Dana Ch. 06


She hadn’t felt like this in years. Not since her marriage or even before it. Her mind was completely consumed by Liam.

For the next few days following the party, Dana and Liam traded texts back and forth. It started at flirty little exchanges and turned into Liam once again showing off his glorious cock for Dana. He sent pictures of it soft and hard. He compared to items like a banana, wine bottle, anything he could find around the house.

Dana loved it. She got a kick out of Liam being so willing to show it off for her. The conversations they had would almost immediately turn racy.

“It’s so huuuuuge!” said Dana.

“Glad you like.”

“I still can’t believe what happened”

“You’re amazing”

Dana smiled at her phone. “Thanks. I did my best! Lol”

“What was your favorite part?”

She spent a minute pondering the question before typing out a response. “I love it when you cum because it just seems to go on and on forever.”

“I do too :)”

Dana replayed some videos Liam sent her of him ejaculating alone at his apartment. One particular video shows him stroking his cock into the shower. Cum sprays everywhere in thick, white streams, unbroken as they launch from his dick.

She often masturbated to these videos. Occasionally bringing herself to orgasm, but more often going right to the edge. She decided she absolutely wanted to see Liam again, but needed to check with Marin first. The other night she learned that Marin and Liam had slept together before. Talking with her first was the right thing to do.

“Hey!” Dana said as she entered the living room. Marin was sitting on the couch working on a project on the coffee table.

“Hi, beautiful.”

“Hey so listen. I wanted to ask you something.”

Marin stopped what she was doing and looked up. “You’re going to see him.”

“See who?”

Marin sighed. “Liam, my love.”

“How’d you know?” Dana looked confused.

Marin returned to her project. “I’ve been around awhile. I can tell when sparks are in the air. And the other night?” she looked up at Dana. “It was a wildfire.”

Dana blushed. “But you guys have a past.”

Marin laughed. “Liam and I are nothing more than acquaintances. Yes I may have perhaps taken the horse for a ride outside the stable, but it was a long time ago and not something we’re interested in.”

“No?” asked Dana.

Marin looked up. “There was a lot of libations that night.” She smiled as she continued her work. “Besides. Why do you think I invited you to help with my shoot the other day?”

“Thanks, Marin. For everything. I feel like a new woman.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank Mr. Big Dick!” Marin teased.

“Can I ask you a question? How did you… how does it…”

“Fit?” asked Marin. Dana nodded.

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘slow and steady wins the race’? Well, that couldn’t be more true with our friend Liam.”

Dana shook her head in disbelief. “Did you take all of him?”

Marin laughed. “It was many years ago, dear. I’m sure I did. Or most. You’re in for a glorious treat. That is, if you’re to take him on.”

As Dana stood up to go get ready, she looked down at Marin’s project. She was working with a clay-like substance, molding it into different objects. She couldn’t help but notice the piece in her hand was strikingly similar to a certain male body part.

“Do I even wanna know what this project is?”

Marin shook her head. “I doubt it. But you may want to once it’s done,” she winked.

Dana shook her head as she walked towards her room and closed the door.


The place reeked of seafood and stale beer. Dana immediately felt overdressed in her thin, white sundress. She felt the eyes from the bar patrons as she walked briskly past them, showing off just enough cleavage to draw attention.

As she scanned the restaurant, she noticed Liam sitting at the last seat at the bar with an open stool next to him. He cheerfully waved her over.

“So is this your idea of an elegant evening?” she asked, sarcastically.

“What’s not to love!?” Liam said as he stood up to hug Dana before she took her seat. “The bar popcorn is fantastic here. The jukebox is always on. And the fried clams are to die for.”

Dana looked around, nodding her head. “Ya know, I can always enjoy a nice dive bar from time to time.”

Dana looked Liam up and down. He was wearing a tight, dark green t-shirt. His muscles were practically bursting through. He had on tight, ripped jeans and flip flops. Dana found it amusing their mismatch of clothing choice. She was dressed for a night at the yacht club while he was looking like he’d be smoking a joint on the beach. She reminded herself of their age difference as she enjoyed an ice cold Coors Light and laughed with Liam over his silly jokes.

“What?!” asked Liam, as he struggled to get through a story he was telling Dana. “I really had to go!”

“You could have waited until there was a restroom. Or at least the woods or something!”

“Wasn’t possible. coffeedonutfest.com Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go.”

