A Girl Called Sami Ch. 03


Huh….huh…..huh….Sami’s breaths coming easy for her as she neared the end of her run that January morning, running in sweats because, even in New Orleans, January mornings are chilly.

It was early in the new semester, the spring semester; Sami had done well in her first semester at the University, finishing with a 3.98 GPA; she had answered an ad near the end of the last semester from the art department seeking full-body models for selected classes, and got the part-time job.

Sami didn’t care that she’d have to pose in the nude for some classes, didn’t care at all; she’d never been particularly shy or bashful about nudity, hers or anyone else’s. Between the occasional model shoots, her job at the Grille, and the Art Department gig, she was able to start a savings account at the Credit Union on campus; for Sami it was ‘freedom’ money, freedom from not having much or any.

Running up the entry stairs to her dorm, she ran the two flights to her floor, taking them two at a time.

“Good run, Sami?” Bonnie asked from her desk where she was working with her laptop.

“Yeah, it was, Bonnie, thanks,” Sami puffed out as she walked in slow circles in the middle of the dorm room, cooling down, catching her breath.

Since returning from the holiday break, Bonnie had been sporting a new ring on her engagement finger but had said nothing about it, so Sami didn’t ask; if she wants to say something, she will, was her thought on the matter.

She had returned home for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Though she was happy to see her parents, and spend time with them, she was happier to be able to hook up with Charlene a few times when they were both at home for the holidays.

She and Toni found a really happy place with their relationship; a true, I-have-your-back, friendship and a no-string, satisfying sexual relationship for them both. Sami chuckled when she thought about their nights on the road with the team; most of the team wanted to party at dance clubs for a while after a win, and they won a lot, T and Sami just wanted to fuck each other.

Yeah, Sami thought, T and I’s friendship is fucking perfect.

“Bonnie, I’ll be right back, I need to hit the showers,” Sami called over her shoulder to Bonnie while she gathered her ‘stuff’.

“Oh wait, hang on and I’ll go with you; I haven’t showered, or eaten yet, working on that assignment; Can you believe that? Three weeks into the new semester and he wants a paper already,” Bonnie was saying as she quickly gathered her stuff.

Since returning from the holiday break, Sami picked up a new vibe from Bonnie, one that wasn’t so full of herself, one that Sami thought she might even like, given time. But, it was better so far this semester, being her roomie, Sami had to honestly admit.

Since this was a Sunday morning and relatively early, they had the facilities to themselves. They made small talk as they brushed teeth, and all of that morning crap. Taking adjoining shower stalls, they continued to talk to each other over the shower walls.

“Sami, would you like to grab breakfast with me when we’re done in here, I have some stuff I’d really like to talk you about, if you’d like to have breakfast, that is,” Bonnie asked.

Shit! What the fuck?

“Er, sure, Bonnie, yeah, that’d be great; after my run, I’m famished,” Sami replied after a few seconds.

They both had stepped out to dry, talking about this and that, Bonnie oblivious to the fact that Sami was eyeing her with carnal desires that surprised even Sami. No denying it, Sami thought as she toweled dry, if Ms. Bonnie’s not careful, I might crawl into bed with her; yeah, she looked that good.

They chose the student cafeteria, almost empty at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning. Choosing their breakfast foods, Bonnie led them to a table that was sort of off to the side, not near any real foot traffic.

They ate silently, drank their coffees, each in their own thoughts when Bonnie finally spoke.

“Okay, I know you’ve noticed the ring, and…”

“Yeah, I was going to say something but never did, but anyway, congratulations,” Sami interrupted Bonnie to say.

“Well, see, that’s the thing; I’m not really sure congratulations are in order,” Bonnie said and looking very sad when she said it.

“The thing is, Sami, the thing is that I’m not sure that Roy is ‘the one’, ya know?” Bonnie sadly said, her eyes searching Sami’s face, as if for answers.

“The thing is,” Bonnie continued, almost as if Sami wasn’t there, almost as if she was talking to herself bursa escort about herself, “Roy and I grew up together, our parents long-time friends; we were raised together, and from the time I can remember, both of our parents always talked about us getting married.”

