Amy’s Nude Encounter


If you read my first story, “Bob’s Nude Encounter”, you’ll recognize my neighbor Amy here. She caught me walking in the woods naked then kind of blackmailed me into attending a get together with her old classmates. As I was to be naked most of the time, it could have been a humiliating experience but it turned out to be quite exhilarating for me… as well as for the other ladies.

Well, it seems that lately, Amy has gotten into the habit of taking early morning walks in these same woods a couple of times a week. I didn’t pay any particular attention at first but noticed that her clothes seemed to be in disarray when she emerged. Probably from rock climbing or jogging. Then the other day she came out wearing her sweatshirt backwards.

Something was going on here and I wanted to find out what she was up to.

She kept to a pretty rigid schedule so I had a good idea when she would be back.

I took my camera and found a quiet place where I could watch her come by without being noticed. Sure enough, Amy came trotting into the forest and walked right on by me. I let her get well ahead but kept her in sight. Suddenly she stopped and turned her head as if listening for something. She turned slowly and quietly…waiting…silent.

I held my breath and watched.

Her next moved did not surprise me. I kind of thought she was doing a little communing with nature.

She began to remove her clothing. First, the sweatshirt. No bra…so those sweet breasts bounced into view immediately. I didn’t have to wait long and off came the pants and shoes. No underwear here either. She had a great ass. Heart shaped and full with a slight droop but otherwise a real showstopper.

What a sight she was.

Totally naked, bending suadiye escort over to hide her clothes under some brush. That cute ass sticking up in the cool morning air…almost beckoning for company. I wanted to run up and give her a squeeze.

We’ve seen each other naked and were very friendly, not in a sexual way, more like soul mates.

I decided not to announce my presence but wait and see what she would do.

She walked towards the edge of the woods and approached a house. I couldn’t believe she’d be taking such a chance of being caught. As long as she stayed deep in the woods, she was safe. This was a little crazy.

She walked right up to the patio doors of my friend Steve’s house and looked inside. After a minute or so of peering into the sunroom, she lifted her leg and placed it on a bench near the door. Dropping her hand to her crotch. She began to rub her pubic area. She slowly moved her hips out, then back while rubbing.

What was she thinking?

I moved around so I could get a better angle into the house. There was John, Steve’s son, standing just inside the door watching Amy rub herself. Not only that…he was totally naked and stroking his cock up and down. They gazed at each other as they continued masturbating. John’s cock was awesome looking as he slowly and forcefully stroked it. He would band it against the glass door every now and then as if to encourage Amy to rub harder. Finally, he shot his load as Amy turned and wiggled her butt against the door.

I was shocked. A 60-year-old woman and a high school kid just got off in front of me.

I was flabbergasted.

What the heck was this all about?

What was Amy thinking?

Is she nuts?

Amy yakacık escort watched as John finished pumping out the last of his semen and shooting it at the glass. They smiled and winked at each other, then, Amy turned and came back into the woods. I also retreated and decided to wait for her where she had hidden her clothes.

I thought it would be more comfortable for her if I got naked too. So I stripped off my clothes and waited for her.

She finally saw me but didn’t seem too surprised and just walked up to me and gave me a hug.

“What were you and John doing?”

“He caught me without any clothes.”


“Well, I pleaded with him not to tell anyone…and he said, okay.”

“And then?”

She squeezed tighter and nestled closer to me.

“He said that he wouldn’t say anything if he could watch me for a minute or two longer.

Bob, you know, he never saw a real, live naked lady before?”

“Poor boy, Amy, so what’s next”

“So I said, okay, but no touching. Oh Bob, his eyes were open so wide and he couldn’t stop blinking as he looked at me. I don’t know what came over me but I was getting excited as this boy drank me in. He was staring at my breasts and vagina.”

“Did he touch you?”

“Oh no, but I know young men his age. His cock was bulging…and at this point, I too wanted a little show of my own. So I told him would be all right if he took his penis out…if he wanted to. He did and as you saw, it is a beauty.

I remained calm and I told him to grab it and stroke it for me. I assured him that all young men love to have their cocks admired. And I certainly admired his.

I kept telling him how handsome he looked and to stroke it faster. He şerifali escort was in heaven.

John stood sideways to me and shot his load a good 10 feet. After whipping it around to get off the excess fluid, dressed and thanked me and went home.”

“Is that all, Amy?”

“Well, he called later and said he really enjoyed our get together and wanted to do it again sometime. I said no, that this was a one time thing and to remember his promise. He pleaded saying that it’s much better to jack off looking at me than some girlie magazine.

I felt so thankful that a young man would fancy that much and at my age…I said maybe.”

So, Amy, you’ve been exhibiting yourself to John, so he could jack off?”

“Yes Bob, what of it?”

“You could get into big trouble…that’s what!

I’ll have a talk with John and tell him that this has got to stop. It’s over!

He’s got a full scholarship to Ohio State and it could be lost if anything like this got out.

And I do have pictures,”

“You do , Bob?”

“Yes Amy. Aren’t you happy this is over?”

“You’re right of course. I just didn’t know what to do to put and end to it. John can be very forceful and I do like his cock.”

“You’re such a great girl that I just didn’t want you to be involved in something that might hurt you. John is just a normal teenager with raging hormones who took advantage of a very friendly lady.”

Amy and I stood there… continuing to hold each other as the conversation faded.

She then looked up at me and told me stop by later. She wanted to repay me for getting her out of this mess. I told her no need for that but as I spoke, she reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked it while whispering, “I’ve never popped you, Bob, have I…and it’s about time.”

Oh well, I guess I’ll head over to Amy’s after supper and get popped.

Dear readers, there could be a sequel if you like. Please let me know, suggestions are always appreciated.



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