Banging the Babysitter


The alarm clock rang, and Jenny rolled over with a groan to press snooze. Her wife of ten years, Vanessa, groaned back, moving to Jenny to nuzzle against her. They laid there for a few more minutes, the cobwebs of sleep clearing slowly from Jenny’s brain.

“Morning,” Vanessa murmured. Jenny murmured back, turning over again, face to face with Vanessa.

She leaned in to kiss her, the two of them entangling limbs. As the sounds of the morning began to enter their bedroom, Jenny began to kiss down her wife’s body. She stopped first at her breasts. Vanessa squirmed as Jenny sucked and licked, trapping a nipple between her teeth. Jenny’s hand snuck down over Vanessa’s stomach, to her cock, steadily rising. Jenny’s own cock rose in response, as if the two were linked. She kept tasting her wife’s breasts as she started to jerk her off, her hand gliding slowly up and down. Vanessa groaned, arching her back, dripping pre-cum.

When Jenny left Vanessa’s breasts, she slid her tongue down her abs, until she was tasting her wife’s cock. She slid her lips down the shaft, feeling her wife groan and buck, more inches barreling into her mouth. Vanessa’s hand found Jenny’s hair, and she stroked. As Vanessa swelled further in her mouth, Jenny reached down to jerk herself off.

She sucked on Vanessa’s cock, eagerly slurping on the stiff member. Vanessa moaned, hands assaulting her own breasts, roughly pulling and tweaking her nipples. She could feel Vanessa’s hand tighten in her hair, so she came off her prick, not wanting her wife to finish too soon.

Vanessa grinned, pouncing to kiss her, to squeeze her breasts and lick eagerly at Jenny’s bare flesh. Jenny laid back patiently as Vanessa licked her way down until she was at Jenny’s cock. Instead of sucking it, Vanessa took it in her hand and began to jerk it. She dove in, to the space underneath Jenny’s balls, where her pussy was dripping. Vanessa lapped at it, making Jenny shiver with pleasure. Her hand stroked slowly at Jenny’s cock, her tongue slipping inside her to taste her juices. Jenny began to desperately grind her hips, pushing her pussy against Vanessa’s lips, greedy for an orgasm. Her wife chuckled, driving her tongue inside Jenny, smirking as she watched her writhe.

That incessant tongue quickly made Jenny cum, her juices trickling steadily. Her back arched and she groaned out her wife’s name in pleasure.

She felt Vanessa move, and turned to see her taking up position behind her, lifting Jenny’s leg. Jenny took that part over, and waited as Vanessa lined up her erect prick. As she nestled back into Vanessa, she felt her wife nudge into her channel. The two women groaned as Vanessa sank into Jenny in one thorough thrust. Vanessa began to kiss at Jenny’s neck, sucking on that pale flesh as she started to move her hips, fucking her wife.

Jenny sighed as that thickness pumped deep into her. A hand closed around her own shaft, and she squealed as Vanessa began to move her hand up and down, to the rhythm of her own cock in Jenny.

The two wives fucked steadily, Vanessa smoothly filling Jenny up, pressing herself deep into her until her balls were mashed against Jenny’s own set. Jenny mewled, stuffed with prick, already so close to creaming.

“You like that, baby?” Vanessa whispered, nipping at Jenny’s neck. Jenny could only moan back, desperately grinding herself back onto Vanessa. Vanessa pulled back, until Jenny’s cunt was achingly empty, just the tip of that magnificent specimen stuck in between her lips.

“Please,” Jenny begged, “don’t stop.”

Vanessa chuckled, driving herself back inside. Jenny squealed, grasping at Vanessa’s thigh behind her, hoping to keep Vanessa buried inside her. Vanessa pulled back again, but before Jenny could beg her to keep going, she thrust again, deep into Jenny’s wetness. She repeated the motion again and again, until she was swiftly pumping into Jenny.

Jenny groaned, Vanessa’s arm holding her around the chest, her other hand closed on Jenny’s shaft and jerking it off. Vanessa leaned down again to suck at Jenny’s neck, tasting her wife’s sweat.

When Jenny came, Vanessa could not hold back. She drove in deep, and shuddered as her cock erupted, shooting blast after blast into her wife’s clutching depths. Her hand did not stop jerking Jenny off, and when Jenny felt her pussy fill up with Vanessa’s hot seed, she also came, spurting onto Vanessa’s hand. They kept still, groaning in orgasm; as cum spilled out of Jenny, more flowed into her from Vanessa.

The two women laid there, breathing heavily, recovering. Vanessa again began to suck at Jenny’s neck, and after a few relaxing moments, Jenny turned her head to kiss her wife. Vanessa brought her spunk-covered hand up in between their lips, and they licked at it together, tonguing up Jenny’s hot load. When they cleaned it off, they locked lips again, curling up together in the bed.

