Caught in Her Panties Ch. 02


This is a fictional story as was part one. The content of this story may not appeal to everyone. It includes female domination, crossdressing, strapon, lesbian, gay, and such. Just keep in mind that it is fictional and should not be taken seriously. Otherwise just enjoy the read.


It has been almost a month since my wife Mary discovered my secret. She caught me in a pair of her panties with a small vibrator in ass. She punished me by taking me out in public while wearing a pair of bright neon green panties. I was told to pull my pants down enough for everyone to see my secret. Mary took me to a bar and humiliated me in public by announcing to everyone there that I was a sissy. A large man named Bill was very interested and gave my wife his phone number. In the parking lot of said bar, she had me go down on her while she sat on the hood of the car. Bill happened to be watching from a short distance away.

Back home, she abused my ass with a very large dildo while I was taped down to our kitchen table. My neighbor Alex happened to see the whole thing from her patio and recorded the event while pleasuring herself. All this happened in one night, a night that changed my life. It has been a month since this happened. During that month, everything was normal. Today that changed.

“Jack, it’s time to wake up,” Mary whispers into my ear while straddling me in bed. “It’s almost nine in the morning. I have a really good plan for the day, but we have to start early.” She kisses my neck lightly. I moan and stir in pleasure.

“Is that so?” I ask as I bring my hands to her waist. “Can I get a hint as to what your plan is?”

Mary sits up in my lap and smiles at me. Without saying a word, she shifts her body and kneels between my legs. Bending at the waist, Mary starts to kiss my chest while her hands pull my boxers off. Once the boxers are out of the way, she takes my semi-erect cock in her hands and starts to massage it.

Sliding even farther down the bed, Mary starts to kiss around my waist. My wife slowly moves her hand up and down my hard shaft. Her lips tease the inside of my thigh. I moan softly as I enjoy the early morning pleasure. Her kisses move slowly closer to my member. She runs her tongue up from my balls to the head of my cock. Very slowly, she takes my cock into her mouth and licks the head sending shivers through my body.

I close my eyes and arch my back trying to get her to take my entire cock into her warm mouth. I place one hand on the back of her head and push her down into me. I can feel the head of my cock touch the back of her throat. I ease up the pressure so she can withdraw a little, but she just continues taking the rest of my cock deep into her throat. This was the first time Mary has ever deep throated me. It wasn’t because I had a big penis, I am just over six inches long and an inch and a half thick, it was because Mary has a really bad gag reflex.

I was shocked when I felt Mary’s lips take the final inch of my cock into her mouth. I was expected her to gag and withdraw quickly, but she just sat there not moving. Her hand went to my balls and started to massage them. Just as slowly as she swallowed my cock, she withdrew it. Her hand wrapped around my cock and she rubbed her saliva up and down the shaft. Her hand started to move faster bringing closer to cumming.

“I bet you would love to face fuck me. Plunging your hard cock deep down my throat as you shoot your delicious cum into my mouth.” Mary whispers as her hand moves even faster on my cock. I just moan and place a hand on the back of her head. “Say it Jack. Tell me what you want.”

“I want my cock deep in your throat. I want to shoot my load while you deepthroat me!” I say as I guide her to my cock needing to feel her mouth around it again.

I was getting close to cumming and desperately wanted to do it while deep in her throat. I applied even more forcer trying to get her to swallow my cock again. Instead her hand just kept pumping and she fought against me. My moans grow more and my body starts to rock back and forth with the movements of her hand. Just as I felt my orgasm building, Mary let go of my cock and got off me.

“Well that is too bad. A sissy isn’t allowed to get what she wants. You get what I say you can get,” Mary states as she gets dressed. She puts on a loose t-shirt and a pair of tight boy shorts.

I stare at her confused. It has been a month since she called me a sissy. I was sure that night was a one time thing. What was going on?

“What did I do this time?” I ask her confused. “I haven’t watched porn or wear any women’s clothing.”

“You haven’t done anything sissy.” Mary explains. “I just think I need to remind you what would happen if you decided it was time to pick up those habits again.” My wife stands at the foot of the bed looking down at me. “Now get up, shower and shave your body. I will lay out what you are to wear. Put nothing else on but what I have out. If you are lucky and behave bebek escort yourself, maybe I won’t humiliate you as much as last time. Even though we both know you enjoyed it!”