“Damn,” was all that Sami could say.

“I mean, Sami, I never knew that I had a choice; I’m sure he didn’t either. When we were old enough to date, we dated each other; it was expected and that’s what we did,” Bonnie continued to Sami? To herself?

And almost as if a fog was lifted from her eyes, she was back in the here and now, saying, “The thing is Sami, I’m not sure that I am in love with Roy; and I think he feels the same way, but neither of us will actually talk about it, ya know?”

Bonnie grew silent, twirling her coffee mug in her hands on the table.

“Bonnie, look, I’m no shrink, or anything close to it, but this is your life that ya’ll’s parents are fucking with; one of you, you or Roy, needs to man-up, or woman-up and put it out there to talk about.” Sami said, not sure why she even cared, but somehow, she did.

“I can’t tell you what to do, only what needs to be done,” Sami continued, “but baby, you let them keep this kind of control over you, you’ll never have a life of your own; it will always be theirs. I’m not saying either of your parents are evil, I’m just saying that they may not know any better; you need to make a stand before its too late.”

Finishing her thoughts on the matter, Sami said, “And it needs to start with Roy and you having an honest face to face conversation; sooner, rather than later.”

Nodding her head as Sami was dispensing her dime store advice, Bonnie looked up from the hole she had stared into her cup of coffee, looked at Sami, saying, “Yeah, all of those things you said, all of them, I’ve thought about and I know that you’re right.”

“Thanks, Sami, you have no idea how much it helped to hear what I was thinking all along, from somebody else; somebody I respect and admire,” Bonnie’s voice sad.

Then quick as a flash, Bonnie put a smile on her face and asked Sami if she had to work today, or what? Sami was about to answer that this was the first free day for Sami since they had returned to school, when Sami’s phone chirped.

“Sami? It’s Marcia; have you got a sec?”

“Yeah, sure, Marcia, what’s up?”

“I’ve had a change in plans and I’m free tonight and feel like doing some more work on your piece and I was wondering if you’re available to sit for me, tonight?”

Crap! There’s my free day gone, Sami quickly thought, but thirty bucks an hour is thirty bucks an hour.

“Sure, so happens that I’m free tonight; what time?”

One of the select classes that Sami body-posed for was a working adults workshop for painters; some were advanced art students here at school, most were working adults seeking self-improvement with their art, and some were trying to become artists.

Marcia was an accomplished artist who painted and displayed her works at Jackson Square in the French Quarters, one of many who did the same thing. She was in her mid-forties, a divorcee with ‘means’ it appeared, and while you wouldn’t call her ‘hot’, there was an underlying sexiness about her that was ‘just there’, ya know? Hanging in the air, seemingly surrounding her ‘space’.

Sami had started a project as her model for a large nude that Marcia was doing, at the end of the last semester, just before break, and it was almost finished. Marcia had mentioned something about another piece she wanted to do with Sami, but nothing more had been said.

Thirty bucks an hour is thirty bucks an hour. The sessions would normally last 3 hours and Marcia always, but always, added a tip to make the amount come out to an even hundred bucks.

Hundred bucks to sit around naked for three hours? Sami had no problem with that, not one fucking bit.


“Sami, how good to see you,” Marcia said in greeting after opening her patio gate and standing aside so that Sami could enter the narrow path to the courtyard. Marcia’s apartment was typical French Quarters; three hundred year old brick structures with a small courtyard and sometimes two separate buildings, if one was lucky or wealthy, which Marcia seemed to be.

Marcia used her smaller, second building as her studio, it was where she painted; she had it redone to modernize the interior a bit, adding a bathroom and a small sitting room; upstairs was part of the living quarters which connected, by balcony, to bursa escort bayan the main apartment.

Sami changed in the bathroom, putting on a small wrap to walk around in. When she walked out into the studio, Marcia handed her a glass of wine, and clicked her glass against Sami’s. “It’s Sunday, we’re working, and we’re allowed,” tipping her head towards Sami and taking a sip, afterwards.

