Cyrus’ Neighbour Affair Ch. 03


The turn of events becomes even more interesting, as Cyrus and Malini continue their tryst to ensure a fitting end to a short but passionate affair.

Please do read Part 1 & 2 to fully enjoy this story.

This is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to anyone real is purely coincidental.


The next day I messaged Malini from work.

‘Hey. How’ve you been? What’ve you been up to?’

I received a reply a few minutes later.

‘I’ve been good. Expected to hear from you sooner.’

‘Been a bit busy. Work and a new live show that’s gotten me hooked. Just seen one episode so far, but it’s very promising.’

‘Seems to have sparked your interest for sure.’ Came Malini’s reply with a wink

‘Indeed. And you? What’s been going on?’

‘Been more or less relaxing at home with a new book that I can’t seem to put down. It’s really very exciting.’

‘Care to share the title?’ I guessed it was an erotic novel or something that she must have been reading on her tablet the night before.

‘Not sure if you can handle it.’ Came the reply.

‘What makes you think that?’

‘Just a hunch.’

‘Maybe I’ll have to prove myself then.’

‘Borrow my e-reader and see if you like it. I should be done with it tonight.’ And that gave me a hint that perhaps I had another show in store for me that night.

‘I’ll take you up on that offer. How about a drink later tonight?’

‘Maybe tomorrow, after I finish this book.’

‘To pass up a drink with me means this book must really be quite invigorating.’

‘Quite full of ourselves, aren’t we?’

‘Just hoping I could be as exciting as the book.’

‘We’ll just have to wait and see.’ She replied with a kiss icon

‘Till tomorrow then.’ I replied, wondering if I’ll even by able to wait till then

‘Sounds like a plan. Maybe we can even watch this new show.’ She said

‘Don’t think you can handle it.’


I went back to finishing some work, obviously a little distracted, knowing what was in store for me later that evening. I could barely finish what I had set out to do for that day, and eventually gave up, packed up and left by 7. After a shower and an early dinner, I settled into my seat on the balcony with a drink and my book, though clearly not as interesting as Malini’s book was supposed to be. It was still only 9, and a quick look over at her window showed a similar scene as yesterday. The curtains were drawn open and the lights were off. So I waited, and read, till once again the light turning on distracted me, also indicating the show was about to begin. And deja vous it was. Malini was back on the sofa, dressed this time in a pair of jeans and a loose top, and her legs were folded under her as she made herself comfortable. Her hair was slicked back and tied up in a bun, and she had some silver jewellery on which I could see from that distance. Her signature exotic look that sent shivers down my spine every time.

Once again, a few minutes into settling down, her hands were freely roaming her body. A couple of more minutes and her top was flung across the room, once again displaying those magnificent orbs that instantly had me throbbing in my shorts.

Her hands worked their magic up and down her torso, cupping each of her breasts and giving them a light squeeze before attending to her nipples. Her hand then disappeared into her jeans, but not for long. The tablet was once again placed on the sofa, and her jeans were removed quickly before she used both free hands. One hand alternated between her breasts, and the other vigorously worked between her legs. Within minutes she was writhing on the sofa, quickly ascending towards climax.

I watched for several more minutes as Malini came down from her high, staring in my direction with a lascivious grin spread across her face. And then I saw her grab something which looked like her phone and she seemed to be typing on it. A moment later, my phone buzzed and I knew she had sent me a message.

‘Finally finished the book. Quite intense.’ Her message read

‘Finished the show as well. Worth every minute.’ I replied

‘We on for a drink tomorrow?’ She asked

‘Yes, my place? After work, around 9 pm?’ I asked

‘Sounds like a plan.’ She signed off with a wink emoji

‘Can’t wait.” I signed off

The night passed with hedonistic thoughts, and the day was not much different. Some important meetings distracted me for a while, but every free moment was spent thinking about my evening drink date with Malini. I wondered what she had in mind and what the evening had in store for me. Of course, I was hoping for just one thing, and that was quite obviously to spend a rather sensual night with her. But only time would tell.

It was a Friday so I generally wrapped up work early. I rushed home to prepare the house a little, organized a few snacks and made sure the bar and fridge were properly stocked. After my evening yoga session and a hot shower, all I could do was ucuz escort wait for 9 pm to roll around. And when it finally did, I jumped from my seat a little as my door-bell rang.