The two had excellent chemistry. Laughing and joking all night long as different people came and went all around them. Dana hadn’t felt this way in years as she and Liam flirted heavily. She sensed it was almost time to end or extend the evening. She hoped it wouldn’t end.

During a brief lull in the conversation, Dana leaned in, clutching Liam’s muscular arm. “Can I just tell you something,” she started.

Liam nodded and leaned in. As if Dana was about to tell him a big secret.

She looked around and lowered her voice. “The other night was absolutely crazy.

“I’ve never done anything like that in my life. It was so… so surreal! Almost as if none of it ever happened.”

Liam smiled and nodded as he took a sip of his beer. “Oh, but it did,” he winked at her.

Dana shook her head. “Still can’t get over it. Your…” she lowered her voice to almost a whisper. “Your fucking penis is so big.”

The two of them cracked up laughing, as they had been doing all night. “Yeah?” Liam asked as he leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms.

“Yes!” Dana said as she began to blush. “It’s enormous. I can’t believe I did the things I did to it.”

Liam’s eyes got wide. “But you did. And my God you were incredible.”

Dana was not one to brag and she didn’t take compliments well. “I was living in the moment. But I have no regrets…

“So tell me one thing. When did you find out you had such a big one? Is this something guys talk about to each other?”

Liam shrugged. “Not really. We kind of rely on you guys to tell us. I dated this girl in college who was, like, obsessed with it. Constantly measuring it, comparing things to it. Showing it to her friends-“

“She showed it to her friends?! Like in pictures?” Dana asked. She no longer lowered her voice.

“No! She would invite them over. Make me whip it out. It was kinda wild.” Liam shifted in his seat and took a sip. As he did so, Dana stoke a glance at his crotch, noticing it was expanding.

“So kind of like the other night?” she asked.

“Yeah, exactly. That was when I realized I may have something. One thing led to another and now I’ve got the site and everything. Kind of a niche thing.”

“Do all the girls that hire you do what me and Marin did?” Dana asked, afraid to hear the answer.

Liam paused. His expression turned serious. “Dana… the truth is… yes. Yes they do. And sometimes more.”

“I see,” Dana crossed her arms in her lap, scanning around the restaurant.

“Does that bother you?”

“No, no, don’t be silly. It’s your business.”

“I never do this with customers. Only you.” Liam reached over and gently lifted Dana’s head by her chin so that they made eye contact. “You’re a special one, Dana.”

She couldn’t help but smile and feel warm. “Thank you. You are too.”

“Get out of here?”

“Yes,” Dana said with conviction.


They were barely through the doorway of Liam’s apartment before Dana’s tongue was down his throat. Her arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist. Liam effortlessly carried Dana down the hallway into the living room in the back of the apartment, passionately kissing the whole way.

He let her down slowly on the couch, pushing aside his guitar as he climbed on top of her. With his big hands, he reached down and helped Dana take off her dress. She was wearing sexy black panties and a black bra. Liam devoured her breasts as he caressed them over her bra. Dana breathed deeply as she spread her legs and closed her eyes. Her fingers ran through Liam’s hair as he got acquainted with her chest.

Dana helped him out by unclasping her bra, revealing her gorgeous breasts for the first time. Liam held her hands by his side and stood up to admire her sexy physique. “You’re stunning,” he said quietly to her as he took in the view. He then removed his shirt, revealing his large muscles and chiseled abs.

She raised her dainty foot with painted nails and ran it down Liam’s stomach, starting at his pecs. She slowly traversed each abdominal muscle with her big toe, admiring their tightness. She continued to investigate with her toes as she reached Liam’s tenting crotch. His big cock was sticking out, down the right pant leg, aching to be let out.

Hungry for it, Dana sat up on the couch and unbuckled his belt. “I’ve been thinking about this for days,” she said as she eagerly looked up at him.

“That makes two of us,” he said as he peered down at her.

Dana unzipped his pants and pulled them down, leaving Liam standing in just his boxer briefs. Next she grabbed them by the waistband and slid them over his protruding dick, releasing it from its dark confines.

It sprung out violently, slapping Dana directly in the chin. She turned her head and laughed. “Oh my God, this thing!”

Liam laughed too as Dana glared at his cock from inches away. “God, it just gets more impressive every time I see it. Look at this,” she said as she lifted it up, examining the underside. She then placed it on top of her face and looked up at Liam. “It’s bigger than my head!”

