“Chance” is a work of fiction, based on two consenting legal adults roleplaying.


Fern came home at a little after midnight. A friend from the restaurant had given her a ride home. She thanked her friend, and turned around, slowly walking to her door, enjoying the darkness of the night. She felt invigorated, and there was a slight dance to her steps. She was excited. The man she had met online would be waiting for her when she logged on, and that alone was enough to bring her home early.

She had met him almost three months previous. Having joined several online dating sites, she was used to the strange people that would e-mail her. Never being what she was asking for, she often asked herself if these men ever actually read her profile. She was now sixty, though she felt nothing of the sort. The common thread to all her ads was the search for a younger man. She wanted and needed a younger spirit that would match her own. The problem was that most every man that wrote, seemed to be immature as well as young. She wanted so much more. Seldom had an e-mail struck her fancy like the one she received from Chance.

Chance wrote such a warm and inviting message that first time, unlike most, he hadn’t even mentioned intimacy. He wrote of things like laughter, friendship, and pleasure. Although she was searching for a man to curl her toes as she liked to put it, she didn’t welcome the sex talk so soon. It was frustrating the amount of correspondence she received that offered nothing for her other than to be the woman someone satisfied themselves with. Chance was different.

Fern had fallen on lonely days, and having been through so much in her life, she reached out to her children for help. Her son Kevin had responded almost immediately to her plea, and had moved back home with her almost a year ago. He was a wonderful son, a good man, and had turned into quite a handsome catch for some lucky girl she always said to herself. Why couldn’t she meet such a nice guy, she asked herself often. Well, Chance came along, and since, her life had changed.

Her son was helping with all the chores, and worked hard at his job during the nightshift. He only had to work four days a week, so Fern wasn’t so lonely anymore. They would often sit on the porch and talk about their days, giggling at the absurdities of life, as well as talking on most any subject. Except one, and Chance had since filled that void in her life.

Fern turned her key in the lock, and quietly slipped in. She loved the night, the darkness, the quiet. She always felt better at night, and for quite some time, had become a night owl. During the day, she slept or took naps, which worked well for both her and her son. They both enjoyed the night, and began to close out the harsh sunlight from there respective bedrooms and windows throughout the house. Like mother, like son.

She got herself a drink and proceeded to her bedroom. She walked quietly, just in case Kevin was sleeping. She never knew if he was awake or not, so she tried not to disturb him either way. He worked hard, and when not laughing with her, he would be in his room, most often making graphics or checking on the many racing leagues he followed.

She closed her bedroom door behind her, and went immediately to her computer, getting quite excited about talking to Chance. As soon as her program loaded, she saw he was online, and quickly, she wrote a message.

-Hello Chance.- She wrote.

-Hi sweet thing.- He replied.

She loved the way he talked to her. In his first few letters to her, he was such a gentleman, that she almost forgot he had made contact with her on a sex site. It was something Fern did as a lark, but soon found the explicit pictures and words to her liking. She hadn’t had a lover in her life for some time, so that left her quite frustrated at times. Chance was so nice, she continued to talk with him on so many subjects, that when their letters finally discussed sex, she was shocked at first. He spoke of such things she had only dreamed about. Things she would never share with anyone.

-What are you doing tonight?- She wrote.

-Wishing I could meet you.- He replied. -When are you going to finally meet me?- He added.

-I really wish I could Chance. I really do. You do something to me baby.- Fern typed.

There was such a long silence, Fern wondered if she had finally put him off too many times. It had been three months, and he might not wait any longer. He lived so far away. Her thoughts wandered back to their many conversations. He turned her on like no man ever had, and that was saying something. She had never met him face to face, but the things he would say to her made her body melt. She never knew she liked the things he spoke of, but he introduced them in such a manner, that slowly, as he would share his desires, she learned she shared them too.

-Are you there Chance?- Fern wrote.

Fern could feel him slipping away. He was such a powerful man, she knew that. His words were magic, and she wanted only him. She remembered having an orgasm for the first time Kars Escort with someone online, and it was Chance. When he told her how she would be his, his to do with as he pleased, something deep inside of her clicked on like a light switch. She never had thought herself as a submissive woman, and she wasn’t. In all forms of social engagements, work, and friendships, she was always strong, intelligent, and could be called dominant. But, she never knew how much she liked to give up control in the bedroom until Chance came along.

