This novella is intended for adult readers only. The content is sexually explicit and intended for mature readers (18+).


Curt was tall with wide shoulders and a solid medium build. This man had the body of a bronze god. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror wearing a small towel just big enough to make it around his waist. With little concern to how it fit, he’d obviously grabbed the closest thing.

* * * * * * *

Sarah silently twisted the master bedroom doorknob and slid the door quietly open one millimeter at a time until a sliver of light sliced into the dark hallway she was standing in. Her fear of punishment was outweighed by her curiosity. The light filled her eye with a view of her mother’s bedroom. The master bathroom door was wide open and she had the perfect view of Curt. Her eyes devoured his form, watching him preen in front of the mirror. His body was streamlined perfection. Leaning over the sink, his firm round ass visibly flexed threatening to pull the small towel free. Cut and lean, his solid muscular thighs dimpled the fabric leaving little to the imagination. Her eyes scanned every inch of his perfect body. With her face only an inch in from the door, the sound of her trembling breath filled her ears along with her thundering heartbeat. She forced herself to breath slowly. Secretly watching the bronze god was nerve racking and exciting for her at the same time.

* * * * * * *

Jolene stepped out of the shower naked and wet, wrapping her body around Curt. She kissed him behind on the neck and purred some phrase in his ear. He turned and grabbed Jolene lifting her off the ground. Spinning quickly back around and set her down on the bathroom counter with her legs spread.

* * * * * * *

As perfectly beautiful as her mother was, Sarah wasn’t all that keen on seeing her naked. Her attention was directly on Curt. Biting her bottom lip, she tightly held an armful of folded towels from the laundry. If they moved to the door unexpectedly, she could simply knock like she’d just arrived; drop off the towels and leave.

She watched anxiously when she noticed Curt was unlatching his little towel. With a flick of his wrist the small towel flopped onto the ground, finally giving her the view she’d always wanted to see since the day her mother stared dating this man. His entire lower body was perfectly waxed with no signs of hair on his toned muscular physique. Sarah could see every detail of his perfect body. Her eyes covered his every square inch scanning for something, anything; a zit, a birthmark, a scar but her eyes found nothing. He was a perfect man.

She could visibly watch his silken pole growing longer and fatter in slow pulses. It didn’t take long before the length snapped rigid with the gland on the end flaring proudly.

“It’s so shiny,” she said without using her voice. It was just the air whispering past her perfect lips.

Watching him use his thumb and forefinger, Curt held the base and began rubbing the tip against Jolene’s clitoris like a lazy boy painting a fence; He was in no hurry. Curt was never in a hurry. It was a quality that only increased Sarah’s desire to watch him.

Pulling the fresh towels up to her mouth, Sarah giggled under her breath. She couldn’t believe what she was watching. It was a thrill that she was about to see him in action for the first time. All she had to do was stand perfectly quiet and hopefully, she could watch the Adonis doing things she’d never seen before in her life. Secretly watching her mother and boyfriend fucking through a crack in the door sent a thrill through her body, making her toes wiggle. As the waves of bliss rolled over her, she could feel a growing tingle at her sex. She felt light headed and her legs were beginning to tremble. Squeezing the towels tightly Sarah swallowed hard. Butterflies were swarming in her stomach. Trying to hold herself still, she pressed her legs together and with a flash of self aware thoughts she realized she was doing a horrible job of holding still.

She had to focus.

* * * * * * *

Curt gently pressed the silky penis against Jolene’s pussy and smirked saying, “You ah, ready baby?”

“Stop teasing me you bastard. Fuck me. Fuck me right now,” She demanded as she gave him a light slap across the cheek.

Smiling he pressed his hips forward and her body stretched open swallowing the smooth round head making her gasp as if someone tossed a glass of cold water on her chest. He held just enough pressure to let it get rejected, then with a hint more it quickly slipped back inside.

She moaned with a quivering bottom lip and her legs shook uncontrollably. His cock was just a tad bit too big for her. It was just the way she liked it.

As Curt slowly sped up, his hips rolled forward and back moving the tip it in and out in a smooth and gentle rolling motion. Bobbing the head in and out primed his cock with her nectar. He began driving slower and deeper. At the end of a few strokes he slid it all the way in, pressing Giresun Escort his hips into her perfectly round ass. By the look on Jolene’s face, it must have felt amazing.

