CJ Stories: Cowboy Up Ch. 02


That Friday Steve showed up at our home before CJ got home from work. I invited him in and he dropped his cowboy hat on the lamp table by the front door as we walked to the kitchen. I got us each a beer from the fridge and we sat on the patio and talked about his new job. He wanted to shower and get ready for dinner so I showed him to the guest bedroom. He asked if he could take a shower before we went out and I handed him a towel as he as he headed off to the guest bathroom to shower and dress for the evening.

CJ got home while Steve was in the shower and I was in the kitchen. She came into the kitchen smiling, wearing Steve’s cowboy hat and said she spotted Steve’s truck in the driveway. I opened a beer for her and told her that Steve was in the shower. She came up to me and we kissed. I could tell she was excited and she asked if I was still cool with what we had planned. I assured her that I was looking forward to watching her get fucked.

She smiled and grabbed another cold beer and told me that Steve was probably ready for another cold beer as she headed up the stairs still wearing Steve’s hat. I heard her softly knock as she opened the bathroom door, greeting Steve as the door closed. I did not hear from them again for nearly five minutes.

CJ finally came back down stairs and told me she was going to get ready to go out. She walked up to me and kissed me. I thought I could taste cum as she slid her tongue in my mouth. She smiled wickedly at me as she turned and walked away to get ready to go out

A few minutes later Steve came down dressed in his jeans and boots. He wore a western style shirt with white opal snap buttons. His cowboy hat finished off his outfit. We grabbed another beer and went out to sit on the patio and wait for CJ.

Just as we finished our beer CJ walked out on the patio. She was looking hot in her black jeans that crept up between her cheeks showing off her gorgeous ass. She wore her medium heel boots that made her look a few inches taller and a tight low cut shirt that showed the tops of her breasts. She walked up and kissed me then walked over to Steve and kissed him on the lips. I knew at that time she was not wearing a bra as her nipples grew hard and pushed out the thin material of her shirt. As she moved away Steve too noticed her hard nipples and smiled as he winked at me.

She had talked to Steve on the phone several times setting up the dinner. I was pretty sure that she had talked to him about our plans to let him fuck her. CJ and I had decided on a signal to let me know when she was ready. We had talked and she was not sure if she would want me to be there at first so we had agreed on two signals. She told me that if she wanted me there she would let us both know at the same time as she smiled wickedly. If she wanted me to leave for a bit she would tell me to walk our dog and I would leave to take our dog on her evening walk. Her normal walk was over thirty minutes but the route was setup so we could cut it short at several locations.

CJ had made plans for us to eat at a very nice Thai place as we were all vegetarians. We had eaten at this place several times and the staff knew us. We decided on a booth and I scooted in next to CJ with Steve sitting across from us. She excused herself to go to the restroom and when she got back Steve had also left to go to the restroom so she sat on his side of the booth. When Steve got back CJ moved over and Steve got the hint and sat next to her. We were enjoying remembering all the good times we had together over the years and a couple of Korean beers we consumed helped to relax us. The waiter noticed the changing of the seating and moved the place settings around to match our new seating arrangements, and placed the plates of food between us to share.

As we talked I saw her slip her hand under the table and from her movements I could tell she was rubbing his thigh. It seemed pretty innocent to others in the restaurant. I could see that he had moved his knee out from under the table and I knew he had spread his legs for her. A few times he turned and smiled at CJ and I assumed she was rubbing his cock when no one was around to see it. I figured he was hard when he reach down to adjust his hard cock in his jeans. We had finished eating our meal and paid the check when CJ said it was time to get out of there and go find something fun to do for the rest of the evening.

We rode back to our home in Steve’s truck. He had put up the console so we could all ride in the front seat with CJ in the middle. We were laughing about old times as we rode along, every once in a while CJ would rub her hands on our thighs. Even though we were laughing and having fun there was still a sexual tension between us. I could tell that Steve was a bit nervous about doing anything with me around.

