When I was 8 years old, I saw my first real live penis. It was my dads. I saw him getting out of the shower, and as he dried his hair, his beautiful manhood just hung there. I ran to my room and couldnt believe what I saw. I always thought about his penis. What was it like to touch it or have it in me. As I matured, I became a hot little girl. My 3 brothers always stared at me when I would walk around in my dads T-shirt, or laid out in my bikini.
When I was 13, I had my first encounter with my youngest brother, Tommy. He was 13 also. my twin brother only 4 minutes younger than me. My dad asked him to clean our pool so I could go swimming. He was pissed to have to do it, just because I wanted to swim.

It was a hot late morning in July. Very humid and sunny. Tommy was in his shorts with no shirt. I came out in my bikini and laid down my towel. My dad was at work and my two older brothers Shane and Rick were away down the shore. Tommy was all sweaty. The sweat just ran down his chest and I wanted to lick every inch of it off him. I couldnt let him know such things, but my little muffin was soaking wet. I rubbed on my suntan oil and laid back. The sun on my body was wonderful. I felt so charged with life, energy and now the desire to feel my brothers penis. His cock I told myself. I ran through my mind over and over.
What did his cock look like?
Would he let me see it?
Could I ask him to see it?
My friends in school have already sucked on thier boyfriends dicks. I hadnt, even kissed a boy. How could I get my brother to let me see his cock, without comming right out and asking? Would he tell Dad? Its just too risky I thought. I mean if he did, what if he wanted to see my pussy? Would I have to let him? What if he wanted to put his cock in me? How do I say no after having asked to see his dick. My pussy was begging my brain to beg for it, my conscience was telling me to go inside.
How come you dont clean the pool yourself Casey, he asked? Dad told me you would do it, I didnt tell him to make you do it, I replied.
Thankyou though I quiped.
Its too fuckin hot out here, Im going in when Im done, Tommy said.
Oh Shit I thought. I wont see his dick after all. My heart was racing, what do I do I asked myself.
I sat up, pulled my knees up and slighty spread my legs and said, Why dont you let me put some oil on you and you can lay out with me?
Nahh, he said. Its too hot for me Casey. i dont know how you girls lay out in the hot sun like that?
Well we want to look good so you boys will pay attention to us.
You dont need a tan for attention, every guy in school talks about you.
They do? no they dont I said.
Well if you pay attention you will notice every eye is on you most of the time.
You dont pay much mind to me?
Your my sister stupid. Thats wrong.
You can be nice to me. Thats not wrong. And what we say or do when its just between us is no-ones business, I said to tommy.
He looked up and finally took in his hot sister who just twisted his mind and cock with an unusaul statement.
Wha..what do you mean ” what we do or say”?
Well I could use some oil on my back. So if you were nice enough to rub it on me, that would just be between us.
I now had my legs spread wide enough i know he can make out the side of my pussy lips. Trying to seduce my brother has just become my mission. My problem is how far do I let this go.
I guess I can do that for you. But then Im going inside to watch TV.
Are you sure? Why dont you bring us some drinks out and I will oil you up and we can hang. When you get hot just jump in the pool!
Well… Maybe, he said
As Tommy went to put away the hose and stuff for the pool vucuum, I pulled izmit escort the crotch of my bikini bottoms just to the side so Tommy would see a bit more of my ripe, wet pussy that at this point needed to be stuffed with his cock.
I heard him come up the deck, and I lay motionless with my eyes closed. he stopped on the deck steps, probably at eye level to get a good look of the sensuous delight just in front of him. Im so horny, Im about to cum just lying there. My mind and twat are on fire to get his cock way up inside me. Im sure he has gotten a great look at the side of my pussy, so i sit up.
So will you put some oil on my back please? I ask.
Uhhhh….. sure ok, he says
I sit up and to make sure he has fucking on his mind, I undo my top and let it fall.
Shit Casey, what the hell are doing? We are gonna get in trouble!! he cries.
How? no-one is home. And I dont want tan lines. You are behind me anyway. so whats the big deal? I ask
I dont know casey. what if someone sees?
Just rub the oil on my back and shut up! i demand.
I feel his warm hand slowly move back and forth on my bare back. The oil smells of coconut, and is very sexy and sensual.
Like this Tommy asks?
Oh yeah, your the best Tommy. Get my sides a little better.
He rubs his oil covered hands ever so slowly near the sides of my perfectly round C cup breasts. Im totally on fire. I want to just jump on him and feel his hot cock rip through my virgin pussy and cum way up inside me.