He stopped and moved really slow, then fast, then short teasing strokes. It seemed to Sarah like he was intentionally being chaotic and unpredictable. The very thought of him doing this to her, gave her flashes of desire that spread across her entire body in waves. Whatever he was doing, the look on Jolene’s face told Sarah that it did feel amazing.

* * * * * * *

Sarah moved her hand down to her pink sweat bottoms. Working her hand under her tie string, her fingers rubbed against her sex on the outside of her panties. She rubbed gently, not wanting to lose control standing in her mother’s bedroom doorway. If she moaned too loud all this fun would come to a screeching halt.

* * * * * * *

Curt was paying close attention to everything Jolene did. The very pitch of her moans, the sound of her heartbeat, the flex of her muscles grabbing at his sex; he was aware of her every movement. His fingers were squeezing into the flesh of her Jolene’s ass, gently rocking her body back and forth on the counter. His cock was rock hard as he dove deep. His lungs heaved and he was making soft and muffled grunts.

Recently Jolene didn’t much care who could hear her. She moaned out loud as her orgasm began to ramp up. It was the reason her daughter had become so curious.

* * * * * * *

Who knew how many rounds of sex they’d had. Sarah knew from always hearing them through the walls on most days, this could go on for hours but today was the first Sarah had gone through with her little voyeur scheme and it had gone off without a hitch. She was happy to stand and watch for as long as they were able to fuck. The wet and glistening tanned skin shifted and dimpled as Curt’s sinewy muscles flexed beneath. Watching him tense and slide the fat pole inside Jolene’s wet pussy made Sarah’s breath catch in her throat. He was simply too beautiful to be real.


Sarah’s phone in her bra started vibrating. She had half a second before it started ringing out loud. “Shit…” she cursed under her breath and stepped back away from the door. As the phone started ringing she sang to herself softly then louder to produce the illusion that she was walking from farther down the hall than she really was. She answered the phone as she knocked on her mom’s door.

“Hello? Hey April…Yeah I can play holo-tag with you guys.”

Sarah carelessly swung the door open. Phone in one hand and towels in the other, she stood in the doorway to the master bedroom watching her mother getting fucked by her new boyfriend on the bathroom counter top. This wasn’t what she’d expected at all. With her loud entrance she had figured that Jolene would have screamed and slammed the bathroom door shut but her mother just watched her with calm and calculated eyes as Curt continued pumping her like some feral animal.

Sarah dropped her towels completely thrown off saying, “Shit…sorry mom!” Then turned and ran out of the bedroom. Moving her attention to her cell phone in an attempt to hide her embarrassment she spoke to her friend, “Yeah let me call you back April…damn it that was weird.” Her face flushed and she headed straight for her bedroom. She flew into her room and closed the door behind her. Completely frustrated she hopped in bed and grabbed a large pillow, wrapped her body around it. She buried her head and muttered to herself, Shit shit shit that was strange. Her face flushed and all of that sexual energy she’d been generating had turned into extreme embarrassment.

She didn’t hate seeing her mother fuck Curt as much as she thought she would. What troubled her was how unmoved her mother was when she walked into the bedroom. She could still see her calm and calculating eyes. Sarah was also unnerved by how turned on she was by her senses. For the short period of time she was in the room, she’d picked up the musky smell of sex and the steam from the shower that carried the smell of the floral bath soap. She could even recall the sound of Curt’s pelvis slapping into Jolene and the expression on his face while he fucked her.

Closing her eyes she felt the pillow propped between her legs and began rubbing against it. She imagined herself on the bathroom counter holding onto his powerful shoulders. She wondered what it would feel like to have him inside her, driving that massive beast of a cock. He was like a wild savage the way he squeezed his fingers into Jolene’s flanks, holding her tight and fucking her so deep. Sarah’s hips rubbed faster and harder, back and forth on the soft pillow. Visions of Curt danced through her mind.

What would he feel like?

“I’m going to work!” she heard her mom announce, ripping her from her fantasy. She could hear the jingle of her mother’s keys as she grabbed them hurriedly from the sea shell on the living room coffee table. After listening to a few Giresun Escort Bayan hastened steps, Sarah heard the front door open and slam closed. The sound of Jolene’s fusion engine could be heard throughout the house as it fired up. The sound ramped louder until her bedroom window rattled sending a buzz through the house. Just as quickly as the sound had ramped up, the hum slowly subsided as the hovercraft sped away.