I unlocked the door and the others followed me into our home. We all walked along to the kitchen and CJ got two beers from the refrigerator and after opening them she Betturkey handed one to Steve. She came up to me and wrapped her arm around my neck and kissed me, and she told me that I needed to walk our dog before it got too late. She told me to make sure she got enough exercise, so I just figured that was my clue to stay away for a while. I got the leash and we started off on our walk as the dog got excited as usual about her walk. I walked her for about five minutes and took a shortcut back to our home. I entered our yard by the side gate and let the dog loose to go lay around in our big back yard.

There was a crescent moon out that night so it was pretty dark when we got home. I took one of the comfortable patio chairs from the patio and sit down just out side the living room window that faced into our side yard where we stored out boat. With the lights on inside no one would be able to see me watching. I sat down and unfastened my pants, and then took my cock out. I could not believe how hard I was as I watched them standing close and talking as they sipped on their beer.

As they stood talking he got a surprised look on his face. She must have told him that I wanted to watch them have sex. He was smiling as he took her breast in his hand and started to caress it gently. She moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him. As they kissed he started to pull her shirt up and as they broke their kiss she raised her arms and let him pull her shirt up over her head.

He unbuttoned his shirt as she stood before him naked from the waist up, her beautiful breasts standing out and begging to be caressed. He pulled her to him and as he kissed her, she pushed his shirt off his shoulders and tossed it over a chair. She kissed him again as she pressed her bare breasts against his chest. Her hand slid down his chest and she started to rub his jeans, caressing his cock.

He sat on the couch wearing just his boots and jeans. She knelt between his legs and started to rub his chest as they talked. Her hands slid down and she pulled his jeans open, and then she pulled his cock free of the jeans. They were not more than eight feet from me and I had a good view of his hard cock. He was quite a bit thicker than me and a bit longer. She was talking to him as she wrapped her hands around his hard cock. Steve spread his legs wider as her hand slid slowly up and down his uncircumcised cock. I could tell he was enjoying her playing with his cock and as her hand moved up and down his cock as it continued to grow. He finally reached out taking her head in his hands as he pulled her to him, and then gently pushed her head down.

She took his cock in her mouth and soon her lips were sliding smoothly up and down his hard cock. As I watched, his cock seemed grow even larger as she sucked on it. She tried several times to take more of his cock in her mouth but it was just too long. She would take as much as possible and pause, then she would close her mouth and her lips slowly slid along the length of his cock. She struggled to take as much cock as she could but there was still about an inch of cock that would not go in her mouth.

As she took as much she could handle in her mouth she paused and he just pushed her head down as he raised his hips, forcing the rest of his cock into her mouth. I could see her squirming as she tried to free his cock from her throat. He let go of her head and she gasped for air then eagerly took his cock back in her mouth and started to suck his hard cock faster. It is hard for me to imagine anyone that can suck cock better than CJ, so I knew Steve was enjoying a great blow job. She would later tell me how the skin covering the head would slide back as the uncircumcised head slipped into her throat.

His head was back on the sofa, his smile widened and his eyes close, his hand resting on her head. Every so often he would hold her head down and slowly rock his hips as he fucked her mouth. She stopped long enough to pull his boots off, then she started to work his jeans down and his hips rose up as she slid his pants down his legs. Once he was naked she took his cock back in her mouth and started where she had left off. His cock slipped from her mouth as she wrapped her fingers around it and slowly stroked his hard cock as she looked up at him, her nipples were stiff as she smiled.

She stood in front of Steve naked from the waist up. She lifted her foot and rest it in his lap and he slipped off her boot. She repeated the move with her second boot. She walked up between his legs and he leaned forward took one of her nipples in his mouth. She held his mouth to her nipple as he opened her jeans and slid them down her thighs. With her jeans around her feet she stood in front of Steve in only her skimpy camouflage thong panties she had worn just for Steve. When he saw her sexy panties he just laughed and told her to leave them on.