-Chance?- She typed, now becoming quite worried that she had hurt him some how.

The first time she had an orgasm with Chance, he was telling her how he wanted to force her to be his mistress, his slave, his submissive sex toy. At first, she recoiled at the thought, but it was only a matter of seconds to feel how it affected her very core. Her nipples became hard and erect, and her pussy became swollen. She could feel her pussy juice begin to flow as he continued his words. He spoke of making her bend over and displaying herself to him. Pulling her cheeks apart so he could inspect her. God that made her hot. She never knew how hot sex could be, but she was getting a good idea from this young man.

-Please Chance! Talk to me!- She showed her emotions through the words she typed.

-I am desperate for your words my love, your power, your desire. I am yours Chance.- She continued.

The idea of becoming a woman that would do anything for her man made every stroke of her excited clit just that more pleasurable. Feeling his total desire for her body, feeling his need, knowing he wanted her for his own, well, that drove her nuts. She had never felt so desired. She welcomed his nasty words of sex and breeding and mating. When he spoke of making her please him, making her take his cock. That’s when she saw stars. Her orgasm came so strong and brilliant, that after the first time, she was willing to listen to his every word, his every thought on what he would do to her. Feeling like a total sexual being, solely for this man’s pleasure, being his, and his alone.

-Please…..please baby.- Fern was near tears. She couldn’t believe the affect this man had on her. The need she had to be his. She lived for these chats. She lived for pleasing him.

-You upset me sometimes Fern.- His reply finally came.

Fern’s heart lept, and yet sank at the same time. He wrote back, but it didn’t sound good. She didn’t want to ever upset him. She knew how loving and kind he was, and that is what made his bedroom desires so attractive to her. She knew he was a good man, she could feel it, so when he spoke of controlling her, forcing her, making her do things, it made her body feel like it was erupting from her hot pussy. She knew from his words he was a good lover, and always soothed any force he liked to use, with kind and loving words and touches. That’s what he would tell her in his letters. How he loved her. How he would rape her, force her to submit to his sexual desires, and when it was done, how he would hold her, tightly, lovingly. Gently touching her. Soothing his rough handling with gentle love after the deed. It was this mixture of feelings that seemed to be exactly what she had always wanted, but she never knew it until Chance came along.

-I am so sorry baby. Please, just talk to me. Why are you upset.- She asked.

-I think you toy with me Fern.-

She could tell he meant it. She was saddened that she had hurt him. All he ever brought her was happiness, and here she had hurt him. For some reason, she remembered one e-mail from him. It spoke of how he wanted to breed her for an entire weekend. He wanted to pretend they were trying to conceive a child. At first it didn’t sit well with her. There was no possibilty of it ever happening, and Chance knew it. He knew she could no longer become pregnant, to which he replied that he didn’t want a child, just to pretend to try and make one. That is when it became something very sexual for her as well. The idea that he wanted to breed her, soon filled her mind. She started to love the idea of a man fucking her over and over, breeding her for a purpose. He spoke of spending an entire weekend, filling her full of his fertile cum, over and over. Pampering her, bringing her meals, making sure she was comfortable, all so she would stay in bed and be a willing mate. It made her hot. He spoke of how sore her pussy might get from all the use, but he also added how he would gently and lovingly soothe her pain by licking her, softly, for hours.

-I swear, I am not toying with you Chance.- Fern replied.

-We seem to get along so well, don’t you think?- Came his reply.

-Baby, better than anyone before.- Fern typed quickly.

She again thought about his many letters. What fascinated her was how he liked so many different things. One week it was breeding her, the next week it was raping her, the next, making love to her like lovers do. He seemed to enjoy the changes, and she had to admit, she did too.

-Then why not get over your fear and meet me.- Chance wrote.

-I’m Kars Escort Bayan not scared.- She replied.

