Jocelyn took Emily’s hand and they ran to the house.

Inside, suddenly they felt awkward. They knew what they wanted to do but weren’t sure how to get started. It didn’t seem very romantic to just take off their clothes and get down to business.

Neither quite dared to be the first to try something.

Time was spent nervously getting drinks and snacks, having mindless chit chat, and choosing a movie to watch. They constantly bumped hips, touched an arm, patted a leg, and held hands — everything but what they really wanted to do.

They were on the couch, paying little attention to the movie. It paused for a commercial.

“Oh, fuck this shit,” Jocelyn said.

She rolled to her side, grazing Emily’s tits as she drew the girl into a kiss. The kisses that followed were passionate and frequent and better than Emily had dreamed.

Still, they hesitated to do more.

“I definitely like girls,” Emily thought.

Her hesitation ended. Cautious, careful Emily disappeared forever. Her hand went up the back of Jocelyn’s thigh and found the girl’s bare ass.

“She really doesn’t wear panties. Just for me, she doesn’t wear panties.”

Hands were suddenly free to touch here and touch there. Touch everywhere. Jocelyn fumbled at the buttons on Emily’s blouse until the girl pushed her away and pulled the garment over her head.

In almost the same motion, Emily unhooked her bra and let her tits spill out. Jocelyn barely even saw the sexy bra Emily had worn specially for this occasion.

Jocelyn stopped. “Wow.” Seeing Emily’s C-cup breasts naked was different than seeing them under a blouse, restrained by a bra. Jocelyn cradled a tit in her hand before rushing to take it into her mouth.

They didn’t remember when their skirts came off or when Emily’s panties came off. Only that it was in the midst of frantic touching, frantic sucking, frantic fingering, frantic pussy eating, and, finally, long and loud orgasms.

Emily and Jocelyn were on the floor by then. Lying where they had collapsed after cumming, the two slowly moved closer until Jocelyn’s head rested on Emily’s shoulder, and her arm and leg were splayed over Emily’s body.

“Have you ever done this before? With a girl?” Jocelyn asked.

“You’re the first, boy or girl. You?”

Jocelyn hadn’t either.

Emily chuckled. “You think we could get away with doing this on the bus?”

It was a fanciful thought, but the longer they thought about it, the less fanciful it seemed.

“Well, we couldn’t get away with being naked on the bus. But I bet I could play with your pussy without anyone noticing. If you weren’t so loud, I could make you cum.”

They thought about it some more and abandoned the idea. Getting that aroused and spending the day in school seemed a waste. Getting that aroused and then going to separate homes seemed an equal waste.

“We could be girlfriends,” Emily offered bashfully. “At least then, we could kiss and hold hands without hiding.”

Emily held her breath, hoping Jocelyn wouldn’t say no. Was she going too fast? It had only been a few weeks. Jocelyn silently played with Emily’s nipple.

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