Cancelled Date Night Ch. 03


Sarah’s tongue made sensuous swirls around Dave’s mouth while Colleen’s did something similar around his cock. Dave was in heaven, a few negging doubts about Collen still crept around his mind but he had never experienced such pleasure so he didn’t linger too long on them.

Sarah seemed to sense he was getting close to finishing before he realised himself. She eased out of the passionate embrace and whispered;

‘I think we need to take this upstairs.’

Dave nodded in agreement and they both looked down at Colleen. She was completely oblivious to everything else and seemed totally at peace sucking away on Dave’s cock. Sarah put a hand on her back to get her attention and Colleen jumped as if shocked to learn there were other people in the room.

There was a wet slurping sound as Dave’s cock slipped out of her surprised mouth and Colleen looked up at them, her cute little face crimson with embarrassment as she attempted to wipe the saliva and precum from her chin.

‘Come on,’ Sarah said to her gently, ‘Let’s go upstairs.’

Colleen didn’t reply but obediently got up and tottered after Sarah as she left the room. Dave did up his pants before he followed the girls, treating himself to a nice upskirt view of the two asses as they climbed the stairs in front of him.

Immediately as he entered the room Sarah pounced on him. She scolded him for putting his pants back on and ripped them open in one skillful move. They fell under their own weight and Dave stepped clumsily out of them while simultaneously picking Sarah up and throwing her onto the bed.

It was their regular habit and so Sarah fell exactly where he wanted, just far enough up the bed so that Dave could kneel at the end and have perfect access in between her legs. He dove in and ripped her panties off as easily as Sarah had discarded his pants. He then lowered his face to her freshly trimmed pussy and buried his tongue in her.

Sarah cried out in pleasure. She kicked off her heels and swung her stocking clad legs around Dave’s neck pulling his head closer into her to ensure he lapped up all the juices which had been building up since the start of the night.

Dave could not understand why some guys didn’t enjoy this part. The aroma, the taste, the sound of the intense pleasure he was giving Sarah were all so arousing, it always drove him wild. He especially liked times when she was still wearing a skirt and it fell over the back of his head while he worked away, though he couldn’t explain why.

After a minute or two he felt Sarah tense up and her moans stopped. She sat up and lifted his head out of her crotch. She nibbled his ear and whispered;

‘I think we’re forgetting about someone.’

Dave followed her gaze and cursed himself when he saw Colleen standing nervously in the corner. They had gotten so wound up in their usual routine they had forgotten about including her and Colleen was still too shy to include herself.

Sarah took charge, hopping up off the bed, she made her way seductively over to Colleen adding a little extra sway to her walk to sell the effect. She grabbed Colleen gently by the hand and led her slowly back to the bed, softly apologising to her on the way;

‘Sorry sweetie, me and Dave just got carried away with our usual routine for a second. Why don’t you come over her and help me put on a bit of a tease to get back at him?’

This elicited a girlish giggle from Colleen and she seemed to relax again so Dave was prepared to continue to let Sarah blame him, she obviously knew what she was doing. Give her attention he told himself, that’s what she needs, so when the reached him he attempted to do something of that sort. However he was still unsure of what he was doing, he managed to hug her waist and pull her body into his but his mind wouldn’t let him go further than that, not yet.

Sarah sensed this and quickly broke the tension before it destroyed Colleen’s confidence. She shoved Dave onto the bed in mock anger while she very obviously turned all her attention bağdatcaddesi escort to Colleen.

Dave landed on his back and watched as Sarah grabbed Colleen’s waist and pulled their bodies together. Colleen was short but still had her heels on so Sarah touched her neck and gingerly guided her lips down to meet her own. The kiss was not as passionate as any shared by Dave and Sarah but it was tender and loving, in other circumstances Dave may have described it as sweet.

Dave started to get up and join back in but a secretive hand gesture from Sarah while Colleen’s eyes were shut told him firmly to stay where he was. Dave didn’t object, he was aware how delicate the situation was at the moment so he just lay back and enjoyed the view. It was strange, not one part of his mind was able to view this as his girlfriend kissing another guy, he only saw two girls in front of him and it only made him more aroused.

Sarah’s hands started to explore Colleen’s body moving slowly to her skirt which she lifted, showing Dave her firm ass which she gave a playful slap. Colleen followed suit and worked on the straps of Sarah’s corset until it sprung open revealing her braless breasts which her hands promptly enveloped.