I walked over, straightening my clothes a little, feeling that sense of butterflies after a long time. I opened the door, and there stood Malini with a glorious smile spread across her face. She oozed sensuality and confidence as she stood there, wine bottle in hand, dressed simply, but so exotically. Her hair was slicked back and tied into a bun, again leaving her face in plain view. A little kajal adorned her large eyes, accentuating their mystifying appeal and sparkle. Her dusky skin naturally glowed without any makeup. Her rust coloured cotton kurta and dark denims hugged her firm body and reminded me of each and every curve that lay beneath. Long silver earrings dangled from her ears, as she walked past me with a purpose and entered the house as if it were the most natural thing that came to her. She displayed no sense of anxiety whatsoever, at least on the surface.

“Please, come in Malini.” I mumbled softly as I closed the door and turned to follow her. My eyes were immediately drawn to her round ass that swayed from side to side as she walked with a swagger towards the living room.

“Got us a bottle of wine.” Malini handed it to me as she sat on the sofa and crossed her legs.

“Thanks, but you didn’t have to.” I took it and placed it on the bar counter.

“Just being a good neighbour.” She laughed.

“I think you’ve already proven to me you’re more than a good neighbour.” I smirked at her as I opened the bottle and began to pour us both a glass.

“Oh stop it Cyrus.” She chided me jokingly.

“Seriously, I don’t think I could have a better neighbour.” I sat down beside her.

“Well, I guess the same would go for me.” She said as we clinked our glasses. “To being good neighbours.” She said.

“Look forward to being better neighbours.” I said.

“Well, that’s something we need to talk about.” Malini said as she took a big sip. I followed, knowing that this topic was bound to come up.

“Yes, I guess we should.”

“Cyrus, let me sort of jump right in. Before my mind changes.” She said, leaving me wondering what was on her mind.

“Sure Malini, but listen, we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

“Wait, Cyrus, let me finish. I need to.” She took another big sip. “I think I’m going to need something stronger after this.” She laughed.

“We can arrange that.”

“Later, now listen to me.” She turned to face me, balancing her glass on her knee as she began talking. “I’ve had some time to think the past few weeks. After, you know, that whole incident and our chat. I’ve shared some of my feelings, but mostly when I was upset. A few nights ago, I shared with you some other feelings, after which I think you’ve been enjoying your live show.” She pointed to her living room and we both laughed.

“Yes, so while I have loved every minute of it, I am a little confused as to what is on your mind. You went from being really upset to that, all fairly quickly.”

“I know. I can imagine. So I want to clarify what’s going on in my mind.” She drained her wine glass and I got up to refill it. “Thanks.” Malini said as I refilled both glasses and I sat down again.

“So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, soul-searching, and really trying to figure things out. And over the past couple of weeks, I have come to certain decisions which I am now certain of taking. Firstly, what happened with my brother-in-law, that was a complete slip in my judgement. I was weak, I was lonely, and I needed some physical companionship. I still do. But the point is that with him, it was just physical, from being alone all the time. And I have realized that is wrong, so I have called things off with him. Mutually, we decided it was wrong, and we’ve decided to bury that secret somewhere deep.”

“Malini, you don’t have to justify things to me.”

“Let me finish Cyrus. Trust me, I wouldn’t be telling you anything if I didn’t want to.” She held up her hand, and continued. “So, that has ended between us. I had a long chat with my husband about our life and relationship as well. Leaving out some details of course. I know it would be lying, but I rather just leave it at that, and move on. I have decided to sell my business in Mumbai, and move to Dubai to be with him. I do miss him, I do love him a lot. Since he can’t make the move here right now, I have decided to go and be close to him. So that is in the works as we speak.”

“Wow. Ok. I suppose that’s a good decision, sensible decision. You are sure about it right?”

“Of course I am sure. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.”

“I suppose that means the end of being good neighbours to each other.” I laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

“Eventually, yes, it would.” She smiled. “I’m glad your priorities are straight.” She chided me jokingly, smacking my thigh. And ümraniye escort I wondered what she meant by ‘eventually.’

