A spying neighbour – Chapter 2


I find solace in the love of my two dogs. But a neighbour learns my secret. Can I trust her?

Saturday afternoon and I was still worried. What if May Wilson was stringing me along? What if she was really going to tell people? I would be ruined. Maybe arrested for bestiality. I watched the clock tick around to 2pm. A knock on the door. Was it the police? I opened the door and there was May standing on my doorstep with a huge grin. “Hello honey. I have been so looking forward to this” she gushed. My concerns were unjustified as she stood there wearing a loose fitting top and a skirt. “Come in May. Come and meet my boys” I said and led her into the lounge room.

I had ignored them all morning and when they saw us walk in they got very excited. It was as if they knew what was going on. “Oh aren’t they lovely” she said and knelt down and patted them both. They were buzzing around her like bees around honey. “Oh my dear they are so excited” she said “but not as excited as me. I have been masturbating all morning thinking about this”. I was a bit shocked at her admission. “Come on boy come and lick my pussy” she said. Goldie just heard the word “lick” and moved in. May lifted her skirt to show she wasn’t wearing knickers. She had come prepared. Goldie’s nose hit her pussy and she squealed. Moving onto the couch she sat on the edge and spread her legs. I watched as she closed her eyes and moaned. Very soon after she had an orgasm. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Spurred on by May I pulled off my knickers and flopped in a chair. Called Rocket and said “lick” and he zeroed in my already soaked pussy. I watched through half-closed eyes as May peaked again. “What’s the word” she wailed “tell me the word” and she turned and dropped to her knees. “Fuck” I said “say fuck bursa escort and he will”. She said it and Goldie immediately mounted her, found her pussy and thrust into her as she screamed and then moaned. Unfortunately be me saying “fuck” it got Rocket excited and while I was still sitting on the edge of the chair he mounted me missionary style. He grunted and yapped as he drove his cock into me trying to tie but although his knot swelled he couldn’t drive it home. He pounded me like never before, fury driven by frustration.

I made a mental note of that for future reference, pushed him down, spun around on my knees and gave him what he wanted. To tie with his bitch. And tie he did as he roughly pounded me as if to express his displeasure. I also noted that for future reference. Loud moans and grunts echoed around the room as both May and I have our pussies filled with dog goo. I was surprised that I found sharing my boys was such a turn-on. Goldie separated first and May groaned. “Thank you lovely boy that was so good” she said “and thank you honey for sharing your lover with me”. Rocket had completed his task of impregnating his bitch and also withdrew. There a momentary silence as I realised we both needed a shower. May obviously realised it too. “Well we could take a shower together if you like” she said. “No May, you go first and I will follow when you finish” I said. She laughed. “Ok, that is fine. But remember, I have seen you naked already honey” she said and headed for the shower. I did follow after she was finished. I wasn’t quite ready for a two-some shower.

May came out of the bathroom looking refreshed and oh so happy. She had obviously missed her experiences years ago. “I feel so good” she said. I laughed “maybe you feel so bad” I said and she chuckled. I görükle escort went and had my shower and when I came back there she was, dress pulled up and Rocket fully mounted. She moaned and urged him on, not that he needed it. “God Shasha” she cried “he is so big” but she was obviously enjoying every inch. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I was soon enjoying Goldie. I was so concentrating on Goldie’s endeavours I had forgotten about May until I heard Rocket give a sort of whine. I looked across and May had him on his back and she was deep throating his still erect cock. Just then Goldie began to spirt his hot calling card deep inside me. The whole scene was so erotic. May began to rub her pussy as she sucked Rocket’s cock. She gave several muffled moaned and then lifted her head and squealed as she climaxed.

Goldie withdraw and I looked at May. She had released Rocket from her vice-like grip and he padded away but she was still shaking. She looked at me and smiled. I think she saw the shock in my eyes. “I love sucking cock” she said “poor Stan doesn’t understand why I am so expert. Sucking dog cock was a fetish of mine”. I had never considered it. Seen it on those videos but never thought it was sexy until I saw May licking and sucking Rocket while she got herself off. I wondered if I could ever do it. I guess it was just another step in my life as a dog slut.

May stood up and dog cum leaked down her thighs. “Another shower” she said “then I think I had better go home. Otherwise I will want to take up residence”. She waddled off and showered. Coming out she was smiling even broader. “I had a wonderful time darling. I am so jealous of you having them all the time” she said “can I make Saturday a regular thing?” I hugged her. “Of course May” I replied “I can see how escort bayan much you enjoyed my boys. I am happy to share with you anytime you want to drop in”. “Thank you Shasha. You are wonderful” and she was gone. I looked at my boys lying in the corner. “Well darlings” I said “did you enjoy that?” I looked at Rocket. I couldn’t help wondering if dogs liked having oral stimulation. Maybe one day……

Life returned to normal. On Sunday I spent the day naked and was “serviced” by each of my lovers three times. Involving May the day before had me extra horny. Watching her turned me on so much. I even left a little gap in the drapes in case she came by to watch. That made it even more exciting to be naked. Of course I rationised it as wanting to be watched. But deep in my thoughts I wondered if I had another reason. Did I get excited about another woman looking at me? Did she do so with lust for the dogs or something else? I cleared my mind by giving myself to my lovely boys.

The week flew by and I was so looking forward to May coming in. I had just finished lunch when there was a knock on the door. It was only 1:30 and I chuckled. “You are early” I called out and opened the door. I stopped deep. It was May but Gloria, one of the women from work. “Oh hello Gloria” I said, somewhat shocked. “Hi Shasha, can I come in?” she said. I had no idea why she was there but I let her in and we walked into the lounge. “Shasha I got your address from Justin” she said “I hope you don’t mind”. Justin was a guy I got Goldie and Rocket from. Fortunately my boys were still out in the backyard. Gloria continued “Justin told me you bought his two “special dogs” I nodded and she blushed “and I thought……”. I suddenly realised what it was all about. Gloria was a dog slut. She had been visiting Justin’s little side business and now she was in my lounge room. I decided to put Gloria out of her misery. “Yes Gloria I did buy both of his dogs” I said “they are in the backyard. Would you like to see them?”

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