It was funny actually, though the show was extremely sexy, it was very obvious to Dave that neither of the girls were doing this for themselves, it was all aimed at him. Their moans were a little too loud and their movements a little too forced, also they spent more time looking at his reactions than each others. Dave smiled to himself, it was niced to be teased and the game really seemed to be relaxing Colleen.

The girls moved to the bed so that they were kneeling either side of Dave but were still concentrating on each other. Dave obeyed Sarah’s earlier instructions and lay very still, just enjoying the show. Eventually they each worked a hand down to Dave’s leaking cock and he was so excited to be back involved that he nearly came right then and there. He’d had two hands on his dick before but never from different people and it felt amazing.

With her other hand Sarah reached down and laced fingers with Dave all while her tongue was still down Colleen’s throat. Then, while ensuring Colleens eyes stayed shut, she guided Dave’s hand, making it very obvious where she intended to put it. Dave’s heartbeat quickened as he understood what was happening, but he didn’t object. He knew this step had to be taken.

Colleen’s ass was as smooth and firm as it looked. It felt damn sexy and Dave gave an appreciative squeeze before letting his hand roam over the surface, she wore lace panties which covered half the cheek and Dave slid a few fingers under to toy with the hem.

Sarah left him to his roamings and returned her hand to caressing Colleen’s face. Similar to what happened to Dave earlier, it took Colleen a few seconds to realise there was an extra hand in play and that it wasn’t Sarah’s on her ass.

She broke her kiss with Sarah quickly looked down at Dave. Dave could feel the panties tighten against the back of his hand as Colleen realised what was going on. The strange thing was that this blatant reminder that there was something else down here did not disturb Dave at all, in fact the sign of her excitement only furthered his arousal.

This extra burst of excitement made Colleen forget all about her and Sarah’s teasing charade. Chewing her lip she looked nervously over to Sarah. It was almost a begging look but Dave didn’t quite understand what she was begging for.

Sarah shrugged and tilted her head in Dave’s direction, prompting Colleen to look longingly down into Dave’s eyes. He was still confused for a second, looking to Sarah for clarity but she just gave him another questioning look in return. Finally it clicked. He swallowed hard, suddenly extremely nervous and gave Colleen a curt nod. He’d already gone this far.

A cute smile broke across her face and she excitedly snuggled down next to him. Taking his face in her hand their beykoz escort trembling lips met and Colleen’s tongue pushed into Dave’s mouth. From that second all doubt was stripped from Dave’s mind as he basked in the warm embrace. Reaching up, he grasped her neck and forced their lips tighter together, immensely enjoying the taste of her lipstick.

They broke apart after what seemed like a long time. Colleen turned straight back to Sarah as if expecting to have to explain herself. In response Sarah gave her an equally passionate kiss, letting her know exactly what she thought of that display.

With this approval and confidence boost Colleen return her attention back to Dave’s cock. Dave and Sarah shared a devilish grin as they watched Collen engulf the penis eagerly.

Sarah turned her attentions to her boyfriend and helped him remove his shirt before snuggling up to him to kiss and suck on his neck. Dave let a deep groan out, the feel of Sarah’s soft breasts squashed up against his chest when they were both topless always drove him wild. Satisfied with the massive hickey she had left, Sarah started to continue her licking and kissing all the way down Dave’s torso, stopping briefly to tongue his belly button before joining in Colleen’s fun down at his crotch.

Dave watched transfixed as the two girls alternated licking up and down his shaft before locking lips around the head. The sensation of two tongues probing each other around his cock was indescribable.

As amazing as all this felt, however, Dave was starting to feel selfish. He was reluctant to stop the dreamlike double blowjob but fortunately the two considerate girls had left him their rear ends to play with.

On his right Sarah’s softer, more rounded cheeks jiggled slightly in time with her plunges on his cock. Her panties already discarded, he was able to see that she was literally dripping with arousal and he managed to slide two fingers in with minimal resistance. The groan he felt vibrating in his dick told him how much she had been waiting for that.

He left his fingers to work away in the familiar territory there as he turned to his left. Colleen’s slimmer, firmer cheeks shone out at him from beneath her panties. He worked the panties down over her cheeks so they rested just at the tops of her thighs, the full ass was now on show but anything else that might be hiding in the panties would be firmly kept there.

Dave hesitated for a second, this was another big step, he wasn’t sure how far he wanted to go, he wasn’t even sure what Colleen would like. After a moment of internal debate he decide to test the boundaries a bit. He sucked on his finger and gently stroked it along the length of Colleen’s crack.

He could actually feel the shiver of anticipation run up her body, from the point where he touched right up to her lips which were at that moment sucking on one of his balls.