“Just kidding ya, Malini. I’m really happy for you actually. For whatever my opinion matters, I think you’ve done the right thing.”

“Thanks Cyrus. But there is one other thing.”

“What’s that?”

“So like I said, eventually, yes, it would mean that we will stop being ‘good’ neighbours. But I’ve been thinking about something.” Malini stood up, drained the second glass of wine, and walked in front of me. All I could do was look up and stare at her sultry figure looking down at me. “Before I move away, before I sell my business and leave, there is one thing I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. Tonight is the night. And just this one night only.”

“What?” I looked at her with a confused gape, feeling my palms getting a little sweaty, and gulped loudly.

She moved forward and while straddling my legs, she lowered herself onto my thighs. My eyes opened wide as I sat up and adjusted myself, suddenly feeling a surge of anxiety coupled with excitement coursing through my veins. My mind worked hard at trying to process what the hell was going on. At the beginning of the night, I had hoped for this, but I certainly hadn’t expected it. At most, I thought there might be a couple of more shows in store for me before it all stopped. But certainly not this.

“Malini. Uh. What are you doing? I’m not…”. I fumbled for clarity

“Shhhhh.” She placed her finger over my lips and silenced my incoherent babble. “Just relax Cyrus. I know this is what you want. I know this is what I want. And unless you stop me, I’m going to continue and let this happen just this once before I change my mind. Understand?”

“Yes. Yes. I understand.” I nodded frantically. “But I thought it was all over. I didn’t expect… this.”

“So you don’t want this to happen?” She crossed her arms across her bulging chest and smiled at me lustfully.

“No, no, I do want it to. You have no idea how much I want it.” I tried not to sound so desperate. I just didn’t know how to make it happen, or if I could make it happen.”

“Well, it’s happening now. And unless you stop me, we’re going through with this plan. And then it’s over.”

And with that, she slid further up my thighs and placed her hands on my shoulders, settling her ass into my lap. Throwing caution to the wind, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in close to kiss her. My eyes closed as our lips made contact and a burst of electricity surged through my body, caused by an intense build-up of sexual tension that was starting to release.

We disintegrated into each other’s grasp and slowly explored each other’s lips. Though we both had wanted this for a long time, and our bodies were urging us to be more vigorous, our minds controlled the situation for now, forcing us to take things slowly and let it build up gradually. For we both knew that after that night, it was all over.

I explored the form of her firm back and Malini caressed my face and neck as we nibbled each other’s lips. With muffled moans lewdly emanating from our mouths, our tongues snaked in and out and twirled around. I slid my hands lower onto her hips as she began grinding her ass back and forth, rubbing over my rigid manhood, engorged and waiting to burst free. Even as the moans became louder and more emphatic, we managed to control our lust for a little longer.

As we feasted on each other’s lips, my hands left her hips to snake under her kurta and feel the soft skin and firmness of her torso. Malini moaned in approval as I caressed her, occasionally bumping into the swell of her bra-clad breasts. We broke our kiss for a moment as I held the fabric of her kurta and lifted it up, and over her head, loosening her bun a little as I pulled it off. I sat back to admire her semi-naked form, her dusky skin glowing and looking a little flush.

But my gaze was immediately drawn to her chest, rising up and down with her heavy breathing. Her succulent breasts were encased in a fairly scant looking purple lace bra, tightly cupping her ample flesh, and squeezing them together to form the deepest, most seductive cleavage I had the fortune of seeing up close. I gawked at them like a teenage imbecile who had perhaps seen breasts for the first time.

“I take it you like what you see.” Malini broke my blank stare, and I looked up at her with a deadpan expression.

“I’m just figuring that out.” I muttered

“Bullshit. You love them and you know it.” Malini cupped them and squeezed them together to entice me further. She knew they were amazing, and she enjoyed teasing me.

“Yes, fine. I love them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen nicer ones in my life.”

“How do you know? You haven’t even seen them in all their glory yet.”

“I kind of have.” I chuckled as I cupped them and lifted them up, not too surprised at how heavy and dense they felt. I squeezed them together üsküdar escort gently, causing Malini to close her eyes and softly moan before letting them go to explore the rest of her body again.

