The Sex Fairy Strikes Twice


Mandi and Candi Parks were identical twins. They looked the same. They both were tanned. They both were five feet seven inches tall. They both had thirty-eight C busts. They both had black hair. They both sported incredibly tight asses. There was only a couple of ways to tell them a part. Mandi wore glasses. Candi didn’t. The biggest difference between the twins was that Candi was a lesbian. Mandi wasn’t. The twins went to the same college. They shared an apartment off campus.

Compared to Candi, Mandi didn’t have a lot of relationships. Lately, it appeared that Candi had settled down with one person. Her girlfriend Holly worshipped the ground she walked on. They had been dating for six months.

The day brought about Candi and Holly’s six month anniversary. Candi was dreading it. From day one, Holy was head over heels in love with Candi. Lately, Candi was just bored with the relationship. Every month anniversary, Holly would send a truck load of flowers to the apartment. Then she would come over and expect a romantic evening. Candi wasn’t a romantic person. Wild nights of sex were good enough for her. In the beginning, that was what she thought was Holly’s agenda. The more sex the better. But after the first couple of months, they were only having sex a couple of nights a week. That was way below the idea of minimum in Candi’s eyes. Mandi was holding a glass figure in her hands. She bought it at a flea market. Candi noticed it and asked.

“What’s that Sis?”

“Just some glass figure I bought.”

Does it have a name?”

“Yeah. It’s here on the bottom. It’s Leanne.”

“Where are you going to put it?”

“On top of the book case.”

It was late in the afternoon. The twins were just lounging around in the apartment. Candi was trying to think of a way to get out of Holly’s evening plans. The phone rang. Candi figured it was Holly. She had called every hour on the hour since noon. It was getting annoying. She answered the phone. It wasn’t Holly. It was a friend of Mandi’s. She handed the phone to Mandi. There was a knock on the door. Candi answered it. It was more roses and flowers from Holly. She was really pressing her luck. Mandi walked into the living room. She looked pissed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Last week I promised Jenna that I would go out with her friends tonight, but I got a Chemistry final tomorrow. I have to study for this test. Jenna’s not going to let me get out of this. I don’t know what to do!”

Candi found her way out.

“I’ll do it!”

“What? No way!”

“Why not?”

“Don’t you have plans with Holly tonight?”

“She broke them! That’s why she’s been sending me all these damn flowers today.”

“You’re so lucky. I wish I had someone who would buy me flowers and romance me.”

“I wish I could just have a lot of sex with a lot of different girls and not have to worry about hurting my girlfriend. Which friends are they?”

“Jenna. Rena, and Jackie.”

Candi smiled. Rena, the blonde with the yummy tight ass. Jackie, the half Spanish, half black chick that would make Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez wanna commit suicide. And Jenna the blonde with the hottest breasts Candi had never seen.

“ Are you sure you’re up to hanging out with my friends?”

Candi removed the glasses from Mandi’s face and put them on her face. Mandi didn’t really need them anyway. They were just props. It was a vice she used so people could identify her from Candi.

“I’m not going out with your friends. You are.”

So the plan was set. Candi would pose as Mandi and go out with her friends. Mandi would stay home and study. The twins did this sort of thing all the time. So this wasn’t something terribly unusual. They always would get a kick out of fooling their friends.By six o’ clock Candi was on her way to go hang out with Mandi’s friends. Mandi stripped down to her bra and panties. She felt comfortable. Mandi sat on her bed and quietly studied for her Chemistry final.

Around eight, she heard a knock on her door. Whoever it was let themselves in. Mandi was a bit afraid. It was too early for Candi to be home. She was afraid that someone was going to rob or cloud storage rape her. The mystery person tip-toed to the bedroom. She slowly opened the door. She jumped from behind the door and yelled:


Mandi nearly jumped as high as the ceiling. It was Holly!

“God damn Holly! Don’t ever surprise me like that!”

“Just wanted to make sure you were awake lover! How’s my little Candi Cane?”

“Candi Cane” was Holly’s pet name for Candi. She thought Mandi was Candi!

“I’m Mandi. Candi has gone out.”

Holly looked perplexed for a moment. She pulled Mandi’s Chemistry notes from her hands and tossed them behind the bed. She straddled Mandi.

“Oh no! We aren’t playing that game again. You pulled that same stunt last week!”

“What stunt?!”

“I came by and you said you were Mandi and said you weren’t feeling well. The next day I asked Mandi if she was feeling better and she looked at me like I was crazy!”

Mandi was cursing her sister in her head. She had really got caught in a pickle this time.

“Holly, I don’t know what Candi is up to, but you have to believe me! I’m Mandi!”

“Tonight is going to be so much fun! I want to give you a good time tonight Candi Cane!”

Holly pulled out two pairs of hand cuffs. She handcuffed Mandi to the bedposts.

“You remember when you told me you always wanted to be bound to the bed one time? Well tonight’s the night.

Holly! Stop! I’m Mandi!”

