An Afternoon With Jason & Eddie


An Afternoon With Jason & EddieI had just hung the phone up after talking to Jason – some young guy that I had met almost a month ago at an ABS. I had talked him into coming back to my place where I gave him his very first blowjob…and his second! We both loved it. In that phone call, I invited him back again in the near future. He said that he would be looking forward to it. I had just asked him, as a favor, to not jack off until then…about a week away. He said, “Wow, Yes! I’ll try my best”…and then there was a silence. That’s when he asked ME for a favor. He said that since I seemed to really like giving him blowjobs and really liked swallowing his cum, he asked if his younger step-brother Eddie could join us. He said Eddie had no sexual experience at all. He also promised that Eddie would not jack off for the week. I thought for a few seconds and said, “Sure! Why not?” But as soon as I hung up, I was starting to have regrets.All week I thought about what I had agreed to. “I must be crazy”, I said to myself. There were times that I was disgusted with myself for agreeing to it. I didn’t even know if Eddie was legal age. I was pretty sure he was if he was 2 years younger than Jason…but Jason was pretty young. Anyway, I couldn’t believe that I had just agreed to suck off 2 guys – one a complete stranger. With each passing day, I got more and more apprehensive – but also excited about what was going to take place.The day arrived and I called Jason on my way home from dropping off my wife. I told him I would be home in about 10 minutes. He said that he and Eddie could be there in about 20 minutes. OMG – I was getting scared. I got home and put on a DVD and started thinking that I would be sucking cock – TWO cocks – very shortly. My dick was starting to get hard watching the video when I heard a car pull into the drive. It was them. I saw Jason get out and then saw Eddie. I was worried that he would be some big, fat, ugly guy but he looked a lot like Jason. That was some relief. They came to the door and I let them in. “Hi Dave, this is Eddie”. I said, “Hi” and shook Eddie’s hand…something that seemed kind of silly now since I would be sucking his cock in just a few minutes. I did the same as I did last time with Jason when I invited them into the living room and had the DVD on. I asked them if they wanted a soft drink and both said that they did. I went to get the drinks but listened as Jason was telling Eddie, “He can start by sucking my dick. I’ll show you how it’s done”. I came back and Jason asked, “Can you start on me”? I said that I could but asked if they both held off jacking off for the week. They assured me that Çankaya Rus Escort they had…and really needed to “unload”. I asked them to get undressed…but Jason was already starting to do so. Eddie looked as nervous as Jason had when he was here last time. They both unzipped their pants at the same time. The singing of both their zippers was music to my ears. Jason got completely undressed – even took off his tshirt this time. Eddie undressed down to where he had just his under wear on. They both sat back on the sofa and leaned back with their legs open. Jason’s dick was pretty hard already and I peeked a look at the bulge in Eddie’s underwear. Once I got Jason’s cock in my mouth and he let out a long sigh, I felt that some of my nervousness had left. As I slowly glided my lips up and down Jason’s beautiful cock and as I caressed his magnificent balls, I glanced at Eddie and he wasn’t watching the video. He was watching me and Jason.Jason suddenly said, “This feels incredible but I don’t want to shoot yet…and Eddie needs some of this”. I took a couple slow runs up and down his dick as I reached over and lightly felt Eddie’s dick through his underwear. He flinched when I first touched it but he didn’t stop me. I helped him get his underwear off and softly stroked his cock and balls. He had big balls but they didn’t sag like Jason’s did. Their cocks were similar – not sure which was bigger. The head of Eddie’s had a little different shape to it. I wrapped my lips around his cock and slowly started running my lips up and down. He said, “WOW – this DOES feel really good”. I knew it wouldn’t take much for him to cum so I went very slow. Still, he was very close. Jason watched as Eddie was getting his first blow job. Then he “told” me to come back on his dick. I left Eddie’s cock and moved back between Jason’s legs to continue his blow job. Between all the stimulus, Jason was at the brink of climax. The DVD, his and Eddie’s blowjobs, and not jacking off for a week, he was ready. Then he did something strange. He turned to Eddie and said, “I’m getting ready to shoot in his mouth. This is gonna be good”! I was massaging Eddie’s cock as I was sucking Jason’s and caressing Jason’s balls. Then I felt his sudden throbs. The first blast was even larger than the last time I sucked him…and that was a lot! I drank it down as fast as it shot out. It was delicious. I sucked out more and more cum – not wanting it to stop. I kept nursing his dick until it had nothing left to give. He collapsed back in the sofa – looking really drained.Now it was Eddie’s turn. I moved Keçiören Rus Escort back between his legs. I squeezed his dick lightly and pulled – and a big drop of precum formed at the slit. I licked it off like an ice cream cone. Then