Sarah knew Curt was in the room just down the hall lying in her mother’s bed recovering from her mom’s veracious sexual appetite; an area where the apple did not fall far from the tree. Now that she’d seen his golden body in action, her lust for him was far worse than when she’d first met the man last week. She’d quite literally opened Pandora’s Box being so curious. As sexually wound up as her body was, all she could think about was creating a reason to go back into her mother’s room and visit him. If her mom found out she’d be in real trouble so she’d just have to be discreet. She’d have to think of an innocent reason to be in there. What would it be?

Walking from her bedroom back to her mom’s she looked to make sure her mom’s vehicle was gone from the driveway.

The coast was clear.

She walked quietly and stopped just short of the door entrance. Peeking into the room she could see Curt’s naked body lying on the bed. Propped up against some pillows he sat sprawled out reading a book. Even relaxed, his tanned muscular body was a streamlined work of art. Much to her delight and surprise, only his sex was covered. He’d obviously pulled the sheet over himself with little concern, as if the concept of discretion was little more than a nuisance. His chest was a sold brick landscape and his perfectly defined abs dimpled slightly when he exhaled. Sarah’s eyes wandered down and she could see the impression of his mostly engorged bulge giving a distinct impression beneath the red satin bed sheet. Even the fat gland on the tip was making an obvious impression, the shape of it highlighted in glossy satin ripples.

Spending no more than two seconds on each page, Curt was working his way quickly through the book. His eyes moved lazily back and forth not reading but memorizing each page at a glance.

Watching him read gave Sarah an idea. It was a good way to distract him. She could get into the room and get a closer look at his perfect body. She would downplay his nudity like she didn’t care and comment on his reading.

Striding into the bedroom like she owned it, she walked up to the edge of the bed saying, “I’ve never seen you read before. What book is it?”

His response was cold and evasive. Without looking up he responded, “I’m going to recite it to your mother later. She requested that I read it.” Stopping for a moment he looked over to her and inquired, “Why are you in here? I don’t believe your mother would approve.”

Feeling indignant and flustered by his response she snapped back, “Why I’m in here is no concern of yours Curt. Some things are just between mother and me.”

He went back to reading his book but his eyebrows went up. Slightly louder He said, “Oh…my apologies. Let me ask in a different way. Is there something I can help you with?”

Feeling less attacked now, her mouth fell into a pout. She said, “I just wanted some company. Is that so terrible?”

He continued to read at an alarming rate, emotionless. He spoke flatly, “Now you have company.”

She sneered at him, “Not very good company. You actually suck at being company…and you’re rude.”

“All I’ve done is read my book in bed since your mother left. I suppose you’re right but I doubt your mother would agree.”

Sarah couldn’t stop glancing down at the engorged length. The fat snake, half coiled under a satin sheet was still mostly erect even after fucking for hours. Seeing it gave her butterflies in her stomach. The combination of her sexually aroused state and her nervousness was making her hands shake. Rubbing them together she wiped the sweat from her palms. She was out of ideas but she felt such a strong drive to stay and get to know more about him.

What could she do?

She wanted to see it again, closer now. She bit her bottom lip suppressing the desire to pull the sheet off. As his leg shifted, she watched his length slide beneath the satin cover. The dead weight of it let it slide down his leg two inches. The perfect shape of it painfully taunted her lust filled brain. She was going out of her mind with desire.

Drawing up out of her haze she became aware that she was just standing there without purpose, taking way too many long stares at his Johnson. Even though she felt like an absolute oafish pervert, she also knew that he had to be aware of her lack of a good reason to be there. Yet Curt did not say or do anything to make her feel like she shouldn’t be staring at it. Maybe, if she reached out and…Would he slap her hand or make her feel like a kid? Humiliation or… She wasn’t sure how this was going to turn Escort Giresun out but she had never felt such a gripping ache of lust before. Exhaling slowly, Sarah’s eyes rolled back in her head for a brief moment as she moaned, “Ohh…fuck it. I don’t care what mom does to me.” Stepping forward she grabbed the sheet and whipped it off of him. She got her close look at it now saying, “Oh god…it’s so huge.”

