Coming Up for Air Pt. 01-02


Greetings to all my guys and gals, lurkers, listeners, and readers alike!

I am so very pleased to introduce to you a new friend of mine, who is a very talented writer in his own rite. And for the first time ever, I have decided to collaborate on some stories with him, because there is no doubt about it — this man inspires me! hehehe

Don’t ask me what it is that makes me want to and be able to write something good, and get it all down on this computer… because I have no fucking clue! Most of you know that I have writer’s block more often than not, which is very depressing and sad for any artist who does not have it in them to produce. So when someone comes along who makes me want to get creative on paper, I jump at the chance to do it. Hence, the early results appear here for the first time of being published anywhere on the Internet.

The thing about this story that makes it so good to me, is that I think it appeals just as equally a turn on to men and to women alike, especially the older gals who adore younger guys, and vice versa! So, please read it and let me know what you think… Without your opinion and comments about it, there is no point to it at all. Because I write what I write for all of you, my guys and my gals, and I want so very much for you to ENJOY!

Love and kisses,



by Leslie Blue and Tony Verde

My name is Tony Verde. I am a 33-year old career Navy man, presently stationed at a Florida Naval Base. I live in an apartment right off the base, with Leslie Blue. Leslie has been my live-in lover for nearly a year now. She is a sexy, older lady of 52, and I never realized just how much I truly adored older women until I spent some quality time with her. Read on, and I am sure you will understand why before long…

I was just coming home from a very long, hard Sunday at work, where it seemed like Murphy’s Law was working against me, because everything was going wrong… My computer krapped out and I was not able to get the last couple of emails that my lover, Leslie, sent to me. So I figured I would be walking into a messy apartment with no dinner ready, and she would be sleeping, snoring away on the sofa, because I knew she was not feeling well when I left that morning.

I finally arrived at my door, exhausted and all clammy and sweaty from my hard day, and put my key into the lock. Just as I began bahis siteleri to turn it, the door swung wide open for me — startling me and making me think something must be wrong that the door was not locked. But as it opened wider, there she stood before me in all her sexy beauty — a vision in white!

Her long blonde hair cascaded off her shoulders, still damp from her shower, and I could already catch her scent of lavender body wash and shampoo, as the fan behind her swept the sweet smell to my nose. Her huge bosoms were like big, smooth, baby-ass cheeks — bulbous and huge and round like melons. She was wearing a sheer, snow-white lace, camisole top, very low cut and just covering her big, round, pink, protruding nipples by a smidgeon — the spaghetti lace straps hung loosely off her shoulders.

My eyes moved down her body to her sweet, soft, slippery wet snatch, shaved smooth just like that same baby’s ass that her boobs resembled. She had on a tiny strip of a snow-white lace g-string, which covered only the pussy-crack on her mound. In fact, it was wedged into her slit just tight enough for me to see one glistening drop of pure, crystal-clear, syrupy cum almost hanging from the tip of her tiny-but-hard-button clit, and ready to slide down her snatch crack, unless something got in its way to stop it.

I reached my hand out to scoop it up on the tip of my middle finger, and it glided onto the edge and started to slip down a bit — but I rushed my fingertip to my waiting, drooling lips and with the tip of my tongue, I eagerly licked it up, making a gulping noise in my throat as it slid down into the back of my mouth. “MMMmmm! Dam, if she doesn’t taste just like a queen bee’s sweet honey!” I thought.

Her legs were bare and also soft and smooth — I could tell she had just been in the bathroom shaving every inch of the skin on her body, except of course for that gorgeous, full, head of long golden hair. On her feet she wore a dainty pair of white beaded sandals, and her red polished toe nails looked like perfect little lips smiling up at me, all ten of them! On the middle toe of her right foot rested the silver toe ring that she has always worn since I met her — it shone so pretty against her perfectly soft, small, size seven feet! hehehe

In one fell swoop, I scooped her up into my strong, muscular arms, and her excitement from my touch made her breathless, almost gasping for air. I kissed canlı bahis siteleri her hard on her luscious, red, full lips and breathed my breath into her, making her swoon with passion……



After a long, arduous Sunday of working, where not a dam thing went right for me, I arrived home to my gorgeous, sexy, older lover, Leslie — who I just want to remind you is nearly twenty years my senior. She was waiting at the door for me, fresh out of the shower and smelling like lavender and looking almost like Lady Godiva — a vision in white with her long blonde locks tumbling down to her nipples — minus the white horse! lol So I scooped her up into my arms and whisked her near-naked sweetness off into the bedroom.