She was smiling as she straddled his lap, Betturkey Giriş and as she stood on her knees she pressed her breasts into his face. She would let him suck on one nipple and then she would pull it from his mouth and move the other nipple to his lips. He wrapped his lips around her hard nipple, and then he took turns sucking her nipples. She slid her hand down between them and wrapped her fingers around his cock, and then she started to slowly stroke his hard cock as he sucked on her nipples.

She lowered herself until his hard cock touched her pussy. She pulled her panties to the side and I watched as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She rocked her hips as she started to rub her pussy along his hard cock. She held his cock in her hand rubbing it against her pussy as she moved her hips trying to fit that big head inside her. I had to take my hand off my cock to keep from cumming as I watched the head of his big cock disappear inside her. She kissed him as she was slowly rocking her hips as more of his cock eased into her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his cock as he forced the rest of his cock up inside her and then he started to slowly fuck her.

She started to move slowly up and down on his cock. It was easy to tell they were both enjoying the fuck. He grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her hard down on his cock, then surprised her when he slapped her ass hard and told her to show him how much she liked his cock. That got her really excited and she started to kiss him as she started to move faster up and down his cock. I could see his wet cock shine from her juices as she rose up on his cock. She would take his cock deep and rock her hips, sliding his cock back and forth in her pussy. She was really fucking him good; I was a bit jealous. I watched as Steve laid his head back and I could hear him moaning as she rode his cock.

Steve told her to kneel on the sofa and CJ moved around resting her head on her arms as they lay folded on the back of the sofa. He moved up behind CJ and rubbed the head of his hard cock on her labia. He smoothly shoved his cock all the way into her wet pussy. He held her hips as he worked his cock slowly in her, and then he started to fuck her harder. I could hear her moaning from outside so I knew she was enjoying getting fucked so roughly. He would slap her ass and she would cry out each time. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back as he started to fuck her with hard thrusts, and then he told her to get down on the floor on her knees.

She was flush from the fucking as she knelt in front of him. His cock moved smoothly into her mouth. Steve held her head as he started to urgently slide his cock in and out. She tried to wrap her hand around his cock; I thought to keep his hard cock from going any deeper as he roughly fucked her mouth. He told her to put her hands down and he continued to fuck her mouth. Steve suddenly slowed and was slowly sliding the first couple inches of his cock in her mouth.

He moaned really loud as he started to cum. He told her not to swallow as he kept filling her mouth with his cum. He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, and as he stroked his cock slowly a few more remaining drops of cum dripped onto her tongue as she held it out. She looked up at him and opened her mouth. Her mouth was full of cum and it started to slowly run over her lower lip. He told her to swallow it and I could see her close her mouth and as she looked up at him could see her throat moving as she swallowed. She licked her tongue over her lips as she tried to get any remaining cum, then as she looked in to his eyes as she swallowed one last time.

The spoke softly to each other and then he extended his hand to help CJ stand, and he followed her out of the room, leaving their clothes where they fell.

I entered through the front door and I heard the shower running upstairs. I took my time as I grabbed myself another beer and turned the lights out as I made my way upstairs. As I entered our bedroom CJ was just coming out of the shower drying herself with a big towel. I could hear the shower still running so I figured it was Steve finishing up his shower.

When she spotted me, she tossed the towel and smiled as she sensually walked up to me naked. She wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed. She timidly asked me if I had watched. I told her how I had sat in the side yard and watched. She asked how I felt. I kissed her and told her how it felt a bit strange watching my wife fucking a good friend. I slipped my hand over her bare breast and I started to lightly rub my hand over the soft skin. I felt her nipple hardening and she moaned as her nipple grew sensitive.

Steve walked out of the shower with a big towel drying off. I couldn’t help but notice his cock hanging down, it swayed as he walked towards us. His cock still looked big even though he was not hard at the moment, probably relaxed due to the work out it Betturkey Güncel Giriş just got.