“Sarah! What has gotten into you?” Curt said as he went to pull the covers back over himself. She reached out grabbing his cock and immediately wrapped her mouth around the tip. She didn’t waste any time. Bobbing her head she began sucking back and forth before Curt could speak or move. He just sat there with his mouth open, a shocked look stretching across his face.

As she tugged holding it in her mouth, she could feel it growing in pulses. Sarah didn’t see any reason to stop. She figured she was already going to get punished for this, so why not get as much pleasure as she could for the grounding and extra chores that she would have to do. There was no way that she wasn’t getting punished for this.

Curt set his book down and stretched out putting his hands behind his head saying, “Interesting…I didn’t see that coming. Your mother will not approve of this you know.”

Sarah moaned, “Shut up Curt. Shut up and just relax.” She felt like a cat growling to protect its food. She would get what she wanted. The flood of emotion was beyond her control.

She sucked the head of his cock back in her mouth and began stroking at it harder. It was just one more reason for her to push forward. His cock was a solid throbbing mass again. It was so amazingly big but she could still get her hand around it. She remembered giving a boy in high school a blowjob once but she had no idea what she was doing. She figured as long as Curt wasn’t trying to stop her, it must not be terrible.

As Sarah jerked the length, she could feel it swelling and pressing firm again. He took a deep breath and moaned. As she wiggled her tongue back and forth under the head, she felt it pulse and Curt’s ass flexed forward slightly.

“Oh Sarah…look, I…”

“I said shut up Curt! How hard is it to let a young lady suck your cock! Are you stupid! Now…shut up and enjoy the ride okay.”

Curt smiled and said flatly, “Gladly, I just assumed you would want to know your mother is standing behind you. Hello Jolene.”

Jumping back against the headboard next to Curt, Sarah let out a fearful scream.

Her mother just looked dumbfounded. She held up her briefcase saying softly, “I…forgot my documents…Curt?”

Curt smiled unaffected by the obvious faux-pas and spoke lovingly, “Yes dear, I’m glad you didn’t get all the way to work without it. That would surely ruin your day.”

“What? My forgotten documents would ruin my day? Walking into my bedroom and seeing you with my daughter’s lips wrapped around your cock, makes me all gooey inside. What a perfect family moment! Curt…how many times has this happened?”

“You forget your briefcase roughly three times a year and…”

“No Curt…damn it. How many times has my daughter touched your cock?”

“This is the first my lady. She’s doing remarkably well.”

“You’re supposed to stop her from touching your cock Curt! This is a terrible thing.”

Curt’s expressing didn’t change. He continued to smile saying, “She’s 18 as of last week. I cannot stop her from touching it.”

“Curt! Damn it! Yes you can. You say no! You slap her hand and push her out of our bedroom.”

“My current program…”

“Oh fuck your current program Curt!”

“That is not logical my lady. Programs have no physical…”

Throwing her briefcase across the room she yelled, “Pause C.U.R.T. program!”

C.U.R.T. stopped speaking and went motionless. He sat smiling frozen in time resembling a giant Ken doll.

Shocked by what she was seeing and hearing, Sarah jumped up and yelled, “What the fuck Mom? Curt is a-”

“Yes C.U.R.T. is an android!”

Jolene turned her hand up motioning for her daughter to stop talking. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes to get a moment of clarity. She spoke again in a quieter but very corporate and sterile fashion. “C.U.R.T. was your great grandmother’s android first. She and her research team created him in the twenty third century. He is the last Mark 5 series pleasure android they made before they terminated the project for being too costly and too…real. Your great grandmother was one of the leading researchers that received the designs for this project. After making a few prototypes, the project was scrapped and liquidated. Considering what the android was capable of and how much of her life she’d invested, she dressed C.U.R.T. and put him in a lab coat. Knowing she would never see him again if the decommissioning team arrived there first, she programmed him to just walk out of the facility pretending to be a researcher. That is minus all of the technical hacking she did. Your great grandmother was a genius and even I don’t know the technical story. C.U.R.T. is a very old family secret and far more human than any other android available on the market today. This android is a scientific marvel to this day. He looks and feels just like a real man.”

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