Liam laughed and ran his finger through her golden hair. “It’s a good look on you.”

Dana leaned back on her feet and stroked his cock. She used two hands on the shaft, every once in a while switching one hand to caress his heavy balls. Liam moaned softly while bending his knees. He was as hard as a rock.

“Do you like my big, eleven inch cock?” he asked, taking command of the spellbound Dana.

She nodded as she ran her fingers up and down the underside of the shaft. “I do.”

“Then say it,” he demanded.

“I love your eleven inch cock,” she said, staring at it. Liam’s cock pulsed with arousal as precum spilled out.

“I want it in my mouth again,” said Dana as she gently kissed the tip several times before engulfing his swollen head whole.

“Mmmmmm.” Liam groaned at first contact. The warmth of Dana’s mouth sent shivers throughout his entire body.

Unlike the other night, there was no taking it slow for Dana. She had not stopped thinking about the next time she would taste this man since Sunday night and was making it count. In an instant, she had a third of him deep down her throat as she stroked his shaft with both hands.

Overcome with intense feelings of pleasure, both Liam and Dana moaned in unison as she sucked on his hardened pole. She was blowing him with fervor, sucking in every taste, every smell, every feeling of his colossal penis deep down her throat.

Much like the other night, Dana would occasionally use one hand to finger herself, over her panties while she engulfed him. She massaged her clit with a purpose, moaning softly albeit muffled with a mouthful.

Liam’s breathing increased and his stance strengthened. Dana held onto his big thigh for support and could feel it was rock hard and bracing for an orgasm. His balls were tight too as they prepared for blast off.

She ached for his cum.

And it didn’t take long.

After only a few minutes, Liam was boiling. “Oh. Ohhh. Ohhh, mmmm fuck. Fuck! FUCK!”

He arched his head back and pushed his pelvis out as his balls began to empty and the floodgates opened.

At first, Dana thought she could handle it. She felt a warm sensation deep in her throat. So deep, in fact, that she swallowed what she assumed to be the first blast with relative ease. She felt his cock throb in her hand and mouth as a second powerful load entered her throat. Again, she swallowed, feeling the hot and sticky goop travel down her esophagus.

But nothing could prepare her for the ensuing blasts, all powerful, all increasing in volume. She gagged a bit as she quickly pulled his gushing member out of her mouth. She gasped for air as Liam took control of his spasming dick, launching ropes up over her head onto the couch behind her.

Dana regained composure quickly, managing to take control back. She used both hands to aim his orgasm at her chest.

“Oh shit! Fuck yes Dana!” Liam muttered as she squeezed out thick cumblasts, caking her chest and abs. She watched him unload as much of his spunk traveled down her body, covering her panties below. There was so much of it.

“Wow,” she said quietly to herself as she rubbed and tugged at his cock, in awe of the sperm spectacle happening in front of her. Cum still dripped from her mouth as he finished. Dana released his cock and inspected the mess left all over her. Liam took hold and stroked out a couple last dribbles. Dana giggled as he let them fall onto her thighs. “It just never stops, huh?” she asked sweetly, smiling up at him. Liam shook his head. His orgasm had finally concluded.

Liam helped Dana to her feet. They both looked down at the incredible amount of cum still dripping from her tight yoga body. “How about a shower?”

“Ya think?” she teased. Liam took her hand and led her through the living room into his master bathroom. She watched his muscular butt the whole way. He was glistening with sweat. As they stood next to the shower waiting for the water to warm, Dana noticed she was dripping.

“Oh shit, it’s getting everywhere.” She clumsily tried to collect the cum off her body.

Liam laughed. “Don’t worry about it. It’s fine, I’ll take care of it!” He paused to look at the white goop all over her. “I really got you huh?”

“Very funny,” Dana said, rolling her eyes. “I think you have a problem. You should really get that checked out,” she joked.

“But then I can’t drench you like this!” Liam reached out and helped scoop some cum off of Dana. He checked the water. It was ready. “After you, my lady.”

Dana still hadn’t been naked yet. She realized there was no turning back now. She slowly removed her panties and dropped them to the floor. Aside from a recent fling, no one had seen her vagina other than her husband in probably 10 years. She kept it neatly shaved, but never completely bare. Her tiny triangle of pubic hair was dark, unlike her golden blonde hair.