I placed her perfectly toe-painted feet gently on the floor, and kissed her softly on her sumptuous, thick, red lips — while my wad-filled rock-of-a-cock made a good sized, pointy, white tent out of my summer Navy whites.

She kissed me back briefly, but then pulled away and looked me right into my big, brown eyes with those beautiful baby blues of hers and whispered, “Just relax, my love. This is your night to sit back and let me show you what kind of King you really are to me.”

With that, she already had my slacks and skivvies in a crumpled heap on the floor, and was leaning her mouth over my throbbing hot rod, as she lowered herself onto her knees. Stroking the entire length of me — from the top of my mushroom shaped head to the base where my cock meets my balls — she was using her slimy-soft, wet tongue in expert licks, laps, slithers, and small nibbles, as well as sucking the head with her luscious, wet lips and deep throating me with every thrust, as she pulled my steaming, love-stick further and further down into her mouth. I was throbbing so hard, I knew I could not contain my hot liquid load any longer, and I think it was only about the fifth or sixth plunge before I exploded into her waiting, wet, cave-like throat. She swallowed each large squirt with a gulping moan, looking up at me with a look that let me know she simply relished drinking every last drop of my creamy, love juice!

Breathing hard was not the word for what my lungs were doing, as they heaved up and down on my now limp heap of flesh, but panting was more like it! And the funny part of it was, she had done all the work and all güvenilir bahis I had to do was stand there and cum! lol

“Now, keep on relaxing, baby, cuz I will be right back!” And she sashayed sexily out of the room for a brief stint in the kitchen, giving me time to collect myself at least enough to pull my head onto a couple of pillows.

In only a few moments, she returned in all her glory — now naked as a jay bird, save for a sheer, skimpy, white lace apron that barely covered her gorging, big boobs, and rested over her sweet, shaved pussy mound like a large, white, sheer-silk fig leaf! She was carrying a huge, chilled goblet of sweet sangria wine, filled with grapes, melon balls, cherries, and assorted other fruity delights!

She perched her whole body over my groin — one knee on either side of my hips — and raised the crystal goblet to her lips, sucking in a sip of the purple liquid and grasping onto a honeydew melon ball between her teeth in the process. As she bent over me further, nearly face to my face, she dribbled some sangria into my open lips, and poked the melon ball through my jaws, until it landed with a delicious pop! in the back of my mouth.

“Oh, my God, thank you!” I prayed to myself. “I feel like I just died and you took me to heaven!”

We consumed the whole glass of wine and ate the fruit together that way… She never took one bite or sip for herself, she just filled me up to my satisfaction. I was reminded how I always thought there was more than just one way to a man’s heart than through his stomach! Because by then my formerly limp, drained-dry dick had proudly reappeared in a full, upstanding salute! lol

After placing the glass down on the night stand, she slowly but surely mounted me, inserting my solid-rock stick into her now soaking, slippery, and even dripping wet snatch! She was so so tight around me, that it felt like it took ten minutes to squeeze the whole thing inside of her. But once it was in and sliding around a bit, she rode my cock forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down for what felt like forever, in a frenzy of steamy, saturating, soaking hot, wet sex. And in between gallops — while she rode me backwards, grabbing my ankles and sticking her shiny smooth ass right into my face — I slapped and spanked her babyskin-smooth cheeks, making her scream with delight at each orgasm that we simultaneously climaxed to! And both of us came and came and came again, losing count after the first half dozen or so times!

Excuse me… Did I say that when I first got home and saw her, she looked like a lady without a horse??!!!?? Forgive me, I forgot for a minute how much she likes to ride me that way!!!! Just call me Flicka! Giddyap! hehehe

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