The two of them spent much of the morning in bed, making out and cuddling.

“We haven’t had çanakkale escort a day like this in a while,” Vanessa murmured.

“Not saying I don’t miss the kids,” Jenny said, “but this is nice.”

Vanessa nodded, resting her head on Jenny’s shoulder.

“So you really think Liv will say yes?” Jenny asked.

Vanessa thought for a moment. “I know she thinks we’re both pretty. I mean, I’ve caught her checking me out and checking you out. It can’t hurt anyway.”

“True,” Jenny agreed. “I just hope it’s not awkward.”

“It might be,” Vanessa said. “But maybe not.”

Jenny murmured again, turning her head to kiss her wife again. The morning went on, carrying into the early afternoon, the two women staying in bed together, enjoying the quiet day and each other. They had an important dinner with their babysitter later in the evening, but days such as these were hard to come by, so they made the most of it.

“Shit, I’m late,” Liv muttered as she pulled into Vanessa and Jenny’s driveway. The dinner invitation was for 6:30, and it was 6:45.

Damn traffic…

She rang their doorbell, and Vanessa answered, ushering her inside. The older woman hung up her coat for her and led her into the kitchen. Liv could not help but stare at her ass as she walked ahead of her. It was round and firm, fitting perfectly in a pair of jeans. And it was not just her ass that looked good; Vanessa was very pretty, with dark, curly locks, piercing eyes, and a large pair of shapely breasts. Jenny was also attractive, with straighter blonde hair, a mouth quick to smile, and her own formidable bust. The two women, as far as Liv was concerned, were two visions of beauty. That they had found each other and married was unfair; they should have given the less beautiful, like Liv, a chance. Although Liv did not consider herself ugly; she just was not as alluring as those two women.

But the two were married, and very much in love. Liv could easily tell by the way they looked at each other, the way they kissed, the way they touched each other. And they were nice people to boot, probably her favorite of the families she babysat for. Their two children were very well-behaved and loved Liv.

She found herself feeling envious as Vanessa kissed Jenny. She wanted somebody like they had in each other, somebody who would love her unconditionally, somebody she could be with for a lifetime.

“Hey, Liv,” Jenny said, coming over to give her a hug. She was also wearing a t-shirt and tightly fitting jeans.

The three settled down for dinner, Liv suddenly feeling very hungry. It was a simple salad, followed by spaghetti and chicken parm, one of Liv’s favorite dishes.

So not only are they nice and beautiful, but they’re great cooks.

She ate her fill, also having a few glasses of wine. After they ate dinner, and had dessert, it shifted into conversation, Liv now feeling full and happy.

“So how’s the job search?” Vanessa asked.

“Eh, not great,” Liv answered, “I thought I’d get this one job, because I thought I aced the interview, and actually the guy who interviewed me knew one of my college professors. But it didn’t work out.”

“Did you call the guy I told you to call?”

She nodded. “Yeah, but he told me they weren’t looking.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” Vanessa said, “I’m sorry.”

Liv shrugged. “No, it’s not your fault, you tried to help. I don’t mind too much; I only graduated like, seven months ago, and the babysitting is good so far.”

The two other women nodded. “You have time,” Jenny said.

Liv nodded, and changed the subject. As the night went on, the three of them retired into the living room to chat more.

“So, we have something to run by you,” Jenny said at one point, after a few moments of quiet.

“Oh?” Liv asked. “Do you need me to babysit soon?”

“No, it’s not that,” Vanessa cut in. “It’s something about fun, not business.”

Liv was confused. “So what is it?”

The two women glanced at each other, and then Jenny turned to look at her.

“We want to invite you to join us.”

“Join you?”

“Yes. In a threesome.”

The two of them watched her, as she took a few moments to digest what they had just told her. Two beautiful, attractive women just asked her to join them in a threesome. She would be lying if she said she had never fantasized about these two women before.

Am I dreaming?

“Feel free to say no. We both wanted to ask because we like you and we think you’re very pretty and smart. If you say no, we’ll understand. There’ll be no hard feelings.”

Liv was speechless. “Uh…”

Jenny smiled. “Take your time,” she said, reaching out to put a reassuring hand on Liv’s shoulder.

Liv thought about it for a moment. It was too good to be true, that they would offer something like this.

“Is this a joke?” she asked weakly. They both shook their heads. “We are being serious right now,” Vanessa assured her, çeşme escort “we wouldn’t joke like that.

Lucy was again speechless. Part of her knew she would say yes, because how could she reject such an offer, especially when she had fantasized about them before. She was apprehensive, however, because as much as she had been curious about it, she had never had sex with another woman, let alone two at the same time.