She watched Liam look down at her pussy. He smiled and kissed her passionately. They embraced. Dana could feel his rock hard cock pressed against her belly. Liam opened the shower door and stepped aside to let her in. She passed by, lifting his huge cock up out of the way to pass. “Like a toll booth gate or something,” she giggled.

In the shower, Dana and Liam soaped each other up. Liam used his big hands to clean Dana from head to toe. He stopped as he reached her crotch, slowly slipping a finger into her crevice. She giggled and slapped his hand away. “You’re bad!” she teased.

Dana reached down and grabbed Liam’s cock. “I can however.” Liam smiled and raised his hands up. “Be my guest!”

“How the hell are you this hard again?” Dana stroked his cock using soap as lube. She fondled his balls with her other hand.

“I never went soft. You’ve got me all worked up, I’m afraid.”

“This is amazing.” Dana stroked him a little more before she placed his cock up against her tummy. “It’s like my whole abdomen.”

“Do you love it?”

Dana didn’t answer. She continued to stare at his cock, tracing the shaft with her finger. She squeezed it, sensing its hardness.

“Dana,” Liam said. She looked up with a helpless look in her eyes. “Tell me. Do you love this cock?”

Dana nodded as she stared into his eyes.

“Do you want this inside you?”

She nodded again, this time moaning softly.

“Come into my bedroom in three minutes,” Liam said as he peeled her hand off his penis and exited the shower stall. Dana exhaled deeply. She felt her pussy and discovered it was throbbing with arousal. She hadn’t recalled being this worked up in years, maybe ever.

It was time for her to find out what it felt like to take Liam’s monster cock inside her.


Dana’s stomach was in knots. She was so excited and nervous. She finished washing up frantically as she fantasized about what was to happen next. She reached down and cupped her vagina, feeling her intense warmth. She could tell she was wet from arousal even with the shower water streaming down her body.

Even leading up to her divorce, it had been many months since she had sex with her ex-husband. They had already fallen out. The last time she had sex was a couple months ago with a man she met at the gym. Dana recalled it as unremarkable. Vanilla and bland. Liam was sure to be an amazing experience. She had never been with a man so attractive and well endowed. Her nerves shook as she turned the faucet off. No sounds could be heard from the other room as Dana carefully dried off.

She took one look in the mirror, adjusted her still wet hair, wrapped the towel around her body and left for the bedroom.

“Oh my God,” Dana said as she paused in the doorway. Liam, completely naked, was laying on his back in bed, stroking his cock as he grinned at her. His big legs were spread evenly apart. His immense body nearly took up the entire king size bed. “Look at you,” she said.

“Look at YOU,” he responded. “You’re so beautiful. Come here and let me admire you.”

Dana walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes locked onto Liam’s towering cock the entire time. She reached over and took hold of it, holding it steady from the base. It wasn’t just hard, it was throbbing. She stared at the shaft, from top to bottom. It was so hard, it felt like it was going to burst at any moment.

Liam unraveled Dana’s towel. It fell off easily, revealing her nearly flawless body and round, perky tits. He cupped one in his hand, slowly caressing her nipple with his thumb. “You’re a ten.”

“Stop,” Dana said, unwilling to accept the compliment as she stared hopelessly at his penis.

“No, Dana. You are. You’re gorgeous inside and out. Come here.” Liam effortlessly lifted Dana up by under her arms as if she were a toddler. He positioned her on his lap as he slid up so his back was firmly against the headboard. Their naked bodies, still a little wet from the shower, pressed up against each other with nothing but Liam’s penis separating them.

And it was blatantly in the way. So much so that Dana cracked up laughing as she clutched Liam’s arms and looked down between them. In this position, his cock was firmly nestled between Dana’s boobs. She playfully squeezed them together, barely enveloping his massive stalk.

“You’re so big and hard,” she whispered.

“It’s big and hard for you. Do you want it?” he asked, staring at her eyes as he tried to read her emotions.

“I’ve never been with a man so big.”

“Do you want it?” Liam asked again, this time holding her chin to raise her head. The two locked eyes.

“Yes,” Dana whimpered with desperation in her voice. “I want it.”

Liam dug his tongue into Dana’s mouth as he picked her up and spun her around on her back. She spread her legs and looked up at him. “Please be careful.”

Liam stared at her open cunt, dripping with lust. He licked his fingers and tested her, quickly realizing how wet she had become. He grinned with pleasure. After stroking his cock a couple of times, he paused, staring at her crotch.

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