I slowly wrapped my lips around his cock. I started slowly at first then picked up speed. His dick was twitching a lot now and his breathing was more erratic. I was wondering if Eddie’s cum would taste like Jason’s when Jason quickly told Eddie, “Don’t hold back!. Shoot every last drop you got. He loves the taste of sperm so give him all you got. Don’t hold back anything”! Eddie did just that. He lifted his ass off of the sofa and fucked into my mouth and shot. Not quite as much as Jason…but still a VERY big load. I drank all that he gave me and was looking for more. His cum tasted a little saltier than Jason’s but I sure didn’t even consider spitting it out. It was down my throat as fast as it came out of his dick. I made sure that I didn’t take my lips off of his cock until long after anything came out. Now they both looked really drained. “I did it”, I told myself – proud that not only did I suck Jason’s dick again but sucked Eddie’s – and gave him HIS first blowjob ever. I drank his potent, young, virgin cum. I was kind of proud of myself because I KNOW I gave both of those young men…and their cocks…great pleasure. Jason looked at Eddie’s dazed expression. Eddie said, “That was better than I ever imagined. I can’t ever remember shooting off like that”. We all rested for a few minutes to recover…but Jason mostly talked to Eddie. Sometimes Jason acted like I was only there to suck their dicks – to service their cocks. But I suppose that there was a lot of truth in that. About 30 minutes before that, I had never seen or talked to Eddie and now I had just swallowed the biggest load that he ever shot out of his dick.Jason said to me, “Do you think you could do us again? After saving up a week’s worth of cum, I still have some left and I’m sure Eddie would like another chance to empty his balls.” Then he stood up as his dick started to stand up. “We did it with me standing up last time – Could we do it like that again”? I answered by kneeling in front of him and aiming his hard-on between my lips. He has become even braver than last time. He started fucking my mouth at whatever pace he felt like and almost choked me several times. But he didn’t care. He just wanted to get off again in my mouth. He spread his legs a little and said, “Tickle my butt hole a little like last time”. I slid my hand under his balls and Etimesgut Rus Escort did just that. After just a minute or two he said, “Here it comes! Drain my balls!” I sucked and swallowed until his dick went completely soft…making sure that I did “service” his cock until I had gotten every last drop.Eddie looked like a deer in the headlights and couldn’t wait until I got back to him. My mouth was tired and my belly full of all that cum but I had to suck his cock again. Jason told him, “Start fucking his mouth. Take control and cum when YOU want to. And let him tickle your butt hole. It feels wild!” I started to do that but I could tell that he didn’t enjoy that as much as when I was massaging his balls. He really liked that. He was getting close but he was the one to decide when he was going to shoot. I was just waiting. Now I was literally jacking him off with my lips. Finally he stiffened his legs and jammed his cock in the back of my throat. That’s when he shot. Another big load from a horny, young man. I really liked the feeling of his pulse of semen that filled my mouth. It felt wonderful to feel how thick it was going down my throat. I wanted to give him a “pleasure suck” – keep on sucking his cock long after his orgasm…until he was completely soft and almost too sensitive. I knew that he would let me know when HE was done.I did feel very proud that I got through it – and knowing that I had just completely satisfied the sexual urges from both of their young, hot cocks. I knew that they would always remember that day.My dick was still very hard and I wished that one of them would do me – even just jack me off – but I KNEW that wouldn’t happen. They were there for just one reason – to get their dicks sucked dry by me. But I knew that about 10 minutes after they left I would have one more BIG load of cum to swallow – mine – and I was looking forward to that.We agreed that we would try to do this again in about a month…and I asked them to try to hold off jacking off for the whole month. They said that they would try. Unfortunately, when I called Jason up about 3 weeks later, he gave me the bad news. He said that they tried not to jack off for the month but after 2 weeks, something happened. They were watching some porn and were talking about how good the blowjobs were that I gave them. Then Eddie said, “Dave looked like he enjoyed sucking cock so much, maybe it isn’t that bad. I’m so horny, I would suck your cock if you sucked mine.” Then he told me that for the last week or so, they have taken turns giving each other blow jobs almost every day since. Now they can get one whenever they want. They said that maybe some time they would come over so I could suck them but said nothing of either of them doing me. I knew then that I would probably never see them again. I guess that because they are so young and viral, they don’t need to drive over to my place on a limited basis to have an older man blow them. Maybe sometime we might hook up again – but I doubt it. At least I have those great memories.

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