That settled any doubts Dave had and he immediately slid his finger in as far as he could manage. Colleen made her first, non-giggling, noise of the night. The surprised groan was less than feminine but Dave was too wrapped up in lust to notice or care.

She did manage to approach the female register a short while later when she pushed down on Dave’s finger and drove it in up to the second knuckle causing her to whisper,

‘Oh Dave. Yes. More.’

It could have done with some work but it was exactly what Dave needed to hear, he abandoned all attempts at being tender and shoved a second finger in, pumping away as hard as he could manage.

Sarah too had heard her comment. She lifted her head from Dave’s crotch and looked at what was going on behind her. What she saw drove her wild. She removed Dave’s fingers from her pussy and climbed over his head for some real pleasure.

Dave smiled as Sarah’s skirt covered his face, he reached out his tongue to find her slit in the darkness but Sarah had other plans. She started grinding her moist lips into his face, finding his tongue and pushing her clit caddebostan escort down hard against it. Dave licked, lapped and sucked for all he was worth, loving every second of her demented horniness.

She settled down after a minute or two and Dave was able to catch his breath and get into a rhythm with his licking. He felt some awkward movement and used his free hand to peek out from beneath the skirt.

Sarah had removed Coleen’s panties completely and was now positioning her kneeling over Dave’s chest. It was a slightly more difficult angle for Dave to keep fingering her ass but he kept it up anyway. As soon as she was comfortable Colleen jumped back on Dave’s dick, slurping away as if her life depended on it.

Sarah had Colleen exactly where she wanted her now and she reached round and grabbed her long neglected dick. The effect was an increased pleasure for everyone. Colleen got, if possible, more horny and responded by pushing back harder on Dave’s fingers while simultaneously sliding his cok further down her throat, until her nose was brushing against his balls.

It was not so much this but actually the sight of the cock, which he had been carefully avoiding that finally drove Dave over the edge. He dropped the skirt, immersing himself in darkness once again so that he could use his free hand to press down on Sarah’s lap driving his tongue deep inside her and sucking hard on her clit before giving an ecstatic roar as he erupted into Colleens mouth.

Dave was completely spent but he forced himself not to relax too much, he still had two girls to take care of. So he continued his vigorous licking and fingering as he felt Colleen gently lick his satisfied cock clean.

Fortunately it seemed seeing the results her boyfriends intense orgasm being lapped up by her best friend was enough to finally send Sarah to the brink. Her grinding on Dave’s tongue became more intense as her moans of pleasure grew louder, finally announcing her orgasm with one last ear splitting scream.

She quickly dismounted from Dave’s face for fear that he would keep up his intense licking, her body couldn’t handle any more pleasure right now.

That left only Colleen.

Sarah gently pried her from Dave’s softening cock and got her to sit up on his chest. With Dave’s hand now directly under her ass she was now in control of the tempo and depth of his fingers and promptly sped up her thrusting. Sarah climbed in front of Colleen and lowered her mouth to the girl’s cock causing a series of quiet squeals of pleasure.

Unconsciously Dave raised his free hand up to grope for Colleen’s breast. He was met with flat chest and had to settle for massaging her tiny nipples through her dress. This drove Colleen wild and she ground down hard on Dave’s fingers before emitting her loudest squeak yet and filling Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah rolled off Dave and collapsed beside him, finding his lips and gently pushing her tongue through them. The fading taste of someone else’s cum wasn’t entirely unpleasant and was greatly overpowered by the immense euphoria he was feeling.

It took Colleen a minute to regain her composure before she felt confident enough to gently remove Dave’s fingers from her ass and climb off him. While doing so her cum coated, cock rubbed against him leaving a small puddle on his stomach.

Dave flinched ever so slightly, a little perturbed by the feel of it, and Colleen whipped around and gave him an appalled and apologetic look.

Before Dave could say anything she jumped down and licked up the entire puddle, staring at him the entire time with those deeply sorry eyes. The sight was so erotic that Dave pulled Colleen forward so that she fell into his arms and rammed his tongue straight between her lips, prompting a groan of arousal from both girls

Dave released her lips and let Colleen slide comfortably to his side, her head resting on his left shoulder. From his other side Sarah reached up and whispered in his ear.

‘You’re the best, how ever am I going to repay you for all of this?’

Before she rested her head down on his other shoulder. And as the two girls started to doze off into a deeply satisfied slumber Dave could only lie there with a beautiful girl in each arm and wonder why the hell he needed to be repaid for this treat.

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