Sami liked Marcia, liked sitting for her; she seemed to set her own course, seemingly doing what she wanted, when she wanted. She had a quick and sarcastic wit, which Sami did as well, and which Sami really liked in Marcia. There was no age difference that Sami saw with Marcia, even in class with the others, she just seemed so ‘ageless’, like it wasn’t a factor with her.

“Just a couple of more minutes Sami,” Marcia said to, but not looking at, Sami, her eyes being focused and concentrating on the fine brush strokes she was making. “Okay, you can move, now,” stepping back from the canvas, eyeing it critically as most artists do with their own works.

“Would you mind pouring the rest of that second bottle for us while I clean my brushes?” Marcia asked Sami as Sami put on her wrap, tying it in front, loosely.

Sami did as requested, returning to hand Marcia hers as she sipped from her own glass. Sami was feeling a buzz forming from the two bottles she had helped Marcia drink. Yeah, she was under the legal drinking age of twenty-one but in Louisiana, in the privacy of one’s own home, and in many clubs, as well, eighteen to twenty year-olds drink. It was accepted as being so, especially in New Orleans.

“Oh my, is that all that was left? Well, I’ll open up another one in just a minute.”

“Marcia, I’d really love to stay for that third bottle but I have to catch the street car back to campus before it gets too late.”

“Oh, pooh, don’t worry about it, I’ll drive you back; I’m enjoying your company, and our conversation, so of course, you’ll stay,” Marcia said, not asked.

“You sure?”

“Yes, silly; now, follow me to the apartment, that’s where the wine is and the parlor is much more comfortable, okay?”

“Yes ma’am, you’re the boss,” Sami said, truthfully, and a bit tipsy.

“Would you mind opening the wine for us and we’ll let it breathe while I jump into the shower really quickly; all I can smell is my oil-paints, do you mind?” Marcia said as she handed the wine bottle and opener to her. And in a flash, she was gone, running upstairs to her bedroom’s shower.

She was quick, Sami thought, when Marcia ran down the stairs, her short hair still a bit damp, the pinkness of her skin betraying the hot water she had just been under. Marcia had slipped on a pair of sweat pants with a large, shaggy sweater. Pouring for the both of them, she led Sami to the parlor, indicating to Sami to sit on the loveseat while she turned on her system, finding some very nice soft jazz to play in the background as they talked.

“To us strong women,” Marcia toasted after she sat down on the loveseat with Sami.

“Hear, hear,” Sami agreeably said, taking a sip of her wine.

They chit-chatted, talked about the night class, talking about the art scene in the City, and just general crap, ya know? It wasn’t until they were on their third glass from the third bottle that Marcia changed the tone of the conversation.

“So, Sami, what’s it like to be a college student these days? Still too much work and not enough time?”

“Still,” Sami simply said.

“Do you have a chance for much of a social life? You know, go out on dates and stuff?”

“I could make time, I suppose, but it’s not all that important to me right now; I rather load up on credit hours and work so I can graduate faster.”

“Must be frustrating, at times,” Marcia offered, her eyes searching Sami’s face for something; for what?

“If it were me, I’d have carpal tunnel from masturbation,” Marcia jokingly said.

“You learn to make do, so to speak,” Sami said but not blushing a bit.

Was that what Marcia was studying Sami’s face for? Was she trying to get of a sense of Sami’s limits with this kind of talk?

“I bet you do,” Marcia said with a face that hinted at something else but Sami wasn’t sure what, “and while masturbation is a great coping tool, even for me, there are times when one wants to feel the warmth of another body in bed with them, ya’ know?

They were quiet for a bit, when Marcia extended her arm and hand to brush the hair over Sami’s ear and bursa sınırsız escort from the side of her face. Her hand stayed on the side of Sami’s face, Marcia’s fingers lightly brushing up and down Sami’s cheek and ear.

Okay, Sami thought, as she leaned against Marcia’s stroking fingers, closing her eyes, enjoying Marcia’s touches, I’ve drunk too much wine and I’m about to fuck a forty-something woman. She didn’t question, if; no, not at all because she knew; she didn’t question the age difference; didn’t matter, Sami suddenly wanted this woman in the worse way.