But that wasn’t true. Fern was scared. Scared that he wouldn’t do the things to her that she wanted. Scared that he would arrive and not like her. Scared that her son Kevin would hear. But strangely, not scared of Chance. Not worried a bit that this was a cruel man. She knew that in her heart. She could tell by the words he used, by the things he said he cared about. He was a real man, a complete man. Not out to show the world how wonderful he was, simply being himself, and letting the world come to him. Much like she was. Yet there was no reply from him. He wasn’t answering her, and she felt an overpowering sense that she had stalled long enough.

-O.K. Chance. I am afraid. I’m afraid to lose you. Please don’t leave me.- She wrote.

-Will you offer yourself to me then? Will you get on all fours on the bed and put your head on the pillow so your ass sticks up and out? Will you display yourself to me? I stand at the foot of your bed, watching you, waiting for your reply.- His message came across the computer.

Fern’s body reacted to his nasty words. No one spoke to her like that, and she loved it. She loved the idea of being so desired, that he would want to stand there and look at her as she displayed herself. Showing her most secret areas so openly. Her pussy was beginning to tighten up as her entire crotch swelled. It was the most incredible feeling.

-Yes Chance! I will. I will do anything you wish.- She typed.

-Good.- Came his short reply.

-What do you command of me my love.- Fern asked.

-What are you wearing?- Chance asked.

-I am wearing my sweats.- She replied, she never lied to him.

-Take them off.- He wrote.

Fern had played these games before. At first she found it quite silly, but with Chance, she soon found herself enjoying doing as he wished. She quickly removed her sweat pants and felt the cool air touching her legs. A shiver ran through her.

-It is cold her Chance. May I leave my shirt on?- She asked, hoping he would say yes.

-Yes.- Came his answer.

The feeling of doing as he desired was electric. She found it thrilling to allow someone else complete control of her body, so her thoughts could all focus on her body. When he would command her, she was free to think about so many things. It was liberating. She understood why so many people enjoyed this lifestyle. Allowing someone else control freed her mind from thinking so much about what to do, when to do it. It left all those thoughts to someone else, allowing her to completely focus on her own body. To feel every nuance of touch and smell and emotion. It was an incredible feeling.

-Now massage yourself. Touch yourself. I want you to pull at your nipples through your shirt.- His next command came.

Fern immediately did so, feeling so turned on by the sensations of the cool air on her legs, combined with the little shocks that her nipples were sending down through her entire body and into her legs. Chance could turn her on so quickly, and they still had never met face to face. She knew once he began to tell her to do things, not to write unless she was asked a question, or confused about something. She patiently waited for his next words.

-Keep one hand on your left nipple, and with your other hand, I want you to spread your cunt lips wide open.- Chance typed.

Fern immediately did as he said, and when she spread herself, the same cold air kissed her inner body, wet with her arousal. The sensation of the cold air shot through her body again. He knew what he was doing. He knew how to play her body like a fine instrument. So she found it easy to do as he said. It always meant great pleasure for her.

-Now place both hands at your pussy. Spread it with one, and very slowly, stroke your clit. Rub it soft, then apply a little pressure pushing it against your pubic bone, then again with slow gentle strokes.-

Fern did as he said, wetting her finger so it would glide easily across her erect clitoris. She spread herself as wide as she could with one hand, and with the other, she did exactly as he said. Stroking it slowly and gently, and then with more pressure, then gently again. It was magic how good it felt. She concentrated on the feelings she was giving herself as she watched the screen for his next command.

-Now stop. Again, take both hands and massage your tits. This time, use your strength. Feel yourself kneading them like dough. Stroke them in a way that athe the end of each stroke, both hands bring them together, crushing them together, and with your fingers outstretched, flick the nipples.-

She loved this. Completely. Her body was on fire, no longer feeling the coldness of her room. As she strongly massaged her breasts, she did as she was told and flicked her nipples at the end of each stroke, having pushed her tits together at the end.

“Hey mom?” Came Kevin’s voice from the hall.