Mary walks to the door leading out of the bedroom. Before leaving she turns back to me and says, “You have twenty minutes. We are going to be having a guest over, and you are going to serve us breakfast.” My wife just winks at me and leaves the bedroom.

I get out of bed and jump right into the shower. Even though last month was very humiliating for me, I wanted it to happen again. It was an amazing thing having my ass abused.

After I finish cleaning and shaving my body, I leave the shower and dry off. Walking into the bedroom, I see what Mary has left for me on the bed. What was she thinking? I only have a minute to get dressed. I quickly put the outfit on the best to my knowledge. I have never seen this in person. Just before I leave the bedroom, I glance at the mirror and soak in what I see.

Here I am, dressed in another piece of women’s clothing. Clothing, right, if that what you call this. I was wearing black lingerie. The straps around my shoulder were very thin. The front was completely see through except for where the top should have held a set of beautiful breasts. The sides of the top ended just as they wrapped around the back. It was held together by thin silk ribbons that crossed each other like a corset. Around the waist, the lace exploded out in three inch long ruffles. The ruffles hide the sexy panties that were built into the whole outfit. The panties just barely concealing my hard cock. Below the panties I had on thigh high black fishnet stockings that were being held up by ribbons that connected to my panties.

I leave the bedroom and make my way towards the kitchen. As I get closer I can hear the laughter of two different women. Who did Mary bring over?

“A…Alex,” I studder as I see my neighbor. Alex lived next door to us. She is a gorgeous tall woman. Her long red hair tied back in a ponytail. She was dressed in a short skirt, high heels and a tight top that barely held her breasts inside. This woman saw me standing outside my apartment, in the dead of night, in nothing but a pair of neon green panties. Then a little while later, she was three fingers deep inside herself, on her patio, recording the abuse my wife was giving me on the kitchen table.

“Oh Mary!” Alex squealed seeing me for the first time since that one night a month ago. “He looks better than I had hoped!” She claps her hands together in excitement.

I stand there trying to hide behind my hands. “Oh come now sissy,” Mary says from the table. “No need to hide yourself. Alex has already seen all of you. Put your hands down.”

I lower my hands as I realise she was right. No point in hiding something that has already been seen. I just stand there, in women’s lingerie, in front of two gorgeous women. I start to speak but I am quickly cut off by Alex.

“Can you spin for me Jack? I want to see the back!” Alex says with a lot of excitement in her voice.

I just stand there, face red with embarrassment. Was I really going to let this happen? It was enough to let my wife humiliate me, but now my neighbor too?

“Alex sweetheart,” Mary speaks. “Please don’t call him by his name. Jack responds a lot better to sissy. Just use that for now on.” Mary turns to me and says in a stern voice. “Also sissy, I give Alex full permission to do anything she pleases with you. You will do them without question. Do you understand sissy?”

“Yes, I understand.” I answer Mary. I am really confused by this because Mary has always been a jealous person. She gets angry if I even look at another woman by accident. Now she was giving me full permission to do anything Alex wants from me. Something was wrong, this couldn’t end well for me.

Alex speaks up again. “Come on Ja…I mean sissy. Spin for me!”

Slowly I start to turn. I can hear both women giggle as I turn my back to them. After I finish my turn, the girls look towards each other and laugh even harder.

“Ok sissy. Time to cook us ladies breakfast. Does bacon and eggs sound good to you Alex?” My wife asks. Alex nods in agreement. “Get cooking!”

I walk to the fridge to get the food I am to cook. Once I open the door, I notice that both the carton of eggs and the bacon are on the bottom shelf all the way into the back. I go to kneel down to reach for them when I hear Alex yell to me.

“I don’t think so sissy! No kneeling. You are only allowed to bend at the waist. Get that ass into the air!” Both women burst into laughter.

I finally retrieve the items from the back of the fridge. Closing the door I make my way to the stove. I spend the next few minutes cooking the food. I can hear whispers but can’t make out what is being said.

Finally when the food is finished cooking, I serve both women their breakfast. I put a plate down on the table for myself. As I pull istanbul escort out the chair to sit, Mary grabs the chair from me and pulls it back into the table.