“You still playing that game Candi Cane? I guess I’m going to have to disclipine you.”

Holly tied Mandi’s legs spread eagle to the bottom bedposts. She pulled off her shorts and pulled off her panties. Her shaven pussy was very wet. It was dripping. She rolled her panties into a ball and shoved it into Mandi’s mouth.

“I don’t think I can concentrate with you lying to me like that.”

She taped the panties into Mandi’s mouth. She removed Mandi’s bra. Mandi continued to protest . Holly put her hands around Mandi’s breasts and rubbed them and pinched them. Mandi’s nipples became stiff as a board. Holly leaned down and licked and sucked them.

At first Mandi was appalled and frightened. The redheaded lust filled animal would not listen to her cries. She was only interested in getting sex from her “Candi Cane.” But she wasn’t Candi, she was Mandi. Holly wouldn’t believe her. The erotic assault on her breasts was taking it’s toll on Mandi. With every suck , nibble, and bite, her defenses began to weaken. Her body was becoming more and more turned on to her sister’s girlfriend’s touch. Her body was on fire. She began to moan like a madwoman exploding with wantonness.

Holly was loving the effect tat she was having on her lover. She crawled up to her and removed the panties that were in her mouth. She kissed her. Holly scooted up the bed a little more and fed her breast to her. Mandi was not sure what to do, but she eagerly accepted her into her mouth.

“I wanna eat you out Candi Cane. I want to make you cum all night long.”

Holly slowly pulled Mandi’s satin panties off. She glanced down at her pussy and gasped. Her pussy was hairy! Candi always kept her pussy shaven and there was a heart tattoo just above it. Holly combed through her pussy hair. There was no tattoo in sight! Her face turned pale. She had almost had sex with her lover’s twin sister!

“Why are you stopping?”

“Oh Mandi! I am so sorry! I thought you were lying! I thought you were Candi! I- I have to go!”

“Don’t go! I liked it! I want more!”

“This is wrong! I’m in love with your sister! God! I just cheated on her with her sister!”

“So? She doesn’t love you!”

“How can you say that?”

“Did you cancel your date tonight?”


“She said you did. She said she was getting tired of you.”

“Promise me you aren’t lying.”

“I would never lie. Candi is like a doorknob. Everyone has had a turn! She doesn’t know how to reciprocate true love. But I do.”

Holly walked over to the bed and took the restraints off of Mandi.

“Kiss me.”

Mandi took Holly’s face into her hands and kissed her. It was long ad gentle. Their cloud file storage tongues danced an almost magical dance. Holy broke the kiss long enough to travel down towards the end of the bed. She spread Mandi’s legs and begin to eat her out. Her expert tongue had Mandi beside herself, lost in orgasmic bliss. Mandi began moaning that she wanted to sixty-nine. Holly was okay with that. The two became entangled in their own little nest of love………….

Part two Candi’s night

Back in town, Candi was putting together her own little enchanted evening. Right off of the bat, she told Jenna and Mandi’s other friends Jackie and Rena that she was indeed Candi. She didn’t hide her “lesbianese” either. She got the girls to sneak into a lesbian club called “The Pussy Pit.” It wasn’t long before she had the girls all out on the dance floor. They were all very drunk. Candi took each girl on a little seduction dance tour to eliminate their inhibitions. The Pussy Pit had a room in the back, called the Litter Box, the patrons could use if they wanted for a small fee. The group all chipped in and went to the room. Candi started a game of Truth or Dare.

“Okay Candi. This was your idea so you start us off.”

Okay Jenna. Now you can only pick truth once.”

The three straight girls used their truths on the first go around. Then it was Jenna’s turn to ask Candi truth or dare. Candi boldly said “Dare.”

“Um…. I dare you to get naked.”

Candi smiled. She knew she had the girls curious. She stood up and slowly started to unbutton her shirt in a seductive manner. The shirt was halfway unbuttoned when the other girls noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The three just stared opened mouthed as Candi took off her pants and revealed her shaven pussy. She sat back down and waited for Rena, the other blonde to ask her the question.

“Truth or Dare Candi?”


“Oh gosh! Um! Masturbate for us.”


Candi spread her legs and ran her hands across her thighs. She started to rub her swollen bare pussy. She inserted her fingers and began to softly moan. She began to tease her pussy. Slowly she fingered her pussy torturing herself to cum. Then she started to finger herself faster. Her moaning was a lot louder and specific.

“Oh Rena! Oh God! Rena! Yes! Yes! Renaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Candi came violently as she screamed Rena’s name louder and louder. She pulled her hand out of her pussy, and it was covered in her cum.

Rena? Truth or Dare?’

“Dare I guess.”

“I dare you to Lick my cum off of my fingers.’

“I couldn’t.”

You don’t want to ruin the game for everyone do you?”

Rena shrugged her shoulders. Candi shoved her hand in the face of Rena. She began to lick the cum off of it. Candi was enjoying the trap she was setting for her sister’s sexy friends.