Ok, thats good, i say as I lay on my tummy. My tits are squeezed out just enough to really get his cock stiff. Do you still want something to drink? he asks.
Sure if you dont mind. With that he headed in and I planned my next move to finally get that cock of his inside me.
Here you are, I put a lemon wedge just the way you like, Tommy said.
Wow, thanks I said, as I ease up on one elbow to fully reveal my beautiful tits to my twin brother. Tommy gaped his mouth open before he turned his head away abruptly.
What the fuck Casey, I just saw your tits!! He yelled.
So? I told you what we say and do is between us and us alone.
Yeah but I shouldnt see you naked. We will get in trouble.
Your being such a baby, I replied. most boys would give anything to see a girls boobs.
Its not that Casey, I just feel weird that its you… I mean my sister.. you know.
Well would you feel better if I put my top back on then?
Nooo.. No thats not what I mean. no your fine. Never mind.
This response lets me know that he wants more, but is afraid to ask.

Good then, i replied, as I slide my bikini bottoms off and kick them to the side. Why not get things moving I think, only 3 hours left till dad gets home.
What the hell are you doing? he asked
I dont want any tan lines I told you. Could you rub some oil on my butt and legs.
Hes silent. i dont hear a peep, when I hear him kneel next to me and open the oil bottle.
Put lots on Tommy, I love lots of oil. I tell him.
I feel his hands are shaking just a little. He rubs the small of my back and seems to need encouragement to go further.
Rub it all over Tommy. Anywhere you think I need it, I say in my slutiest tone.
Anywhere? he asks?
Yeah, anywhere you think I need oil.
Well what if I think your asscrack needs oil, you wouldnt like my fingers in there, he says half jokingly.
I cant see there, so I you think it needs oil, I trust you to rub it in good for me, I reply.
Slowly he works his hands down my tight little ass. For the first time in my life I toy with the idea in my mind of getting my ass fucked. I mean then i dont have to worry about getting pregnant. But would it hurt is my fear. Right now though izmit escort bayan my asshole is relaxed and just feels like it needs cock. I cant explain the feeling to myself, especially since it seemed gross anyother time the subject presented itself. Now I want my asshole stretched to its limits. What I wouldnt give to feel his tongue dance on my asshole. Oh God Im gonna make myself cum just thinking about it.

Slow and gentle, Tommy works his hot oily hands down my ass to my legs. Up and down he rubs me, nice and slow. Its total torture. I fuss around a bit and wiggle my ass, hoping to God he would just bury his cock in my ass at best, but at least rub his finger in there. He gets my hint as he works his hands slowly up my ass cheeks. Little by little he moves his index finger deeper between my ass crack. Deeper and ever so slowly deeper he gets, as if hes trying to tease me.
Your butt crack is so hot Casey. I can feel the heat from it even though its so hot out. He says to me.
Clearing my throat, I tell him, Oh yeah? Well you better get some oil in there so I dont burn.
I feel the trickle of oil pour into my ass hole. I can barely stand it any longer. Firm but slow he runs his middle finger right straight down my ass crack and over my yearning asshole. He rubs my asshole nice and slow, nearly getting his finger inside me, when he pulls it back out and runs his hand down to my legs. I let out an uncontollable moan of desire as my twin brother just toys with me. My game of teasing him and seducing him has turned. Now he has his sister at his total mercy. He can fuck my asshole as long as he wants, and doesnt even know it.
You can stick you fingers in my ass if you want Tommy, its ok, I nearly beg.
Without stopping he runs his hand down my back, up and over the small of my back, and into my hot tight ass. Again, his middle finger just toys with my rear opening until I feel myself relax and his finger just eases right into my asshole. In and out he moves his finger. Nice and slow, firm and deep. Oh God Tommy, your gonna make me cum!!! I moan.
In and out goes his finger and now I feel him pressing another finger into my tight little asshole. Thats it. Two fingers deep and I explode with my first ever orgasm not of my own doing. I buck up into his hand uncontrollably, jamming his fingers deep into my asshole. I love it. I dont ever want it to stop.
Slowly I come down from my highest of highs.
Oh my God Tommy, that was so intense, so wonderful.