“I’ve never had sex with another woman,” she confessed.

Vanessa chuckled softly. “But you’ve had sex with men, right?” Jenny asked.

Liv nodded, confused. “Yeah, I have. Not many, but yeah.”

Vanessa leaned in to Jenny and kissed at her neck, her free hand reaching down to Jenny’s fly. She unzipped, and reached in, feeling around. To Liv’s shock, she pulled out a penis, thick and straining.

She gasped, hand covering her mouth in surprise. Jenny smiled at her reaction as Vanessa began to stroke her cock.

“We’re both equally…equipped,” Jenny said. Liv nodded, not quite hearing her but feeling suddenly warm as she watched Vanessa jerk off Jenny. Jenny’s prick swelled, and Vanessa slid down to her knees. Jenny looked down to Vanessa, who began to slide Jenny’s jeans down. Her panties came next, freeing her cock, which bobbed proudly in the air before Vanessa sucked it into her mouth. Jenny groaned, twining her fingers in her wife’s hair. Her eyes found Liv, who bit her lip, unconsciously spreading her legs. Liv’s body was ahead of her mind in its acceptance of this new fact, of these two women possessing cocks. Her hand slipped down, and she quickly slid a hand inside her jeans. Liv was wet, her fingers already finding slickness, and she caressed herself, breathing faster.

Whereas Jenny was staring at Liv, watching her every action, Vanessa was focused entirely on Jenny. By now, Vanessa’s nose was pressed into Jenny’s stomach, and Liv squirmed as she imagined the length of meat crammed down her throat. Jenny’s attention on Liv was only broken when Vanessa snuck a finger up Jenny’s thigh and stuck it underneath her balls. The wet squish the sound made clued Liv in as to where it went; Jenny looked back down to Vanessa, groaning and beginning to move, lazily grinding her hips into Vanessa’s face.

Liv kept watching them, watched as Jenny stood over Vanessa, and began to fuck her face, pumping in and out of her wife’s throat. She watched as Vanessa undid her own jeans, sliding them and her panties down, her prick springing out, just as long and thick as Jenny’s. She watched as Vanessa jerked herself off, her moans muffled by Jenny’s insistent thrusts, her balls slapping rhythmically into Vanessa’s chin, Vanessa’s finger moving back and forth inside Jenny. She watched as Jenny pulled out, strings of saliva connecting her fat cock to Vanessa’s lips, and tapped it lightly on Vanessa’s tongue. When Liv’s eyes locked onto that prick she realized that they had invited her into a threesome; she did not have to settle for watching and touching herself, as fun as that was. She was still somewhat disbelieving, but this was too good to pass up.

Jenny looked over to her when Liv slid off the couch and came over to the two women. Vanessa smiled, moving back to let her kneel in front of Jenny. Liv leaned forward, tongue darting out, and tasted Jenny’s cock. It was firm, hot, and slightly musky, and she licked her way up the shaft, and then back to the head and down to the other side of the base, where two heavy testicles sat. Liv took them in her hand, feeling their heft.

When she had licked and tasted every inch of the shaft, Jenny tapped the head on her lips, and Liv opened obediently. Vanessa settled in behind her, hand slipping around to replace Liv’s own, stroking softly at Liv’s mound. Jenny slid inside Liv’s mouth, and kept pushing, Liv widening her jaws around the thickness. As it filled more and more of her mouth, she focused on sucking gently, and when it poked into the back of her throat she had to suppress her gag reflex. The pulsing flesh was heavy on her tongue, her taste buds full of that tangy taste of hard meat. She wanted to feel Jenny’s pussy, so she moved a hand up, sliding a finger in underneath Jenny’s balls. It practically sucked her finger inside, and she began to fuck Jenny with it. Behind her, Vanessa had begun to suck at her neck, Liv shivering in pleasure as the two women turned their carnal attentions on her.

Liv was not as experienced as Vanessa at taking Jenny down her throat, so it took longer, but after a bit of time Liv was successful. Jenny moaned, taking a tight hold of Liv’s ponytail, staring down at a mewling Liv, her lips spread wide, her throat impaled on Jenny’s cock. Drool dribbled from her lips, trickling down her neck to flow into her shirt. Vanessa was quick to unbutton Liv’s top, letting the drool stick at Liv’s cleavage.

“Good job, Liv,” Jenny said, gritting her teeth, “fuck, that’s great.”