I wrapped my arms around her lower back and began kissing everywhere, starting from her neck, down to her shoulders, her chest, over the partially exposed mounds of her breasts, and lower. She leaned back almost onto my thighs, allowing me to kiss all the way down to her lower abs, and stroke her with my hands before pulling her up and making my way up again. Malini closed her eyes and enjoyed the soft sensations that coursed through her body. She ran her hands through my hair, occasionally tugging softly and muttering some incoherent words of pleasure whenever she felt strong urges. The rapidly increasing levels of arousal caused her to grind harder, pressing her ass even more firmly against my shaft, unaware how difficult it was becoming for me to remain composed.

As we remained absorbed in our exploration of each other, I reached back to undo her bra but my hands were moved away. Instead, Malini hungrily peeled off my t-shirt in a quick stroke, exposing my firm and lightly hairy chest. It was her turn to use her mouth and tongue, softly puckering her lips on my neck and moving lower, even sucking each of my erect nipples that caused small jolts to pass through me. I rested my head against the sofa while her hands moved tenderly, tweaking my nipples and stroking my chest, gliding smoothly up and down, nibbling and licking and sucking all the erogenous areas she could find. And she found them all.

While Malini was engrossed, I found the clasp of her bra and quickly undid it, finally freeing her orbs from the tight grip of the fabric. Malini stopped and grinned at me wantonly as I cupped her still covered breasts, feeling their rounded fulness.

I looked up at her as I slipped my hands under the fabric, finally feeling their soft skin, the firm flesh, the erect nipples, before I slid my hands up and under the straps to slide them off her shoulders. My eyes followed the bra as it fell from its heavenly perch to expose what I had been yearning to see up close for so long. And they were far more magnificent. Their beautifully proportioned form had the most perfectly bulbous shape and contour, with large pokey nipples perched high, beckoning to be held and pleasured.

Which is exactly what I did and cupped their perfect shape. Malini softly cooed as I gently squeezed them, getting a feel of just how firm and spongy they were.

“Malini.” I whispered. “They are gorgeous. Just perfect.” I muttered, completely obsessed.

The only acknowledgement I got from Malini was more cooing as I lifted them up to gauge their weight before cupping them again and softly kneading them. I rotated my hands in circles, feeling her hard nipples poking against my palms, causing her to yelp. She opened her eyes and looked down at me with a suggestive stare, lust filling her eyes. I had a feeling things were going to move a little faster.

I bent forward and began kissing her chest, moving lower and licking over the swell of her breast, while continuing to massage them. I licked in circles around both of her nipples, teasing her, making her writhe and squirm. I then held one of her breasts and brought her nipple towards me and puckered my lips around her hard flesh. Malini threw her head back as I sucked, darting my tongue in and out and all around the nearly centimetre long nubbin.

“Oh yes Cyrus. This… I love!” She groaned as I alternated from nipple to nipple, sucking firmly, gently nibbling and liberally using my tongue as my hands continued to massage. Malini held on to me, and tugged my hair, pushing her breasts further into my face as strong jolts coursed through her body in pulses.

I really had no intention of stopping to explore her glorious breasts that I had become so obsessed with, but there was one more thing I was yearning for. As I continued to pleasure her with my mouth, I reached up with my hands and found what I was looking for. Her thick and lustrous tresses were still encased in a bun, and I wanted to see them free, cascading down her body till her lower back, draped like a curtain. So I tugged at her bun, and as it began to loosen, I pulled away and sat back to watch as it completely unravelled and tumbled down over her back and shoulders like an ebony waterfall, brushing over my arms like soft ethereal feathers.

My body experienced a sharp wave of pleasure just at the site of Malini on my lap. She played her part perfectly; an exotic vixen with luxuriant dusky skin, thick wavy locks as rich as silk, large mysterious eyes, succulent lips, a perfectly toned body and firm and spongy breasts that filled my hands. I shuddered, feeling like I would lose control at any time.

I weaved my fingers through her hair and leaned in to kiss her again, lingering for just a moment before I made my way back down to her nipples. I took them back into my mouth, alternating from one to the other, and Malini started grinding on me once again. Loud moans and gasps kept escaping her mouth with different levels of intensity, depending where my attention was. But that only lasted for a couple of minutes before she let out one last guttural moan and slid off my thighs to kneel between my legs.

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