The sudden sound of her son’s voice shocked her. She had almost Escort Kars forgot he was at home. The feelings of pleasure were replaced by instant fear. She quickly turned and was relieved when she saw her door closed. Sometimes she would forget. It never bothered her, but here she was, no pants, her pussy was drooling from her own lust, and her nipples stuck out for all the world looking like hershey kisses. It would be so embarrassing, she thought. She knew Kevin wouldn’t ever come in without knocking, so her fear quickly subsided, but being in such a state of arousal, only to have her son interrupt was indeed a strange feeling.

“Yeah Kev?” Fern called out loud enough he could hear.

“I’m going down to the bar for a few drinks.” He said.

“O.K. sweetie.” She said, hoping he would go quickly.

Whew, she thought. That was close. She heard his footsteps going down the stairs, and the front door being open and closed. She found herself with her sweatpants almost halfway on. She giggled. She hadn’t even noticed, but when she heard Kevin’s voice, she had automatically reached for her sweatpants. She felt totally free now. She was alone in her house. She was alone with Chance. She loved that because she the freedom of moaning loudly when she was having an orgasm. And she knew she would have one tonight. Chance always made her cum, and cum hard. Kevin always stayed at the bar until closing. She had about an hour and a half. She was going to enjoy it. That’s when she looked at the screen.

-Tell me, how wet are you?-

She had no idea how long his message had been there. It could have been right when Kevin called out, it could have been just now. She didn’t know, so she replied as quickly as she could.

-I am sorry Chance. My son was talking to me.- She stated honestly.

-Did he see you naked?- He asked.

-No he didn’t.- She replied.

-Did it scare you?- He asked.

-Yes, it certainly startled me.-

-What did he want?- He asked.

-He was telling me he was going to the bar down the street.- Fern answered.

-Is your bedroom door open?- He asked.

-No it’s not.- Fern began to wonder what he was thinking.

-Get up from your chair and open your bedroom door.- He commanded.

Fern began to get extremely excited. It was almost a month ago that they first played this game.

She had casually mentioned to Chance that Kevin had left for the evening, and Chance immediately got excited. He told her to open her bedroom door, and feel the risk of being caught by her own son. It took her quite a while to work up the nerve to do it. She remembered how she couldn’t possibly open her door. Her son’s room was down the hall from hers, and if she didn’t hear him come in, he might catch her playing with herself. He would have to walk right past her bedroom to reach his own. It was far too risky. Fern thought about it for a second. She knew Kevin would be gone for a while, and she knew if she did as Chance asked, it would always end in a wonderful orgasm for herself. She weighed the options, and decided to do as he asked. Chance made her do all sorts of things. Nasty things. Things she would never want her son to hear or see, and it aroused her to a point where she felt every little hair on her body stand up. As wrong as it was, there was something deep inside of her that enjoyed it. It was like Chance knew every little tick to her clock. He was something else.

Fern was ready for this game of risk. She was never one to be an exhibitionist, but there was something so wrong about enjoying the fact that she might get caught by her own son, it heightened every sensation she felt.

-O.K. The door is open.- She wrote.

-Do you love your son Fern?- Chance asked.

-Of course I do.-

-And does he love you?-

-Chance, I don’t get this. What are you asking me?-

Fern was getting quite confused. Chance never asked questions like these. He knew she had a son living with her. He knew she was a mother. But he never asked about him.

-Just answer Fern. Does your son love you?-

-Of course he does.-

-Do you think he would understand that you have needs? Sexual needs?- Chance asked.

-Yes, I am sure he does. He’s forty years old Chance. He knows women, no matter their age, desire intimacy.-

-I agree.- He said.

-Now, turn on your camera and microphone so I can watch.- He said.

Chance had known her a month when he offered to buy her a web camera and a microphone. She had never been too technically inclined, but the thrill of showing herself to this man that thrilled her so, was too much, and she accepted the gifts. At first, she was too scared to give out her address, but after a while, she decided she was being silly. Her son was there to protect her from any harm, so she felt empowered to be braver than she normally would have been. It was strange how he preferred to chat with her usually. Even after the camer arrived, he still preferred to talk with her instead of watch her, which made her love him even more. He had only watched her perhaps ten times since it arrived. She was more than happy to display herself for Chance. He never showed himself on camera, preferring to do the watching, but that was fine with Fern. As long as Chance kept making her cum like he did, she would do anything he asked.

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