“No sissy, you must kneel on the floor and eat!” Mary says to me as she takes a bite of her eggs.

“Under the table too!” Alex adds.

I grab my plate and assume my position under the table. Once under there I start to eat my breakfast.

“Don’t be getting ideas while you are under there sissy!” Mary says to me between her laughter.

I lower my head to only look at my food. I suddenly feel the foot of my wife come in contact with my shoulder. In one swift movement, she pushes her foot hard into me with enough force to throw me towards Alex. I drop my plate onto the ground and bring my hands up to brace myself from going headfirst into Alex’s knees. My hands grabs Alex by the knees, but the force of my weight pushed my hands out. This brought Alex’s knees apart and spread her legs wide open. I had a perfect sight of the wonderful slit between this woman’s legs. She wasn’t wearing anything under that skirt.

I didn’t notice that almost a minute went by and I still haven’t moved. Alex quickly screamed and stood up.

“How dare you stare at my lady parts! You pervert!” Alex screams at me as she takes a few steps back.

I can hear Mary laughing hard. “You can punish him Alex. Perverts deserve to be punished!”

“Get out from under the table sissy!” Alex yells to me. As I start to crawl out from the table, Alex grabs me by the hair and pulls me up onto my feet. Turning me around, Alex slams my face down onto the table. “Get your hands behind your back!” I do as she orders. With one hand, Alex grabs both my wrists tightly.

With her free hand, Alex slaps my ass with enough force to make me groan in pain. “Start counting sissy!” Alex demands.






She spanks my ass seven more times. Each time she puts more force behind them.

“Ten!” I scream out in pain. She lets go of my wrists. I lift my head up and see Mary staring right at me with a huge smile on her face.

“Was that worth the sight of Alex’s pussy?” Mary asks me.

I shake my head slowly. “No more…please…” I beg.

“That will be punishment enough, “Alex states. “Now clean up sissy!”

I gather up all the dishes and place them in the sink. I wash each dish before turning back to face the women. Mary and Alex look at each other and giggle.

“Something seems to be missing from the outfit,” Alex says to Mary. “I think we need to take the sissy shopping! Don’t you agree Mary?”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea!” Mary agrees.

Mary quickly stands and goes to the bedroom to get dressed. In under five minutes she returns ready to go. Mary is dressed in a long flowing blue and white summer dress.

“First lets go back to my place. I may have something for our sissy to wear!” Alex says to Mary. Mary grabs my wrist and pulls me towards the front door. We follow Alex outside into the daylight.

Here I am, outside in the height of the early morning, in full womens lingerie. Thankfully Alex lives only a few feet away from here. We get into Alex’s apartment without being seen. Alex leads Mary and myself into her bedroom.

“Lay on the bed sissy,” Alex demands me. Mary pushes me down onto the bed. I pull myself up fully onto the bed and lean back against the headboard. “Now lets see what I have.” Alex rifles through her closet. After a minute or two, she comes back and stands in front of me at the foot of the bed.

“I don’t think I have anything that would fit you nicely, ” Alex explains with disappointment in her voice. “And we certainly can’t have you go out in public looking in lingerie like a cheap whore. And I definitely don’t want to allow you to wear mens clothing. What to do?”

Mary stands next to Alex staring down at me. An evil smirk crosses her face. “Alex, do you really have all those toys you mentioned before?” Alex nods in agreement. “We can leave him here while we go shop. Since I don’t trust him not to touch himself while we are gone, we can just bind him to your bed!” Both women giggle in excitement.

“I have the perfect idea!” Alex exclaims. She goes back to her closet and pulls out a large duffle bag. She reaches inside and pulls out four sets of rope. Handing two sets to Mary, Alex speaks to me. “To make sure you don’t touch yourself, we are going to tie you to the bed post.” Both women tie me down spread eagle across the bed. Alex reaches into her bag again. “To make sure you don’t scream for help…” she pulls out a gag. This gag is shaped like a small three inch penis. She forces the rubber cock into my mouth and ties it behind my head. The fake cock falls just short of the back of my mouth. If I lift my head at all, it would hit my throat and make me gag.