After a few times around, Candi had the trio all naked and playing with their pussies. It was Jackie’s turn to truth or dare Candi.

“Candi, will you choose truth this time?


“What’s it like to kiss another woman?”

Candi gave the ebony beauty a long lust filled look.

“Let me show you.”

Candi cupped Jackie’s face and began to slowly kiss her on the lips. She softly slid her tongue into her mouth. Jackie let herself go into the kiss. After what felt like an eternity, she broke the kiss.

Does anyone else want to find out?”

Jenna and Rena were dying to be kissed by Candi. Candi grabbed Rena and kissed her. As an added bonus, when Rena stuck her tongue out into her mouth, Candi began to suck on it, causing sparks to fly in her pussy.

Candi broke that kiss and stared at the prize she was wanting all night. Her sister’s best friend. The girl with the most awesome body she had ever seen.

Part three: Back at the apartment……

Things were getting hot and heavy between Holly and Mandi. They were eating each other’s pussies out and making each other cum repeatedly. Mandi never saw what Candi seen in other women, but she could see it now. Holly was turning her into a sexual beast. When the girls finished their muff diving festival, file upload Mandi had a question for Holly.

“Holly? Will you…”

“Will I what?

“Take me. Take me and my virginity?!”

Holly was shocked to hear this. She didn’t disappoint.

“You’re a virgin? I’ve never had a virgin before.”

Holly looked under Candi’s bed and puled out a six inch strap-on dildo. She strapped it on. She lubed it up and asked Mandi to get ready. She spread her legs as Holy straddled her. Holly inserted the dildo. She slowly began to fuck Mandi.

“I want you Mandi Bear! Do you want me?”


Mandi began to moan and thrust with the dildo. Within minutes, Mandi’s hymen was history. As were her days as a straight girl.

Back at the club……

Candi crawled slowly and seductively over to Jenna. She brushed a stray hair away from her face. She held her face in her hands and brought it up face to face with her’s. She lightly kissed her lips several times over. Jenna was putty in her hands. She kissed her way slowly down Jenna’s neck.. Jenna’s long thick nipples were rock hard. Her breasts were on fire to Jenna’s touch. Candi stopped her assault on Jenna’s breasts when she saw that the other two girls were staring at them in awe.

“Ladies, don’t be shy! Come join is!”

The other two joined them in a tangled web of lesbian sex. They played the “lesbian banana vs tongue” game. Rena and Jackie laid down with Jenna sandwiched between them. Candi stuck bananas in Rena and Jackie’s pussies. She began to fuck them with the bananas. At the same time she was tonguing Jenna’s beautiful muff. Soon the sound of the trio all cummming at once echoed through the room. They kept rotating until all had been tongued or bannananed, including Candi. Then they all took turns eating the banana out of each other’s pussy. By the end of the evening, Candi was very happy. She had a night full of sex. With three different girls.

It was three o’ clock when Jenna dropped Candi off.

“I really had fun tonight Candi.”

“I did to.”

“So I guess I’m a lesbian now?

“If you want to be. It’s your choice.”

“No guy has ever made me feel like that before. I want to feel it again.”

“Candi kissed Jenna tightly on the lips.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Jenna and Candi exchanged good-byes. As she disappeared off into the horizon, Candi grinned an evil grin. She had turned three straight girls into horny oversexed lesbians. She walked into the apartment. She tip-toed into the bedroom she shared with Mandi and turned on the light. She looked over at her sister’s bed and saw her in bed with her girlfriend.

“What the fuck is going on here?!”

A shocked and embarrassed Mandi jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

“Well why were you fucking my sister?”

Holly quickly calmed Candi down and explained what happened. Candi was still pissed until Holly observed her smeared lipstick and the smell of sex and bananas.

“Is that bananas? Oh my God! You didn’t? Tell me you didn’t just sleep with your sister’s friends!”

Candi confessed. The two stared at each other for a few minutes. Holly broke the silence.

“Maybe we don’t belong together.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are a free spirit. I’m not. I think I am in love with Mandi.”

“Then what are we going to do?”

“Do you 100% love me Candi?”


“I used to feel that way about you. But now I’m in love with her.”

“I just want everyone to be happy.”

“I need love to be happy. You just need sex. Lots of sex!”

The girls laughed.

“Then I guess there is only one thing to do.”

The girls got Mandi out of the bathroom. Candi and Holly broke up. Holly and Mandi were now free to be together without feeling guilty. And so they did. Candi was free to have sex, lots of sex! And so she did! With a countless number of girls, but she always got the best satisfaction with Jenna. Holly would later move in with Mandi. At the same time, Candi moved in with Jenna. They shared an open swinger like relationship. Mandi and Holly’s was naturally more dedicated to each other. Sometimes the twins have a laugh about that weird night that brought all of this together. But then they remember the wishes they made and wonder if that had something to do with it.

In the meantime, Leanne, The Sex wish Fairy looks over them with a sly smile.

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