Tommy doesnt say a word when I feel his fingers retreat from my rectum and delve even lower to my sopping wet pussy. With no hesitation he pushes two fingers right up into my pussy. Again I moan loudly, as my mind is just overcome with so much pleasure. Tommy tries to spreads my legs and I instinctively help him. He makes his way from my side and is now behind me. I feel a third finger from his other hand feel for my clit and find it. He moves his two fingers in and out of my wet pussy and zeroes in on my clit. I feel an energy building inside me that I cant controll. So wonderful is his touch on my clit, I beg him.. Please make me cum Tommy.
Oh Yeah Tommy, just like that. Put another finger in my pussy Tommy, Oh yeah thats it push it into me, Im telling him.
Your gonna make me cum so hard Tommy, Please dont stop! My mouth is dry and my breathing is getting heavy. My pussy is so hungry to be stretched. I beg him some more.
Please tommy, Put another finger in my tight pussy!! I feel him trying to work a fourth finger deep into his sisters tight pussy. Im pushing up at his hand with my hips, trying to help him get his fingers in me.
Oh my God Tommy you are gonna make me cum so hard. His finger is gebze escort bayan working overtime on my clit drawing nearer the edge. Do it Tommy, I beg. Put it all in me, put your fist up inside me. I feel him wiggle his thumb in, trying to get his hand in me. I dont know why, but it doesnt hurt at all. Being a virgin, how can this be. All I know is I need his fist in me, stretcheng my sweet pussy and launching me over the edge of pleasure. Pushing up against him, I feel my sweet pussy just wrap around his hand and suck him in. His finger rubs my clit one last time and thats it. Kapow, as if in slow motion, I feel my whole body explode in such intense pleasure I start to get dizzy.
I can feel my pussy clamp down on his fist and a second wave rolls over my body. Soon my clit is so sensitive i begged him to stop. slowly he pulled his hand from my drenched pussy and sat up. I here him pull down his shorts and before I can look at his beautiful cock, he has it pressed up against my pussy lips. with one push he buries himself inside his sisters pussy. Slow and hard he pushes himself into me. It feels so great to finally have his cock burried deep inside me.
Oh yeah Tommy, fuck me. Fuck me deeper baby. Deeper. Oh yeah thats it. Fuck me, please dont stop. Dont stop fucking me. Oh God Yeah.
Suddenly it dawned on me that if he explodes in me like I want, I can get pregnant. Tommy!! Tommy!! I call to him.
What Casey? he askes between thrusts.
You cant cum in me baby. I might get pregnant.
Do you want to suck it then, he asks?
I want you to shove it in my ass Tommy, I beg.
Without hardly missing a thrust, I have what I would later find out is 7 inches of cock buried deep in my rectum. Oh GOD!! Tommy, I yell. Your so deep, as I arch my back and get every last millimeter of his dick up in my asshole. Tommy fucked my ass for just a few minutes and then slowed down. He rested all his weight on my oiled back. His body felt so hot sliding atop of mine. He reached his arms up beneath me and grabbed onto my shoulders. I was totally locked in to his body as he again began to burrow his cock up into me. In and out his cock went. My asshole was so relaxed that he was able to pull all the way out and then ram it home in one shove. Just feeling my little asshole go from closed to wide open every second was wonderfull.
How does it feel Tommy? I asked?
Oh God Casey, You are so hot. You feel so tight and wet. Your asshole is gonna make me cum. Oh Yeah, I moan. Please cum inside me Tommy. I want to feel your cock pump me full of your cum. Cmon baby, fuck me good, pump your cum into me. Fuck me Tommy, oh yeah, fuck that asshole. With that, Tommy lost it. He came in me with great force. He squeezed my body so tight, I couldnt breath. I could feel his cock way inside my asshole just twitching away as he pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum up inside me.
Slowly he realesed me and I could breath, as he collapsed onto me and again took my breath away. He lay on me for several minutes and finally pulled free of my asshole. We both lay there totally spent. My legs were so weak, I could barely stand. I pulled on my bikini and jumped in the pool. Tommy followed me in. I dont know what to say, he said.
Dont say anything I told him. This is just between us.. Promise??
I swear on it he replied.
What about Shane and Rick? he asked.
Mmmm Shane and Rick I thought…. What about them I asked?
Have you done anything with them?
NO. And they cant know Tommy!!
I know.. i know, I wont say a word.
We dried off and went in. As he opened the door, Tommy reached over and kissed me! We parted lips and we looked into eachothers eyes. All I could think was I wanted to be on the pill so he could cum in my pussy. How the hell did I get so wicked I asked myself.
My dad came home and I heard him ask Tommy ” were you nice to your sister today?”. Oh my God I thought, nice isnt the word.
Now how do I work my two other brothers into my world???

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