Seeing Sami close her eyes and lean into her fingers, Marcia scooted a bit closer, close enough to put her arm around Sami. With her other hand, Marcia turned Sami’s face towards her own, her eyes smiling when she saw Sami opening her mouth in anticipation of a kiss.

Marcia didn’t disappoint; she leaned down and kissed Sami tenderly and lovingly, moving her hand from Sami’s face to the opening in her wraparound, lightly brushing her fingers across Sami’s chest. Increasing the intensity of their kiss, Marcia slipped her hand inside of Sami’s wraparound, cupping her firm, nineteen year-old breasts, running her hand slowly over them, feeling and fondling them, her own crotch getting hot as she ran her palm across Sami’s aroused nipples. Gently pushing Sami against the arm of the love seat, all the while the two holding their kiss, Marcia loosened Sami’s tie-wrap, opening the two halves of the wraparound, exposing her Sami’s pert titties.

Dropping her mouth to one, Marcia slowly and sensually sucked and licked Sami-girl’s breasts, biting a bit on the nipples which sent jolts of electricity through Sami’s body.

Sami’s hands had pulled up Marcia’s loose-fitting oversized sweater, running her hands up and down her back, before she brought them to Marcia’s breasts, kneading them, loving the feel of their fullness and softness. Marcia was almost a D-cup to Sami’s B and Sami loved their feel.

“Follow me,” Marcia said, looking up from Sami’s wet and red nipple, “we’ll go upstairs.”

Sami’s answer was to kiss Marcia, sliding her tongue deep into the older woman’s throat. Just as Marcia started to moan her contentment, Sami broke off the kiss and said, “Lead the way.”

Marcia quickly established that she wanted her fill of Sami-girl’s young body, kissing, licking, and tonguing Sami’s body with wanton lust. She rocked Sami-girl’s world, bringing her to repeated orgasms, quickly, one after the other, Sami’s cries of delight loud in the small bedroom.

When Sami could fight the urge no longer, she pulled Marcia from between her legs, and laying her on her back, Sami absolutely devoured the older woman’s body, taking Marcia to the mountaintop and back again many times.

Bowing to sexual fatigue, and sore pussies, they stopped and just lay together for quite a while in silence when Marcia finally spoke.

“You’ve done this before.”

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“Once or twice,” was Sami’s only reply, punctuated with a smirky laugh.

“You have talents, my dear, serious makes-me-cum-to-think-about-it talents, baby girl,” Marcia said, meaning every word of it.

“As much as I’d love to fuck you for the next three days, I promised you a ride back to campus, so we’d better start working towards that goal, agree?”

“I agree,” said Sami, “and thank you for a deliciously lovely evening, Marcia; that was a lot of fun.”

“Got that right, babydoll, got that right,” agreed Marcia, kissing Sami a quick one afterwards.

They shared a long tongue-swiping goodnight kiss in the darkness of the dorm’s parking lot. As Sami got ready to jump out of the car, Marcia reached into her purse and retrieving some money, she stuffed the bills in Sami’s shirt pocket, letting her fingers feel Sami’s breast one more time.

“Before I forget,” Marcia said, “that’s for tonight’s work.”

“Thanks, Marcia; call when you’re ready to do another sitting okay,” Sami said, and then waved goodbye as Marcia drove from the lot.

Sami entered her room; it was empty, Bonnie not having returned from the Sorority meeting yet. Sami threw her jacket on her bed and went to the closet to get her sleep stuff to change into. Remembering the money Marcia had stuffed into her shirt, Sami fished the bills out and fanning them out, she stared at three, one hundred-dollar bills.

She was stunned for a second, double-checking that they were, indeed, hundred dollar bills, and then she was super-fucking happy which became something else.

The thought started small but grew quickly; had she just prostituted herself to Marcia? Looking again to the bills in her hand, she quickly decided that she didn’t really care.

Oh, there would be remorse, but that would come much later in her life; for now, she slept the sleep of an innocent that night.

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