He pulled her head to him and kissed her as I caressed her breast. She broke from the kiss and told me to finish undressing as she took Steve’s hand and pulled him up onto the bed and they lay next to each other. They were kissing as I crawled onto the bed and lay next to her. He was rubbing her breast as she kissed him, and then she broke their kiss and turned to me and moaned as our lips met in a kiss. CJ took my hand and guided it to her breast. Steve and I were both caressing her breast as she took turns kissing us.

His hand moved down between her legs and he started to slide his fingers through her soft blonde hair covering her pussy. I watched her lift her hips and moan as his finger slipped inside her. She reached down and took my cock in her hand as she smiled at me, and then grabbed his cock too. She was a bit surprised to find him hard again already. She looked at him and asked if he was up for it again so soon. He answered her by rolling over between her legs and she spread them wide to accept him as he lay on top of her, she raised her legs and wrapped them around his thighs. She gasped and I knew he had entered her again and her hips rose up to take his cock as it slipped smoothly inside her pussy.

I kissed her and rubbed her breast as Steve slowly fucked her. She told me she wanted me to fuck her, and Steve rolled off her, and he lay next to her. I moved between her legs as she pulled her legs back and I watched my cock easily slide into her wet pussy. The thing I noticed the most different was that her pussy was really hot and soft, but not as tight as usual. I started to slowly fuck her and she softly moaned as she told me how good my cock felt in her. Her wet pussy felt really good as my hard cock was sliding in and out.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tight as she started to thrust her hips up as she took my cock deep in her wet pussy. She was fucking me hard, and her pussy felt hot and slick as she slid up and down my cock as we fucked. I knew I would not last much longer and she started to talk to me, telling me she wanted me to cum inside her. She knew I was close and started to fuck me hard and I started to push harder in her as I started to cum, much sooner than I had wanted. After I had cum I laid on top of her and kissed her as we held each other. Far too soon my cock started to soften and eventually slipped out of her dripping pussy, so I rolled off her. We both were softly moaning as we lay next to each other, catching out breath.

I realized I must have dozed off when I woke to a distant thumping noise. The house was dark and I realized that CJ and Steve were no longer in our bed. I walked out in the hall and heard CJ moaning in our guest bedroom and knew then that the banging was the guest bed banging against the wall as Steve fucked her again.

The guest bedroom door was partway open and I could see Steve laying on top of CJ.

Her legs were wrapped around his thighs and he was fucking her so hard the headboard banged against the wall. I watched for a while then went back to bed and as I lay there I could hear her moans and the headboard banging. I awoke several times during the night and she was still getting fucked.

When I woke the sun was shining in the window and the house was silent. I went down stairs and spotted Steve’s bag next to the door and then smelled the fresh coffee. I got a cup of coffee and saw Steve sitting on our patio sipping coffee. He was sitting in the chair I had moved to the side yard so I figured he had found the chair outside the window and figured out that I had watched them as he had fucked her the first time.

It was a bit awkward at first, but Steve made me comfortable as we chatted about his new job. He thanked me for letting him spend the last night in the valley with us before he left for his new job. He tipped his coffee mug up and finished his coffee. He asked if I minded if he said goodbye to CJ before he left and I nodded. He came back downstairs just a few minutes later and we shook hands and we said our goodbyes. Steve turned, picked up his bag, and walked out the door. I watched out the front window until his truck turned out of the cul-de-sac and drove off.

CJ came down a few minutes later wearing one of my shirts with only a few of the bottom buttons holding it closed. She joined me on the patio with a mug filled with coffee. I could just see her breasts as she bent forward to rest her coffee on the table; just enough to see the hickey Steve had left on her breast. She asked if I was alright with last night and I assured her that I was ok. I asked if she would like to give herself to Steve again. She told me she did not know at that moment, but that she had enjoyed him spending the night.

She told me that Steve had not gotten fucked for over six months and he had been horny. He had told her how he had been in a sexual relationship with Julie, the married woman from the cabin, and her husband. They would get together several times a month and share Julie. The couple had moved to Portland due to a job offer that Julie could not turn down and he had not been with another woman since they left.

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