“And the final touch of torture,” Mary says walking towards the beyoğlu escort flat screen TV at the end of the bed. Mary turns on the TV and presses play on the DVD player. “We can’t have you get bored and lose interest while we are away!” Both women leave the room. I hear them leave the apartment.

Here I am, lying bound to my neighbors bed, spread eagle. I have a small cock gag in my mouth. Another minute goes by before a scene starts to appear on the TV. It was the recording the webcam caught. The one my wife had set that caught me in her panties. The scene was me, on my hands and knees fucking my ass with her vibrator while wearing panties. On the bottom left corner of the TV, was a small box showing the porn I was watching at the time. It was a skinny guy, dressed up like a schoolgirl, being fucked by a large man.

That video played for ten minutes. When it was over, it switched to my wife fucking my ass with a very large dildo. This was the scene that Alex recorded from her patio. Mary had me taped down to the kitchen table as she abused my ass. Then turned to her straddling my cock and fucking me hard. And ending with her sitting on my face and having me eat my cum out of her pussy. It even showed me passing out from be suffocated from my wife’s pussy. This was the first time I saw what my face looked like. I was covered in thick white cum. It was in my eyes, nose and dripping down my chin. My wife had squirted her own juices on my face that led to me not being able to see when I finally woke up.

These scenes repeated themselves over and over. For an hour this went on. My cock stayed hard the entire time. I wanted so badly to stroke my aching cock. I wanted to spray my cum all over my stomach. I had to feel it on me again. But my bindings prevented me from moving.

The girls finally came home. I can hear them giggling to each other in the living room. They entered the bedroom together, shopping bags in hand. They both stopped and stared at me.

“Look Alex,” Mary says. “I told you the sissy would get aroused by watching that. He is so hard! Do you think we should take care of that for him?”

Alex laughs and turns to Mary. “That would be the polite thing to do. We did leave him here, tied to the bed, gagged and made to watch a porn of himself.” They both drop their bags on the floor and walk towards me.

Both women slowly climb up onto the bed, one on either side of me. Each slowly run a finger up the inside of my thigh and straight to my cock. Together, Alex and Mary slowly stroke my cock. They then lean down closer to my cock and press their lips to each side. Their tongues licking around my shaft to touch the tongue of the other woman. I tried to lift my head to get a better view, but the cock gag in my mouth pressed against my throat and made me gag. I just lay there moaning through the gag.

The mouths of the women slide up my cock and meet along my head. They start to kiss each other around my cock. Their kisses start to get deeper and more passionate. Both women pull away from my cock, sit up and make out with each other. The two beautiful women sit up on their knees and embrace each other in passion. I can see their tongues flick back and forth between each others lips. Their hands exploring each other over their clothes. This was an amazing sight to see. I shift my body hoping to bring their attention back to my cock.

The women pull away from each other and look at me with their heads pressed together. They both speak together as if rehearsed. “I think the sissy likes the show. Maybe he deserves more!”

The ladies remove themselves from the bed. They come together to the right of me. They quickly embrace each other again and go back to kissing. After another few minutes of deep kissing, the women separate. Alex grabs Mary by the hand and leads her through a door to the right of the bed.

After both women enter the new room, it becomes clear what this room is. The sound of running water fills the apartment. From where I lay on the bed, I can turn my head enough to get a perfect view of the bathroom and the shower. It is difficult because if I turn too much, the rubber cock in my mouth starts to gag me.

Slowly each woman starts to strip the other. Between each removal of clothes, they embrace in another deep kiss. After both women were stripped of all clothing, they enter the shower. They must have known that I could see them, because neither of them pulls the shower curtain closed.

Here I lay, bound spread eagle on a bed with the perfect view of my wife and my neighbor, naked and wet in the shower together. The position that required me to see this wonderful view, pushes the rubber cock to the back of my throat and gags me. I can only look for short periods of time, but it is enough.

The women, holding each other close, continue to make out under the fall of water from the shower. Their hands exploring the body of the other. The women part from each other slowly. They each take turns cleaning the others hair. While one stands under the water to rinse off, the other starts to finger herself, moaning loudly. Alex then takes a bar of soap and slowly starts to clean Mary. Alex slowly rubs the bar of soap over every inch of my wife. Mary turns around giving Alex access to her back and buttocks.

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