Liv glowed with pride. Her head was clouded with lust, Vanessa’s diyarbakır escort deft fingers rubbing in her folds, Jenny beginning to move now. It pulled back, before shoving back in, Jenny building up a rhythm. Liv moaned on the plunging cock, arching her back as Jenny fucked her face, her hips snapping back and forth relentlessly. Vanessa brought her other hand up to grab at Liv’s bra-clad tits, squeezing at them. Her bust was not as impressive as the other two women, but Liv had never gotten complaints. Vanessa felt her up, obviously enjoying the feel of Liv’s breasts, the soft suppleness filling her palms. Liv squirmed on her knees, feeling her pussy begin to flood.

As she climbed higher and higher to orgasm, the wet thwack of Jenny’s cock into her lips intoxicated her, filling her ears and mind. Her eyes were fixed on the woman before her; Jenny had at some point stripped off her shirt, showing off her large breasts in a light blue bra, her toned stomach. She was a goddess, her and Vanessa, and these two goddesses were focused on her, working together, in concert.

It was as if they could communicate non-verbally, Vanessa telling Jenny to pump her hips harder, Jenny telling Vanessa to suck fiercely at Liv’s neck. The two women easily steered Liv into a wonderfully intense orgasm, the younger woman trembling as her nerves were consumed by pleasure, by a white-hot spark of lust. Jenny did not stop fucking her face, her cock easily hilting again and again inside her well-used throat, her full balls slapping lewdly into Liv’s chin. Vanessa’s fingers had retreated, but she still had her lips fixed on Liv’s neck, sucking eagerly.

Liv gurgled and groaned, loving the treatment Jenny was unleashing on her. Her head was being held in place by Jenny’s solid grip on her ponytail, her mouth a plaything for Jenny’s use. She came again, without Vanessa’s fingers, her sticky juices seeping out and trickling down to her thighs. It was so ridiculously erotic and salacious, to be used in such a manner, and it excited Liv to no end.

Vanessa chuckled behind her. “She just came from you fucking her mouth,” she commented to Jenny. “I didn’t even touch her pussy.”

Jenny smiled down at Liv. “You like that? You like how I feel in your mouth?”

Liv did her best to nod with her gullet stuffed with cock.

Jenny grinned. “Then you’ll love this,” she said, yanking her prick out of Liv’s throat. It came out with a sloppy, wet sound, and then it was waving in front of her face. Jenny stroked quickly, aiming it at Liv’s face.

Liv bit her lip, groaning as she watched Jenny finish herself off. The other woman came with a hoarse cry, her cock erupting, thick ropes of cum splattering on Liv’s upturned face. Liv opened her mouth, catching a blast on her tongue, rolling it around in her mouth, savoring the tanginess. The other ones landed on her face, Jenny continuing to jerk off, aiming at Liv’s face as she finished off, the dregs of her load spilling out to join the rest of it.

Before the last bit had landed, Vanessa pounced, lapping at the semen coating Liv’s face. Liv groaned, moving to kiss Vanessa. The two locked lips, globs of cum sliding down between their kiss, Vanessa breaking off again to slurp up more of her wife’s load. Liv felt a reassuring hand in her hair, stroking her, and looked up to see Jenny smiling down at her. Vanessa continued to lap away, cleaning Liv’s face off, stopping occasionally to kiss Liv, sharing some mouthfuls of her wife’s seed. When she finished, Liv’s face now clean, but still bearing a shiny residue, Vanessa moved down, to kiss her way into her cleavage. Liv reached behind herself and undid her bra, Vanessa grinning eagerly as Liv’s round breasts were presented to her. She took a hardened nipple in her mouth, sucking at it, making the younger woman groan.

Liv groaned again when Jenny knelt and sucked at the other breast, the two women tasting at her chest. Their mouths quickly met, making out in front of Liv, who just watched. After a few moments, Vanessa broke the kiss and reached out, taking Liv by the shoulder and guiding her to kiss Jenny. The three of them alternated, lips meeting here and there, tongues sliding against tongues. Liv could still taste cum on her tongue, from the snack she had shared with Vanessa.

The two wives stood, still making out, and Liv stood shakily with them. She ran her hand up Jenny’s side, feeling the firm flesh, moving up her toned stomach to her chest. Jenny stepped back, letting Vanessa kiss Liv again, and undid her bra. As Liv moved to kiss at her chest, tasting those magnificent tits, enjoying the succulent flesh, Vanessa stepped back to undress.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said from behind Liv. Liv turned, to see Vanessa naked; her eyes wandered up Vanessa’s body, from her rigid prick, up her faint abs, to her formidable bust, and up to her smiling face. She nodded at Vanessa, and the three women headed upstairs. Liv was in the middle, Vanessa in front of her, and this time Liv stared openly at her round ass, knowing that Jenny was doing the same to Liv’s smaller, albeit still jean-clad ass. Her thought was proven when Jenny’s hands came up to cradle Liv’s ass in her palm, squeezing it. Liv squealed, laughing as Jenny felt her up.

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